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  1. Loved reading this! Great lessons that can be taken from both sides. Thank you for taking the time to make this old friend
  2. To be fair, as the head of milcom for CoTL, Delta entirely outnumbered us like 2:1 in the low tier(where all of the fighting was) the reason we one that war was simply because Delta didn’t have the logistical skill to effectively throw their weight around. If you’re given a winning position but you’re not sure how to use it, no shit you’ll lose. Delta was under supplied and wasn’t ready to deal with more competent fighters. But it’s not like we did anything to them afterwards, we fought for a few days and made them change their bloc name, why is this such an argument to begin with?
  3. Who is Hedge Money? I only know Hollywood
  4. would you rather just have TKR never join a bloc ever, since any bloc they join is going to become a megabloc?
  5. I mean it's different and you know it's different, and again I didn't really get up and arms about it, it was a shitty joke so I downvoted it. Also it's thesaurus
  6. I just think it's unfair to assume Aku meant an OOC attack, obviously there's an argument to be made since we're having one right now. It's is imo more likely that she had meant it non seriously and it didn't land. I'd probably argue the same thing if Thalmor said it since Thalmor doesn't know Aku's OOC either, it's the only reasonable assumption honestly I don't care about thalmor's stuff so I probably wouldn't get involved, I'm only here because I like to argue
  7. I mean when you're judging someone's character it's hard to tell without asking them, we really don't know the reaction since that isn't what happened, I just think that because Aku is referring to Thalmor as his IC character since I'm assuming she doesn't know him OOC, assuming this to be an OOC threat wouldn't be a fair assumption *then again you could say me assuming that Aku doesn't know Thalmor OOC is an unfair assumption I just think it's more likely
  8. I mean isn't it all IC anyways? If it's IC which is seems like she seems to think I don't think you should be treating it like a serious threat? She's clearly talking about Thalmor in character, for example referring to how you're in her allies alliance, etc. Unless I'm totally misreading things Honestly this is so much fun I should go on the forums more often
  9. I mean no, I didn't say anything about that 😂, also you're acknowledging what aku said was a joke then?
  10. Did you take the Thalmor being shot thing seriously?
  11. Working in a salt mine, Salt is a way of life - YouTube
  12. If you want to see how Aku specifically plays the victim card, look at RON #balkans lmfao. The way she goes about it is completely intolerable. The conduct that Aku is allowed to get away with only feeds this. That's a fair argument, I don't really see the conduct as an issue since from what I've seen it's mostly IC, I mean okay I'm not in High Gov chat and I don't really follow news discords so I might've missed some stuff, feel free to DM me to change my mind though!
  13. Changeup is an asshat in game but OOC he doesn't seem like that much of an !@#$, idrk what you're referring to, if you'd like to DM me some evidence so we don't clog up the forums I'd be happy to speak to you. Forum is too long for me to scrub thru everything so if I missed something I'm dumb
  14. We genuinely couldn't care less about your OOC, the only time we "play the victim card" is when one of our members is actually being harassed which seems like the perfect time to play the victim card? I'd love to play a game of HoI4 with you, Aku and changeup don't really VC so Idk if they would, I'm more of a stellaris guy though
  15. Yes! One for IC and one for actual harassment, happy someone finally gets it! /s
  16. Alright look, I'm probably one of the nicer people at CotL, you need to recognize that us insulting and badmouthing your IC personality has nothing to do with you OOC, we have separate channels for OOC and IC conversations and bullying characters that we portray is a part of the game, it isn't that the content itself is opsec it's the principle.
  17. okay whatever you say man, I call em like I see em, it's besides the point
  18. idk just kind of a bad look heres the report if ur interested Get this stuff out of the game - Forum Reports - Politics & War Forum (politicsandwar.com)
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