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    There are mixed feeling in this thread regarding what the OP has stated. Some support and accept the sentiment others (a good majority) are skeptical or just out right dont believe it. Id like to share my journey with Camelot for what it has been from the beginning. When I came back to the game the war was in full force. I rejoined the AA I helped found many years ago (Polaris), and very quickly I realized the sentiment of what they used to want to be and what they were now were very different. From the moment I became Head of FA for Polaris and was put into the Peace servers and Coalition servers I was a loud voice of protest for everything BK/NPO and Coalition B was essentially standing for at the time. My first night on the job I had a very long conversation with Adrienne about what had happened and how we could move forward when the Peace talks had stalled the first time due to stupid pride and ego from my own side. I called them out on all of it. Sphinx can attest to this. Peace was my goal. Afew members had shared this sentiment, one being Arthur. We quickly formed a friendship on these grounds. I had not had much interaction with Epi at this time. All I knew was the sentiment of "Epi is not to be trusted". This was a voice coming to me from both Coalitions. Being a person who doesnt take words at face value and like to form my own opinions of people I tried to get to know Epi and saw where some would think this and go on their way. At the end of the day my opinion wasnt that Epi couldnt be trusted but you for sure had to watch what you said around him from time to time. EPi also wasnt in many of the Coalition higher up chats and discussions. So the idea that Epi was a major player on the side of Coalition B is just wrong. He may have had a loud voice on the forums but there wasnt a lot of decision making coming from Epi. Moving forward when the second round of peace talks started with both t$ and Coalition A being separated I took on a bigger role of being a voice in Peace talks. Forming a relationship with Partisan and more from both spheres as someone who clearly wanted peace. I publicly would go against the wishes of NPO and BK just to later being yelled at in private chats for doing so but not really caring. Once everything happened at the end and the peaces started coming, Camelot was one of the first if not THE first AA to declare white peace. Not out of fear but out of wanting peace from the start of it all. If you look at the Government line up of Camelot it is really weird. You have a lot of former IQ players back in high level spots so it is very fair to have the idea that nothing is gonna change because of it. Except that most of the people in these spots betrayed IQ in some way shape or form. George was someone BK could not stand because of what he supposedly did to them. Hell, George and Epi both leaked the terms to Leaders of Coal A in a voice chat to try and get things moving a long. Myself, some people probably just find me as being a joke of a person. But there was also a very loud voice from so many people that stated I was the only good thing about Polaris during my time there. One of the only ones on our side to have a brain and actually use it when making decisions. I fail to see how ive really changed away from this since joining camelot. Now, not to say that I didnt have my doubts early on about joining Cam. It was for sure not easy. Constant government reform and trying to figure out whats next and how we wanna proceed. We signed Rose early after the War ended because Rose knew during the war that what was being said about us wasnt necessarily the truth. I just wanna get back to having those good relationships with the people I did and hopefully moving past everything of peoples past. Let what happened at the end of the last war be a new start for everyone that happens to remain here. And as always if you ever wanna talk about anything you can easily reach me on discord at Aero#2803 To those of you who are still friendly to me even while on opposing sides, thank you :). Even though we may find ourselevs at odds Im glad we can come out in the end civilly. Aero Co-Head of FA for Camelot Lover of all
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    Hello everyone, Alex has graciously agreed to be apart of a one-time radio show/dicussion/interview with me hosting/moderating, along with Shiho and Valk, to talk about the changes going live and about potential ideas and the state of the game going forward. You can also ask questions and give a sample size of your reaction to the changes, and the admin, here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yDPa5kuMnL72PZgEjKHeJAsue56c_1zrGzhCxuRV1Kc/ You don't have to ask a question to give a response, however if you wish to ask a question, we'd like to know your stance on it. All respondents will require an email, however, I'm the only one who will see the results. No one else can or will have access to any of the responses, I will post the result either during the show or after, but no one will see any specifics. Feel free to give your opinion and ask questions without fear(not that there really is any). I look forward to you all joining the show, the show will take place Sun, June 7th, 2020. 2pm-4pm est The show will be held in Rose discord, if anyone has any issues, contact me. https://discord.gg/b5q6kxS Hope to see you all there ^.^ Link to Discussion: https://gofile.io/d/4YKE43
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    A big factor in player retention is information: Unless you know how to play a game, you will continue to suck at it and eventually leave it. While Alex is working on the tutorials, I think one big thing that needs to be done is updating the in-game battle simulations. The in-game battle simulations actually do matter, especially for new players trying to figure out how best to go to war. Moreover, it gives a more accurate result so that pre-planning can be done. And this update wont only help new players, it will also help the older players, especially when they are trying to get attackers on people. This isnt much of a suggestion but more of a request to update the Battle Simulations so that they correspond to the new mechanics.
