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    Dear Orbis, Some of you may not know me, many of you do. I'm one of the crotchety old-timers who wanders the halls of browser based nation-sims. Now that I have removed myself from the political arena and become that which I once hunted (to near extinction), I have time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I like writing these long diatribes from time to time, even though I doubt many people actually read them. Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. I've often talked about how it's important for the leaders of alliances to take responsibility for the health of this game. There's a symbiotic relationship between the game staff/creators and the big players. I'll avoid talking about Alex, I've done that enough in the past, but often as players we're to afraid to take risks. Considering my current position in the game you might find that sort of statement hypocritical, however I'd say I've done enough to create game content. Two names that come up a lot when talking about major events in the past are Partisan and Prefontaine. Neither of which are around to create those anymore. There are others past and present, yes. But it's hard to rally major events in the current (and the past year or two) political environment. IQ has a strangle hold on the mid tier. TKR-sphere has an strong grasp on the upper tier. When the rest of the game needs to unite to stand a chance at taking out a tier, that's bad. This last war was an attempt to break that up. I want to lift the curtain on some of what was planned, and how it failed. The premise of the war was two fold in the original plans, to take the long running leaders of the game for a loss and to shake up the political world to allow for the creation of new spheres. The first part was a success, but the second was a failure. The original plan was to end IQ post war. Part of IQ was in on this plan. Partisan was going to take Syndicate and ally to NPO. Syndicate was going to keep Rose or House Stark as an ally and drop the rest. NPO was going to keep BC or Polaris as an ally and drop the rest. During this period CoS and TEst were going to give them post war protection for 2 months to avoid their upper tier getting steam rolled while they established a new sphere and allowed the game to shuffle up. The war dragged on, Partisan left, and thus the plan died. Thus BK/NPO stayed tied. NPO and Syndicate have a ton of treaties (protectorates largely, sure, but lets be honest about how protectorates go here). Had the war ended earlier, the plan still might not have worked, but both sides are at fault for the peace talks. Just because this failed, doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying. I understand feeling like there's too much to risk being a large alliance in making big moves, but this is a game. If you try something and lose, at least you played a hand. You're dealt a new hand soon enough. Lots of times moves come from smaller alliances, support those. Take TGH for example. They have active leadership, experienced fighters, seemingly motivated. We need more of that, and we need more of it in alliances that can make large swings. Imagine what would happen to the political landscape if NPO left BK, allied TGH who teamed up with CoS to then hit someone. IQ's core broken up and possibilities arise. Or TKR/Guardian leave tCW and roll them along side TGH. People often get too held up in the mentality of keeping allies for far too long, or only allying friends. Take a risk. Befriend an enemy to accomplish something together. Then when you're done one of you might backstab the other. These sort of moves MAKE the politics here. Looking at the treaty web and knowing how every war is going to play out is boring. One of the big surprise moves of the last war? CoS declaring on Guardian. TKR-sphere believed CoS would fall on their side of the war if at all. tl;dr Your allies don't have to be your friends only. Your foes don't have to be enemies. Hold your leadership to make things happen, or if you're leadership take a chance. We hold onto political grudges too long. Grudges make the game, but like treaties you should keep the same ones for too long. Back to my cave.
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    Is this early April fools or something?
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    When three individuals responsible for the direction of their alliance make a deal where only they know of what move is required to be made, and then one of them vanishes, the deal is over. Also trying to cite that "I should do more", I've done enough, came back for one last hurrah. Since you're in TKR you're having a very biased post, I stated both sides are at fault for the peace talks. I stated that NPO leaving BK would be a move that you might classify as dynamic, but again that's your TKR-sided opinion showing it's head. As you said, you don't know Orbis well. Your post shows as much so don't take this as insulting, I'm just trying to show you the errors in your assessment from your lack of experience/knowledge. TKR spent well over a year being the largest problem for political stagnation. Now BK/NPO have the potential to be that problem as well. It's only been a short time since the end of the war that "put them on top" so to speak. Whether they become the problem they complained TKR was, will show itself over the next several months or not. This is an issue that is everyone's responsibility on the top parts of the alliance listing, not just everyone who's not in your side of the treaty web. Take of the TKR glasses and look at the problems with fresh eyes.
