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  1. I am not one of the people who bothers to go through these endless logs but I do have to say that this is arguably the most pathetic thing I've read so far in this game. 😛
  2. I believe that you think that and I also think that's what NPO is trying to do. But in NPO's eyes what's best for the alliance means crippling the other side of the game to an extent that all of your future wars will be basically consider of dogpiles until your enemies quit the game. Which of course can be something NPO truly aspires to achieve. If your alliance wants to sit on top of the game (effectively killing it) without anyone ever being able to come close to then, sure. But neither you, your government or anyone else from your site gets to complain that we are frustrated at this and don't want to put up with it because the logs on the first page clearly and undoubtedly point out how your leadership is tanking talks at every opportunity.
  3. I think we were slightly below Treasure Island at its peak. I think @Nizam Adrienne discussed this with Thrax around that time.
  4. This war isn't over yet in case that wasn't clear. This is just an invitation to take the peace negotations to the next step.
  5. I don't use use PnW on my phone but generally both of the ways you suggested seem more user-friendly. My only concern would be: When you open the site on your laptop/computer, you can just click on one of the resources to directly access the market page for that resource. I wonder whether the size of the symbols especially in the second one might not be a problem then because you might end up clicking with your finger on several of them. I mean of course you can zoom in on your phone but the entire point here is convenience so I thought I might add that. ^^
  6. I wonder if Frawley is going to track such a serious opponent of ours.
  7. Must've misunderstood the "in defense of the New Pacific Order" part then. Could've sworn it meant your war reason was in defense of NPO rather than espionage related activites. Like I said.. bullshitting on Roq's and Keshav's level. Stating one reason and then claiming it was something totally different.
  8. Oh no, how will my 500 infra cities ever cope with such a brutal blitz? Naturally NPO needed to be defended at this point from this vicious threat. Nevermind the fact that they were the aggressors in this war. Too bad my good first impression of GOONS turned out to be so wrong. The line of argumentation is bullshitting right on the level of Roq and Keshav.
  9. Mitsuru

    Slot filling

    @Alex What say you? Others have been punished for less.
  10. If you *don't* think this is fine, you could also change this particular case by implementing a minimum score for one-person-alliances or something along those lines. Using this as an argument in order to eliminate alliance looting just because you don't want to moderate the game (while also being unwilling to hire someone for you to do it), is so-so.
  11. I feel exposed seriously though thank you for your kind words ❤️
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