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    This sounds like a violation of the Terms of Service to me, and a permanent ban for threatening staff. You also used inappropriate words in in-game messages, reaching 3 strikes which is an in-game ban as well. I don't know what you expected to happen by threatening me, but I don't negotiate with terrorists.
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    Wait are you bragging because your alliance did almost a billion in damage? Sphinx did 5-6 billion in damage to his own nation during that last war.
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    @Alex To repay all donations made, you blatantly, you slander me with lies to try justifying your ban over an AMV & other lies. I don’t like people who take my money, then slander & ban me for no good reason. I want all money I’ve donated refunded or an apology for slandering me; along with all bans/strikes removed. If you do neither I’ll never forgive you & rip off reports /bad reviews posted everywhere I can think of whenever I have nothing better to do is likely. I can be vengeful & spiteful towards those who wrong me with no remorse or correction. Can also be very forgiving if it’s warranted. Your choice, although making up complete lies to try justifying the ban over an AMV was very stupid. Guessing you’re an Atheist with no morals, although most entrepreneurs don’t screw their customers if they don’t want a lot of negative publicity. So your choice if you want to make amends or motivate me to warn others not to waste time/money on this. Banning will just be taken as you’d rather create a cycle of animosity between us rather than fix things. You can make that choice if that’s what you want. Although I know I’m in the right, thus there will be no chance of forgiveness after that. Warning people not to play your game and waste time on it would become a moral obligation then to avoid others experiencing the same. So either pay back what I donated or take back your slander against me; as you remove my warns/bans. Shame its come to this, thought you were somewhat reasonable at first; although at some point something changed. Should at least be honest rather than slander people regarding the reasons for your extreme moderation action for minor offenses; like posting an AMV. We do not forget or forgive scammers who slander without making any amends. Your choice how you’d like things to proceed from here. I will not do anything illegal to hurt your business, but will pursue legal ways to get even if you really want beef between us with your slander and lies. You’re either a crook or you fix your mistakes.
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    What time on June 7th? Or is that still to be determined?
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    Re-saving doesn’t work (at least not for me).
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    Eumir you were a tax farm and then deleted before the war started. So idk who sent you to troll but I for sure know you arent crying here about CoS. If you are concerned on my behalf though then I really appreciate that but I feel fine now that I can grow my cities again and rebuild my warchest. Maybe if you are really aggrieved you can go nag the people that took reps from CoS for their surrender.
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    Forgiveness is very complex thing. It is very personal to each person. Somethings I can forgive others don't. I like to think I don't hurt people but I am human so choices I make en up hurting people. I try to live by when someone tells me that that I hurt them I don't get to decide that I didn't. I chose not to vote in your poll OP because as said earlier forgiving someone is very personal. It should work out with each other. I know I have offended people that I care about, I attempted to make amends and seek their forgiveness, some forgave others haven't until I make more amends.
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    What achievements? Proud of what? You side was funded with cheated-in resources, with the goal of preventing hundreds of people from being able to play the game ever again in any form that didn't include being sat on with 0 infra while blockaded. This is just arrogant. You have no idea what you're talking about. Our side tried to surrender multiple times, but the process was made intentionally as difficult as possible at every possible step. The terms for surrender wasn't just reps either. The terms were massive and spanned several dimensions, with many alliances having specific terms set upon them. They were entirely unreasonable. You should consider deleting your forum account.