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    Oh bugger off with that, TKR signed a bunch of secret treaties to protect themselves and lied about it so they could pretend they were being "dynamic", then they steamrolled all of the smaller AA spheres who they had a significant advantage, pushing them in the hands of the major rival sphere, then were shocked when those people turned around and dicked them. Then after being rolled for that shit, they still have the nerve to keep a secret treaty with TCW, You want a medal for making a new sphere when the only reason its happening is you just got the shit kicked out of you for being full of it, and you can't even commit 100% to it and drop TCW? Sorry buddy, your leaders are lying to you.
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    War IS national success. Peace being anything other than preparation for war is stagnation. Not competing means you're not playing a game, you're playing with a toy.
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    My takeaway and something I've felt since the EoS war on TAC - you don't need the strongest casus belli to start a war. There is nothing shameful in aggression, and it makes the game more competitive. An increase in fighting will serve to increase the value of your pixels far faster than waiting for your next city ever will. Hail to fighting.
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    Okay? I ask again. Is this early April fools or something?
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    Looks like just a aesthetic change. Boring. We need a economic and military overhaul.
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    >the correct move You sound boring, @Malleator.
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    Then to TCW I add Guardian so I can finally fight Memph
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    Bullshit. You don't need to break even on an investment BEFORE you go to war. All city investments will make a return eventually. Richer alliances can afford to get larger stockpiles and faster. Also, investment for investment sake is half the problem in this game. What exactly is the point of money? You either spend it to fund a war, or you invest it to make even more money. By your logic, we should just never war since why not just keep investing and increase our pixel numbers to high amounts until we can't fight anymore since we are out of range.
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    BoC, just wreck AK. Stop being scared.
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    You sound surprised
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    This is a change that doesn't make any difference for old player. Maybe new ones will be more likely to join with better graphics of the game. I would like to see updates from time to time which make game more dynamic. Maybe some events? I don't think whole problem about lack of dynamism of this game it's up to players... Alex should implement something which make us fight more often because of goal to achieve. Maybe some temprorary booster to get? Or maybe implement map to conquer? Anything which have real reason to fight rather than oh we bored we need fight(or oh we are not dynamic enough let's fight or just Pre will be angry at us if we won't fight). Not to say that it's only from alliances perspective because from a nation perspective it's even worse. Maybe small nations are ok but I have 20? cities and there is nothing to do except building new cities in peace time... maybe implement some tech tree or sth. Sorry for grammar mistakes.
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    For all the amazing things Fraggle is, Fraggle is not a deterrent like you seem to imagine. Score range precludes her from declaring on anyone, so the nukes won't deter anyone from attacking NAE. Post doesn't deserve downvotes; stop bullying the guy :C
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    Politicians like to use gun control as a platform since they don’t need to address the real underlying problem. Although if police and private security have guns then they are still in circulation for the population and obtainable to criminals for a price. People can 3D Print guns as well & make them other ways. So trying to ban them is a pointless sacrifice in liberty for security.
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    You play this game more retired than most current leaders do playing. (Just be clear, I'm insulting both you and them. :D)
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    Nice post. Sadly, the big alliances and those its directed at will look at it and be like
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    A turd in nice packaging is still a turd.
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    I mean if Sean was "OK" with being attacked and then asked for help you realize he's just baiting both of you right.
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    Many active with us on our discord have already seen the news, but for those of you that may have missed it. ORB Gaming has put together everything you need to know about Alex's new gaming Overhaul, bringing us PWv2. You can check it out here.
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    Dang. Well, it was worth a shot (pun intended).
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    Nope. It's a years-long process, and knowing how this country operates likely charged up the ass. It'd be more cost effective to just buy a Garand. Also, I went back and re-checked the status of the SKS, because from what I recalled it was banned from civvie use unless the mag was welded shut so that it couldn't be swapped with aftermarket parts. I was wrong. They just lumped all of the SKS pattern rifles as exclusive "Armed Institutions" (Police/Gendarmerie/Armed Forces) weaponry, regardless of it's condition. So there's no working around that.
