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  1. Issue: Baseball is a terrible sport and current game mechanics encourage our children to participate in it. This innocent looking mini-game is, in fact, a gateway to methamphetamine use, carpal tunnel syndrome and is probably secretly responsible for our ongoing 7 month global war. Solution: Replace Baseball with Hockey, a much better sport. Hockey is simultaneously a great physical feat and a more wholesome sport, where players with excessive egos don't usually last. 7 month global wars can instead be replaced with 20 second fist fights, after which all participants will be applauded. Further solutions will need to be found for solving the methamphetamine and carpal tunnel issues.
  2. We actually need to go back even further and completely reset the last game, too. That's the only way to be sure.
  3. Well, the piracy is neat. The cash and resources I've managed to squirrel away since t$ re-entered are rapidly approaching billion dollar territory. It just requires slightly more effort than normal to make money.
  4. I can't post emojis on forums without looking like some kind of spammy !@#$, so I'd just like to announce that if I could post a juice box pepe right here with nothing else in my post, and not be dinged with a warning, I'd do it.
  5. When I ran the numbers a couple hours ago, My estimation was that Coalition B was winning. To elaborate, the 18-20 city tier is still pretty much intact for Coalition B, with nations in that tier averaging 74% of their theoretical maximum jet count (number is the same whether you only measure NPO/BK/GOONS/Camelot/GoG or all of Coalition B). The new entrants have a big advantage at 21 and above, but they're not using it- only 48 offensive wars, and only another 45 from their 18-20 tier. Meanwhile, there's only 8 nations from the NPO, GOONS, BK, Camelot and GoG combined at 20 cities that don't have any offensive wars, and more than 340 offensive wars combined from these alliances from the 18-20 tier. Most importantly, and most damningly, the vast majority of nations from the new entrants that declared offensive wars are at zero jets, and this remains true all the way from 9 cities to 25 cities. Coalition B has total control of the first round.
  6. #api on the PnW main discord server is full of people complaining that their sheets are just returning 503 errors.
  7. All the Coalition A nations above 25 cities flip sides. Grumpy and Guardian escape. t$ hits Grumpy and Guardian again for being too big. Book it fellas.
  8. You'll have to negotiate that with me, not the snek.
  9. That doesn't answer my question. What are your allies supposed to be able to do to stop GOONS?
  10. Actually, what does prevent GOONS from escalating this?
  11. Are we really gatekeeping roleplayed awards shows on the Orbis Central forum? Just run whatever show you want. Make a baseball awards show so someone can give my logo an award. If they're good, people will pay attention and if they suck, they won't. End of story.
  12. I hope Sean Evans took advantage of the opportunity to make "Another One" jokes.
  13. You posted in the thread, so according to Noctis, it now involves GOONS. gj
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