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    As a new player, I think we need more to do. I'm already at c10 and other than honing my beige tracking for raids, all I do is log on twice a day to trade resources. The game should have enough content for people to engage constantly. I think more city build options are the way to go, expand the commerce side of the game. I stacked $100 mil and built 4 cities with the appropriate city build in a matter of minutes. There needs to be more nuance, difficulty, and city build models to follow. Right now there are war builds, raid builds, and commerce builds, very little in between. i would : 1. expand in-game diplomacy - maybe add negotiating objectives where folks have to DM other nations outside their alliance to come to commerce and trade agreements that are non-war related. 2. expand resources - maybe diversify types of farms (bean, rice, poultry, beef, pork, etc.), introduce more raw resources that can be used to create different troops and city improvements 4. expand city infrastructure improvements - we don't just need cities powered, they also need clean water, communications, universities, etc. 3. expand troop types - the war meta is very basic, more troops with different benefits will diversify gameplay - (aircraft carriers, submarines, commandos, snipers, infantry, humvees, tanks, LAVs, stealth bombers, fighter jets, air fuel supply,) lots of ideas to complicate the strategy aspect of war 4. Expand Commerce - Make the commerce percentage have a much larger monetary impact, 100% commerce should be difficult to reach and be very monetarily rewarding, Commerce cash cows should exist below c10 and they will create big pirating opportunities, alliances will need to diversify their nation builds, intra-continental trade bonuses for trading from nations geographically closer to you, railroads, ferries, commercial planes, airports, could all expand commerce 5. On the RG side - Expand visuals on the city builds - give folks more options and make visual changes to the city landing page when there is a bank or market or barracks added. I think the city page should look like a city and be customizable - maybe even add graphics to mess it up if improvement slots are lost in war. I'm in alliance where we have the same build for everybody below c8 because the game rewards raiding more so than it does self-contained commerce, or resource production and trade, we need different city builds that give different but equally powerful advantages and alliances that benefit from having members with diverse city builds. TLDR; The base gameplay is basic AF it needs to be expanded to give players more to do. If I could play this game for four hours solid, I would. But there just isn't that much to do.
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    It had only been a couple days since the violent protests had torn the nation apart. The existence of the Human Alliance had just been declared, making it the first country to rise from the ashes of what was once Rokkenjima. Although skirmishes between species were still occurring throughout the land, it wouldn't take long before the majority of each species settled in a specific area, whether it be the result of them escaping or simply being killed by an area's dominate species. Although it hadn't yet been declared, the Japanese islands and Taiwan were certain to be witch territory. Those looking to flee the conflict would find themselves evacuating to the neutral cities of Hong Kong and Macau, which were largely spared from the protests. Between the breakout of violent protests and the Human Alliance's declaration of existence, it would set in motion the formation of other nations from Rokkenjima's former territory. The territory of Manchuria was known to contain a large number of vampires, estimated to be in the tens of millions. East of Manchuria, however, was home to a similar, yet different species. They were known as Shiki, or corpse demons. They were similar enough to vampires to be considered as such by the general public. They fed on human blood, feared sacred objects, slept during the day, and would burn to death from exposure to sunlight. Shiki were vampires in the truest sense. The only thing differentiating them from normal vampires was their origin. Shiki were reanimated corpses inhabited by deceased spirits, while the majority of normal vampires were turned directly from a human into a vampire via the bite of another vampire. The population of Shiki is much smaller than that of normal vampires, estimated to be a few hundred thousand at most. Jinrou are a subspecies of Shiki. They are much rarer, with an estimated population of less than five hundred. Jinrou are the most similar to the normal vampire population, transforming at the brink of death rather than reanimation postmortem. They are superior to Shiki, as they lack most of their weaknesses, including: vulnerability to sunlight, a diet strictly limited to human blood, and involuntary loss of consciousness at daybreak. The creation of Jinrou can only be achieved as a result of death by blood drainage from a Shiki, which is why they are considered a subspecies of Shiki rather than normal vampires. Although the Shiki lacked any formal leader, most were loyal to the Kirishiki family, of which Sunako Kirishiki was the head. Despite having the youngest appearance in the family, she was its oldest member with a chronological age of over 100. The Kirishiki family mansion was located somewhere in the mountains of Sakhalin. Sunako sat in a windowless room, taking a sip from a glass of fresh blood which had just been poured by her Jinrou servant, Tatsumi. "Here you are, Lady Sunako." Sunako replied after taking her first sip. "Thank you, Tatsumi." She leaned her head back, staring up at the ceiling as she gathered her thoughts. "It has been many years, but we are finally in a position in which Shiki could live freely in their own independent society." Tatsumi responded. "Such a thing would indeed be wonderful. However, I am sure you are aware of the accompanying issues." Sunako nodded. "Of course. We mustn't risk declaring the existence of our society in the manner of the humans. Our kind is strong, yet extremely fragile." She took another sip from the glass, finishing it. "It is due to our nature that we cannot fight or defend ourselves like other species. If anyone were to discover the location of a nation of Shiki, our kind could be eliminated over the course of a single day." She frowned at the observation. "It is cruel. Although we may finally live freely, our existence, like us, must remain in the shadows... I have come to the decision that we will declare our existence quietly, only to be known by our kind. We will be known as the Shiki Tribes. I trust I can count on your assistance to deliver the message to our people." Tatsumi bowed. "Of course, Lady Sunako." Sunako smiled, glancing down at a small map on the table, her finger resting on Manchuria. "I believe we will find our allies soon. Until then, let us continue to watch from the shadows."
