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  1. Krampus

    Slot Filling

    Have you tried calculating the damage done? An offhand calc judging by Nokia’s 2.5k infra per city would mean 76m purely in infra damage. Remember infra damage on beige isn’t shown.
  2. I'm glad i got to meet you in the short time that i did, and I'm sad to see you go. Have fun in what's to come, and i wish you all the best. As i prefer to say, Welche Schwelle du auch immer betrittst, es möge jemand da sein, der dich willkommen heißt. o7
  3. BRB gonna roll @Prefonteen as punishment for tax evasion Please take your complimentary pillows from the front desk
  4. Krampus

    World Ellie Day

    On behalf of our alliance, Carthage endorses this post.
  5. King in the north! o7
  6. Looking forward to working with y'all @HS, OWR o7
  7. Congratulations on the treaty! This might have been a rough first post, but know that not the entire community is comprised of these kinds of people. These people are incapable of finding their own arse in the dark with the aid of a map, a flashlight, and written instructions. Best of luck going forward.
  8. NPO's new motto: Benfro man bad
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