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    A New Date to the Dance

    Just me?
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    NatRP Map Thread

    I remember you from the CoS discord
  3. Rimski


    The Nation of Prussia is a nation with wide usage of Artificial Intellegence. After a long-term research campaign in robotics, prototypes came out with humane looking body structure but with no emotions, like any other robot. They have been later made from cheaper materials and could be produced more. With that came the replacements of humans with them. Even though that sounds great, many people are left unemployed and now roam the streets like beggars, protests arise with the slogan of 'machines serve us, not replace us'. The Robots are used in many suicidal acts, but also as public safe keepers. Some work in parks to help the elderly and to entertain or keep the parks clean, while some participate as co-workers in police or as negotiators. Many citizen use them in their own household to mantain the house as well as babysit. The Robots are considered lower class and always are approached with 'it'. The cost of one is around 10k euros. Because of the robots and with many people becomming unemployed and poor, a massive rift became between classes in which hatred grew more. The 'lower class', considered the poor class are homeless and are beggars as previously noted while other households are in massive apartments and the size is depending on their economic stance of the family. The Middle Class is opposed to the robots and fear that they will be transformed into the lower class and they are the main protesters against the robots. They are not being used in the armed forces of the nation. The land of the Germans spreads from the cold Copenhagen to the southern warm Venice. Even though it is not as a whole with many western Germanic people being a part of an another nation, the Prussian nation holds most Germans of the world. It is very commonly known on about the Germans will to work as well as their determination and so with a long term policy, the nations inhabited by non-germans with Prussian rule have not only been Germanized, they were transformed into mostly german inhabited cities and provinces. To employ a large germanic workforce a large ammount of Arms Factories and Sheet Metal Production Facilties are built. The nation leads in sheet metal construction which are used on roofs, pipes and more. While their weapons are mass produced with quality components. All weapons unecessary to the nation are stockpiled or sold to the population. All arms in the hands of the population are not as modernized as the ones of the Army or Police forces. Because of a large industry, major contributions are focused on mantaining the nature of the nation without any scientific experiments on them. The green fields are maximally used for agriculture with usage of many non-nature dammaging machines. A high class citizen has all their troubles nulled with constant protection as well as no need to peform any kind of household mantainment activities as the robots peform it. Usually, they have some sort of company related to engineering. The anmount of kids a high class citizen has has never passed 4 with the most common ammount of children being one and three. These citizens live in larger skyscraper apartments thag are of mass unneedles proportions. A branch of high class civilians are Farmers which live in the rural areas of the nation and posses large farms. The farms are usually a mix of plantations and livestock and all is automated. The middle class is the usual worker. Previously noted that many people of this class protest on the usage of robots and they do not own them. Very few people in this class own them while only those whom protest are at a balancing point between worker and beggar as a machine could replace them the next day. They either live in smaller apartments which were made claustrophobic, and the other live in larger houses with their parents and other relatives. The low class is usually named the victim of modernization as they lost their everything to machines. The people that make up this class make small remarkable actions against the robots using words, with an example being of a beggar playing music to get money but the motto on his sign says 'one euro for human music, music with soul'. The education enforces a small hint of patriotism and loyalty to the crown and nation itself and teaches them discipline. At the end of education the student will, most of the time, be against the western Germany and have sworn and signed a paper in which he or she will be either a part in the army or work any way to support the nations way to victory in any conflict.
  4. tfw you are 666 days old and your war stats are still hurrendous

  5. Rimski

    The Liberte Act

    In an order to secure the Eastern Mediterrian Areas which are of high interest to many foreign nations, the Turkish nation will continue it's expansion into the Western Middle Eastern lands to establish a direct link between Egypt back to Istanbul by Land. Operation Inconvinience is comming into action with Maroon Berets of the Turkish Army being sent to defend the former GSO lands against any foe that is not shown on the map. Alongside military protection, SoE is enforcing an improvement campaign for the region mainly focused on modernization and extension of road networks in the new region of SoE as well as an expansion of a workforce with many factories under construction focused on domestic use. 76 Factories are currently under construction in the region with more to come. Except for the force defending the cities from rebels, the region is not well defended against any other larger military foe.
  6. Rimski