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    I don't think this has really been stated publicly yet, but we feel that as an alliance, it’s about time we came forward with this. This is going to be a rather long post, apologies ahead of time. Camelot has never held a reputation to be “jealous” of; we’ve been known to be one of the more “immature” alliances. Camelot was started from the ground up, by members that much of the game already disliked or shunned. Over time, we grew a niche under BK/IQ where we would essentially attack who they asked, but we also attacked on our own whims. BK protected us and as long as we did what they asked we had significant free reign, with negligible consequences. In GW14 we helped IQ initially, backed their storyline and defended them. They were our allies, and quite frankly, our only means of survival at that point in time. As the leader of Camelot, I feel it is time to apologize sincerely for the actions that I, my government, and any of my members took. Looking back, we should have recognized the red flags and taken a more stoic stance on ending the war earlier. For not doing that, and contributing to the irreparable harm that carrying on has caused many alliances and the community, I am truly sorry. PnW lost a lot of amazing people. The game lost a significant amount of players, but most importantly, community members. To those who have turned away from the game with no chance of return due to our actions, I apologize deeply. To the alliances that we had forced to fight for almost a year straight, I truly wish we could have ended that war earlier. However, I have the utmost respect for those who were able to keep their communities strong and stable throughout that. We owe the survival of this game and community to people like you and your members. To the alliances like North Point, who we screwed over and plotted against, I hope we can make it up to you and move forward. To those we are working with and have given us a second chance, I can’t find a way to put how grateful I am into words. When IQ left, they asked us to leave the game with them, but we refused. We did not expect at any point that our actions would ever be forgotten. Or that they would be forgiven overnight, instead we began changing our focus internally. We hope that if we can change ourselves for the better, everyone would recognize our effort and over time, we could heal the wounds created by our actions and forge a brighter path in the future. So once again I, and the entirety of Camelot, am truly sorry for those our actions have affected.
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    I just went to build a city in the test server and got an error, but when I refreshed the cost of the city had been spent but no city was built. https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=4666
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    If only it was the other way around...
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    Special (non-English) characters with diacritics don’t properly show up. This happens on nations pages as well as with city names.
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    Uhm,sorry again. I think it's because I always use special characters on transaction notes. Usually it's work fine but after the update it's error. Iost like 14 mil when trying to deposit to alliance bank. And when I tested it with just usual character it's working fine,same also in war declaration. When using special characters for the reason it's error. So I think its because of the special characters error Uhm, 🙄 I would like to get my resources back due to that error
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    Camelot. Handling their own apology thread with precisely the amount of class expected of them...
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    Your appeal is denied. Spamming me isn't going to change that. If you're this unhappy with myself and the moderation team, perhaps you should reconsider whether or not Politics & War is the game for you.
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    Oh not at all. Considering I had to forgive the guy multiple times, that's just something I would never do.
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    Please don't victimblame eumir. It's beneath you.
