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  1. Both these transphobic comments happened on platforms that PW runs. This shit should not be happening in your game. OOC attacking people in the community should be scrubbed out entirely, especially when of this nature.
  2. It certainly is a problem when a large amount of the active player base sits about 100+ days ahead of a new player. Either need to separate the project and city timers or up the grace period to somewhere like 12-15 cities.
  3. I've always believed since Paper's Please that we should have a three tiered system of minor wars, major wars and then global wars. Globals should probably be upped to 15+ of the top 30 alliances fighting.
  4. I'm actually shocked in this war that people are crying about disbandments, hegemonies and dogpiles after 3 days of war. Did they forget what they did last war?
  5. tCW's military reputation
  6. I don't have to assume, they literally planned and executed a dogpile last war. To take a moral stance here will be pretty hilarious, especially with the logs I have of tCW sphere during this NAP period. Keep crying and we'll keep on proving you're an idiot.
  7. We just assumed after the last global that tCW liked dogpiles. You know what they say, give the people what they want.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC1To85wufA Time to have some fun
  9. Good luck guys. Good to see the political landscape changing.
  10. Maybe he supports us leaving the game, certainly seems that way atm.
  11. Keegoz


    The youtube video was pretty garbage advert for the game, I'm shocked that we retained as many as we have.
  12. The real issue is, are the people who geniunely have good ideas and know what they're talking about going to be bothered to help fix the game? Plenty of people have checked out at this point.
  13. Seem to be changing the game faster than fixing the latest couple of patches. The way this game is being updated is a mess. I however reckon Alex ignores all of us thinking we just don't want change, when in reality we just don't want change because it is rolled out so poorly. Pushing updates without really looking at the consequences. Doing full-blown changes when minimal tweaks over time were needed. Removing key things from the game with barely a plan to replace it. Now as players we're basically just hearing that we need to test it in the actual game? God help you if you're on the losing end of the next war because pretty sure NPO would be having a wet dream rn. Even winning might be extremely costly so for most it's going to make sense to just not be the guinea pig next war. Wouldn't even blame the game to straight up not fight for the rest of the year as a refusal to test this stuff.
  14. Polaris is going to win /o\
  15. Pantheon thinks that as well...
  16. Been a while since I have seen one of these bad bois.
  17. Keegoz

    The Scoop

    Ask to go on then.
  18. You're either a poor troll or someone with a few screws loose.
  19. The most logical thing I see here is to just remove anyone mentioning skin colour. Problem solved. Otherwise there is always going to be a lot of a grey area in regards to these matters and it's pretty hard to appease both sides.
  20. Also half the gov at this point were barely in Soup/NP.
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