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  1. The theme is cool and all but it really make no sense for an alliance theme.
  2. "Put Orbis to it's knees" Hm, I wonder how that happened?
  3. Hm, obviously this is a joke but could any of you imagine. All it takes is one big youtuber with all of his fans to join this game. Could you imagine that. One huge ass alliance with literally like 100 score in each nation.
  4. Doesn't help that an alliance wants to try and help him now ?
  5. Okay? I ask again. Is this early April fools or something?
  6. Is this early April fools or something?
  7. Really had me there for a second smh
  8. I mean by this point I don't think anyone is gonna care if you're being mean or not.
  9. The pika meme is better don't @ me
  10. Couple things. Nice warchest there bud. Second off, good on you for not using that horrid app.
  11. Hm, lots lf good ideas that probably won't actually be put in for a while.
  12. What fun what fun. Another alliance (revamped or not) by Sean Anthony. You hear that guys? They managed to last a month. A whole month. Bravo Bravo but you're still going to fail. Sean, you've made so many alliances in the span of a short time and still managed to learn nothing new. Please, get some help.
  13. Wdym, we're already protecting you in spirit ?
  14. I got bored after the first paragraph and skimmed through the rest. Your other ones were better ?
  15. This cracks me the frick up. What a guy!
  16. Sorry for what happened with Sean smh. I blame @Shadow
  17. Agreed... And which was the alliance that allowed that to happen ?
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