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  1. B0SS

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Perfect timing too...
  2. B0SS

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Then how you got wifi...
  3. B0SS

    hey everybody

    Nice! Welcome to the forums
  4. B0SS

    Name this war! - October 2018

  5. B0SS

    Destiny Arrives

  6. B0SS

    Recognition of Hostilities

    13/10 photoshop my dude
  7. B0SS

    Respldnet 3nd

  8. B0SS

    where do I see the tax of a Alliance

    Your revenue page, scroll down and it should be there.
  9. B0SS

    Hi everyone!!

    Hello Norvian! Welcome to the game! An advice I would give is to join an alliance in the top 30, as they will give you lots of tips, city grants, and guides to help you grow.
  10. B0SS

    Orbis Landing

    Welcome Thrawn!
  11. B0SS

    United Hoods DoE

    Congratz ya'll! Good luck.
  12. B0SS

    Take 5 : The Crimson Entente DoE

    Congrats and good luck Sean
  13. B0SS

    Make Regions for movement

    The thing is, this thing would make the game wayyy too complicated.

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