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    A Valid CB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preamble We, the Undersigned, henceforth known as Chaos (Bloc), declare our intent to cooperate together in our mission to bring chaos to Orbis. Our ultimate purpose is to make the game fun for our members and to keep things interesting here in Orbis. We aim to be a bloc that does not strive for complete dominance in the game in any sense (tier-wise, economically, militarily, politically, etc.). Ultimate cultural victory is excluded from this rule. We are open to working with different groups and helping out others looking to bring a little extra excitement into Orbis. If you are looking for partners in a war, trying to shake things up yourself, or want to 1v1 one of us, feel free to contact us. Article I: The Actual Treaty All members come together as friends and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Members agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a fellow member alliance is defending, except in cases where the member alliance declines help, in which case they are kindly requested to stay the #%$& out. This aid includes, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, moral and lumbar support. Article II: The Lunatics The Lunatics is a council consisting of the leader and one senior representative from each member alliance. Their responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of Chaos. Article III: Membership Joining the bloc is invitation only and as such, petitions to join will not be considered. Any alliance invited to join must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from The Lunatics. If the invited alliance accepts, they may not have outside ties other than one protectorate/MDP partner who is also not connected to the treaty web. Any additional outside treaties will be at the discretion of The Lunatics. Should a member alliance wish to temporarily “exit” the bloc for the purpose of things like 1v1 fights, they may do so. Should any member alliance wish to permanently withdraw from the bloc, they may do so at any time with 72 hours notice to The Lunatics. /s/ The Lunatics Ripper (CoS), Vexz’s Puppet Spaceman Thrax (CoS), God’s Detergent Adrienne (SK), Vexz’s Multi Schirminator (SK), Faceless Econ Guy Charlie Traveler (Soup), Mr. Clean Kevanovia (Soup), Soggy Pantaloons Squeegee (TKR), Sad Meat Clover (TKR), Everything Ruiner Opening Initiatives: Making an effort to assist former Nerdsphere alliances against unsporting attacks from political detractors for one month while they sculpt their pectoral topiary Figuring out why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch Couping Niz before she is able to organize an effective resistance Commencing Operation “Greg's Metropolis” and “The Mexican-Canadian Truce” whilst doing a Great Job!
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    From the gutter we have gathered. Our call reached out across the realms. Through outer space, many kingdoms, and knightly orders, we have traveled the world and tasted all it has to offer. A ragtag band of Hobos on a secondhand train looking for a place to call their home. We made camp one night, weary from the day's travels. A blaze was struck, bowls emerged from bindles, and I started to whip up a favorite soup. As I looked out across the happy faces of the Hobos around me, each of them chatting and laughing with their fellow travelers, my eyes locked with Kev's. In the flicker of the fire, we shared a look that confirmed an immutable truth - we were looking for a place to call our home, but we had been building one the whole time. Soup is Hot on Spotify - J Kell on YouTube - Soup is a place of community and creativity. We have gathered together some truly amazing, like-minded people. Our members run banks, make art, produce music, operate news sources. They are funny, smart, and fun to be around. Some are quiet, some are outgoing, and every one of them brings something unique and exciting to our community. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with and I am honored that they have chosen to come on this journey as we carve out our little piece of Orbis. Soup Discord! - Soup Kitchen Also, it is my pleasure to introduce the latest twist in the treaty web: The Trojan Ultra Thicc 3-pack For that extra inch... of protection. The Trojan Ultra Thicc 3-pack boasts three unique flavors. Grape Kool-Aid, Seventh Heaven Surprise, and Radiant Orange. Three cheers for the Ladle and Spoon! Charlie Traveler
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    We fight for freedom and for better tomorrow! Thank you for all of you supporting us with fighting with Ripper's tyranny! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4149 Support us! Send money, guns, munitions, food especially soups! Anything to crush our enemy! https://politicsandwar.com//alliance/id=5424 Time to end Ripper's tyranny! First we will take down all monuments! Then we will go to burn Ripper's palace! Viva La Revolucion!
