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  1. @Aguacenta, if she doesn't mention them how would we know I do think OOC and IC should be left apart. I have gotten butthurt a few times and went hostile IC. Don't mean to hide it, but some people don't know how to split OOC and IC. As I already mentioned, a good example, when Eva talked to David John Alexander ans threatning him, when put as evidence in UNSC it was deemed not valid as it was ooc, but technically it is as it has a result ic and works as a dialouge in the rp itself Now what I'd like to add is that I think Talks between nations should be on the newly made discord server with the attendants and Erin being able to overlook it or forums except the Large Side Talks as in the two sides of the Cold War, to prevent important leaks by some accidents [and all conversations are set on one server I assume as UNHQ/SC is, I'd assume CEAN does the same on the Rok server] Now alas, Natioms shouls have set Army Equiptment links, so in combat, over time as each nation can find out what is their weakness by either it being said as "Classified" and handwritten rp or linked via wiki link Now what you said, the 'having too large of an army etc. ' I've said it plenty of times, nations can be inside the limit, but have negative consequences on your Economy or it's peformace as a large ammount of tanks become easy prey, kinda like the Winter war, hard to miss a soviet soldier. Re-reading, when I said 'you cannot split ooc and ic' I mean by she considers some ic interactions as ooc and vice versa.
  2. @Eva-Beatrice, Round 2 as I read all of it now. -You say you stay in your limits and build up a little. 10k tanks made out of nowherenis not little -Noone said that if you stay in the limit that there won't be no reprecussions on your economy -Instead of using Ether, you should have built Anti-Balistic Missiles -They were not made up, Spectral is not enforced to RP every missile transfer or every bullet fires by his army. -Even though it was completely destroyed, it sucked in a whole armada of Missiles with no dammage done to your nation directly except Metal and Ether being dropped onto the ground to be transformed into some cheap cars -'It is just a poisonous blade. ' Instead of that, try making something original. I have copied off Subnautica for the Planet and Species, your entire rp is based on Anime and Witches. -It is franqly impossible for that large of a Tank Army to be all Modern Tanks. Let's say you use the element on all of your tanks. Most will be destroyed before they even shoot as it is impossible for you having so many Modern Tanks. You have more tanks that Bosnia currently has Active Personel. - You are mad about the thing with Leviathans. I Wrote what their flaws are, I rp'd them for months ooc and I made logical reasons on why and where they go. Now you take this into consideration. When you were blockading China it was no thing as it was in 'International Waters'. A blockade is a blockade which is preventing your ships to move which is considered an act of war. When David gave me evidence on your threats, you claimed it was ooc, but you cannot split ooc and ic. It could have been considered IC as you talked about ic and what can happen if he refuses. It has direct correlation to the RP. -I've talked plenty of times on the Soace Armada, yes I am repeating, and many flaws to your rp. You ignore, I've tols you how and what and why, you ignored and you come here making this feud -As already Noted, if you don't like it that means they will be deleted (Leviathans). Instead you could have told me to make an Anatomy post on them to know their heres and theres, but you went straight to the mod -Yes you need to explain how you mantain it. Otherwise everyone can go to max, do whatever the hell they want. Make 50k+ Leclerc Tanks and not have a negative effect on the nations economy. @Erin Brockovich -On the note of FT-MT tech barrier, get rid of it. It ruins the rp. There has to be an underdog to every story and this will prevent from anything happening. It's not like irl the people can say 'no you cannot invade us because your army is more advanced' Without that then the UN and the SC would have a reason to exist.
  3. I have explained many times on how I mantain my space armada and HOW I built it, like everyone in UNSC. With Spectres Support. And the prices for ships is reduced heavily when you have resources from colonies. I haven't used the Ships in a long while since I started manufacturing them and even when they were done. You have complained about this, while you built 51 spaceships out of nowhere. Why would I not be able to attack you? Technically I just backwards evolutionaized their birth, released the Animals and they migrated on your own will. It is no attack of mine directly You just say 'tanks'. What kind of. If it's modern how can you manage to mantain it and do all other. Numbers don't mean anything if you can't use them, and same goes for pictures and a bunch of words that mean nothing. Put in specs or if I ever attack Rok and don't get a Tank Link, valid mantainment reason, I'll consider them the first tanks that have ever existed. That would go on your fault as you never put up a 'which tank' so how could we know, it's the same scenario with the leviathan. I wrote that post so you can do something against it and not complain. Then what I expect from you is to write up descriptive posts on your army, not just numbers increasing, and then how you mantain it. Don't say I am boring with the mantainment, as nobody said if we hit cap there won't be drawbacks to the nation. If you want to search for the 10 points I had on mantainment and other things I had for you and protectinf me it's on the discord. Don't comaplain on not wanting to read them
  4. Hello World.

