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  1. Alex's twitter

    I apologize for apparently missing that. I was seriously distracted by the point where you wished for Alex' death and the chance to gain a bit of attention by being the first one to break the news. I guess the point remains that you are in no position to complain about his moral values. Not to mention that the mysterious removal on the alleged tweet is very shady in itself.
  2. Alex's twitter

    Are you aware that twitter is not Besides, where is that tweet? I can't find it on his twitter account. If I type in the URL you show in the screenshot in my browser twitter tells me that site doesn't exist.
  3. Alex's twitter

    "I hope to see the announcement of Alex' death on twitter one day. It's a huge dream of mine. I seriously lack any kind of attention so I really crave for that 5 seconds of fame it would give me to break those news." "ALEX HOW DARE YOU SHARE A PICTURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN? YOU TOTALLY LACK MORALS. YOU SEXIST!"
  4. Hello! I hope this suggestion hasn't already been made. I quickly searched for it but didn't find anything. But I think given that the treaty web hasn't been implemented into the game too long ago, I think it might be rather unlikely. I apologize if this has already been brought up. This suggestion is very simple and doesn't need much explaining. You can turn off accepting new members to your alliance if you don't want new applicants. My suggestion is to implement the ability to turn off receiving new proposals for treaties. That is to prevent small alliances made by players who often have played the game for only a week or two to spam you with treaty proposals that you do not want. Especially not when you have never heard of that alliance before or have talked to their FA team (if they have one). In case you want to make a new treaty with an alliance, you just turn on accepting new treaty proposals, make your treaty and turn it off again.
  5. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    Oh thanks for explaining that to me
  6. And So the Dust Settles

    You're right but the one that might've done the most wars as NB member was Boyce. And to be honest, it's Boyce. He flips around between Arrgh and NK all the time. So personally I thought "Well, it's Boyce"
  7. And So the Dust Settles

    I guess then NB shouldn't have looked like they were just sitting around and should've actually joined. Can't blame us tbh
  8. War Stats 3.0

    I can't say for sure at the moment whether it was really 788 but we kept track of almost all of our espionage operations and we did spy over 700 nukes.
  9. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    That aside, I actually always wondered why you choose the names you chose for your cities. I get that it's Japanese cities but usually people would start with the obvious choices like Tokyo, Osaka, etc. I'm seriously curious to know why you chose names like Kumamoto, Aomori, Ishikawa or Tochigi.
  10. And So the Dust Settles

    Does that mean those alliances spelled incorrectly in the OP are allowed to start new wars? Like "The United Empire of Zaharon" or "Principlality of Zeon"?
  11. And So the Dust Settles

    I was new at the time but I think I remember people being quite unhappy about a 3 months NAP after Trail of Tiers. So this is interesting I guess.
  12. War name vote - Purge Round

    It wasn't even a couple of weeks. Which is why I agree.
  13. Multis?

    Funnily enough I looked at this thread shortly after it was made. Back then, the third link actually had nothing on it (curiously now it does). So I made screenshots of link one and two.
  14. Nords Storm House Tyrell

    Should've gone to Fark then during the war when you left New California Republic. You know, instead of going to Pantheon who's not been at war.
  15. Bounties bug

    Hello. Upon looking at the list of current bounties I noticed that there is a bounty of $20,000,000 posted with no nation. My guess is that the targeted nation got deleted and that there's a bug that a bounty doesn't get removed from the page when the target disappears from the game.