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  1. Can confirm this is stupidly easy to trigger by accident. Just ran 2 airstrikes and a naval, and still have 4 MAPs. Didn't even do anything to run attacks faster, that's just how shitty doing things around update is, apparently.
  2. My god, imagine only going to war once every few years. Sounds awful.
  3. checks members I'll believe you're TEst when you get Khestra ...or literally any OG TEst members ......or more than one New TEst member, who isn't even in the alliance
  4. Guys, this is the propaganda thread. Go argue in one of the other 80 threads.
  5. You, my friend, have a strange definition of interesting.
  6. I'm glad I'm irrelevant enough to be able to just ignore all the walls of text
  7. Honestly, once I saw NPO was actually in range for once, I was downright giddy. Still probably the worst move they could've made here, but I'm enjoying being able to fight NPO directly for once. I imagine it's less novel for the people that have been fighting IQ over and over again for years, though.
  8. On the bright side, now I know I can hit NPO
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