    The planes flown towards the Lizard Kingdom is codenamed - Drache [Dragon in German]. They are mostly bright stuntplanes with a lot of decoration on them. With the conformation of the Lizards, the planes of Prussia were allowed to peform stunts. They flew across the sky being followed by the escorts and formed the Prussian Flag. After all of the fancy things peformed by the pilots, they landed on an airstrip alongside the escorts. The people whom exited were Victoria and her Guards still in Pilot uniforms, helmets and other gear, all in grey. They talked to the escorts on the location of stay for the visitors from Prussia and what the plan is for meetings, talks and most importantly, buisness dinner
  5. [Classified] Skin Anatomy and Outside Bodywork The Reaper length is usually set at 55 metres. It posseses four caudal fins and two pectoral fins. It also has two dorsal fins running along the length of its entire body, and two ventral fins taking a small portion of its belly. Most of its fins, along with its back, are red in color. The body is long, slim and muscular, simmalar to a snake-like structure. It's head features a large mouth, as well as two pairs of eyes with grey sclera and dark green irises. It has two maroon mandibles on each side of its face which slowly get darker, tipped with black claws, four in total. Multiple scars can be seen on the body, particularly around the facial area, and the bluish-white skin appears similar in texture to humam skin. An imaginary vertical line goes down from the aboral of the head, at the closest point of the eye to the neck part of the Leviathan. The imaginary line goes to the end of the mouth as well and has some important points in the internal anatomy which will be talked later on. The 4 front 'claws' (lat. Fronatle Pes) which posses a large ammount of Muscular Tissues and from there the large strength from them. Musculutar System The Leviathan posseses over 350 Muscles inside the body. They are not only used in offensive/defensive manouvers, but it has vital roles in eating, breathing, extraction of fluids and excrement out of the body. Most of the Muscular tissues are located in the front as previously noted. Their roles there are for chewing, picking up large objects, either throwing them or crushing them. Other Muscular tissues are used in movement throughout the body and are evenly spread out throught middle part and the fin part of the body. The frontal claws , where their main offensive capabilities are set, the Leviathan can cause dammage with the rest of the body by flinging ships or people, but they will be less lethal without the frontal claws, are resiliant and their structure is set on horn-like but with colours and muscles. They are movable, not much, but still is enough to rip apart a ship or crush a submarine. The claws, if ripped by anything, many Microorganisms will enter them and hurt everything in their body gradually over time. Alas come muscles used in life-needing tasks. All chewing muscles are connected to the offensive claw muscles and the digestion part is supported by the muscles used for movement, same goes for the respiratory organs. Digestion System The Digestive system is simplified in the large body. It starts with the mouth and it is chewed with the many teeth. The Leviathans are predators and only eat meat, not even the slightest biological background of plants. Eating plants works negative on them and their children. The Leviathan will react with being very slow, but after a long ammount is consumed, but it won't be eaten on purpose ever, nor on accident as they are very picky about their food and check it a lot. It will be difficult to bypass plant origin in their food. From the mouth, the food continoues to a tubular simplistical organ. It is just transported to a simplistic stomach where all the useful material is used and dispersed throughout the body and used as fuel while the rest is being estracted out of the body. Respiratory System The Respiratory System is split into two, simmalar to Amphibia animals, they use lungs and trachea to breathe. Cardiovascular System The heart is made out of two Atrium and two Ventriculus.It is the most 'advanced' System inside the Leviathan with it being simmalar to the !@#$ Sapiens one, while the rest of the organs are simplistic. It posseses oxidised blood and non oxidised. A smaller [Heart->Lungs->Back to heart] and larger [Heart-> Every Organ -> Back to heart] bloodstream, and a lympathic system, like humans do. System of Senses The Leviathan posseses specialized senses of smell, sight and the sense of touch. It's nose works as an underwater dogs one with it finding prey via smell. The good eyesight is only useful during storms as they can see through a lot of dust and other simmalar things. Their behaviour is to use this as a hiding spot, behind dust or fog, as they are less to be seen by prey and they can see the prey through it well like it wasn't there. The sense of touch is closely related to the reactions of the Leviathan. As it is a lone wolf and a predator, it will react quickly if something touches them and they cannot see it from the current viewing location. Reproduction The Leviathan brings new leviathans to the world only after death, with 1 or 2 at max being inside it, gaining all needed material from the Leviathan eating. They are released as the Leviathan Carrier dies. Egg laying was an old method of reproduction for Leviathans and it was in their genetical code but not used, simmalar to the scenario of whales having small legs in their skeleton but not used. It was brought back with Genetical Modification by SoE Scientists, and they produce a lot by themselves, without needing Scientist support. 80 New Leviathans come to the world every week. Behaviour Agressive, they defent with all their might and only causes of death found on the planet where they were found at was Natural death of illness or age. It can be trained to obey on 'whom to avoid/not attack' while they will attack anyone other than that.
  6. My RP for Leviathans was in the making for a long time. Since I landed ON the Water Planet I have introduced the rp communnity to the Leviathan species. And I have given a valid reason on why they went where they went, how I made them speed up the growth and how it was before and etc. I wouldn't be bothered by making the Anatomy of the Reaper Leviathan, if it only was requested and not sent to the mod. While I was complaining about the doings of Eva-Beatrice and the large military. I have set a question on how she can mantain it, not answred, the question was put up twice. Then Eva-Beatrice has not made any specifications and weaknesses to her Army, while most of us posted Many Specs of Armies, either via Wikipedia link or what PRC did. Now, I have two complains here, how can she do all of the above when having that large of a military, then it is not specified which tanks. It can be a New Zealand WW2 Bob Tank as far as we know, it was never specified. Other is the Elements she made up and the magic sword. Eva said she introduced the Ether Element as protection against our space-faring vesseles, while I think it is OP as it sucked in an armada of Missiles and it was only dammaged, then the sword without any explenation, she said 'it was just a poisonous sword', and the newest element she found. I do admit having a Navium element, and I planned on only using on small usage like Batteries for small units used in the Military or any Civilian, so reducing the consumnment of Batteries, but as she made up Ether as Self-protection against our fleets, I'd have to do something as well.
  7. A Diplomatic communique by the French Foreign Ministry

