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  1. People of Orbis, lend me your ears! I joined this game later than many of you who I’ve come to know and love, and mainly it was just to mess with my nerdy husband @Once-ler. But I ended up sticking around, hopping on a hobo train, helping cook the hottest soup known to man, leading said soup through the end of a gratuitous war, running IA through mergers, and running off and having my own tour of Orbis before stopping back home in CotL to FA it up. But that is a lot of work for one ‘chu, and therefore I’ve finally realized my dream of retiring and creating (after all this time): Pika Party Protected by Rose ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ MDP with that one weirdo in CoS @Spaceman Thrax Special shout out to my son @Squeegee, SK and TKR for also protecting me and letting me exist in space and do art things ❤️ Additional shout outs to @MCMaster-095 and @BelgiumFury just because tl;dr: I’m retiring to make more art
  2. I know this to be fake because @Spaceman Thrax Can’t possibly have a car that nice
  3. Does this mean Charlie will finally catch up on posting the recordings
  4. I do like the part where I, a single and humble extension of soup, am compared to all of NPO. Clearly soup would fall apart if I wasn’t around
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