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  1. If the micro drama is unintelligible to all who aren't directly involved, is it truly drama?
  2. Having crossed the IC/OOC wires fairly mildly about 5 years ago, I don't recommend it.
  3. Help, I'm surrounded by midgets
  4. FML who's gonna bail my inactive ass out now
  5. It comes from the same place that all of those blockading ships came from. Directly out of someone's arse.
  6. At C30 I was able to keep finding new targets, but it was usually bleeding edge downdeclares. At least one or two hits I had to make with less than 1 NS of wiggle room. Can't imagine even wanting to be at the absolute city count apex, there'd be nothing to do if I couldn't make the first strike.
  7. I went to sell some stupid memes I made but I can't even put anything up on the market. Just kill the server if you aren't even actually doing it.
  8. Yeah, imagine having a crystal ball. Then we'd just be playing open hand poker with our crystal ball results instead of actually fighting the war.
  9. Imagine peacing out to avoid a dogpile and then the coalition being dogpiled starts winning.
  10. Do you mean to tell me that nobody managed to scrub UPN out of the bathroom tiles while I was away?
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