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  1. Rimski

    All the news that's fit to sing

    Students and professors from five higher education institutions for engineering and geology will be transported to Australia with late cold-war-era transport vehicles to Australia to cover large distances on the construction site. Other materials and construction vehicles will be transported over the course of weeks along a unit of workers to aid the construction. A report has been sent to the HQ of Mog[Corp] and local HQ in Australia to request arrival for secret police officers and regular police officers to maintain a sector of the construction site by the Internationale to relieve officials from the corporation, along with them would be all required equipment like barricades would be brought at the expense of the Internationale. The role of the regular police would be to prevent any unauthorized entrance to the construction site, while the Secret police would work more on anti-espionage and anti-sabotage from other enemy states on the project. The contact officials for these tasks are - Commissar of Police Affairs Lyod Dowding, Commissar of the Secret Police Connor Portal Commissar of Engineering Hugh Montgomery Commissar of Education Edward Wingate
  2. The Internationale's leadership and media outlets have stayed quiet for a long while as there were no important broadcasts. It's time was spent finishing up the collectivization of all industrial branches, and the elimination of targets classified as 'mischief makers' and 'threats to the security of the worker'. All overseas 'assets' of the Internationale were pulled off after many funds and projects were fulfilled in those areas which brought enough improvement to the area so that the ideals and increase in living standard spread across China, Russia, and Western Europe, where still opposition is active lead by Falangists, Monarchists, and others. In response to the change of Australia's rural areas into flourishing green areas by Mog[Corp] the delegation in their capital presented an offer to the representatives for a few groups visiting there. One would be a group of scientists examining the progress, to that many engineers and workers to be sent there to aid in the project, as well as to support the growth of the new greenlands with cultivation after it's completion. The Internationale invites delegates and students from Mog[Corp] to learn, experience or even participate in many infrastructural expansion projects which are deemed as challenges - an example being many connection ways from the British Isles to continental Europe On other aspects, the Red Navy retreats from its interferences in the world's seas and stays close to the home islands and waters around it to conduct exercises and patrols in the northern waters connecting the Atlantic to Scandinavia as well as the passage through the English Channel.
  3. Rimski

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    Yeah but Mayo sucks
  4. One two three four

    Your mother is a fuqen whorr

  5. Rimski

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    All you had to do was make the damn sandwich, PJ
  6. So, writing this from my phone while I wait for SA credits to finish. Seems it died again, so are we gonna just reset it and blame is for wanting to change and experiment instead of going the same road to hell all again. Or might we leave NatRP to now die once and for all?
  7. You have entered life when 13:00 becomes your morning, but so does  4 o clock.

  8. Mama, just grilled a ham

    Put a pun against his bed

    Pulled the finger now he's fed

    Mama, Strife had just begun

    But now I've gone and blown it at Way

    Mama, oh oh

    Didn't mean to make it dry

    If I'm not farting then its tomorrow

    Ferry on, ferry on, as if cooking really matters


    Duet by Queen and Gordon Ramsay from the new hit album "LAMB SAUCE"

  9. Tell me your stories of your best meal ever.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rimski


      Tbh not sure what my best meal is, but my largest foodgasm was when I was eating like a medium sized chocolate bear, man that shit was good

    3. Charlie Traveler

      Charlie Traveler

      Any Brazilian steakhouse ever. Meat on meat on meat.

    4. Rimski


      I feel like an ig chick but thats so relatable

      Like 6/7 days in a week has MEAT in my meal

      Like if meat is murder then why does it taste so good

      Checkmate veggies

  10. I hope I have friends in KT or anywhere : ) guys?
  11. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Rimski out
  12. Rimski

    awful nation names

    go to CN if you want to RP. Here in pnw hang out the cool kids
  13. Rimski

    Join the International

    so was your mum... checkmate
  14. Rimski

    The first meeting of the International

    doesnt matter if its the wrong subforum as the PROLETARIAT WILL ALWAYS RISE UP
  15. Kicking dogs is animal abuse and a very dick move. This is something special, the Templar Syndrome! Brought to you by Dr RebelMan and Dr. Vet. Rimski (apparently cannot make fun of my own name by maming it kinky)

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