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  1. Avakael

    When Boredom Strikes

    We over in t$ have a very different experience of Oblivion
  2. Avakael

    Dear Diomedes

    That went well
  3. Avakael

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Only matters if you're causing more damage than the rest of us are earning. Quite a few have rebuilt.
  4. Avakael

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I'd be okay with that, just to have something to hit.
  5. Avakael

    Slithering away

  6. Avakael

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    No edits required.
  7. Avakael

    Lower Resistance Damage

    The beige mechanic in general is cooked and needs a full rethink.
  8. Avakael

    Alliance war simulator

    There's just me online right now vs La Mafia, a Syndicate protectorate with nobody above 16 cities. I'm not sure there'd even be a fight if I wasn't a nuclear wasteland right now, but even so, I reckon I could handle it. (No offence Mafia friendos)
  9. Avakael

    Improve Nuclear Weapons and Missiles.

    Nonsense. If you entered a war intending to win it all through nuclear weapons, even through scenario B, you'd lose. It does not replace the importance of Air/Ground control; if you lose that, you're just as cooked as you are now. What scenario B would change is that it would firstly give a different tool to have a crack at whales, and secondly make it much costlier to "sit" on a nation with nuclear weapons for the intent of keeping them at ZM.
  10. Avakael

    Improve Nuclear Weapons and Missiles.

    If you crop and fiddle with my post so that it looks like I suggested we let people buy as many nukes as they want daily, then yes, it looks stupid.
  11. Avakael

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion

    That's true, actually. Screw that idea then.
  12. Avakael

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion

    Why not? If it's that bad, then don't divide the infra/land/improvements between cities and just give it to the smallest city you own. The SQL request to add the stolen stuff to the receiving city is almost identical to the request to take it away from the damaged target city.
  13. Right now, both Nukes and Missiles are, strategically, pointless. They serve as either a two fingered salute on the way down after you've already lost the fight, or as a bling item. As a 22 city nation, I've been struck by 18 nuclear weapons and quite a few missiles this war, and I've really only just started to be modestly hamstrung by it because I've fallen below 25% of my starting infra. It is absolutely daft that I remain one of the greatest damage dealing members of my coalition, and not a radioactive wasteland. Here's my thoughts on what they could be instead. New Nuclear Weapons, Suggestion A Cost: 3 MAP, down from 12 Resistance Damage: 8-12, down from 25 Effects: Exactly as current, simply giving them a resistance damage and MAP cut so you can use more of them. Resistance damage to be set based on whether or not nuclear weapon use should be as effective as ground/air/navy for outright winning wars as fast as possible. New Nuclear Weapons, Suggestion B Cost: 12 MAP, as current Resistance Damage: 25 MAP, as current Effects: The city that is hit by a nuclear weapon should be totally out of commission. Somewhere between 70% and 100% of military units hosted in the city should be destroyed (roll a D31 and add 69). It should either 1; be completely unusable until the radioactive fallout has cleared, therefore providing no military capacity or resource production, or 2; see a much, much larger percentage of city improvements destroyed (we're talking half-ish). New Missiles Cost: 2 MAP, down from 8 Resistance Damage: 5, down from 18 Upkeep costs: Less Daily purchase limit: Definitely more than just one. Effects: Destroys targeted improvements by category the way it currently does, but with either no infra or only 50 infra (i.e. the amount of infra required for each improvement on your nation). Useful for chipping away at the military capacity of a nation, but won't win you the war in a straight race over ground/air/naval assaults. To be considered as an option vs nuclear weapons, they should also be very cheap to stockpile and stockpile at a rate of greater than 1 per day; perhaps they should require no Missile Launch Pad to purchase, but the Pad increases the daily purchase limit.
  14. Avakael

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion

    Ground attacks should capture, not destroy- infrastructure and land should be divided out to all owned cities. Improvements should also be stolen, but you shouldn't be able to target the improvement to steal or it'd be too OP.
  15. Avakael

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Just one request, actually- can we have city counts attached with our nation names, and perhaps statistics on average damage caused/taken per city owned? It'd show more info on who the best fighters are, as opposed to merely who has the largest city counts.

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