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    Wait where is his soundcloud link? It is not a real Sean alliance until he posts it.
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    Errmm I hope that you will fly better than Boeing lately.
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    I agree. @Daveth Disband.
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    I swear, some people just don't know when to stop...
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    The time has come! To join a new reich! Join and enjoy Reichspakt. We had our struggles before, but thats no reich to stand down, because our hearts are made of Iron! (Referring to our theme, Hearts of Iron 4 - Kaisserreich mod) We are here and we are growing We will grow until we are Kings of Orbis! We offer: • Grants • Military Assistance, and Counters. • Guidance and Help with Cities, and economy. • Active discord community. • Low Taxes! • Safety, and assistance. Alliance https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5362 Join our discord as well! https://discord.gg/weDSAAY
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    It would help if people make an active attempt at actually making enemies too. If you already don't have a positive opinion of an alliance, douse the flames a bit. Everyone too busy tryna finesse everyone who isn't their biggest threat so they can tally up more people in their column come time to fight.
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    My standing is that if you're going to hit someone because they "asked for it" or "deserved it", you better go all in and follow through. Sure, you can talk it out and hopefully keep it limited, but 9 out of 10 times - that's not going to work. Might as well get your damage in while you can before you're countered and dropped (But do keep fighting, some people give up too early).
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    If AK grows a pair and tells daddy BK to stand aside they could possibly do it.
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    Congratulations Zevfer and the rest of your new administration! It's been great working with you these past few months. It is an honor to be able to transition the alliance to someone like you. Keep it up! As Durmij would say, I'll be smiling down from my retirement home. Also, thanks Rose and Orbis for a great term. I enjoyed getting to know each of you on here and working with you in various capacities. Here's to the future!
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    @Alex Rose has been couped, would you be able to add me in as leader so I can fix this situation? Edit: Congrats tho Zevfer, have fun!
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    Rock out with your BoC out I for one would like to see AK hit BoC defensively so hard that it splits into Terradoxia and Order of Storms and then spontaneously bursts into flames.
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    Why? It's her nation, she can do whatever she wants with it. If it means joining an alliance and focusing less heavily on military strength., then it means joining an alliance and focusing less heavily on military strength. If it means joining the NAE and making people scared to attack us, it means joining the NAE and making people scared to attack us (hint, hint 😉).
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    Says the guy who's probably made more alliances than me. Also it was 3. Also your not the original Ragnarok from what I see
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    >when BoC offers Panzer High Gov IA ya i think there is something wrong here
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    Man, that looks hard! What game are they playing?
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    Yeah, they're pretty terrible. (No offense to anyone.) It's too late now though, as I have become increasingly lazy. 😕 Such a shame, too. There's so much I could've done.
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    If alliances take your advice and backstab each other to make it interesting, one would think the reliability of their allies would decrease. Also what TKR did with their treaties to try adding to dynamic didn’t go great for them and people don’t think it was enough still. I didn’t expect to find out what the rumored post war political shake up was with it not happening, but was still interesting to find out what people expected to happen though.
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    Correct, one doesn't need to break even on investments before going to war, but it's certainly the correct move. If ones resources are currently in the form of cities and infrastructure, all those resources aren't in a liquid form or in an engagement ready form and therefore, war wouldn't be efficient or the best course of action for continued unfettered success. But in my eyes, that's not the real core issue. There issue here is that there's not much point to war beyond growth disruption. This isn't a zero sum game, the complete destruction of one's opponents is impossible through ingame mechanics, and war is often extremely costly for everyone involved with little to no gain. The only reason to go to war is for a meta reason of boredom or the desire to temporarily disrupt an opponent's growth at the cost of one's own growth. War in this game is inadvisable if one seeks purely national success and growth. And really, if what I was typing in this post and in my previous post wasn't true, then why are pacts made? Why aren't we all at war 24/7? You guys are trying to fruitlessly kick against the most efficient emergent gameplay and why? Because it doesn't suit you? If it doesn't suit you, declare war on whom ever you please right now, cause another global war directly solely at you, and maybe then you'll be taught why what's currently happening is the most efficient form of long term success in game and in war.
