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  1. This thread is fantastic, I hope it lasts.
  2. Infrastructure is imaginary.
  3. To be honest, I was underneath the impression that Evernt is Nokia, to the point that I had Evernt embargoed in-game thinking that I had embargoed Nokia.
  4. The nUPNberg Trials.
  5. That number would be quite short, both TFP and TI have more than 83 offensive wars at this point.
  6. There's not really much to say. No big gotcha moment, and no salt coming the other way (full credit to the other coalition for that), so we're probably just going to see a lot of Ooh Rah until one of those other things change.
  7. I haven't seen anyone mention it, but is the first global war I've seen start in a very long time where the servers did not have a total meltdown. Site was still quite navigable a couple minutes either side of update. Cheers for the upgrade @Alex!
  8. I look forward to seeing the inevitably very funny results of where this sense of entitlement is going to take you.
  9. That's a bold thing to say when the old school R&R community is still partially intact 👀
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