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  1. Mitsuru

    Name that war!

    Oh thank god this war lasted 69 days and therefore offers such an opportunity. Otherwise I would have to think about something for the suggestion thread only to realize in the end that I'm not creative enough to come up with a decent name.
  2. Mitsuru

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    Must be getting really boring in VM, I assume?
  3. Mitsuru

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    I got Sheepy to issue nation strikes against three of their members (out of which two are government members) for war slot filling. I think we can pass on that kind of protectorate. 😛
  4. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    What is with your life that you believe it is your right to tell QueenM whether she is allowed to feel insulted or not? The number has a clear nazi-related meaning that is not even up for discussion. It's nor your right to determine whether or not this is offensive or not. I know you like to act like you're 12 but get over yourself. I come from Germany. You just happen to know about many of these meanings here and these mumbers as "codewords" actively used by the nazi scene in this country. That's also why it is forbidden here to put numbers like "88" or certain letters such as "KZ" (concentration camp), HJ (Hitler youth), or SS (I think people know what that is) on your car's license plate.
  5. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Well I mean you don't have to put offensive or racist into quotiation marks because putting a bounty on someone that basically says 1488 (which stands for "Heil Hitler" (and whatever the 14 part was) for anyone who isn't aware) is simply racist and offensive. That was nothing to do with SJWing. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Mega News Doppler 420-360

    No wonder Kastor "deleted" the thread again if that was what he got.
  7. All of them rebuilt their military in beige before going into VM last time I checked.
  8. Well as I said.. I just wanted to point out that ingame mechanic in case he was unaware x)
  9. Mitsuru

    The Dove's Chronicle: Edition Zero

    Hummingbird! Which reminds me of this video of a hummingbird sleeping. Pure gold. x)
  10. Just as a little side note (don't really have anything to do with either sides but thought I'd just tell you): You can reset a vacation mode. If someone goes into VM for let's say 3000 turns, they can just go to the VM page and reset it to the minimum of two weeks and then their VM is over after two weeks.
  11. Wtf I didn't even know so many were possible from a failed op. o.O
  12. Mitsuru

    Peace BeCoS why not

  13. Mitsuru

    Stratton Oakmont Melts its Gold

    Enjoy retirement I guess. :3
  14. You're both correct in what you're saying and I'm also aware that if other people had been in the NB's respective governments (or at least in some of them) then this could've lasted waaay longer. And I actually expected it to last longer. But it was someone from Grumpy I think who said in one of the threads about that war back then that if a bloc uses its nukes for such a long time to antagonize people and ask them to hit them just so that they can use their nukes, then they should not be surprised if eventually someone takes them up on that offer even if it's going to be costly. The "antagonize" thing being said, except for maybe 2-3 people who were overly vocal about their negative feelings towards us, there were more people from NB I didn't "know" before that I somewhat knew afterwards that I think of as very nice people now. You never fail to amuse me with your replies. ^^
  15. It's also an amusing sentiment. Not only because his NS was always high enough for some nations (even little ones) to declare on him (which they also did) because of the number of his cities and projects but also because there was nothing to be afraid of against NB since you all just used nukes and that was it. I would've declared on you even if I had only had 10 cities because you would've done jackshit except for nuking and that didn't hurt us. Heck, we had all of our nations (except for 2-3 inactive-ish ones) rebuilt 4 days after the war ended. As if 50-100 nukes would've made much of a difference about that. Not to mention that Fark was the only alliance towards the end of the war that had a noticeable number of nukes left anyway. So your allies were also out of options since regular fighting was off the table 10 minutes after the first declaration on the first day of war. x)

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