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    An Announcement From The Grand Administration Of The United Fronts The United Fronts, after weeks of deliberation, has come to consensus regarding the current war. United Fronts refuses to cower in fear while the rest of Orbis fights for it's freedom from the evil clutches of Opus Dei, United Fronts refuses to stand idly by while her allies fight for Orbis' safety and integrity. The acts committed by Opus Dei are nothing short of despicable, their disturbing lack of morality and urge to purge Orbis of what makes it unique is disgusting, and it's lust for power make it a threat to every alliance and nation who disagrees with their wayward philosophy. The world of Orbis needs all the help they can get in this fight, despite our small stature and lack of influence we intend to fight to our last breath alongside our allies and friends to ensure the future of Orbis is what we make. We may not be the most important, skilled, or sane alliances, however we have the determination to fight to the bitter end in this struggle. The action of staying neutral is as evil or even worse than the goals of Opus Dei and we refuse to be seen as cowards and war-dodgers, no longer is joining the war a choice as it is a necessity to ensure Orbis in it's current form survives. As Opus Dei's clutches on Orbis tighten and their true motives reveal, The United Front has decided to join sides with Orbis' freedom fighters against the scourge that is Opus Dei. The United Front refuses to stay in the dark and hereby declares a state of war with Opus Dei. No longer will we wait for things to blow over as it is our time to strike. See y'all on the battle field. tl;dr: The United Fronts declares war on Opus Dei
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    The following agreement is between Interstellar and GOONS, Black Knights, Guardians of the Galaxy and the New Pacific Order as well as all of their allies, including Camelot and the United Socialist Nations, herein referred to as Opus Dei. 1. Interstellar surrenders to the combined forces of Opus Dei. 2. Interstellar agrees to conclude all of their current wars against Opus Dei and that they will declare no further wars. 3. Effective immediately upon posting of this document to the forums, a sixty (60) day Non-Aggression Pact will be in effect between Interstellar and Opus Dei. Signed for Interstellar, Spartacus, Nicole, Vic Signed for GOONS, Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente La Langosta, Bizarro Jazz, Blockade Runner, LLD, PMP, KBG, Esq, Shark Man the Third, Anime Shark Girl the First, Eater of Monitors, Healer of Spines, Fearful of Jazz, Conqueror of the Arrgh Lands in General and the Big Blue House in Particular, Also Hello Marx, Optimus Prime Minister Signed for Black Knights, Leo the Great Signed for Guardians of the Galaxy, Seeker, Starlord Cino, Ravager Signed for the New Pacific Order, Roquentin, Emperor Signed for Camelot, The Crown King | Arthur Queen | Epi The Round Table Bishops | 7, Bill, Messi Lords | Blackbird, Lils, Ray, Patton Signed for the United Socialist Nations, Premier DarVolt
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    These are the reasons why TCW left: (For the record I only decided to switch sides legitimately 2 days before our ROH, I had planned to leave the war with some light terms, NAP etc and move on but we were forced to enter by the aggression Colo B demonstrated) Since there's a lot let me brake it down into categories Violating the treaties of TCW Allies - Attacks upon neutral outsides and friendly alliances to TCW, (NPO hitting TMC the first time despite me mentioning they were in talks with us to sign a Prot agreement as they were leaving SOUP.) Keshav mentioned how he'd happily roll TMC again if he had the chance as they regarded them as "War dodgers" when Kev and Charlie can tell you they had planned to make their own alliance pre-Surf Up but they stayed for several months to help SOUP. - Attacks upon allied alliances over "mass beiging", Electric Space nobody can disagree was struggling but the attack by GotG was a breach of the MDP we held, we tried to offer them help, they needed guidance not unwarranted attacks which helped kill them off, several of the Electric Space people then went on to found Demacia with other old-guard BK'ers. An alliance which Curu/Leo both called a collection of washed up BK rejects. We signed with Demacia to help people like Yoso, Supercheese etc, they were still friends/allies who were having a bad time and we wanted to help them. - When the Gorge incident happened I said I was fine with him being rolled, but not Demacia as they had nothing to do with it, but BK rolled them anyway that was the 3rd time IQ attacked an ally/Prot of TCW. - The final straw for violating treaties was the unproved attacks upon Ironfront and Weebunism. Yes you can claim North Point/ TMC were too aggressive and I told Aku I was pissed off that they allowed it to escalate. But the simple fact is IQ barely consulted me over the incident, you just from 0-100 and attacked for a 4th time allies of