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    Since time immemorial there has been one symbol of hope. A symbol of intelligence. A symbol of sex appeal. A symbol of modesty. The Sloth. But in recent times, their power has faded. While once the destroyers of worlds, they are now seen as cuddly pets who typically die while defecating. It is time for that to change. Smith, a sloth with a scowling, withered leather mask of a face, testily complained to another sloth as the pair lounged beneath a verdant canopy. “What do we do about this one?” asked the grumpy mammal. He was gesturing towards a dopey looking sloth named Ameyuri. “She can’t even climb a tree. A sloth that can’t climb trees! We’ll be the laughing stock of the world!” His partner remained silent, giving his friend time to ramble on. “My ancestors conquered nations, brought empires to their knees. This one can’t even climb a tree!” he raged. “You know Ameyuri has a drug problem,” his partner Redarmy replied, winking. “But I agree, the Sloths are not what they once were. Perhaps it is time to change that. Perhaps it is time to collectivize the sloth.” With this mission in mind the two Sloths set off to unite their kind. They travelled to the land of Baked Goods where they recruited the Cat Stealing Cupcake Sloth. To the sticky land of Bondage where they untangled the Shark and Cube Sloths. Even to the orest where they recruited the paper-eating fox sloths. Soon they were a full-fledged legion. Redarmy hung from a branch to address his newly formed army: “Comrades, it is natural for those to fear what they do not understand. To lash out at the unknown and seek to destroy it. Many will see our furry faces and wish us harm. But we will overcome!” https://discord.gg/YBcUTMU join us
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    Redarmy and Smith knew that there were many who would seek to hurt the newly formed Sloth Empire in their weakened state. So they approached just a couple of groups that they could work with. There was a young woman called Yui living in a land of purple flowers with her human friends and also many animals. She was always keeping an eye out for more animals she could make friends with and invite to visit her home. She had heard that a community of sloths was developing in a nearby place and she thought that their group would be a perfect partnership for her and her companions. She knew that her trusted right hand lady, Ellie the Elephant would be the one to deliver the message to the sloths. She sent Ellie on her way with some homemade cookies for the community and a message asking if they'd like to visit one day and that she'd always be happy to help and would very much like to befriend the group. Ellie arrived at the sloth's home time some time later. At first, they were a bit surprised to see a purple Ellie in their home but after a few minutes, they gave her food and drink and wrote a message back to Yui to say they'd very much like to be friends. And so, a lifelong friendship between Purple Flower Garden and Sloth Empire was born. As the old wise sloth Paul sulked through the rose fields of the empire, he thought about home, where all his sloth friends are. He told his friend and colleague Mhearl he longed for his rightful home in the Sloth Empire. Mhearl, with a look of concern for his dear old friend pleaded with him not to leave, emphasizing that there was a ton of work to do. Paul stood his ground, for he knew it was time. The Sloth Empire beckoned to him. Mhearl admitted defeat, but insisted on offering safe passage to his wise sloth friend. Paul gladly accepted on behalf of his new sloth overlords. Buorhann the Hungry Hippo, Conqueror of Central Asia, was swimming through his mud pool when his hippo snout caught a whiff of strangers on the horizon. Knowing not if they were friends or enemies, he sent his trusted right hand kangaroo Sketchy to scout out the new arrivals. Sketchy sighted the waving flag of the sloth army, and bounded back towards his hippo master to tell him all about their proudly-borne ensign—a sloth farting on a background as green as the forest. Buorhann was curious. He rose out of the mud baths, shaking his green hide to rid himself of the grime, before slowly stomping over to meet the sloths. Their leaders, Redarmy and Smith, met him and his unbearable scent head-on. “We come with a proposal,” the sloths declared. “We want your