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  1. If the micro drama is unintelligible to all who aren't directly involved, is it truly drama?
  2. Having crossed the IC/OOC wires fairly mildly about 5 years ago, I don't recommend it.
  3. Help, I'm surrounded by midgets
  4. FML who's gonna bail my inactive ass out now
  5. It comes from the same place that all of those blockading ships came from. Directly out of someone's arse.
  6. At C30 I was able to keep finding new targets, but it was usually bleeding edge downdeclares. At least one or two hits I had to make with less than 1 NS of wiggle room. Can't imagine even wanting to be at the absolute city count apex, there'd be nothing to do if I couldn't make the first strike.
  7. I went to sell some stupid memes I made but I can't even put anything up on the market. Just kill the server if you aren't even actually doing it.
  8. Yeah, imagine having a crystal ball. Then we'd just be playing open hand poker with our crystal ball results instead of actually fighting the war.
  9. Imagine peacing out to avoid a dogpile and then the coalition being dogpiled starts winning.
  10. Do you mean to tell me that nobody managed to scrub UPN out of the bathroom tiles while I was away?
  11. I should've saved that biggest boy gif I just dropped for no reason in the repatriation office as a reply for this comment
  12. What kind of nine dimensional poop smeared rubix cube do you have to have spinning in your zero knot balloon animal brain to call INH a child
  13. Hi Partisan, I do not believe you are transphobic and have never seen, heard or had any conversations with you that would lead me to believe that you would be- and I've had more than most outside of t$. I'm no longer in any offsite PnW community, but if I ever did come across something specific regarding a t$ member, I would raise it with you. Screwing up pronouns by accident is not transphobia. I probably did the same thing all the time internally in CoTL. Screwing up pronouns deliberately, however, is a form of transphobia, and those parties likely assumed that your choice of language was not an accident. For people with zero knowledge of who you are OOC, who may have other pre-existing reasons to want to think the worst of you IC... it's a short sighted and frustrating step, but it happens. If there's 1000 active players on the site, there's 1000 different points of view, and each of those individual 1000 points includes a unique sub-point of view on all of the 999 other people they know of. We can be wary of a hot stove, but that doesn't mean we allow half a dozen badly judged impressions out of 1000 others get in the way of standing up for the right thing. Especially when there are people who are absolutely beyond the pale that need to be stood up to, and who are trying to use similar logic to disguise themselves and remain malignant for longer. Hope you're doing well, mate.
  14. While I imagine I'm going to get widely ridiculed, I'd like to point out that Akuryo was not the only person who felt uncomfortable, and I got nowhere. There's been a significant uptick in alt-right content across many communities on this site, and it's everywhere, and it's frankly disgusting. Even within CoTL, there are certain flavour of the month conspiracy theorists that people weren't prepared to do anything about because of the fear of exactly this kind of backlash from the rest of the site. I hope LeftBehind takes a stand on this, because it's somehow become acceptable for transphobic insults to be constantly thrown at Akuryo for everything from CoTL's diplomatic unpopularity to the way RON is run (???).
  15. Haven't been in SK since the very start of the game, but I do distinctly remember having a 3 digit nation ID with y'all. Much respect for sticking it out so long.
  16. And because I probably should not have forgotten, I'd like to thank everyone in CoTL- I'm very proud of what we created there this year. We took the shattered remnants of Soup, Akuryo's bankrupt micro, Acadia, a few other micros and a leadership crew who mostly joined up for the memes, and turned it into an alliance that can both dish out and take one heck of a punch. I wish you all nothing but continued success. I'd also like to thank t$ for being home for 3-4 years (timing on when I first joined exactly and when I was at Hogwarts instead is fuzzy). I didn't get along with everyone all the time, and I wish I'd left under less frustrating circumstances, but y'all were probably the strongest alliance I've ever been in in either here or the last game, and as I've played these games for well over a decade, that's saying something. I don't even need to wish you success; you will inevitably find it.
  17. After 4 years of complaining that the nuclear fallout flag overlay is slightly off centre no matter what the dimensions of the uploaded flag are, and getting nowhere, I have decided that I can take it no longer, and have elected to commit eternal 100/100. For real, though, when I play a game like this, I aspire to be a model member and the most effective fighter in whatever alliance I participate in. Unfortunately, working full time in Australia precludes both of these things, and even on the weekends, I'm struggling to give a damn. I have no desire to be mediocre, so I'm calling time, and assigning my nation to act as a tax farm. My friends know where to contact me.
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