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  1. Actually nvm. I'd rather write something up properly first. uwu
  2. There's so little moderation in this game happening because Sheepy is lazy and people are still whining about the few reports that exist? Grow up.
  3. Mine has a Japanese theme. I've come up with the names of the cities myself (some of them being fairly obvious and some of them not so) and even thought of characters to go along with those names which I put into the factbook of my nation. I do have to say though that sometimes I realized afterwards that some of the place names actually exist in reality. 🤔 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=68405
  4. I'm not sure what is worst. That beige was just removed or that Sheepy is such a lazy administrator that he can't even take the heat for his decision himself and just goes through Pre who - to my knowledge - is in no official capacity within this game even though Sheepy obviously likes his input while ignoring everyone else. @Alex Do your shit yourself. Stop going through Pre for game changes. Like seriously wtf. That's so sad.
  5. Oh, sorry. Yeah, you're right. Downvotes don't actually count anymore. They're just cosmetics now.
  6. The laughing faces are counted as upvotes, too. So you're not allowed to laugh here sarcastically because it'll be interpreted as approval.
  7. You're outing yourself as a lazy administrator of this game by ignoring all of the suggestions that have been made in the past with regards to either the beige system itself or the rulebook and you're also outing yourself as a cheap administrator because the reason you're doing this ultimately is not the fact that there have been issues but simply because you couldn't be bothered to set out clear rules and hire somebody else to enforce them for you (since you hate moderation so much). That is all there is to this regardless of the words you're trying to put this in.
  8. sad seal noises
  9. Sheepy nerfed city population to give the younger players a bit more of an advantage and to set the whales back a little bit (although I doubt that will have done much). With this project, the people who will be able to afford it first are - again - the whales. So basically this is more or less completely in favor of those who were meant to be tweaked somewhat by things such as changing the way cities age.
  10. God I wish I had the downvote button now.
  11. Looking at Camelot right now, so do they apparently.
  12. That is objectively false. An alliance like Rose would be severly screwed over by Alex' suggestions or the caps some people have proposed. So I'm sure your leadership could do much worse than bank loot being removed.
  13. Would you care to elaborate how you find them confusing? Because I don't really see anything confusing about them. Furthermore, I said this to you several times before and so have other players. And I will say it again. They might not "improve" the gameplay but making it next to impossible to have offshore banks is achieving the exact OPPOSITE. Alliances have a limited number of people they can trust with a offshore bank. In a large war such as the one we just saw ending, you just need some competent people to do beige cycling and by the rules you're just suggesting, even large alliances are through very quickly with the number of people they can trust to hold a bank. If you hate these alliances so much, then remove bank looting all together. Making it extremely difficult to properly protect your stuff during war with which you fund the war, which is basically the most important aspect of this game to begin with, is an absolutely terrible idea. It will lead to consolidation because people won't like going to war if they don't feel they have a high chance at winning at the fear of losing their bank and the chance at rebuilding. It will lead to banks getting looted heavily during war and people basically being beat down really fast because they can't fund it anymore while their opponents can rebuild really quickly. It would discourage people from starting newer and smaller alliances because you don't have many people you trust to keep your stuff safe. And you basically kill ingame banks with that of which you just recently said they were "such an important aspect to the game" when you gave Seb a 15b dollar bailout. So let things stay the way they are and look into removing the small alliances that annoy you so much in different ways (maybe start with those that start on Idk #151 of the alliance list all the way back to #322 and delete the inactive micros among those) OR remove alliance bank looting completely. Every other decision is absurd and gets absurder the smaller an alliance is.
  14. I still stand to my statement that you are a good fighter. Even though you only got that screenshot through a spy. xD Enjoy retirement.
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