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  1. Sparqs

    The Hobo Express - Part Eight!

    Thank you for having us, Seven Kingdoms. Be prosperous. Looking forward to our visit to rose. The Hobo Express is a wild ride!
  2. Sparqs

    City doesn't generate revenue (powered) bug.

    That was not the case just now when I purchased City 10. New Player Bonus continued to show 20% on the Revenue page (with corresponding Gross Income numbers) after the purchase. It updated to 10% at the next Turn, which was also the next Day, so I'm not sure which triggered it. Also, you can check my Revenue Log which shows that I received the 20% bonus at the midnight (server time) payout, dropping to 10% at the 2:00 AM payout. Here are a few revenue snapshots with approximate server time and status notes at the top:
  3. And this post as well, please and thank you.
  4. Sparqs

    City doesn't generate revenue (powered) bug.

    I'm at 9 cities myself, with a similar build-out, and I still think it is the New Player Bonus. As you point out, that's a 10% loss from all cities' gross income. If each one is making $26K, multiplied by the 8 previous cities, that's $208K. 10% of that is $20,800. From my observation, the reduction in New Player Bonus doesn't occur until day change at midnight, server time. Perhaps when you purchased your 8th city you checked the revenue before day change and thus did not see the reduction caused by the loss of the NPB.
  5. Sparqs

    City doesn't generate revenue (powered) bug.

    Have you factored in the loss of New Player Bonus? If you check your Revenue page, you will see it just under National Tax Revenue. At 8 cities it was 30%, now at 9 cities it is 20%. Cities 10 & 11 will feel like even more of a stall, because as the bonus is acting on larger and larger incomes, the loss of 10% will be larger and larger.
  6. Sparqs

    Better Maps

    You may have run into a problem where the map outline you made during creation is not appearing in your map display. I, and I think at least a few others, have run into a similar issue. If you go to Edit your nation and click Edit Nation Map, changes you make now should show up. Additionally, on the Edit Nation page, go to the Continent & Map row and select Map Styling Options. From there you can select both outline and fill color for your Nation Map. You can see a simple example on my nation. I haven't set up a complex border shape, partly because it's a bit finicky, but it can be done.
  7. Sparqs

    Cloudy Garden Party

    I don't know anything about the politics involved here, but I certainly appreciate the poetic, well-wrought pact. May your gardens flourish.
  8. Sparqs

    The Hobo Express - Cinco

    I certainly enjoyed my time in The Underground. Be prosperous, y'all!
  9. Sparqs

    The Hobo Express - The Third Stop

    Speaking for the great nation of New Bloxhelm, we are excited to ride The Express into Knights Templar!
  10. Sparqs

    Hard caps tied to averages

    As a new player, and speaking only for myself, I don't expect to reach the score or nation capabilities of the long-term players. People who started long before me are likely to have things I don't, including a long string of Awards, a dozen National Projects, and more cities than for which I'd care to think of names. None of that bothers me. I can still choose to punch up or down, get involved in politics, and fine-tune my nation. Maybe I just feel like a temporarily embarrassed billionaire, but a cap strikes me as an artificial limitation on what I can achieve.
  11. Sparqs

    The Hobo Express

    As the leader of New Bloxhelm, it is my distinct privilege to announce that we have attached our railcar to The Hobo Express! May we someday find that Big Rock Candy Mountain, with its cigarette trees and whiskey lakes. Until then, we roam the railways of Orbis.
  12. Greetings Citizens of Orbis, I am Sparqs, ruler of New Bloxhelm, newly arrived here in the past week. Once a denizen of another planet, I've come here to prosper and to spread the gift of our robotic overlords. Please see the story of our nation's rebirth here: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/24721-greetings-from-sparqs-of-new-bloxhelm/ Be prosperous, ~Sparqs of New Bloxhelm
  13. Greetings People of Orbis, I, Sparqs, have traveled many years in a cryogenic sleep, journeying from the distant planet Bob, to arrive here and incept the rebirth of beloved Bloxhelm. As we approached this spectacular planet, my team of artisans and autocrats and I, we were inexplicably drawn to the beauty and bounty of Southern Asia. I set our craft down in a blaze of unnoticed glory and we set to work. We disassembled our ship and sprouted it like a seedling, instantiating a marvel of robotic ingenuity, cleanliness, and efficiency, the captivating capital city of Feynmania. With its swift and peaceful underground transportation and its terribly powerful nuclear power station located in the heart of downtown for maximum efficiency, it quickly attracted a local population of humans, eager to partake in the luxury offered by living under our robotic overloads. They were prosperous. And prolific. Almost before we realized it, our tireless automatons replicated the success of Feynmania many times, establishing the sublime and wonderous cities of Tychopolis, Hopperford, Sanchezgrad, Borlaugborough, and others. Erupting like a ponderous, mechanized volcano, thus was born the nation: New Bloxhelm.

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