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  1. Y’all did, thanks to me. They agreed to protect us and later you which ensured the safety of the entire bloc we were in, idek how y’all don’t remember this huge chunk of your history, even if the treaty was indirect(it wasn’t) it still would’ve protected you. Please brush up on your own history it’s embarrassing I know more about y’all than you do.
  2. And the hardworking Milcom low gov at CoTL named Nick McScott
  3. What if you make beige based off damage and the nation income post war and scrap the beige bank idea. It seems overly complex and generally when a rule is overly complex it leaves room to be exploited. I'm too dumb to think of any but I'm sure given enough time the bright minds will figure it out.
  4. tl;dr: Nokia and co throw hissy fit again and fight peaceloving Swamp after being assfricked last time they did that
  5. Y’all gotta chill with this fricking toxic gatekeeping and let them play the goddamn game they want to play. If you can’t keep your mouth shut about two micros writing a treaty on alliance affairs, just don’t read it. As for the two signatories of this treaty, great job guys, as an ex micro coowner it’s really great seeing others make their affairs known to the public with evidently explosive success. I don’t think I need to tell you to ignore the dumbasses in the comments who are telling y’all to disband or whatever, but I’ll tell you to stay in there! The world of micros is volatile but you can’t be afraid to have a little fun and take a few risks. Happy to see this stuff on the forums
  6. This is nice to see, happy to see wolfe back in the game
  7. Doing some math here, you guys have 23 raiders and 500 wars over the course of a month. If we do the amount of money you made in that time by the amount of days it took you to make that we get around 40 mil daily, then we take that and divide it among your members and get around 1.7 mil daily from loot from raids as well as whatever taxes y’all have. Really isn’t that crazy high considering the average raider will make just under 50 mil in ur aa monthly
  8. I’m not quite sure how this would work but I like it
  9. Psst @Rebekah Mikaelson Change your Forum name to match your leader name
  10. Alex, please, bring back downvotes, we beg of you.
  11. Si Hong welcomes all Black Knight members who refuse to quit despite their superior's orders.
  12. I find these images incredibly disturbing, can’t believe 1000 people signed up to see this shit
  13. Those who cheat and those who encourage their members to quit deserve no respect imo, their actions are childish and petty, those who honorably disband like GotG should be given upmost respect however and poaching of them is a bit too soon. The poaching of BK and NPO will not stop however, from me at least.
  14. Godspeed, good luck to all GotG members in finding a new home.
  15. Gg, shame this happened because of NPO’s cheatings. Any members of BK who wish to not be sad should join Si Hong
  16. Oh god I guess banning the people that 75% of the playerbase hates and banning inactive nations will kill this game
  17. Alternate title: GOONs throws hissy fit over Their Big Daddies Breaking the Rules and Being Punished for it. Tho honestly the fact that you had this prewritten means you were probably expecting this for a long while. However good luck in all future endeavors.
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