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  1. Mitsuru

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    Considering that your alliance and NPO have for years tried to shit on us saying that we were having all the secret treaties, I would say yes, you do. At least if you don't want to be a huge hypocrit.
  2. Mitsuru

    Rule change on Hiding Banks

    It's factually incorrect that this mechanic is useless. Looting is in fact a motivation for many people to war in the first place. You can't take a complaint serious in which someone compares the beige awarded to a nation through the incompetence of opponents (by removing resistance to 0 instead of letting the war expire) to beige that is given to a new nation which is totally out of the hands of opposing nations. It is completely beyond me how someone is seriously making this argument. And you shouldn't remove bank looting because it's too bothersome for you to moderate rule breakings or because you don't want to deal with the ludicrous argument the original poster is trying to make.
  3. Mitsuru

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Dw. I wasn't defending their performance. I was merely comparing number of wars. ^^
  4. Mitsuru

    Let the trolling commence.....

    I mean yeah.. two days after the war started that was true. At the end of the war, they had 50 offensive wars declared. Similar to Acadia with 53, UPN with 52, Polaris with 47, OWR with 54, The Syndicate with 55 or TUE with 30 (actually that one is not similar). And these alliances are - except for t$ - all still in.
  5. Mitsuru

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    I think it's a hard pass for me on tactical advice from Sphinx.
  6. Mitsuru

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Eh... yes of course that tactic is going to work. Doesn't mean that it's not a pathetic move on his part. Especially because two of the people he hit are in The Coal Mines which is an alliance protected by Electric Space with which The Commonwealth has an MDP. Is Sphinx going to hit his allies' protectorates to get himself some beige? That's pretty low, sorry.
  7. Mitsuru

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    >Wanting to restore the military reputation of The Commonwealth >Hitting micros not involved in the war to farm beige
  8. Mitsuru

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Literally nobody from TKR said anything of this kind in this thread. Maybe you're referring to something outside of this thread? I don't know but it just looks like your hate boner for TKR is showing.
  9. Mitsuru

    We are here for the Whales

    Have you recently had the chance to check who's running your alliance?
  10. Mitsuru


    Oh you're talking about me deleting my DM history with Dio - with whom I've never even talked one word about NPO or attacks on NPO or anything of that sort - after I told him to frick off for trying to get Blink banned? Yeah it adds to the layer of dishonesty for you to try to imply that there was anything of relevance to you or your alliance in there. Especially because Dio is quite aware how secretive TKR's high gov is towards their low gov to prevent leaks. I deleted my DMs with Dio because I have told Dio a lot of very private stuff over the last year or so and I felt uncomfortable him still having access to that. I am sure you will understand how uncomfortable it would be to have old stuff being dug up.
  11. Mitsuru


