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  1. Uriah 'the Fox'

    My last request after deleted my nation

    So, should I go ahead and reform NR so those alliances wont get bored?
  2. Uriah 'the Fox'

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    Was looking forward to a "perma roll", oh well, guess ill chill in Soup for a while🦊🥣
  3. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Ricky here!

    Love that show
  4. Last Official Nova Riata Forum Announcement Over the past few days I have made one difficult decision after another, knowing that any and every word I say would be analyzed at every angle by a reasonably angry community. Nova Riata hosted a great many things that I will miss, from the ridiculous amount of voice chats to the day to day banter. From the poker nights fueling our gambling addictions to the endless furry memes. What I'm going to miss the most though are the many people that made up Nova Riata, all of them innocent and unaware of what Pooball and Ar Gud had done. They all created a fun community that I believe had no equal, even though it was structured around the exploits of a leader who only wanted to save us from his past mistakes. Of course in doing so, Pooball caused the very thing he was hoping to prevent. I'm here today to represent the innocent of Nova, and by day change today I will be the last one standing, ready to absorb the community justice. I hereby surrender to Pantheon and from now on I request that Nova's not so Secret war be renamed to The Great Sock War as requested by rawr. After everything is said and done, I will disband Nova Riata. I wish all my members well in their future ventures and hope they had picked new homes by now that will keep them safe and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve, perhaps in the future we will all united again. but until then, Good bye tl;dr The captain must go down with his ship
  5. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova Riata Disband

    Sorry about my horrible spelling @Zephyr
  6. Uriah 'the Fox'

    RIP nova

    oh just you wait 😉
  7. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova Riata Disband

    Thanks, im going to send this info to Alex ASAP, I really appreciate your help
  8. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova Riata Disband

    oof, little late to it all eh?
  9. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova Riata Disband

    I'll see if he can do that, the messages we're deleted by the guy who sent it so our guy used a program in Discord to report it but I have a screenshot of who it came from
  10. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova Riata Disband

    As it involves phone numbers and such I cant post a screenshot unless its heavily censored, but there was 1 incident that has been reported to Discord Safety & Trust (since we couldn't link it to a nation) regarding one of my members who's requesting to remain anonymous, I'm trying to prevent more dox attempts like this from happening and this was a major factor leading to my decision, among many, to disband Nova. I'm not letting my own pride lead to personal threats to people that want to remain loyal and stand for the innocent in our alliance. A line has been crossed here and shame on anyone who ever does this.
  11. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova's not so Secret War Update

    ah yes, not like we've been rolled for 3 months or anything in Knightfall. Sorry to burst your bubble but the TF merger into Nova has nothing to do with you, but you guys can keep telling yourselves that 😂 Still waiting on that mass raid btw 😉
  12. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Nova's not so Secret War Update

    I stand with... wait a minute, I see what you're doing here
  13. Uriah 'the Fox'

    The NR-PR near war.

    I thought the same XD
  14. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Our not so secret war

    Our Secret War The Clouds Are Heavy and Are Red With Blood, Caked To Our Face Is The Sacred Mud. We Fight This War For We Have Not Won, We Pull the Trigger and We Watch Them Run. Our Loss is Many and Our Goal Is None, We Go For Hours Until it's Done. They Always Ask Us Why We Stay To Fight, We Look Upon Them and We Close Our Eyes. They Took Our Children and They Took Our Wives, That is the Reason Why We Fight to Die. Don't You Ask Me To Say Their Names, For I Will Fall and Cry in Shame. If You Know What War I Mean, Do Not Read On, Spare the Need. This Mighty War That I Speak Of Now, I Call it Love, it Has Thrown Us Down. We had a Declaration of War all nice and ready to go but it looks like Pantheon was more eager than us! So, here’s our DoW turned RoH…. For those of you who followed the events in Knightfall, this probably won’t come as much of a surprise. Many of you have been speculating for days this would happen and you guessed correctly. Here we stand, ready to fight. We hope this conflict will be a fun one for everyone involved. As an aside, what we’re looking for in this war is for it to be as fair of a fight as we can make it and we believe it is fair as things currently stand. We know that some of you may be interested in raiding Pantheon but we ask that, at least while this war is ongoing, you respect this as a legitimate conflict and allow this to play out as it otherwise would. Nova Riata and The Federation declare war on recognize hostilities with Pantheon. Best of luck to Pantheon. We hope you guys enjoy the war. Signed for Nova Riata Overking of the Sea: Pooball Hand of the Overking: Uriah the Fox Viceroy of the Sea: Beans Signed for The Federation King: Kosta Prince: George the Destroyer P.S. Thank you to the select Chaos members for providing help with the unreachable high-tier nations.
  15. Uriah 'the Fox'

    Rundown Request

    The Soup is hot and has confirmed the Illuminati Also I exist, hi

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