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  1. Mitsuru

    Land leaderboard

    I agree. Especially because there's already a "Largest Nation by Land Area" award ingame which is currently held by Rose/Endiness from Church of Spaceology. So makes sense to have a leaderboard together with it.
  2. Mitsuru

    Destiny Arrives

    I think it's rather amusing when someone like you goes out of his way to imply that others are wicked. I seem to recall that you took no measures against your former government members who immediately tried to trashed Yui (Remember how that went for you?) shortly after taking over Pantheon. I also recall how you approached your allies The Syndicate and Dark Brotherhood to tell them I threatened you after I told you not to ignore my messages after refusing to repay your debts to TKR for months. And I also recall how you then went on to tell your allies that I spied on your nation and killed spies without providing any evidence whatsoever for this kind of claim. Just to smear me and especially TKR in front of your two closest allies. Lying to them like that. Ts ts ts. So tell me about wicked, honey.
  3. Mitsuru

    The Griffin in the Tree Accords

    I thought tCW was mostly pokémons 🤔 Also congrats!
  4. Mitsuru

    Recognition of Hostilities

    Is recognizing hostilities and then offering protectorate treaties a modern form of warfare? 🤔
  5. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network LLC-Leaky Faucets

    I think this reaction to Adrienne calling you out shows that she's hit the nail on the head. I think Durmij was quite right when he said that you need help. @Sketchy Obviously one doesn't need context here. Unless you want to insist that these logs are real in which case be my guest. No need to address comments based on fake logs. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

    Iirc we don't necessarily protect all applicants. If someone sits on our list for days without making an application and then gets raided, then they're usually on their own.
  7. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

    I'll gladly explain it to you @Sir Scarfalot. He's an applicant that hasn't been accepted into TKR. People who have not been accepted into TKR and just sit on our applicant list without making any attempt to apply have literally nothing to do with our alliance. I even checked our forum just for you and he didn't apply there. So it's not even that he's not been accepted yet, he's not even making an effort to fulfill the minimum requirement to get accepted. So sooner or later he'll be removed. You really know Shifty has run out of stories when he tries to smear alliances for people sitting on their applicant list.
  8. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Bad Omen

  9. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    TKR countering for Roz Wei? Am I drunk?
  10. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    Well Black Knights has already hit Afrika Korps and t$ isn't part of the NAP.
  11. Mitsuru

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    Mate, the first time you mentioned this number here on the forum, Dr. Rush told you as a personal message from Sheepy that this number is dead wrong because you used the ingame calculator which is hopelessly bugged. 😛
  12. Mitsuru

    Name that war!

    Oh thank god this war lasted 69 days and therefore offers such an opportunity. Otherwise I would have to think about something for the suggestion thread only to realize in the end that I'm not creative enough to come up with a decent name.
  13. Mitsuru

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    Must be getting really boring in VM, I assume?
  14. Mitsuru

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    I got Sheepy to issue nation strikes against three of their members (out of which two are government members) for war slot filling. I think we can pass on that kind of protectorate. 😛
  15. Mitsuru

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    What is with your life that you believe it is your right to tell QueenM whether she is allowed to feel insulted or not? The number has a clear nazi-related meaning that is not even up for discussion. It's nor your right to determine whether or not this is offensive or not. I know you like to act like you're 12 but get over yourself. I come from Germany. You just happen to know about many of these meanings here and these mumbers as "codewords" actively used by the nazi scene in this country. That's also why it is forbidden here to put numbers like "88" or certain letters such as "KZ" (concentration camp), HJ (Hitler youth), or SS (I think people know what that is) on your car's license plate.

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