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    Shifty coming in here with a live, on the spot performance of how to conduct FA. Our lead role today goes to Thomas and with a supporting cast of allies. We present to you, Springtime for Shifty: A Dank Romp with Afrika Korps and BoC. You're probably all wondering how it got this, let's rewind: And that folks is how you cycle back and worth like an elliptical.
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    The NAE was once a large an powerful alliance, one of 48,000 score, and innumerable members, until one day some officer tried to coup us without realizing you have to be an heir to do that. The officer kicked everyone out except for the leader and his fellow members holding government positions. The leader then, in his cowardice, chose to steal around 8 million from the alliance bank and go to the OFA. Now all that remains are a few members from the olde days, along with the new members recruited along the way. The North Atlantic Empire is now a duocracy who are focused on protecting their members at all costs. So now we're trying to get people to join, and succeeding at it (IMO). Just got two new members today. Anyways, I'm redeclaring our existence because almost none of the old members are here. We're, like, the second generation. Or maybe the third, I don't know if there was a leader before that. Whatever, though. In terms of government, everything is managed by the two Executive States. We may have a Council position soon that'll just be people we trust, and they'll kinda help us with spreadsheets and stuff. Join if you like. - LUNCH
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    We've been created for a month now.
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    As time for investments to make a profit increases, so must time in between wars increase. To berate alliances for making long term agreements to protect their long term investments, is ridiculous. Especially when it's the right move in almost every regard except for some ill-gotten meta narrative.
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    As someone who is pretty much an outside observer, I'm just wondering why NPO or any other alliance of IQ doesn't try to continue this form of negotiations. It seems that it worked before, so to say that TKR continued the war too long seems to be an excuse. I can't say I know Orbis that well, but I do know that NPO seems pretty powerful and people in general like to have powerful allies. Partisan leaving Syndicate maybe foils that specific route, but in my personal opinion it seems hypocritical to just scapegoat and then wipe your hands clean of any attempt to follow through on the principles you outlined. What you are saying and doing seem to be two different things entirely, and this cognitive dissonance contributes to the very problems that you explain are hurting Orbis. Even for the sake of being dynamic, NPO can't afford to take a risk too? And before there is any controversy about NPO or any other new bloc would be vulnerable, I believe that the most destructive war ever just occurred. Now would probably be the best time ever to reevaluate and form new ties. I'm just a lowly player and I believe that your words about changing up the dynamic (which tbh has been a goal of TKR for much longer) are true and important for the game, but if they really mean something then NPO should back them up too!
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    Good Evening, Morning, or whenever you are reading this! I am here to announce that the alliance Boeing! We are an alliance that helps our members grow and prosper their own way at their own speed. We look after and protect our own. Our government is fair and equal, and every member has a voice. Unlike most alliances, we don’t just want you for the taxes and manpower we value you as a member of the community. I get that I have been couped several times in the past however over the entire month of February an alliance like Afrika Korps has helped me learn how to lead an alliance the right way. So far our main focus is Internal Affairs & Econ. Not Foreign Affairs or making treaties with micros which don't go anywhere. I have waited to announce this to see if I'd fail by now but so far I haven't. Usually, I would have by now but so far we are a month in and doing great! A few bumps in the road but that's all apart of Alliance Creation! If you think I am going to fail or even get couped, go gamble on that but don't be surprised when you lose all of your money. If you want to make fun of this go right ahead I don't mind cause this is the First Alliance that will be doing the best. Our Government is listed Below! CEO - Manfred Richthofen CFO- Naruu Vice President of Human Resources = El Chapo Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations = Parsa President of Boeing International = DemonReaper Vice President of Boeing Global Services = Jim Vice President of Enterprise Performance & Strategy = Suckmaplonker If you have any serious questions please type them below and I will respond to them. WE ARE PROTECTED BY AFRIKA KORPS + UNITED PURPLE NATIONS (we don't do NaPs nor PIAT's) Thank You Orbis! You are all amazing!
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