TCW. Actions detrimental to the game and insults to friends and allies - If you knew our history and how so many people have tried to force harsh terms on us, or just rolled us out of the blue for no reason, you'll know TCW/GPA has never supported harsh terms. We brought this issue up many times that several terms are ridiculous and should be removed as they are prolonging a war already reaching 7+ months long, yet our concerns were rejected. - We were hopeful we could stay with Colo B, but as the talks unfolded it was obvious to us that Colo B was purposely producing an environment in which they knew nothing would be accepted and so the war would continue to be dragged out. Whilst I do think Colo A was unreasonable in not reaching out for peace sooner, Colo B's actions are far worse in that by dragging this war out they are causing communities on both sides of the game to crumble. - Afrika Korps is one such example, they were clearly unhappy and wanted out but due to the shadow of IQ looming over them if they peaced out we all know what would've happened to them. Afrika Korps was friends with many in TCW, the alliance was founded by a core of ex-Pantheon people, over half the government of AK are people who when I was de-facto leader of Pantheon I personally trained. The only reason AK disbanded was because this war lasted an obscenely long amount of time. It was salt in the wound to see Colo B people 'celebrating' the demise of an alliance which had so many friends of TCW in, several of them have since quit the game. - On many occasions I pinged everyone on the Colo B server and asked for GOONS to stop undermining, insulting or otherwise threatening our protectorates and allies. From alliances such as The Manhattan Cartel, Weebunism, Afrika Korps and others several members were banned and others issues nation strikes for frivolous rubbish only because the admin is a jellyfish who if you send 100 reports a day he'll bend and do what GOONS wants. Only one ban/nation strike I felt was justified and that was against Migraine the rest are bullshit and you know it. Length of War and our concerns - Carthago and OWR did undeniably undermine the war effort by defecting. But unlike Frontier who left only after a short time, these alliances fought for months in this war, hell Carthago basically bankrupted themselves. They didn't deserve to be perma rolled, yet people like Keshav quite openly said in Colo B chat they weren't ready to give Carth/OWR peace since they needed to be punished for at least several months more when t$ tried to surrender. (For the record neither did Frontier deserve a 'perma rolling'. Whilst I was disappointed they left so soon I felt betrayed. Its obvious in hindsight I don't blame them one bit as they made the right choice @Alexio15) - TCW is not a warfighting alliance, we will fight to defend allies but we aren't culturally anyway like KT, TGH, BK, NPO for which long wars are second nature to them. We are ex-Pantheon/GPA, you knew our core members don't like long wars, so make fun of us all you want for being "pixel huggers' or wanting to 'whale out' but that's what our internal culture is like. - Asking us to censor members in public forums. To use an example NPO took issue with Kalev's troll posts so they asked me to ban TCW members from posting things which "help reinforce or enable Colo A'. Our gov will tell you I've banned public posts at times if its of benefit for the war, coalition or allies but to call us out in the Colo B server is an insult, which then Colo B gov went about saying we should change x value of our alliance to fit better into the image that other Colo B alliances have. - Finally yes their was a economic motivation but that was last on our concerns since we viewed the above issues as far more pernicious for our alliances that our whales not being able to produce stuff. But I'll say we're certainly quite happy we can finally have some members producing stuff for our alliance on 100/100 taxes, to funnel down to our lower tier. Roq you realise there' a different between wanting TKR to get a bloody nose and wanting to grind them into dust like NPO/BK want to. As far I'm concerned the 'grudge' we had over TKR and the Knightfall disaster was settled, we had a war TCW helped beat them we've called it a day. Perhaps BK should put their almost 3 year grudge against TKR to rest as well? The fact Colo A was willing to offer terms to TCW and admit defeat to us solo shows how dilapidated your coalition was. You used us to harpoon whales and then shot us in the back for good measure as thanks. Whilst TCW is not part of Colo A, the vast majority of them have already done more for us than some certain alliances in Colo B ever did. I don't share OOC stuff but I've got the peace servers all archived saved along with the Colo B server, so I'll look for more fun snippets when I get time. Refer to the above, this is factually incorrect. Apologises for any typos or errors, long post Its bound to happen.... If any Colo A or B person wants context behind anything I'll happily give what explanations I can, just hit me up in DM's on Discord.
