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  1. Khai Jäger

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    It sucks having to wat a full 5 minutes for a page to load mate. That's absurd. @Alex
  2. Name Abuse & Theft Volume 1, June 15 2019, 4901 Author: Khai Jager Show more https://doi.org/10.1016/khai.jager.2019.06.4901 Get rights and content here Abstract: Background University of Orbis Snek Sciences Center has offered Interdisciplinary Jest Program (IJP) for Name Abuse and Theft since 2019. However, there are extensive evaluations on the Golden Hoard for holding Partisan's in-game name hostage. Objective This study is aimed to examine the effects of the IJP on the world to put pressure upon the Hippo. Methods The Snek in-game survey is being conducted for Orbis observers in this year of 2019. The IJP will come knocking on everyone's door until beloved Ameyuri relinquishes the snek's true name. Results We shall see Partisan in his final form. AK endorses the Snek and denounces the Hippo. @Buorhann Conclusion Snek Snek, ssssssssssss The full link to the article may be found here. Educational Video from Afrika Wildlife Reserve: Pls note: Hippos dangerous. Endorse Sneks today.
  3. Khai Jäger

    Fark Announcement

    Didn't even know you left BK mate. Enjoy o/
  4. Khai Jäger

    My last request after deleted my nation

    @RainbowColor.Sphinx has trusted and respected you for a very long time, just has everyone else in ex-pantheon circles. You raging, deleting, and trying to hurt tCW sucks mate. If you really wanted to do serious damage, @Akuryo set a fair example for doing that by stealing the panth bank and kicking all gov... however I'm betting all the flashing colors from your pfp finally made you rage after 4 years. On the subject of N$O, BK and tC all working together. IQ was bound to disband. They held a strong hegemony on the middle tier of the game for almost two years. BK and NPO both individually having a strong influence on separate political spheres of their own within the hegemony set them drifting away from each other. If anything, anyone should have seen it coming a mile away. Pls note: If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Rainbow-Epilepsy you may to be entitled to financial compensation. Rainbow-Epilepsy is a rare contained anger outburst linked to extreme autism. Exposure to autism in Orbis as a whole may put you at risk. Please don't wait, call 1-800-DELETE-NATION today for a free legal consultation and financial information packet from Sheepy. Rainbow epilepsy patients call now! 1-800-DELETE-NATION
  5. Khai Jäger

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Y'all ghey. Go take this to DMs.
  6. Khai Jäger

    My last request after deleted my nation

    I wonder how old that ss actually is. Rainbow, you so ghey that it's colourful.
  7. Khai Jäger

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    What a glorious war that was. Respect to Pantheon for such a great victory despite the odds.
  8. Khai Jäger

    From the Desk of Fraggle Rock

    Lmao, welcome back mate. Should have asked me to help you get your name back, #validCB.
  9. >Trying to change the game is futile and naive. >The only way to prove yourself is to drop out of the web. You finish by saying we defend eachother. So no, it's not a one sided deal or treaty. Even you admit it with your closing comment. All AK, Carthago, Yakuza, Solar and BK benefit from being tied together just as KETOG benefits from having eachother. You know, it's a fine mentality that dropping out of the web solves all our problems. However on a realistic perspective it doesn't. There will always be a set of drifting alliances hanging in-between spheres and blocs that individuals lean towards having friendship with via paper. I'm not saying KETOG or Chaos hasn't set a good example. I'm saying it can't apply to the entire game. Whether you disagree or not is up to debate, but it's obviously true if you look at the web as it is now. A matter of perspective. I don't need to convince you otherwise, cause frankly I don't intend to live in anyone's shadow. It is said that one who is quick to judge is not a good leader. However I'm certain less than 24 hours was enough for a conclusion. At the least I'm happy to recognize some form of change has occurred.
  10. Reasons to counter? The reasons were already there. About 5 Empy members attacked our prot who then attacked us directly. We slotted all of them after talking to you. So I'm not sure what you may be alluding to.
  11. So does that mean TEst and tS did horrible as well because they went negative in damages? We had whales bro, you didn't. One whale with 3k infra sets an auto negative 1+ billion.
  12. Nice vid mate :p, appreciate the love.
  13. Blue is for the sky cause we got no limits boi
  14. Now we can be together 😉

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