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  1. Yes, I know I just gravedug to post a meme, fight me
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=954713 and https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=956024 after doing some digging have the same deal going on here
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=957318 This is war that I just declared right before day change, he somehow launched an insane amount of ground attacks only using 6 maps, either im fighting Pooball or there is something seriously buggy going on also got a 522 error at one point while trying to rebuild units, dont know if its related
  4. Note how you casually phrase this as if I was acting like that was a normal thing to fit your poaching agenda, no matter the context
  5. The true reason we left right there, Kev knows what's up 🤣
  6. I see you're still smoking the good stuff Inst, hook me up with some of that
  7. Honestly as Nova Former 2ic, don't ever recall you leading milcom.
  8. I'll get the duckie for you Sweden Ball
  9. But he's still suppose to interview me like he promised well over a year ago 😂 In all seriousness , I wish both Kev and Pika well in their IRL adventures. No matter the reason they left, they will be missed by many in the community, myself included.
  10. Thinking deeper on this, it wasnt the spy sat itself but that change being combined with the 60% reduction in spy kills. I agree that there exists a balance issue which increases damage by 50% and it should be adressed but with the pricing of it, not many people will actually have it for a while and I doubt alliances will grant them en-masse. I think 25% bonus instead of 50% for spy sat will be a good change in the future (along with a price reduction) but combining that with the 60% reduction in effectivness on spy v spy ops is an extreme overcorrection. the making spy ops harder is ok although it will make Arcane war policies a touch more OP. Could also increase the base amount of how many spies you can produce per day by +1, but im no expert here, just pitching alternatives.
  11. I believe the point of contention is to leave spy sat alone, Like, dont even change it. It hasnt been used much yet like Adrienne said and people who've built it easily have spent a half billion if not more.
  12. Oh how they grow up. Congrats on the upgrade, always a pleasure working with you all.
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