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  1. Avakael

    Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I don't get what the shock is. People have been doing this for years- If I know I'm about to be in trouble, I'm going to start wars I'm unlikely to win. I'll fight them as best I can anyway because I know the rule, but it doesn't mean I'm not picking people I think are likely to not be awake to coalition non-beiging policies. It's made possible because beiging itself is a self defeating mechanic; by crossing an arbitrary line with your attacks, they get some measure of safety. The mechanic should be thrown out. If there's a replacement mechanic to stop you from smacking an opponent around for as long as you like, it should be that your population isn't comfortable that you're still doing nightly air raids on cities that have been undefended for a month+ of in-game time. That way, you're actually fighting until defeat.
  2. What are the odds offered on bets?
  3. Avakael

    TJ vs IQ: who won?

    Hey neat, I finally featured in one of the memes!
  4. Avakael

    Ideal Alliance

    I'd be in it
  5. Avakael

    Terminal News Hour: BK is dead?

    BK will be missed.
  6. Avakael

    Stats v2: The Electric Boogaloo

    My numbers will stop looking cool soon, as I reached zero military a few hours ago. RIP.
  7. Avakael

    Unable to Change National Anthem

    The anthem should just be the video code- "31FSj7RuqGU".
  8. Avakael

    Terminal Jest rep farming episode 2

    I came here to get rolled and post memes, and I'm all outta memes
  9. Does this one update automatically, or manually?
  10. It's 23 to 600 but you wouldn't know it from the participation in this thread so far.
  11. You have nobody in range! Didn't see the point
  12. Infra is temporary, Forum Rep is forever?

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