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    >Sheepy when he realizes at least 12 credits have been spent on April Fools
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    FADE IN: EXT. HIGH ATOP THE JUNGLE TREES - MORNING During a sloth givernment meeting, the attendees talk excitedly about the support they received. Their leader stands in the center of a circle of sloths. This is CEL SLOTH. CEL SLOTH: Gee golly, I hope nothing bad happens. A sloth sighs, life experience evident in his ancient, creaking voice. WISE SLOTH is one of few who the givernment holds in high regard. WISE SLOTH: Those who wish for peace should prepare for war. ALL: (Together) Yes, O Wise One. SLEEPING SLOTH: (O.S.) Did y’all hear that? Two energetic but confused sloths pause in their celebrations and turn to face SLEEPING SLOTH, a once-sharp sloth whose mind has been worn down by regular drug use, as she ambles into view. SOVIET SLOTH, COMMUNIST SLOTH: What noise, Sleeping Sloth? BAGEL SLOTH: (O.S.) It is Maia; she requests our assistance. The Tyrant Ripper is oppressing her kind. All of the sloths turn to Cel Sloth in the center, each contributing to a cacophony of slow-talking but angered voices. COMMUNIST SLOTH: We should help Maia. However, Ripper is our friend and has only treated us with kindness. What say the givernment? SOVIET SLOTH: ¡VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN! CEL SLOTH: (Calmly; to Bagel Sloth, O.S.) Let Maia know the Sloth Army will come to her aid. The sloth givernment each nod—some grimly, others enthusiastically, still others nervously—and exit. CUT TO: A few pieces of parchment are clutched tightly in Cel Sloth’s claws as he leads a legion of determined sloths across the dust-strewn galactic battlefield. We ZOOM IN to the parchments. CAMERA PANS DOWN SLOWLY. ZOOM OUT to the marching sloths, noting their weapons of choice. Bagel Sloth carries a butter knife; a pawful of needles for Drug Sloth. Soviet Sloth has casually slung a hammer and sickle over his shoulder. Buzzing Sloth polishes her honey jars as Fox Sloth sharpens his claws. CUT TO: TITLE: LA REVOLUCIÓN BEGINS /s/ Smofftopia Redarmy, Soviet Sloth Smith, Cel Sloth Q, High Sloth Betu, Drug Sloth Zeebrus, Buzzing Sloth Ame, Sleeping Sloth Illen, Fox Sloth Paul, Wise Sloth Bezzers, Bagel Sloth Scout, Communist Sloth Yui, Purple Sloth TL;DR: We give Ripper our 72 minutes’ notice of cancellation and advance notice that Smofftopia will slot Ripper Loyalists upon the passing of those 73 minutes. Hide yo kids Seb
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    we are taking this as an opportunity to cancel our cuck allies and hereby give them the 69 hour notice. this is totally not what it looks like We also announce a new super sekret paperless bloc. Arrgh and Empyrea sign a compulsory hostilities pact pact effective immediately. Article 1: Not sure what that means but we agree Both parties agree to disagree on each decision. Article 2: Cancellation No cancelling of any sort, ever /s/ The !@#$got Royalist /s/ James the cu.nt /s/ ugly blue that's bear /s/ KDragon /s/ boyce the not great
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    What a stupid name for an alliance 2 weeks
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    After I wipe the floor with your face, you will be getting me a new statue. Punk.
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    Zeeb defeating the Smith menace. 2019, colorized
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    God speed little fellas ;-;7
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    I need bleach for my eyes...
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    I was promised good allies, not the likes of @Squeegee 🤦🏻‍♂️ o7
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    At first, I was gonna come here and yell at Ripper for exposing that I'm Vexz's Multi, but after seeing Vexz's reaction to this. I think I'm more afraid of how high Vexz's ego has risen with this announcement.
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    War IS national success. Peace being anything other than preparation for war is stagnation. Not competing means you're not playing a game, you're playing with a toy.
