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  1. Screw off. Don't know how you expect any terms to be accepted when you can't draft anything reasonable. Giving GOONS any special clauses is an affront on any honor Coalition B may have had. Hopefully Coalition B just collapses and turns in on itself. Sincerely, John Rambo, John McClane, John Wayne, Columbo, and John Deere.
  2. Wehehehe BURN BURN BURN
  3. Oh no, Screencap of a beige nation? Whatever shall I do? You could have just shown a picture of the Pirate War Policy definition.
  4. Complaining? Hardly. As for the first line, it is a self burn. Comedy in the purest form is making fun of thyself at the cost of others.
  5. Don't see any proof as general names aren't listed except in war.
  6. So da goons think they even hurt a bunch of scurvy mosquitoes that are still stealing the clotted remains of the dead and living? PS- yalls economies suck. Not even worth raiding.
  7. Ahhh. The whirlpool to Davey Jones' locker beckons. Commies are but a footnote to the eternal history that is piracy. The Sea Peoples that crashed the Golden Age of Antiquity; The Vikings pledging themselves to Byzantium; Caribbean age; and now Arrgh who survives while the rest perish. Tis an honor to wave the Jolly Roger unlike the Hammer and Sickle.
  8. okedoke. here's a parrot and some rum.
  9. Its basically just frosting on an already frosted cinnamon roll. Time to steal another sweet roll.
  10. Wow, and I thought Egyptian Empire was a joke when it first started, but throwing confetti about beating pirates who are swamped during a global war? Y'all just threw a pie in your own faces just as bad as I did to myself.
  11. Congratz on peace. Arrgh will push on without ya. ??
  12. Dude. heck no. Quit messing with our freedom in game. If someone wants to sacrifice their growth to be a vault, or bank teller, then let them. All this stunt is doing is appeasing players that want easy loot, and easier money control of the game. With your proposal the monstrosity called Guinea Pigs becomes the new largest bank with their 500 membership. The game is fine. Make new innovations instead of limiting our fun. sincerely, an Arrgh member.
  13. Welcome back @Uriah 'the Fox' ! I shall enjoy raiding you at some point.
  14. @Simmons I love running in and out of your hole. RvB joke.
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