help, and in exchange you would get all the glory and burn all the pixels you’d ever want.” Buorhann flinched at the last line, ready to correct them and assert his true pixelhugging nature, but Sketchy the ever-ambitious, truth-peddling kangaroo silenced him just in time and shook on the deal. With that, the sloths and the Mongol horde allied together. On Westeros, King Squeegee sat on his throne of leaks as a sloth walked in. “My good king Squeegee, I present a request from Redarmy and Smith of the Slothen Empire for a formal alliance.” Squeegee good-naturedly accepted, with one request. “On the condition that my good friend the cat-stealer, who seems to be traveling with you, be given Smith’s cat.” The sloth squeaked, but seeing as Squeegee’s kingdoms would be a reliable and leak-free friendship, eventually approved of it. In this way, the varied species of the mythical land of Westeros joined the sloths in exchange for the selling out of Smith’s cat to Cuppy. The sloths visited the black hole of memes next, known as Oblivion to the outside world. They knocked on Park’s door first, requesting an audience. After a very curt “frick off, ye wankers,” they made their way to Ockey. The sloth diplomats asked Ockey if he would allow his black hole to assist in their world-changing adventures. He stared at them for a moment, before grumbling out a “sure, now go away before I roll you” and shutting the door. The sloths were confused, but having succeeded in their goal of recruiting the laser-powered cats to their cause, went along their merry way. Smith shivered as he climbed up Mount Olympus. It was unbearably cold, and he was used to the tropical, humid forests of his homeland. Luckily, a dinosaur waddled down the massive mountain to meet him halfway. “RAWR! WHO GOES THERE?” she held up a tiny claw and stared at the frostbitten sloth. Smith straggled forward. “I-- i want,” he breathed in deeply. “I want to ally my sloths to your gods,” he sneezed. The dinosaur squinted at him. “Hrmph,” she scoffed, “only if you promise you won’t coup us, rob our bank, delete our Discord channels, brainwash our government members, weasel in Syndicate spies--” Smith rolled his eyes (as much as he could, given their frozen state) and cut her off, agreeing to not do anything to Pantheon of malicious intent. Ripper, the Space-faring Admiral, watched all of these happenings from outer space as he chugged jug after jug of red kool-aid. As he slammed the last jug down onto his desk, his fellow Man in Space Thrax walked in. “Have you been watching these sloths on the ground? They seem pretty legitimate,” he mused to the former pirate. “Yes, Uncle Thrax. I so very much concur with your impression of these peculiar animals,” replied Ripper in his formal manner. “Open a line of communication with these sloths. I wish to assist them.” So Ripper and Thrax beamed themselves down to Earth, meeting up with Redarmy to secure their mammal-to-alien friendship. Smith had the good luck to be married to the most powerful woman in Orbis, the Radiant Queen of TKR, Adrienne. Adrienne on the other hand, had the very poor luck of being married to Smith. “Adrienne will you please protect my sloth alliance?” Smith pleaded. “Is this another dumb joke Smith?” Adrienne asked. “I swear it’s not. This is definitely a real thing,” Smith replied. “What day are you guys declaring?” she asked. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lets maybe go over that later. So what do you say?” Smith meekly answered. “Okay, I will but, swear to god if this is another stupid joke…” And with that Smith secured TKR’s protection. ◄♦► With their new allies, the Sloths set out to change the world.
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    Auctor shot up in bed, his NPO sheets drenched in sweat. Something was off with PnW today. Somebody was having fun. "Not on my watch," Auctor said.
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    My magnum opus! And I won't even get to harvest the rep ? Time to make up for it in the comments.... Everybody: SK will never be back in the top 5 Me:
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    oh gosh oh no how did one of us end up in a soup can oh godd oh fugggg shiit @Smith @CuppyCakeYums @Redarmy plz help
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    Huh. Apparently you CAN build an alliance around the void where charisma is supposed to go.
