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  1. Not sure if this topic works as intended. Reading it makes me wanna rejoin Arrgh more and more. Who needs pirate economy when you can raid with defensive slots anyway...
  2. So whos gonna shoot first? 🤔

  3. So arrgh with VDS are coming? 🤔
  4. They fixed that. You cant leak plans if you dont have them.
  5. Duh. Will wait you to report me. For that we would need different post so we dont derail it. Discussion is about someone making a JOKE and someone running here to report that.
  6. I wouldnt mind lmao. And def wouldnt come to forum reporting it. Edit: Also i need to do forum posts before embargoing? You just reported guy for making a joke.
  7. How did you manage to get triggered by a joke? Brb embargoing you.
  8. 1. Nation was named long time ago for completely different reasons. 2. You saw chat between CCTMSP13 and me that day. And you still ran into forums to report me? 3. Name is changed now. If i noticed this report earlier i wouldnt do it.
  9. No "delete arrgh" button? 🤔
  10. So I got rolled, got my spies cleared out, used majority of wc in "training war" ? I sometimes wonder with what Roq is feeding you there?
  11. Totally normal growth, nothing to see here.
  12. Doesn't delete all cities/projects that NR gov built with the help of exploit. Bans Blink?
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