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    First off, I refuse to be allied with people that think the same as you. Camelot was the one who initiated this flow playboi. They were the ones that were running around that wanted to keep this vibe going. They say one thing and their actions show another. So for all I care, let's dance ya feel? Imagine trying to be a moralistic alliance while baiting the world of Competence™ and then asking for an apology after a fricker like me called their bluff. As far as working things out peacefully, motherfricker are you high? We were one of the authors of the fricking NAP da frick? No shit we wanted things to end peacefully. Let's flip it around then: Man, if I was an ally of Error 404, I sure would be embarrassed right now since they have a fricker on the forums defending frickers that helped the people that wanted to run a boatload of the community out of the game. Idiotic amirite? As far as control of members, da frick? They running NPO-Lite over there? Are you guys 100/100 too or just 50/50? I pity alliances like yours if you guys are a membership that completely relies on its government for its brain.
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    no each of the top 5 did about a billion. altogether it was several billion. anyway IQ is dead. let's move on
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    For anyone attempting to purchase hentai from Phoenix Enterprises, it does break the game rules and Pyrrha did get banned for it... Tl;dr don’t be dumb
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    You know, some of us actually had the balls to do the right thing. Given Camelot's role in crafting the peace terms offered to us, including that absolutely disgusting flag you guys wanted to inflict upon OWR specifically, I personally find it very hard to believe Cam were ever anything other than an ardently pro-IQ shill. I sincerely hope Rose will be a good influence on you guys.
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    my country maybe young but its thriving
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    Hey so cool story and all, but I dont see how this falls under alliance affairs, this is typically used for alliance leaders or gov members to make an official public stance on something, and you seem to be 1 member who isnt gov. I recommend taking info to your gov and they'll decide what to do next.
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    I see your forum ban ended. well it was nice while it lasted.
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    Well, time to coup Arthur. He's too reasonable and nice to be King.
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    6 screens in and its like CK is begging to be rolled lmao edit annnnnd this shit is from February and I no longer care.
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    Thanks for displaying Arthurs ability to act rational and compromise?
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    RIP Clover Kingdom Sort of unrelated but; Arthur: "I expect this discussion to stay private... Don't log dump..." Shadow: "None of our deals will be made public via the forums" Also Shadow: *leaks it all anyway*
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    Currently the only person who works closely with Alex and give advice on changes/updates (that I know of) is Prefontaine. My proposal is to extend that to a good-sized group of well-known and respected players who will give honest and constructive input on new changes to the game. This'll help with the issues of last update and controversy over recent rule changes and allow ordinary players from a variety of backgrounds to give their input directly to Alex before misguided new changes come out. stolen from @Vein
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    You know whats not smart? Posting on the forums things your gov tells you.
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    This guy has been banned so many times and won't stop making accounts. He's been rebanned, and this thread is now being locked.
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    Hey Patrick. I'm trying not to dive too deep into these threads as I haven't made my mind up on what to think of them just yet. That said, I saw your comments think it'd help dialogue for me to respond. t$ definitely has grievances it has not forgotten, with camelot, but also with a few other alliances who fought alongside you and still remain. We opted to end the war rather than push when the NPO crumbled because the war had gone on long enough, in a way that just wasn't good or fun for a majority of the game anymore. As arthur acknowledged in his post however, forgiveness is a process which is going to take a lot more time and a lot more effort than what we've seen so far. Arthurs thread could be a good first step, if it's followed up on. If it's not followed up on, it will probably end up being seen as hollow rhetoric for brownie points. As to your post- I personally (and with me, I think a lot of t$) do draw a distinction between the "soldiers" who were not involved in executive decision making, and the leadership which repeatedly made the call to support not just political actions, but also behavior which became increasingly shitty on both IC and OOC levels. Having been involved in the peace process on the other end, I can confirm that the terms were not just extreme, but the process surrounding the terms was designed to be unpleasant as possible for the individuals on the other side. Certain figures on your side went on a power trip. There is not really another way to describe it. A lot of resentment stems from that. Now, there's a general awareness