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  1. The war dodger who quit his alliance to make his own safe space so that he could stop have emotional meltdowns over the war says what?
  2. That woud be nice. But evidently, there are some elements within this community that can not fathom the idea of letting other people have fun without feeling attacked or getting paranoid. Adrienne's offer to join in is clearly there so I suggest to not further engage in this kind of mental circus.
  3. lol. Says the game guy who ten years for now would go off at the thought of disbanding alliances in an online sim. You're so sad.
  4. A lot of downvotes for you and a lot of upvotes for Eva-Beatrice, I imagine. I am fully aware that there are two sides to the story. And Eva-Beatrice can be a little difficult at times from the limited amount of things I've seen. That being said though, it fits into the whole stick about how people are being treated on that side of the game. So I assume nobody here is surprised that a member of such a long time would just be discarded by her alliance over night apparently without even seeking out to her to have a discussion. gg Polaris
  5. Because forcing people to type out a response is going to decrease toxicity in this forum. Genius move. If you rather have 20 angry comments rather than say the double amount of downvotes on a post (just as a theoretical example), then that's up to you. Have fun moderating.
  6. God can't you just drop it for once? Jesus Christ. You're insufferable.
  7. I am not one of the people who bothers to go through these endless logs but I do have to say that this is arguably the most pathetic thing I've read so far in this game. 😛
  8. I believe that you think that and I also think that's what NPO is trying to do. But in NPO's eyes what's best for the alliance means crippling the other side of the game to an extent that all of your future wars will be basically consider of dogpiles until your enemies quit the game. Which of course can be something NPO truly aspires to achieve. If your alliance wants to sit on top of the game (effectively killing it) without anyone ever being able to come close to then, sure. But neither you, your government or anyone else from your site gets to complain that we are frustrated at this and don't want to put up with it because the logs on the first page clearly and undoubtedly point out how your leadership is tanking talks at every opportunity.
  9. I think we were slightly below Treasure Island at its peak. I think @Nizam Adrienne discussed this with Thrax around that time.
  10. This war isn't over yet in case that wasn't clear. This is just an invitation to take the peace negotations to the next step.
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