    "they derived the impression she was upset" sounds like exactly what I talked about. You didn't like her tone. And you pointed at her tone in this thread before as well. You can now argue that you didn't argue this before but you did. You said quite literally "Well maybe your tone in that conversation conveyed something else since it was a similar impression that was corraborated by someone else who talked with you and it's very different from what you're saying." in reply to Adrienne telling you that she had told Marina that she believed the split to be real (see below). And it has been repeatedly pointed out that nobody in Chaos actually wanted to hit you. But now you suddenly have a second conversation "where the whole plan was more or less planned" (??? The plan was more or less planned ???). Something you don't want to actually back up by showing logs. What you're trying to interpret into the logs between Sphinx and Adrienne is quite ridiculous to be honest. Again: It's about IQ and people had believed that IQ had broken up. I know you all like to act like Adrienne actually had such awful intentions but when we dropped TCW, we said we'd protect them one month and OBVIOUSLY she would then ask him how things are and what he's persuing (including when she talked with him about Rose). And obviously they would continue to be in talks about how - despite wanting to split - one might have to cooperate in the future because of IQ. Things she would not have said if IQ had already split at that point. And things she wouldn't have repeated after IQ had split. I fail to see how that was "not straight". Also I know that Sphinx holds a grudge about us dropping them. He's told me often enough how he thought that was a mistake. It's TCW's own fault though that our government was able to get the Chaos bloc and therefore the dropping of TCW through so easily through with our membership because of how awful TCW did during Knightfall. I mean they literally decided not to do anything in their alliance to not waste their resources. I wasn't even back in gov when the bloc was announced and I remember how people were sad about dropping TCW but ultimately everyone was like "Yeah but seriously. With what they did in Knightfall, might not be for the worst". Unfortunately though, Sphinx is just as dishonest as some of your folk are because while he was constantly talking to people like me about how he still defends TKR in front of his allies, he planned a complete dogpile against our bloc. And then he had nothing better to do than to abuse our trust and leak stuff unrelated to you (because AGAIN: IQ wasn't supposed to exist anymore) in order to get you to bail them out in this war. So yeah.. he's the one who got spurned. ;D Okay I just want to emphasize this point so that you FINALLY understand this: If you want to keep insisting how you allegedly have logs and people saying things without providing them, then you don't get to complain about being called out as a liar. And you also don't get to say that you "engaged in good faith". Because that is clearly not true by all means. Surely you will understand this yourself. And don't tell me anything about "suspicious". Your government was here out and loud claiming that we were making it all up. Your government is your government and people will treat things they say - here or discord or elsewhere - differently than what your regular members might say. You also don't get to say it's just trolling or whatever. Auctor, Keshav (your 2IC according to your page) have been beating this dead horse of a conspiracy long enough. You might not have said it yourself (Idk tbh. Maybe you did. Maybe you didn't. I actually don't read everything on the OWF in every thread) but you also don't get to act like your government's words on here have no weight. Not to mention that IQ was plenty busy with arguing hegemony and chokehold for years against us before you decided to do this move. The reaction of your partner from The Syndicate (https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/25718-we-are-here-for-the-whales/&page=37&tab=comments#comment-410226) or the screenshot ghosting around of Frawley basically saying "Meh, you hate us all anyway so might as well revive IQ" further illustrates the NPO dishonesty. I'm not going to attribute Leo's paranoid "Chaos bloc is just TKR + TCW in secret treaties + new allies" before he then went on to sign TCW himself to you or NPO but the paranoia is really deeply rooted in both of your alliances.
  12. Mitsuru


    Are you trying to though? Because it has been pointed out to you numerous times by now but it can be repeated again: NPO has presetend a CB (basically two CBs) that are lacking a lot. One based on people apparently not hitting the right tone for you to not be freaked out based on what I read on the past three pages. Which is a worse CB than anything else I've ever seen here. The other one being logs about people making theoretical assumptions about what might possibly could happen in the future if IQ were not to disband. IQ is supposed to have disbanded though so these logs shouldn't even bother you anymore because they're not related to you anymore. People believed BK and NPO had split after all. Furthermore, a lot of your government members continously speak about further logs that they are not willing to present though from a source that is "100% legit" because it's not somebody who'd try to make something up about TKR. And on TOP of that we also constantly get people like Keshav who claim there have been private messages that have been deleted now that totally showed that people wanted to hit NPO. And then we don't want to forget the ridiculous conspiracy theory pushed by people like Auctor that our war against KETOG was a fake one. If Adrienne had faked a war with an opponent a lot of people from us have rather negative feelings towards to (for the reasons we all already know) and in which we got such a beating, then I guarantee you that I'd be gone from TKR's government and TKR very soon and so would be probably a decent number of other people. And then when people don't want to engage in all of this anymore, because it all sounds made up and is made up, then they argue "Oh, alliance XYZ has gone suspiciously silent. Why won't they argue with my lies and conspiracies anymore?" So that's not an engagement in good faith. It's intervening into an existing conflict on a side of an alliance you said you had split from. Based on a CB that everyone who gives it a second or two of thought would recognize as lacking an actual CB. Then supported by continous claims by members about logs that they can't actually present or don't want to present. So your intervention is based on what people rightfully perceive to be a pretty lousy pretext and NPO's response can hardly be considered an engagement in good faith.
  13. o7 Happy rebuild and thanks for the fight Spinelli
  14. Mitsuru

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Orange Defense Network is now in https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4141&display=war
  15. Mitsuru

    War Stats: Global War 14

    What Aragorn says. We got very close to the highest Treasure Island had reached but didn't quite break it. ^^

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