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  1. So when are you like... actually going to war. I'd be surprised if anybody in Cata noticed the whole two wars you've declared so far.
  2. You explained in depth about why you didn't want to fight Midgard, yet failed to explain why you refuse to protect your allies from Eclipse
  3. Thank you for your work in keeping our oceans clean. Orbis recognises your hardwork and dedication in keeping our environment healthy.
  4. I support this change, the higher city nation will still have a massive advantage competitively. A massive down declare will still cause the lower city nations military to disappear, all it will do is lessen the effects of the damage. Perhaps it will discourage war stat padding as well.
  5. Wouldn't it be more productive to address the ability to calculate spies? Making spies public may be a short term solution but isn't beneficial to the spy system in the long term.
  6. I would consider soldiers last place but their benefit to raiding puts them above ships. I also consider how ships lack any use other than infra damage since blockading someone is useless if a player has any competence.
  7. At this point the entire games base code should be rewritten.
  8. They must repent for their crimes in battle against each other.
  9. People surely realise now that democracy is ineffective. The only effective system in P&W is totalitarianism!
  10. The capping proposed doesn't really solve the issue of a city 30 down declaring to a city 20 or something. Reduce city score to narrow the scope of down declares so realistically it could only be a five city down declare. Don't bother with capping cities and just reduce city score.
  11. Alliance of the Year: The Fighting PacifistsMost Improved Alliance: WeebunismBest Rookie Alliance: Waffle HouseBest Alliance for New Players: The Knights RadiantMost Likely to Succeed in 2022: The Hand of FateMost Likely to be Rolled in 2022: The CommonwealthMost Honorable Alliance: ArrghMost Immoral Alliance: CamelotBest Fighting Alliance: Hand of FateWorst Fighting Alliance: The WeiBest Alliance Growth: VooDooBest Foreign Affairs Team: CataclysmBest Foreign Affairs Move: Formation of the JohnsonsWorst Foreign Affairs Move: Waffle House leaving the JohnsonsAlliance with Best Propaganda: EclipseMost Missed Alliance: The StreetBest Alliance Flag (please link):Best Holiday Flag (please link):
  12. Best Discord Server: The Fightin’ Pacifists (Not to be confused with The Fighting Pacifists)
  13. Well it seems the Oasis has succumb to the desert. It will be interesting to see where its remaining occupants go.
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