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    Dear Orbis, Some of you may not know me, many of you do. I'm one of the crotchety old-timers who wanders the halls of browser based nation-sims. Now that I have removed myself from the political arena and become that which I once hunted (to near extinction), I have time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I like writing these long diatribes from time to time, even though I doubt many people actually read them. Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. I've often talked about how it's important for the leaders of alliances to take responsibility for the health of this game. There's a symbiotic relationship between the game staff/creators and the big players. I'll avoid talking about Alex, I've done that enough in the past, but often as players we're to afraid to take risks. Considering my current position in the game you might find that sort of statement hypocritical, however I'd say I've done enough to create game content. Two names that come up a lot when talking about major events in the past are Partisan and Prefontaine. Neither of which are around to create those anymore. There are others past and present, yes. But it's hard to rally major events in the current (and the past year or two) political environment. IQ has a strangle hold on the mid tier. TKR-sphere has an strong grasp on the upper tier. When the rest of the game needs to unite to stand a chance at taking out a tier, that's bad. This last war was an attempt to break that up. I want to lift the curtain on some of what was planned, and how it failed. The premise of the war was two fold in the original plans, to take the long running leaders of the game for a loss and to shake up the political world to allow for the creation of new spheres. The first part was a success, but the second was a failure. The original plan was to end IQ post war. Part of IQ was in on this plan. Partisan was going to take Syndicate and ally to NPO. Syndicate was going to keep Rose or House Stark as an ally and drop the rest. NPO was going to keep BC or Polaris as an ally and drop the rest. During this period CoS and TEst were going to give them post war protection for 2 months to avoid their upper tier getting steam rolled while they established a new sphere and allowed the game to shuffle up. The war dragged on, Partisan left, and thus the plan died. Thus BK/NPO stayed tied. NPO and Syndicate have a ton of treaties (protectorates largely, sure, but lets be honest about how protectorates go here). Had the war ended earlier, the plan still might not have worked, but both sides are at fault for the peace talks. Just because this failed, doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying. I understand feeling like there's too much to risk being a large alliance in making big moves, but this is a game. If you try something and lose, at least you played a hand. You're dealt a new hand soon enough. Lots of times moves come from smaller alliances, support those. Take TGH for example. They have active leadership, experienced fighters, seemingly motivated. We need more of that, and we need more of it in alliances that can make large swings. Imagine what would happen to the political landscape if NPO left BK, allied TGH who teamed up with CoS to then hit someone. IQ's core broken up and possibilities arise. Or TKR/Guardian leave tCW and roll them along side TGH. People often get too held up in the mentality of keeping allies for far too long, or only allying friends. Take a risk. Befriend an enemy to accomplish something together. Then when you're done one of you might backstab the other. These sort of moves MAKE the politics here. Looking at the treaty web and knowing how every war is going to play out is boring. One of the big surprise moves of the last war? CoS declaring on Guardian. TKR-sphere believed CoS would fall on their side of the war if at all. tl;dr Your allies don't have to be your friends only. Your foes don't have to be enemies. Hold your leadership to make things happen, or if you're leadership take a chance. We hold onto political grudges too long. Grudges make the game, but like treaties you should keep the same ones for too long. Back to my cave.
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    -- Official Announcement -- From Surprise TM We denounce the Hegemony of Pantysphere. That is all. Signed The Pirates
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    That's Smofftopia baby.
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    Smofftopia supports @Maia. For too long has the tyrant @Ripper try to control us. Just give me a couple of day to get down from this damn tree.
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    He's sitting at 19 cities, 4k infra with 4 cities at 5k. We did approximately 900mil of damage in under 24 hours. If i hadn't accidentally bought 1 extra tank. Their counters would've been poop. As if, they sent people with 180 & 540 planes respectively against Vrael. Note: RedPhx didn't login for 36 hours and we weren't countered for 8 hours. So instead of barely scraping 2 nukes each, we'll actually get 3 off *each. As for him getting nuked, in the past Camelot attempted to roll him under Celestia (where they disbanded and joined Polaris) & Emperya failed to nuke him (Political pressure again). I Implore another team to try after us, with 3 men and 2 nukes each, you can irradiate 600mil of Infra. 300mil is half of that, so a good negotiating point. When we hit 1.3bil of damage dealt, they'll prob realize it was a bad idea to decline.
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    Real talk, there's a picture of me somewhere on the intrawebs where I'm holding a baby sloth.
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    People just need to focus on relative, rather than absolute growth. If your goal is to be #1 and not to have a specific, ever increasing city count, then suddenly war becomes a perfectly valid, and indeed necessary, mechanism of achieving that. Even leaderboard chasers could focus more on beating down people near them in the rankings vs treating everything as a PvE grindfest. Of course, the latter is less risky, especially for entrenched leaders, so it doesn't happen. On another note, somewhere in this thread (can't remember now), it was suggested that betraying your friends for the sake of dynamism is bad and will result in nobody willing to work with you. I agree completely. But fighting people you get along with != betrayal. Nobody is saying you need to string a friend along and stab them in the back (a la tenages plot against Rose) to be dynamic. Having a clean break with people you once allied with, and treating them as new competitors to take down, is not betrayal. The problem is the entrenched idea that you shouldn't 'give up your friends.' I agree, if you consider someone a friend you should be there when they need you. But facing a war in an online browser game isn't them needing you. Competing against one another in said game isn't giving up the friendship. Its not an attitude we see outside nation sims either, else no group could ever play Risk or Monopoly. Hell the first people I attack in any online game are usually the people I know. In the past we used to have a lot of atwar games to kill time outside PW, and without fail the closest friends would be at each others throats within the first few turns. People here seem to have a hard time separating themselves from their in-game personas. We're not nation leaders, the actions taken purely in game are not done by us IRL against others, but by our pieces on the game board. But because there isn't a game client with graphics, we forget that. The biggest hurdle to having a Hyper Dynamic TM environment is the pervasive notion that OOC friends = in-game allies.
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    Tokyo, Japan 1/28/2019, 8:30AM JST In a release coming from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Japan has announced its intent to impose a nation-wide ban on all forms of mustard. Following recent studies concluding that mustard poses significant health risks, the Committee for Food and Standards suggested last week that the Diet issue the ban on mustard. After careful considerations, a bill banning mustard was passed unanimously, successfully ending the risks mustard posed on the nation.
