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  1. Avakael

    Really NPO

    Ah, flash itself is dead. Just download golf with your friends off steam, great game.
  2. Avakael

    Really NPO

    What miniputt games you play?
  3. Avakael

    If I put NPO in the title will this thread be 30 pages?

    Eternal Zero Infrastructure.
  4. Avakael

    Really NPO

    >Invite 250 new people to the game >Accused of reducing the number of people playing the game
  5. Avakael

    Parts of the game not loading.

    Yep. Alliance pages especially seem to have enormous 524 error issues at certain times of day; I've noticed it particularly around midday game time.
  6. Avakael

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    I agree entirely on the best defence being a good offence. It'd be a different story right now if you'd launched an offensive yourself. If.
  7. Avakael

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    As for DB, I believe there must be some redeeming qualities of the alliance; they're not poor or dumb about econ stuff. They're definitely not inactive, they're not absent of IA effort. The people who are fighting back right now are fighting well. They're here because their leaders appear to have drastically underestimated their own people, and that's kind of sad. That said, they're not going to win this war without outside help. There were 21 nations in DB on our target sheet, representing the entirety of their alliance above 16 cities, mostly at 20+, and mostly militarised; there were probably 22 or 23 of us who showed up for the first strike. We launched 51 wars in 120 seconds and successfully brought down every single one of those nations. Full credit to our legionnaires, they did an outstanding job.
  8. Avakael

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    Hey now, we're not t$. We are Pentawotsit Oculus Rift. In the name of the Emperor, you're under arrest. Also, at this particular moment, approaching t$ with a screenshot of something Hilmes said to you is probably just going to result in giggling.
  9. Avakael

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    29 minutes required for DB to launch their first counter.
  10. Avakael

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    Thieves Guild is better anyway.
  11. Avakael

    I'm sorry I offended you

    This is some r/THE_PACK rubbish right here
  12. Avakael

    The LUX Prize (2nd Update)

    I nominate Partisan. Partisan works tirelessly to bring together people of all origins for common causes, every single day. As a testament to his excellent diplomatic skills, the majority of the membership of his most recent AA, Terminal Jest, was made up of people from alliances that he had just rolled- people that those alliances voluntarily sent to Terminal Jest to support his cause. Almost all of those wars were resolved in just a matter of days after outbreak due to his outstanding legwork as a negotiator. You will be hard pressed to nominate a better player, better leader, better lover, better man.
  13. Dumb question- why not enable it everywhere? I'm sure the roleplayers would get utility out of tags, for starters.
  14. Avakael

    (RoH) Soooo ya some issues lol

    TCM needs more ligma
  15. Avakael

    The current meta and you.

    That Alpha war was fun. As an 8 city nation, I took 13 nukes.

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