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  1. A bloodless coup has been achieved... on to the next one
  2. Good things come to those who wait. The tyrant shall be removed...eventually.
  3. The coup remains ongoing.. Congratulations Adrienne! Thank you for your unwavering leadership!
  4. Will there be some sort of lactose free option for us sadly lactose intolerant people? Congratulations to all I think you mean... smothaganda
  5. I wholeheartedly approve of this choice
  6. Congratulations on peace and good luck with the rebuild o7
  7. A modern classic...10/10 ~man on a train
  8. Well, maybe his near starvation will force him to fix it in order to regain the subs and therefore afford food.
  9. Alex could fix the code/the game.
  10. Thanks for Niz for taking the time to make this list and presenting it in such a clear way. I'm really pleased to see that the feedback so far is positive and people support these changes
  11. 1) GoldyHammer 2) Communist Pirate Republic 3) Micchan 4) whatever Micchan’s nation is called sorted
  12. That’s a strong if slightly unusual soup flavour.
  13. Lost wandering orange men very bad, so bad we must hide inside cans of mighty Heinz soup.
  14. Congratulations to both parties. Waking up from a nap to see an Ellie from Yui was my personal highlight of the treaty ?
  15. The time is now, brothers and sisters, join me in taking up arms to stop this tyrant once and for all! @Schirminator you're next. May ChAoS be brought unto this world and long may it ensue. o7 CoS o7 SK o7 Soup o7 TKR
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