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  1. He only did a billion in damages? He had a whole week and only did a billion? Pathetic.
  2. My suggestion is that you leave it this way permanently and run the game servers off a watermill affixed to the river of playerbase tears.
  3. I know that Polaris hasn't actually truly been a colony of the NPO for more than 12 years now but someone could pretend otherwise and set up the world's most bad faith cb of all time and that'd be kinda funny.
  4. This is pure garbage and I keep reading it anyway.
  5. I don't recall being anywhere near the best fighter in MI6.
  6. Enjoy retirement, Adrienne.
  7. The howling discord server can be found at https://discord.gg/dG2rM4
  8. This is correct, but you are being very optimistic in assuming that t$ today has much in common with MI6.
  9. Please elaborate, for the benefit of t$.
  10. Give me this poll on an alliance by alliance basis and I'll answer.
  11. Avakael

    What if....?

    In unrelated news, all of the lead paint we put up in the General Debate forum to prevent all of the real world political from leeching out and poisoning the rest of the board appears to have been licked off overnight. Does anyone have any leads about that?
  12. The real life Great Sphinx of Giza is missing a nose.
  13. Actually, if we're being specific, it was 10,000 people that ruined the active nations chart.
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