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  1. It was great working with you guys, good luck in your next chapter!
  2. If you all surrender we won't be able to win this
  3. Here at The United Armies we've been working closely with our Protectorate, The Manhattan Cartel. We aren't happy with the attacks primarily by GOONS but extend this to the rest of IQ. The United Armies recognises attacks on The Manhattan Cartel and declares war on BK, GOONS, NPO, Camelot and GotG. We will not rest until Orbis is free from this vermin. United we Stand. Divided we Fall.
  4. As much as I like fighting we shouldn't be doing these things. It's just a game.
  5. You could always implement it over time
  6. GW 15* GW 14 is Dial-Up War By the way
  7. these logs are so obviously out of context and I'm completely confused about what this is supposed to mean
  8. If you did any research you would find that TMC is our prot, the same TMC which is in the same bloc as NP and Weeb
  9. Looking forward to this new chapter and I can’t wait for whats ahead!
  10. Koala

    TLE and GOONS

    I would like to iterate it was one attack, even if TLE attacked first this was a stupid move that will further deteriorate GOONS image
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