    [SoE New FA Minister, Mustafa Nadarević] 'We are going to protect the French statement, not because we signed a paper, it is because our nation wa accused of Colonialism in Asia. Now, seeing what my predecassor has done, the deals with Thailand, selling Arms and Protecting them, they have raged out of the embassy when they claimed us establishing colonies. The ideology of ours is against Colonialism, I remember from my old days working in Libya. It was just for one day as Alcohol was impossible to be found. Anyhow, the state was free and under protection of someone else who has the means to build Arms.The same is with Sri Lanka, we are protecting it, setting up defensive measurements and that is claimed to be a Colony. Thailand has refused to have talks or anything and went into the media saying that we are just the big bad wolf that grabs some nations wherever they want. We said we give every person, ethnicity or anything the freedom of writing and composing under their ethnicity. If a Kurd made a book we would not be hurt if he claimed to be a Kurd Book, everyone reads books and everyone can learn however he or she wants. Now if we go back to the topic. We were doing a lot for Thailand and they stormed out when SoE troops came to protection of the Sri Lankans and claimed it as Colonialism and didn't even want to listen. I can only say that our doors are wide open for them and the Asian Nations, ,but only when they are leaving. With these small stories said, I think the people will understand a bit on our current standpoint. The stories are very opposite on both sides. Us and France were neutral about it and done a lot to make them satisfied, we were protecting Thailand once, and France agreed to have talks with Rok, and both stormed out, I think there is no reasoning with them for now. We've did the peaceful way, wanted to talk, but it seems like someone doesn't know how to. I think the chance for talks is over for the Asian Union with the UNSC. That is just my opinion, but seeing what France, Resoria and others have to say, it is set to be so."
  8. War Stats 3.0

    What after this? Support Anti-IQ Coups in Micros? This us getting far too real
  9. Hello World.