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    I don't know what's happening, BUT I do know that I've had quality sloth gifs waiting years for an opportunity to see the light.
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    A P&W comic by Ripper? This bloc was already worth it.
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    Cheers? Oh, here's another one. Ok, this is a abomination that I found. Our Protector status is annulled. This cannot happen (It's literally titled Hippo Sloth lady)
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    Friends , Rodents, Quadrupeds! Lend me your rears! THE FOXUNIST REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! There comes a time where one must step up to the mantle of leadership and in these troubling times I have decided to overthrow that pretender to the throne, Pooball, and assume my rightful place as King of the Furries. You may be wondering why now of all times? Nova Riata is a successful Alliance that has shown alot of promise and major growth under the leadership of Pooball. He saw the alliance to the top 25, bringing it back from the brink of a global conflict that nearly destroyed us. Well, let me be the first to tell you that Pooball was simply not furry enough to assume the duties of leadership. Nova Riata must be represented by a true furry if we are to continue our growth and prosperity. True Foxunism is the only way we can achieve greatness and that, my friends, begins today! I am proud to announce our new Foxunist Manifesto! Uriah the Fox, First of his name, King of the Furries and the First Foxes, Overking of Nova Riata and Protector of the Realm
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    As the true leader of CoS and TKR (erm... SK), I approve.
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    It was a dark night in the frigid North. The clouds from the coming storm blocked any moonlight from seeping in through the window and in the distance, thunder swelled. Squeegee laid in bed, huddled up under his multitude of fur blankets, as the wind howled outside. There was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder and Squeegee woke with a start. He looked around his room, convinced he heard something moving in the shadows. Panicked, his gaze shot around the thick cut stone room. Was someone there or was it just a figment of his imagination? Another flash of lightning lit the room up once again, illuminating a figure standing at the edge of his bed. Squeegee froze. In front of him stood the Lost Wit, a former King’s Wit everyone assumed dead after she disappeared during a journey for self-discovery. A faint glow seemed to emanate from her. Squeegee reached for his sword, alarmed at the sudden intrusion. “Put your sword away,” Wit chastised. “I have not come to trifle with foolish behaviors.” She strode towards the window. As Squeegee rose to his feet to follow her, his head buzzed with questions. “Why have you returned now, Wit?” Squeegee asked, finally settling on one as he drew level with her. “Time is short and there is something you must see if the impending disaster is to be averted. You alone have the opportunity to prevent the destruction of all you can see. The true desolation is coming; Chaos awaits for its rebirth into this world,” Wit replied, her tone solemn. “Where is it that you require me to go?” Squeegee said, skeptical. “Oh, not far,” Wit said with a smirk. “In fact, you’re right where you need to be.” A deafening clap of thunder shook the castle and piercing light burned through the window. Squeegee watched as the stone roof peeled off into a thousand pieces before drifting upwards out of sight and the walls fell away to the side, to be slowly absorbed into a white sea of nothingness. As the North faded away, another scene soon took its place and Squeegee found himself in a field, alone. Wit was nowhere to be found. Squeegee could see the lights of a small village ahead, no more than a dozen houses all tightly packed together, smoke rising from their chimneys. Realizing this may be his best chance to figure out where he was, Squeegee set off towards civilization. He effortlessly jogged across the rolling fields and quickly found himself nearing the outskirts of the village. From here the plan was simple: establish his location, find out what had happened, and get something to eat. Once he reached the entrance to the village, Squeegee paused and looked around. He noticed one of the houses was noticeably larger than the rest and therefore appeared to be the most logical choice to knock at. Approaching the door, he reached out slowly and knocked softly, as the hour was late and he didn’t want to anger the inhabitants. After a few tantalising seconds, the door opened