that IQ witheld a lot of information from IQ members, and even from IQ peripheral government while simultaneously trying to prevent their actions from being publicized by threatening the other side: If we shared our interactions with IQ, that'd lead to additional terms. This created a dynamic where you went about your day fighting with the understanding that "COALITION A BAD, DOES NOT WANT TO SURRENDER, IQ MAN GOOD". It's something you (members) can not be faulted for. Initially. IQ's behavior came to light toward the end of the war. Many refused to acknowledge it and even fewer acted on that acknowledgement. "defeating" us (which, by definition of IQ gov boiled down to eliminating us/pushing as many of us out as possible by keeping the war going) took precedence over decency. Now, post-war, more yet has come to light and a majority of the stuff IQ did (yes, not all is public yet even now) is public record. Yet still, there are elements within ex-IQ who remain unapologetic and continue to whitewash their actions. That is why camelot (among other alliances) is given a hard time. George and Arthur are held held (partially) accountable for camelot's decision(s) to support IQ, and as I said, this thread could be a small first step to addressing that, if followed up. Unfortunately, Epi's behavior to date floors any credibility Arthur's heartfelt post may have. The excuse that "some people take longer to adjust" does not really fly when the only adjustment needed is to "stop defending shitty actions". I suppose, as an official reaction from t$ to the OP: @Azazel @King Arthur - I think you guys already knew where t$ stood prior to last night, given our private interactions over the past 3 months. If you want to move forward, i'm willing to talk and you're free to dm me. Until I see more however, I remain sceptic.
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    Nah, don't get me wrong buddy. I said 2 things really: 1. That I don't think Arthur himself really wanted to eradicate anyone, which is not anywhere as bad as people like Leo, but that there is undeniably some fault there. 2. That I'm generally okay with someone playing to win a game, however they like to set their goal. The later does not mean I'm okay with people cheating or the level of toxicity that came along with the war. The peace terms and process were both undeniably ridiculous and I'm not gonna tell anyone they should have just accepted it. As for Camelot though I think that the grudges are channeled towards them in unreasonable amounts when really those who should receive them have already left the game.
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    Next time you want to inform people you're just a clueless tard and to ignore you, try just saying exactly that. Much easier and more to the point for everyone. Imagine being so uninformed about anything you think 50+b worth of reps is "lol just pay it". God I hope when you get rolled the Victor's are just as kind to you.
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    LMFAO imagine saying this while his gov is still peddling the same bullshit. MISSSSSSSS MEEEEEEEEEEEE BABBBYYYYYYYYYY Don't worry playboi, $yndicate and her allies aren't !@#$ like you guys that would support a 9 month war. Competence™ will clap your cheeks in 4-6 weeks. Just like the UPN of old, the quotes that you guys peddle will come back to bite you in the ass. Ping me and I'll give you more context. I don't do shit in DMs lmfao. Another motherfricker that tries the "It's just a game" bullshit. If anyone has treated this more than a game, they are fricked and need to take a step back lmfao. AMMEEEEEEEN GURRRRRRL SHIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Playbois think people forget lmfao. They forget that Competence in this game is still alive and well and ready to test them Keep peddling this silly shit and don't forget to tell Epi to delete his Discord logs on PW as well. It would be a shame if I use that shit too to make you look ridiculous. Undergoing a massive culture shift my ass, after you get rolled and your endurance is tested, need not fret as you guys will definitely have a culture shift to adopt new ideals and fundamentals. No need to fret even more because we won't help drive you out of the game like the silly shit you guys were pulling last war. Shit, one of our members might even find pity in you all and join you
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    Funny story, I just received my first warning right as I opened this post and because it matched the topic name so perfectly I thought "wow wtf, this dude found a way to issue warnings by creating topics"
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    Maybe the real crimes committed here were the friends we made along the way.
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    Would the majority opinion not be better than a bunch of changes that literally nobody aside from Alex wants?
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    Can bet Alex will just ignore this as he always does
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    This is why we need downvotes
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    A worthy string of shit posts. I approve.
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    The amount issued was a fraction of the total amount. I did not purposely choose "14.88" billion, which should be obvious by the rest of the amount. It was half of the total losses from defaults, $29,777,967,630.15.
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    Not enough dislikes, obviously untrustworthy. Who does this guy think he Is? The Maker of the Game? I don't think so.
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