    Prussia will send a Royalist to the Lizard Kingdom with the best of the best guards of the Totenkopf Divisiln. The Royal would be sent with respect to be given to the Nation, it was not to be any person to arrive there, the Royal was Kaiserin Victoria herself. Following her, excluding the guards will be presents made of the finest tobacco. It was essentially a Fruit Basket, but in it were things opposite of fruit. Before the Arrival of any Prussian person on the Lizard Lands the Kaiser sent a message personally to the leader, translates by the courier. [Before Translation] "Greetings from the Prussian Monarchy. I am Kaiserin Victoria herself, the leader. Pretty selfexplanitory rofl. I'll attend with my Guards via individual aircraft and make a soinptaniuous entrance. See you soon.
  10. Wargames

    Three Bomber Spaceships are going into the support of Resorian ships. The ships being specialized or destru ction of defenses, that is what they are doing, while in safe distance of any aircraft, with the main focus being on the Carnac-Sarzeau-Vannes triangle and Lorient being assaulted. While that is happening, sometimes bombs travel to the most southern tip of the front. as well as troops are planned on doing a search and destroy mission when the time is right with enemy aircraft being intercepted soon. The rest of the space ships are Battlecruisers, a quick response unit whom deals large fatalaties to enemy fleets. The Naval Forces launched an ammas of fireworks going to the west, away from every with eye-catching colours. And the Concetration of Naval Subs was taken with simmalar actions happening underwater, except in all directions and not with Fireworks obviously but with specialized torpedoes that make up a fake, but realisticly seeming to the enemy radio transmissions. While that was on going, scouting missions were peformed with non-manned and small objects, whom would give the crew greatly detailed pictures of the location they area sent and will be self-destructed when crashed or if it comes into contacts with a human or any other animal.
  11. People are trying to make peace while I am here with loads of AK's walking around with flip flops through the streets calling for someone to hit me. HIT ME

  12. The End (of Orbis?!).

    New Radiated Order Aside from that, as Martin Riggs says, the guy whom put the barrel of a heist members gun on his forehead, once said "Let's live to regret." Now I regret living.
  13. The Southern Adriatic Carrier Fleet - Kesselring , is being sent to rendevouz with the Mog[Corp] Fleet to suppor them in their efforts against Salazaristan. "I don't know what or when. I just know Sal is an annoying prick, and that Mogar is good at dealing with people like him. From my army days I've learned to not ask too much and to do what will either save your and your comrades lives or blow the enemy up. The Second option always lead to the first as well. I want that unconvinience gone, he vulted before we deused which irritates me. I wanted to be the first whom controls the keypoints of the Arab Peninsula." ranted Victora. All those whom were present saluted and the main commander, Hans Gunter replied "You got it miss. The Desert Unit is ready and the Ghost Division is being readied up if things escelate. Our planes and ships are ready to set sail and will arrive there at any given momment, and for ettiquette we are inteling the Special Ops for missions inside the nation that could occur. Infiltrate and destroy the guys and their precious weapons with their own guns. Just the old." , but the Kaiserin replied "Forget about the Special Ops, I don't want my valuable men dying for some douche self loving leader that plays chess the worst way possible.." as she continued the rant over Salazar and his Regime, a servant entered the room while he pulled in something on a trolley, covered with black and white. He asked "Miss, where is the ice sculpture of you in the Hussar Uniform riding a horse going?". Victoria covered her mouth and whispered "Bad timing, Charles." and his reply was "Ah I understand, my Queen. Farewell for now."
  14. [Classified] J-Fighter. Quick and mobile. Fragile to Heavy units, in dog-fights it is superiour than the normal planes on the world. It's Fleight goes on above usual Jet capabilities, it can strike down on Normal Aircraft, Infrastructure, Ground and Naval Forces but it can also strike Spaceships. They are being sent to the Sri Lankan Base, and put on Carriers with the standard being of 1/3rd of the Carriers planes have to be the J-Fighters. Because of the Large use of Radio for Communications as the Rok army was large, the Migration of Terror Herds began. As the transmissions filled them with rage and a wish for blood, they speeded to the Sea of Japan with just swimming and there some Leviathans are located and release terror on Naval Vessels without causalities as they are unable to be traced because their sounds are specialized so it sounds like it comes from anywhere. The strenght of one is enough to rip a large whole in a Carrier and it's escorts, let alone a herd of them.