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    You heard it here folks! Avansies Gaming is coming back to Orbis! This time... number 4 I think now..... we won't get overwhelmed with politics and sign all alliances as part of our "paperless bloc". Avansies plans to bring its entire community list or about 3400 players to Orbis! Just by completing the tutorial we'll become the top alliance and still have 14 days before we piss someone off and get rolled (Thanks beige timer). Avansies accepts all who wish to merge into us. Thanks.
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    I miss the old Guilo, straight from the go Guilo, The dank troll Guilo, gettin rolled Guilo, I hate the new Guilo, the April Fools Guilo, The uncool Guilo, still a spaz in the forums Guilo, I miss the Young Guilo, the heckin hung Guilo, I gotta say, at the time I'd like to meet Guilo, See, you invented Guilo, it wasn't any Guilos, and now I look and look around and there's so many Guilos, I used to love Guilo, I used to love Guilo, I even shared the God Emperor memes, I thought I was Guilo, What if Guilo made a song about Guilo Called it "we're restarting Avansies" man, that'd be so Guilo, That's all it was Guilo, we still love Guilo, And I love you like Guilo loves Guilo
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    Smith was such a garbage sloth that sometimes he was a pigeon, or something. "Let me check my calendar for today's events" he said to whoever cared, which was no one. "Ahh! Be a piece of trash. Way ahead of you, calendar." But in the Bee kingdom, there were other plans.
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    That feeling when you get couped with Smith.
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    Shhhhh, nobody is suppose to know that
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    Time to cancel everything.
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    I see what you did there.
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    coups Smoth and goes into VM Now we are.
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    can confirm, we're definitely Pantheon
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    Is there an elite dangerous following in P&W?
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    Take your time, Red! Thank you @CuppyCakeYums for supporting us with munitions in this difficult time for us. We still need food, medicaments and more guns. Viva La Revolucion!
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    Abbas' avatar is a perfect fit for this theme.
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    It is live. Click VIEW on your nation.
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    I'm waiting for the day when Fraggle will start nuking everyone
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    I have faith in Sean that he will make this alliance a successful one. All great alliances disband.
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    This may have been said or implied elsewhere, but there are a lot of missed opportunities—specifically, regarding allyship and grudges—due to a basic lack of communication, which then gives way to a lack of trust. There have been several instances where allied govs go into peace talks with the opposition and find out their opposition are more reasonable or more appealing to work with in the future than their current allies (or their ally’s ally). Lots of pillow talk and plans for a future can be made after a bed is made and the dust is settled. Wars can turn allies into enemies and vice versa, but not being honest and trustworthy will forever be a primary hurdle. Too much backstabbing and lying makes everything infinitely more difficult than it should be.
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    I swear, some people just don't know when to stop...
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    This is a change that doesn't make any difference for old player. Maybe new ones will be more likely to join with better graphics of the game. I would like to see updates from time to time which make game more dynamic. Maybe some events? I don't think whole problem about lack of dynamism of this game it's up to players... Alex should implement something which make us fight more often because of goal to achieve. Maybe some temprorary booster to get? Or maybe implement map to conquer? Anything which have real reason to fight rather than oh we bored we need fight(or oh we are not dynamic enough let's fight or just Pre will be angry at us if we won't fight). Not to say that it's only from alliances perspective because from a nation perspective it's even worse. Maybe small nations are ok but I have 20? cities and there is nothing to do except building new cities in peace time... maybe implement some tech tree or sth. Sorry for grammar mistakes.
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    I made a post for a poll, and a redeclaration because we're a completely different set of members than the original. Two posts aren't spam.
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    We've been created for a month now.
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    Good Evening, Morning, or whenever you are reading this! I am here to announce that the alliance Boeing! We are an alliance that helps our members grow and prosper their own way at their own speed. We look after and protect our own. Our government is fair and equal, and every member has a voice. Unlike most alliances, we don’t just want you for the taxes and manpower we value you as a member of the community. I get that I have been couped several times in the past however over the entire month of February an alliance like Afrika Korps has helped me learn how to lead an alliance the right way. So far our main focus is Internal Affairs & Econ. Not Foreign Affairs or making treaties with micros which don't go anywhere. I have waited to announce this to see if I'd fail by now but so far I haven't. Usually, I would have by now but so far we are a month in and doing great! A few bumps in the road but that's all apart of Alliance Creation! If you think I am going to fail or even get couped, go gamble on that but don't be surprised when you lose all of your money. If you want to make fun of this go right ahead I don't mind cause this is the First Alliance that will be doing the best. Our Government is listed Below! CEO - Manfred Richthofen CFO- Naruu Vice President of Human Resources = El Chapo Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations = Parsa President of Boeing International = DemonReaper Vice President of Boeing Global Services = Jim Vice President of Enterprise Performance & Strategy = Suckmaplonker If you have any serious questions please type them below and I will respond to them. WE ARE PROTECTED BY AFRIKA KORPS + UNITED PURPLE NATIONS (we don't do NaPs nor PIAT's) Thank You Orbis! You are all amazing!
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