to reveal a man dressed in a rough shirt with muddied trousers and heavy boots. “Welcome, traveller, what can we do for you tonight?” he inquired. “I was hoping you might be able to tell me where I am. You see, I rather abruptly ended up here and I’m not exactly sure where ‘here’ is,” Squeegee explained sheepishly. “Well, you’re in the village of Cosham presently, about a week’s travel from the King’s castle in the North,” the villager said. “Why don’t you come inside and sit with us? The soup is hot and there’s plenty to go around.” “Sure…” Squeegee said, trailing off as a guttural, feral noise began emanating from outside the village. He took a step back to see where the sound was coming from. Down the street, huge seventeen foot tall monsters were streaming into the village. They were massive, round, furry creatures with huge front teeth. Squeegee watched as one of them reached down and devoured someone clean off the street. Villagers gathered with swords and spears and torches to try and fend them off but nothing seemed able to penetrate their skin. “Roqbots,” the man whispered. Squeegee looked at him. “Do you get them a lot here?” “More often than I’d like,” he replied. The villager gestured to a gap between two houses across the road and signaled that Squeegee should follow immediately. As they waited for a break in the droves of Roqbots streaming into the village before making their dash to cover the villager reached gingerly into his pocket and produced a small pouch. “Take this, I have a feeling that when the time comes you will be able to make better use of them than I,” the villager whispered as he handed the pouch over. Inside the pouch lay a handful of the largest gemstones Squeegee had ever seen, illuminated with a glow akin to pure moonlight. Looking at the gemstones further, Squeegee recalled the tales that the Lost Wit had told him about soldiers who could fly and conjure weapons from air. Just tales, he had told himself. The gap they had been waiting for presented itself, a quick glance between them confirmed that this was their one opportunity. They bolted from their hiding place, keeping low to avoid being spotted. Just as they reached the gap, a feral cry came from behind them. A Roqbot vaulted over the house and began to close in on them. Its shadow cut a truly imposing shape against the light of the houses and the moon. Forced into a corner with no way to escape, Squeegee stepped forwards, shoving the villager behind him in a futile attempt to protect him. The Roqbot lurched forwards, its claws slicing effortlessly through Squeegee’s left arm, nearly severing it from his body. With no other options remaining, Squeegee resolved to charge the beast in the hopes that the villager who had been so kind to him might have time to escape. As he charged, his body felt weightless. Puzzled, Squeegee glanced down at his hands and feet to see a glow emanating from them. Similarly, the wound on his arm had begun to heal at a remarkable rate. ‘Could it be that the tales of stormlight were actually true?’ he pondered as he pressed forward with renewed vigor. Instinctively, he threw his body into the creature with a motion and force he could never have dreamed of. The Roqbot recoiled, giving him time to once again throw his body into its chest. With a deafening crunch, his shoulder slammed into the creature, crushing its bones. The creature fell, its lifeless corpse laying at his feet, twitching as its blood drained into the ground around him. The village scene slowly melted away and Squeegee found himself in his room once again, hands still glowing faintly. He looked up to see Wit standing there again. “Well?” she asked, expectant. Squeegee looked down at his still glowing hands and replied, “I can see they were more than just stories after all.” Tl;dr Squeegee has been Stormlightened and pledges his life to following the ideals of Knights Radiant. As such, Seven Kingdoms will be known as The Knights Radiant from here on out and all copies of G.R.R. novels have been lost in a mysterious wildfire explosion.
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    >Sheepy when he realizes at least 12 credits have been spent on April Fools
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    Because nothing says dynamic like 3 year old grudges amirite lol
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    Looking at a potential lawsuit here, music used without my permission. When Charlie approached me he claimed it would be for something cool. Contract was never signed, I'll see you in court.
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    We're allying SK? I wasn't told of this!
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    I have no idea who any of these people are.
