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  1. now this is your first big mistake
  2. Man l wish you were in the High Command of a major nation in 1941. < 3 3
  3. We would rather see how it goes in practice than just in empty words and theory. We aren't in university. We are in the REAL SUPER SERIOUS online nation simulator game. We are the highest peak of society.
  4. "Foreign Unidentified Vessel, any hostilities towards Durotar units or the Allies of Durotar would be faced with total annihilation of present forces by the Union, and your location of origin would face repercussions by Durotar and it's allies. We instruct you currently to contact the diplomat sent by the Federation and to inform the central committee over radio on everything and we will reply, in an attempt to destabilize the situation"
  5. also relistening to cpt sprakelz pants songs again for the 100th time, brings me back to the times when life was simpler smh
  6. Aircraft would encircle and constantly overpass over the ship, while scouting the sea at the same time to see if there are any other foreign naval vessels. They would be informed to immediately release the captured sailors, if not complied, the ship would face fire from the air ground and sea on the same time, without worrying for the hostages. If the ship showed any hostilities they would be attacked as well. Submarines are to enter the area, while small PT boats would do hit and run tactics if there was any hostility, and to pick up any survivors from the wreckage. The European Federation is informed of all the activity as of the moment of happening and given freedom to respond so, but giving an order to not attack yet directly, just preparing, but they would be given the freedom do unleash any means of warfare they seem fit or necessary.
  7. she might be useful to destroy the vehicles of the poachers, add a MG to grind down the people trying to get the elephants on foot
  8. "Arthur, we need more downvotes"
  9. The Union of Durotar would invite any official and accept all those wishing to travel from Burma to Durotar. The Union congratulates on the National Liberation of Burmese workers from the parasitic class and sends gifts to the Party in vehicles for usages for state visits and trips or any other use they see fit. The Union would try to reach a helping hand out and ask if there are any necessities of any question required for the Burmese nation and people which could be given by the Union of Durotar.
  10. Mech-elephants of the Soviet Red Guard shall protect the real OG elefants Supported by our great war hero Wojtek the Bear! yea should beware of that, everyone gonna gang up if you try to mess w Purplemoon
  11. As the war is progressing to a slow on a map and front-line level, massive use of rocket artillery has resulted in mass suppression of the enemy side, and they would either break with ease upon any assault, but on the other hand a lot of people are surrendering wishing the war to end. In that interest, the Union of Durotar focuses now more on infrastructure and civil improvements for the Soviet Union, continuing on the effort of the construction of railway networks to connect the major points of the Soviet Union with rural areas. A lot of people are expected to be moved from the military to regular civilian life. A project dubbed Reconstruction of the Union - yea creative i kno its 1 am stfu pls - would under-go, focused on assistance to the Soviet Union and an increase in speed of already on going constructions, but also increase in projects, to manage to support the populace, focusing that many aren't forced to live on the street. Psychologists are sent to the Soviet Union to aid in case of treatment for any mental issues the veterans, but also ordinary people generally would be facing in a time of post-war turmoil. Medicine and food is prepared to be handed to in any case of hunger or illness outbreak due to the war situation.
  12. OOC: smh this aint a proper way to get online reputation points - The Union would recommend on a small level exercise in the Western Baltic Area involving strategic destruction of targets using VTOL and/or helicopters as well as to improve onto the independence of the individual military unit and soldier on the field
  13. The Union would send a representative to Europe to hold a meeting, with no specific intentions to accomplish for the time beign.
  14. Any willing supporters and former members of the PLA of China are allowed residence in the Union without any consequences and would be given free residence. Those that would still remain in the army would be allowed to do so and currently organisation of the Chinese volunteers is on going, to see how large the unit will be, and would be reequipped and trained again, further plans for the unit are not made, it is just a means to allow for foreign supporters of the revolution, anti-fascists and anti-imperialists to come to a hub of revolutionaries and others.
  15. The Elemental Union is aware that it cannot stand such a burden of a war, but the Phoenix Empire will have difficulties waging a war far away from it's home. The first line of the defense established was code-named Matilda line. It's not on the coast, but inland and it is more or less a makeshift barrier designed to minimize causalities, but to waste time. It consisted of a long wall in the first row, and then multiple short walls on random locations with unstable looking pill boxes, designed to collapse with slight earth bending, which would be done so upon a retreat which would come. Roads would be made difficult to use, as the Phoenix Empire wielded a modernized and mechanized force. They were made hilly or unwieldy, but usable in some sense, or totally wrecked with earth-bending and were only passable by foot or horse, the land next to them could be traversed by vehicles, but there would be the danger of dependence on more repairs and so on due to the terrain. Earth benders damaged roadways as much as they could while retreating to the defensive line built by present benders there. The forces there are split into two branches, which would support each other in case of necessity, until they saw a retreat necessary. The branches are built on the bending differences. First the Earth branch was the ground force. Their objectives are to hamper the advance of the ground forces of the Phoenix Empire and to tie them down. They would use earth bending to avoid confrontation and to make the fire nation soldiers move constantly to be able to fire upon them, and if the opportunity would show, they would try to push back and lock up or wall up the fire nation soldiers which would relieve the defensive line from pressure, and the soldiers would have to be relieved by other coming forces. But that was not a priority. Such task could only be performed by a coordination between the branches. In the end the defensive line is given the independence following the orders of sabotaging the advance. Same goes for the Air benders whom use gliders all stored on the back lines, so if one were to be damaged, they could land, throw it away and take flight again. Their objectives are to support the ground forces, but also to practically poke at the large air units of the Phoenix Empire, they would be unable to destroy it but annoy it, with a large flock of little targets being able to air bend. They would have one more defensive line to retreat to, and afterwards a main line of defenses at a newly constructed city, but evacuated one, code-named El Daba. Multiple lines of defense are being constructed with technology and bending to serve as the first block of unbeatable constant resistance by the Elemental Union. The el Daba line consists of multiple hard points on 3 levels, outer, inner and urban ring. The hard-points in most cases have heavy weaponry operational with earth bending, and their ammo is earth bending. It represents a sort of ballista which sends a long piece of earth in a specific direction. before the outer ring there are ditches with booby traps. Weapons against infantry and other regular units in the hard-points is bending, and some are equipped with explosives, some positions have them in a relative quantity, some don't, the quantity and concentration increases going into the levels. Between the hard-points a string of other means of defenses are made, barbed wire and fences, as well as walls on random location before the positions which were to be defended - a string of trenches or small fort positions, a relative hard-point, but makeshift. While the air benders are organized and are being armed for a combat like on the Matilda line, except the gliders would be also armed sometimes with explosives, sharp objects - whatever they can weaponize, as the air benders would be constantly flying in practical sense. And as the last weapons in the defensive line are makeshift bending artillery, flinging long and large chunks of earth on either air units of the Phoenix Empire, acting as anti-air artillery, or against relative random targets in front of the defensive lines when the time comes to suppress attacks.
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