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  1. -said TKR, after making Quack 2.0 by signing hedgemoney and creating Hollywood.
  2. >edgy teen trying to make a shitpost that's so incoherent you can't even read it >horrible spelling and punctuation >posted in Alliance Affairs >is in VM checks out
  3. I hate to gravedig a post from 19th of August, but this is my semi-annual log in to the PW Forums, so I shall leave you with this beauty:
  4. Are you gonna updeclare on us? lmfao, cute
  5. I like the shade, It's rather breezy here.
  6. Thank you sheepy servers for letting me post this within 55 minutes.
  7. Damn, Isjaki making a real change. who knew Camelot would lose an entire spy war to a single spy op from a single c26?
  8. can't believe it's been two years already
  9. @Dr Rush We did a poll on it over at RON, does nearly 400 votes count?
  10. Can't We Build A System To Make Our $ Double Or More? Can't We Build A System To Make Our Deposits Double Or More? But There Is A Question Where Will Be The Money Come From? Yes, The Money Can Come From The Game Administration.. Or, We Can Make A System Where The Alliance Will Keep A Budget Every Month For The Urgent Needs Or Project Works Of It's Member Nations.. Thanks! Plz Check This Matter.. reference to: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/31432-cant-we-build-a-system-to-make-our-double-or-more/
  11. Krampus


    Thorny issue *ba dum tss*
  12. Do you know what would be an awesome addition to this? Cocaine.
  13. The face when tCW is blocked off an entire color bloc in perpetuity. What has tCW come to?
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