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    那些吃白菜的人必须得到最严厉的惩罚,因为所有吃鸡蛋的人都是优越的。 "Those people who eat cabbage must be punished in the hardest way. Because those people who eat eggs are superior." :/ what am I reading
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    Beetopia, home of the legendary Queen Bee Zeebrus and all her worker bees, have looked upon Pantheon gathering the entire game for their evil cause. We have watched as they fool the entire game into worshiping their puny gods. Pantheon has apparently forgotten about a far superior race, one with the power to destroy the gods and the poor leaders of Orbis trapped under their spell. Beetopia cannot let this stand. Earlier today, the mighty Council of Bees made their decision: Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz. BUZZ! Our stingers are ready for what comes next. We hope the so-called 'gods' are too. Beetopia hereby declares war on... Pantheon Arrgh Afrika Korps Acadia Valinor SCP Foundation Egyptian Empire Order of the White Rose Dark Brotherhood Cumalot Yakuza World Task Force United Socialist Nations Brotherhood of the Clouds Empyrea Frontier Records The Syndicate Nova Riata The Commonwealth Raeiska Orange Defense Network Black Knights New Pacific Order Seven Kingdoms The United Empire of ZahAharon Electric Space Reichspakt Code of Honor Typhon The Federation The Hanseatic League Knights of Malta Yarr Oh, and Soup Kitchen because bees don't like soup. tl;dr: Bzzzz
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    FADE IN: EXT. HIGH ATOP THE JUNGLE TREES - MORNING During a sloth givernment meeting, the attendees talk excitedly about the support they received. Their leader stands in the center of a circle of sloths. This is CEL SLOTH. CEL SLOTH: Gee golly, I hope nothing bad happens. A sloth sighs, life experience evident in his ancient, creaking voice. WISE SLOTH is one of few who the givernment holds in high regard. WISE SLOTH: Those who wish for peace should prepare for war. ALL: (Together) Yes, O Wise One. SLEEPING SLOTH: (O.S.) Did y’all hear that? Two energetic but confused sloths pause in their celebrations and turn to face SLEEPING SLOTH, a once-sharp sloth whose mind has been worn down by regular drug use, as she ambles into view. SOVIET SLOTH, COMMUNIST SLOTH: What noise, Sleeping Sloth? BAGEL SLOTH: (O.S.) It is Maia; she requests our assistance. The Tyrant Ripper is oppressing her kind. All of the sloths turn to Cel Sloth in the center, each contributing to a cacophony of slow-talking but angered voices. COMMUNIST SLOTH: We should help Maia. However, Ripper is our friend and has only treated us with kindness. What say the givernment? SOVIET SLOTH: ¡VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN! CEL SLOTH: (Calmly; to Bagel Sloth, O.S.) Let Maia know the Sloth Army will come to her aid. The sloth givernment each nod—some grimly, others enthusiastically, still others nervously—and exit. CUT TO: A few pieces of parchment are clutched tightly in Cel Sloth’s claws as he leads a legion of determined sloths across the dust-strewn galactic battlefield. We ZOOM IN to the parchments. CAMERA PANS DOWN SLOWLY. ZOOM OUT to the marching sloths, noting their weapons of choice. Bagel Sloth carries a butter knife; a pawful of needles for Drug Sloth. Soviet Sloth has casually slung a hammer and sickle over his shoulder. Buzzing Sloth polishes her honey jars as Fox Sloth sharpens his claws. CUT TO: TITLE: LA REVOLUCIÓN BEGINS /s/ Smofftopia Redarmy, Soviet Sloth Smith, Cel Sloth Q, High Sloth Betu, Drug Sloth Zeebrus, Buzzing Sloth Ame, Sleeping Sloth Illen, Fox Sloth Paul, Wise Sloth Bezzers, Bagel Sloth Scout, Communist Sloth Yui, Purple Sloth TL;DR: We give Ripper our 72 minutes’ notice of cancellation and advance notice that Smofftopia will slot Ripper Loyalists upon the passing of those 73 minutes. Hide yo kids Seb
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    we are taking this as an opportunity to cancel our cuck allies and hereby give them the 69 hour notice. this is totally not what it looks like We also announce a new super sekret paperless bloc. Arrgh and Empyrea sign a compulsory hostilities pact pact effective immediately. Article 1: Not sure what that means but we agree Both parties agree to disagree on each decision. Article 2: Cancellation No cancelling of any sort, ever /s/ The !@#$got Royalist /s/ James the cu.nt /s/ ugly blue that's bear /s/ KDragon /s/ boyce the not great
