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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=729245 War Reason: ‘For the [email protected]#$’ Clearly inappropriate war reason Censored out but to do with a German leader in ww2
  2. It has recently come to my attention that Hytale (that minecraft 2 game) has declared their world called Orbis. THIS CANNOT BE STOOD FOR I am proposing since that they seem to be making the same game that we prepare our nations to go against the Kweebec scum. WE MUST RISE I would also like to propose @Alex files a 3 million dollar lawsuit. P&W ORBIS > HYTALE ORBIS
  3. It’s like we were expecting this to happen the moment TCM was reformed
  4. you look promising
  5. imo opinion protectorates are just a use for alliances not to get hit by top tier alliances. You shouldn’t start an alliance if you don’t know the game
  6. brb building the discover fire national project
  7. Also you do realise that the moment you actually restart tO (right now it's only inactives) UA will be on you.
  8. FINALLY!! Been missing you guys!!!! You want them to merge into you????
  9. Nokia paid full reps so not our problem, this, from my perspective was a war that Nokia pressured Drek into but still came out fine for both sides. It might've been pressure we put on Nokia I don't know but it worked out. If reps weren't paid us, and UL's allies would all be hitting CK
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