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  1. It would seem that 4-6 would be a more appropriate cut-off date, based on Akuryo's post.
  2. Sparqs

    Surf's Up

    Watch out! You just bumped into some HOT Soup!
  3. Sparqs

    The formation of the bean bloc

    I was told there would be soup. Hot Soup!
  4. Sparqs


    You need essentially 2 things to start a bank: Borrowers - People that want to borrow money from you and are willing to pay you interest on the loan. You need to be able to trust that these people will pay, and/or you need a way to enforce payment. Money - Either your own money or people willing to loan you money at an interest rate that is (at least slightly) lower than what you can extract from your borrowers. Also helpful: A gathering place for borrowers and lenders, such as a discord channel. A storage location (nation or alliance bank) that is reasonably safe from raiding where you can temporarily stash large sums of cash. A trustworthy staff to help you with raising capital, collecting interest, and paying interest. To make your bank successful will require a trustworthy reputation and a lot of work.
  5. Sparqs


    Welcome to Planet Orbis! Be prosperous.
  6. Sparqs

    Quick hello!

    Welcome to planet Orbis! Be prosperous.
  7. Sparqs

    Criticize the Above Nation

    Diseased and filthy, with one whole nuke plant dedicated to running the microwave ovens in the cafeteria.
  8. Sparqs

    Describe the above's profile picture

    Ginger unibrow.
  9. Sparqs

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    Coming through! Hot Soup!!
  10. Sparqs

    Rundown Request

    Behind you! Hot Soup!
  11. Sparqs

    The Soup is Hot

  12. Sparqs

    The Hobo Express - Part Eight!

    Thank you for having us, Seven Kingdoms. Be prosperous. Looking forward to our visit to rose. The Hobo Express is a wild ride!
  13. Sparqs

    City doesn't generate revenue (powered) bug.

    That was not the case just now when I purchased City 10. New Player Bonus continued to show 20% on the Revenue page (with corresponding Gross Income numbers) after the purchase. It updated to 10% at the next Turn, which was also the next Day, so I'm not sure which triggered it. Also, you can check my Revenue Log which shows that I received the 20% bonus at the midnight (server time) payout, dropping to 10% at the 2:00 AM payout. Here are a few revenue snapshots with approximate server time and status notes at the top:
  14. And this post as well, please and thank you.
  15. Sparqs

    City doesn't generate revenue (powered) bug.

    I'm at 9 cities myself, with a similar build-out, and I still think it is the New Player Bonus. As you point out, that's a 10% loss from all cities' gross income. If each one is making $26K, multiplied by the 8 previous cities, that's $208K. 10% of that is $20,800. From my observation, the reduction in New Player Bonus doesn't occur until day change at midnight, server time. Perhaps when you purchased your 8th city you checked the revenue before day change and thus did not see the reduction caused by the loss of the NPB.

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