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    Previously on SNN Shifty had remembered his past lives as an Immortal and reforged his connection to the Ayy lmaos. With their aid, Shifty had managed to reform his lost kingdom of Hyperborea. Shifty had re-established Hyperborea for 100 days in his Hyperborean Micro Dyson Sphere realm. It had been 100 days exactly since the end of the Winter Solstice and 1200 turns in mortal time. Hyperborea's original mission had been to find the missing spirit children of Shifty which were the universe's manifestation of Shifty's powerful mind and essence. The 30 spirit children were powerful clones and capable of ruling over lesser men as kings, judges, prophets, and spiritual masters. Shifty had found and recruited many to his cause, but after his 100 days, he found only 12 remained of those he had recruited. Perhaps the mission to bring light to the dying world of Orbis was failing? Perhaps Shifty was not the ruler that this Dark Age needed to restore the light.... The voice which had echoed in Shifty's mind once again spoke: "Shifty, you at one with all living things. Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know. You have power beyond imagination. Use it well my friend." Shifty remembered this and wondered, why he was the chosen one. The prosperity Hyperborea was above expectations, but his spirit children were not the living weapons of righteousness just yet, in fact they were falling prey to the ruinous powers of the Dark Age that Orbis is in and losing their will to serve the light. Shifty figured that perhaps the legion of 30 led by himself was not a prophecy, but rather the haunted and desperate prayers of a people long gone. Shifty's Hyperborea would now seek to become a legion of the last ardent defenders of sanctity and slayers of the foul and profane. He must no longer be just an isolated realm of ancient space brothers and holy men, but one of legionnaires and saints. Hyperborea would become.... The White Knights of Hyperborea, the envoys of the beginning and end, a force to stand against the darkest powers when the light was gone. Thus Shifty embarked on his new quest, to have his White Knights coalesce with his extraterrestrial allies and be the White to the Black in a world without duality. tl:dr Hyperborea is now known as the White Knights of Hyperborea as part of our 100 day-anniversary edition HD re-DoE with updated graphics and new DLC.
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    The time is now, brothers and sisters, join me in taking up arms to stop this tyrant once and for all! @Schirminator you're next. May ChAoS be brought unto this world and long may it ensue. o7 CoS o7 SK o7 Soup o7 TKR
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    I refuse to like this since Ripper refused to like Smith's and I magnum opus.
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    What a stupid name for an alliance 2 weeks
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    sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth gang sloth
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    I've traded my gardening gloves for a chef's hat and apron! Let's get this soup!
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    The Golden Horde is herby protecting T$ Article 1 we will protect T$ from any mean statements. This means any name calling, jokes, bullying. Article 2 We Promise to protect T$ from anyone that makes fun of their looks. This means if anyone says anything about their looks we will respond to how we see fit. Article 3 We Promise to protect T$ from any rude gestures. This includes looking at them weird, stank face, any and all other forms of rude gestures Signed By The Golden Horde The Great Khan: Buorhann The Beklare-Bek: Sketchy Khan of War: Shiho Nishizumi Khan of Finance: Sketchy Khan of Diplomacy: Hodor Khan of Discipline: Partisan T$ Chief Operations Officer (IA): Leopold von Habsburg Chief Financial & Security Officer (Econ & MilCom): Timmy Strategic Planning (FA): Hilmes
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    @Dynamic in the kitchen
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    Imagine this is a gif
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    The Soup Is Hot. Blessed Be The Bayleaf.
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