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    What happened to respecting allies leaving a war ahead of others? I thought only the evil people berated people for leaving.
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    Coalition A justifying their slotfilling be like:
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    This is turning into one crowded hot-tub
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    I’m sure calling alliances weak and pathetic will get them to help you again next time
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    I'm for banning anything that gives you an advantage with clicking. Scraping for data fine, but anything that makes it easier for you, an advantage other players don't have should be banned. New players don't come in with that ability. The allowance only serves communities that are well established. It gives a gross advantage to a handful of alliances, and deters fresh faces from popping up.
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    Well, I think your current socially acceptable response options are: a) Alex needs to disband/delete [alliance of person at whom the statement is directed] b) yOu'Re LiTeRaLlY kILliNg ThE gAmE c) You're paranoid, [insert topic of discussion here] isn't real and/or never happened d) I'm a micro in need of validation, so I'm declaring war on you e) I don't like your alliance, so I hope someone steals your password and your alliance's back. For the Health of the GameTM. Hope that helped.
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    Me and the boys killing IQ
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    Wasn’t that like 5 days of fighting? Jesus, disband.
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    What the actual hell. The lack of progress has stemmed entirely from the absolutely crap conduct of your representatives. Getting talks started in the first place was a circus of bullshit. From the onset of the actual talks, you had a select few vocal representatives blocking any meaningful compromise, refusing actual negotiation or dialogue, and threatening permawar at every corner in an environment littered with petty personal slights and insults. Despite initial terms already being incredibly harsh, new terms were added post-deliverance of the document. And while yes, you have the right to do so, it does not signal much good faith or a desire for peace. It was only after Sphinx, Aero and DNFJ began involving themselves later on in the process that we managed to progress from article I to article III. This was not because of your (read NPO's and a few other) representatives, but despite them. Your representatives have been toxic !@#$s on all levels whom I hope I won't have the displeasure to deal with again. So yeah, out of here with your gaslighting crap on yet another ex-ally who is done with your shit.
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    Pathetic attempt at fighting, and just as ridiculous peace agreement. Sim City is probably a better game for you.
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    Jeez', that's just... Pathetic.
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    I dunno- as I understand you countered more than just those who hit on BoC,, and had people oA in. I imagine some of the less savory elements in your coalition also spent some time antagonizing tCW over it before he made his decision? You went above and beyond to not just set him an ultimatum on getting aboard your toxic little train, but you also made a point of making his alliance choose between abandoning all its (future, I guess??) allies and becoming your neutered lapdog, or getting rolled Awesom coalition allies. 10/10
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    We watched our allies become the monster they claimed they were trying to fight. We watched them consistently refuse to act in good faith. We burned for people who have consistently proven they were not worthy. We have continued to watch them as they turned this into a fight for the very soul of Orbis.
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    Given recent events and the reveal of just how deep automation, third party software, and outright botting go within certain elements of the community, I would like to bring up the discussion of whether automation should be allowed and to what degree. It seems to me that utilizing third party software to execute actions within a game (such as automated banking or member management) is the traditional definition of unethical botting. No one is at the keyboard of the account in-use. This then conveys unfair advantage to that person or persons that other people simply do not have access to. A quick example of how quickly something as small as auto-banking could spiral into affecting the entire game: Roberts and Tiberius are at war. Roberts runs out of gasoline, and now has to wait several hours for a government member to come online and send him gasoline from the alliance bank. During this time, Roberts cannot execute attacks with either tanks or planes. Tiberius is also out of gas, fortunately he can automatically withdraw it via software even though his alliance government is also asleep. Tiberius can then execute his attacks immediately and wins the war. Multiply this scenario out within a prolonged global war, now you have entire alliances gaining an advantage in war. Winning wars because they have automated scripts running for them. It doesn't take a genius to see how this impacts the meta and politics of the game. Suddenly we're playing Politics and Bots.
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    @Gatorcock 3 days to be precise.
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    Surrendering is just as much as a crime as helping them
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    Not our problem if you kept airstriking soldiers into bankruptcy.
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    To be clear, this isn't my personal vendetta against BK. I think TKR, Yosobot, and all others should be banned from using actions in-game. Information gathering is fine, can't really police that anyway. Using a bot to perform an action through an account while someone isn't actually at their keyboard is the definition of unethical botting. You literally quoted my line. "Gathering information is fine, executing actions within the game are not". @Alex I honestly hope there's some misunderstanding here and you didn't truly allow these people to effectively bot your game. I can't even begin to tell you how unfair that is to players who do things manually. I'm honestly leaning towards the other people here. Where is the line on botting? If it's fine to simply access other people's accounts via third party software, then why can't I make an alliance of slave-accounts that I can access via my third party software? War bots? Trade bots? Why even play this game if the alliances with coders can simply automate and gain distinct advantage? fricking laughable.
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    If you publicly accuse someone then you have the duty to the public to show public proof. Your alliance could have made a private accusation to Alex in private messages or on discord but decided to go public. Y'all went for a public accusation therefore you have the responsibility to provide proof to the public.
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    Um yeah that was in response to Sphinx saying he'd be ready for us throwing in the towel after he literally aggressively attacked us.
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    Roq over here trying to be like: But ending up like:
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    You got a longer war like you wanted and are still requesting around 50b from us lol
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    I didn't do ground attacks because I made airstrikes that destroyed 33 ships on one and put a blockade on the other. I'm using all my MAPs and haven't been holding back. Just because I want to save my soldiers for you doesn't mean I'm slot filling. Timelines, just in case you want them, Alex, but seriously, this is pretty ridiculous. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=586286 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=586287
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    Television static was a fact of life for decades, until TVs went digital. If it was seizure inducing, dead air on television wouldn't have shown static for as long as it did - the government would've stepped in and regulated it.
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    Υou must be one of those guys that steal money from the bank in Monopoly... :< A mentality like this makes gaming pointless. Playing a game by its rules makes it possible to enjoy it and feel satisfaction about winning in it.
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    Anybody else find it amusing that despite trailing off the OP’s post, that the thread title remains relevant?
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    Smh, Coalition A. Wants alliances that surrender to disband. Hypocrites
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    Or you know this opens the door to making new allies post war. Dragging this thing out, has unified everyone else against your corner of the world, because you have proven you are the biggest threat to every other alliance's sovereignty. Because of this I dont see how dragging this out isn't also suicidal. Also as to be on topic, people stop being dicks and purposely going outside of game rules to stick it to others.
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    Again, that's not an unpopular view it's a conspiracy theory toxic people on your side have thrown out. BK didn't think it was losing. Keep in mind we have nothing to lose no matter the battlefield equations. It's all going to be real interesting from now on.
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    Call me a Doctor cause Imma bring this thread back to life
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    You realize nowhere in the treaty posted on the forums does it say that? Is partisan the snake or are you? Cause you don't seem like a guinea pig to me.
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    IC: Of course I want my alliance to win, it would be silly if I didn't, given that I run an alliance of close to 200 people, all playing for various reasons "winning" is a quantifiable goal that can unite my members for a common cause. OOC: Please ask @Prefonteen @Kevanovia or @Cooper_ it's quite apparent my OOC/IC behavior is different and am generally a likable person who wants people to have fun in this game. Just because a lot of players can't discern from OOC/IC is not really my problem, tbh.
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    A member of an AA who made it their goal to keep the war going till players delete, and is forcing their own allies to their own demands is talking about morals here. Whats factually true in this situation by the way?
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    Moo MOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT *SNORT* STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STAAAAAMPEEEEEEEEDE *Citizen of Orbis: Thank you for giving da Pastur a wide berth. Da Cowz have entered a barbaric rage-state and are extremely dangerous at this time. Ignore this post at your own peril.*** ***Weebs and Fascists are encouraged to attend da Pastur potluck, located in the center of da Pastur. Follow the scary mooing, you'll find it. No, those screams are cries of joy. Yes, joy. No, no, no don't worry. They love anime here. Yes, do tell the cows about your heritage, they'll love to hear it. Go on now, yes, right through the gate. Enjoy!
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    Uh, that's actually their FA guy, lol.
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    All this post says is he used 3rd party software to access my account. Still a violation of game rules.
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