    Death Row

    Middle Eastern Affair The Muslim Participants in the Crusader organization of KT have ventured to the Salazaristan nation to form a party to heed the voice of the Muslims. It's made out of Muslim KT members as previously noted before and important muslim figures inside the nation as well as representatives for each class and region inhabited by Muslims in Salazaristan. Their focus is to keep a balance between all the relligions. Leader of the Party (KT) - Mustafa Kemal Leader of the Party (From Salazaristan) - Hayradin Gdabad KT Defence Force 1. is dispatched in Jerusalem where they function as the defenders of the city of any foreign agression and a seperate part of the KT's military functions as a Police unit in the holy site. The Army there is lightly equipped with only soldiers without any armour, aerial units, nor naval. The same concept is set for the KT Defence Force 2 and 3 which were put in Mecca and Medina. Commander of KTDF1 is codenamed Thalmor, the 2nd is codenamed Odo, and 3rd Odin. While helicopters are being sent from the mainland to the cities for Police Action Salazaristani police is now unarmed except for the special forces. They will work alongside the KT Police forces in the cities. To balance the police without weaponery, an order for armoured police patrol vehicles from Prussia has been made to be sent for KT and Salazaristani police action inside the cities. A place for representatives from Reubenia and Salazaristan is opened at KT's HQ in Munich, and in the Party in Salazaristan (mainly as spectators in the 2nd case) Asian Affair For the issue in Meta Board, the military has extended it to more branches for special operations. For the combat against a menace in the Meta Board special commandos are placed in the Prussian Asian Colony, as well as a large ammount of long-term bombers and fighters. A Paramilitary force has been formed as well ready to be dispatched in Meta Board. Their role is to keep the civilian population safe and put stil in the Liberated Areas. European Affair Contact has been made with the Northern Light of the Corporation in Scandinavia to improve the heated diplomatic state between the two nations.
  7. Episode One - Pilot (theme song) A young mate, brown hair and with casual wear on was relaxing in his room. He was alone so he could do anything. He continued feeding his nictine addiction which he got young and was staring at his phone, checking some forums he was on. In came a messanger, an imaginary friend of his. It was a robotic metal beign with a large humane eye as a head. It dropped a note saying "Sir, your nation needs you, your people need you, rise up to the defence, an air strike is bombed and everyone you love, your pixels will be gone. Sir, your war stats are at stake." With fury and determination he did what everyone would do. He plugged out his phone from the charger and turned to the other side of the bed. The young person opened an application on the phone and was in haste.A few clicks and a smile appeared on his face while a large army of soldiers alongside gunfire has been heard in the distance. The News made a large broadcast on TV and have shown a large ammount of armoured forces destroyed as well as many airports so the invading army could not use their whole air force. A screenshot was taken and put all over the OCP, Orbis Crusader Papers or as known in the public, KT member discord channels. The enemy was suprised and had no idea how to retaliate on the quick actions of the young leader. He continued using the phone and has gathered intel. The enemy of his is expirienced and is old. Much blood was in the hands of the enemy while the nation of the young one expirienced a lot of inept military acts. The young ruler has traveled the world. Met the blood thirsty Valyrians, went across the snowy hell known as Polaris, twice, talked to the wise Gods of Pantheon, then he was captured and tortured with the most fierce of all psychological weapons, codenamed anime. The Secret torture chamber was left alone without an overseer and the leader ran for his life. The furthest he could go was to the beach with water being his barrier and he had no steel to build a ship to beige the hidden chests filled with resources. Then came by a pirate. It was run by a greek, he knew the Gods of the Pantheon and his name was Ripper.And on board of the ship was a member of the Valyrian Clan, a blue bear. I assume a russian. They got him on board and taught him how the world worked. Few years later (aka like few hours after Ripper told me how to pirate) when his education was finished, he asked his mother for money to buy a ship. She said yes but under one condition. That he will return before sunset, spoiler, he didn't. He traveled the seas, plundering those whom do not know how to handle their wealth. He docked at a port in a land filled with people wearing large onion hats and fezes. As he was buying his supplies for a next adventure, a large trumpt was heard and hundreds of knights on horseback stormed the market. He fled with his ship to a greek island. He met the High Goddess of innocence, Yui. She has accepted the young sailor into the Gods chambers at the top of Olimpus. The Titan as they would like to call her has protected the young sailor and named a flower after the sailor. Then a rogue of a God, russo-jap aka rush b anime, has kicked him off of Olimpus and into Jerusalem where he saw a Towelhead fighting. Well at least the knights didn't forget to bring a towel. The were fighting in heavy armour against the onion hats. The city was filled with war screams that go by 'REEEE'. They are still in the nightmares of the sailor. After the menace came a tea party and the sailor approached the towelhead. He said: "What up Thal, long time no see" "Yo" replied he "So, my ships trashed and the Gods are salty, so wonder if I could hang out with you guys" "Sure, do you attend church ever Sunday?" "No, I am a muslim, not a good one tho" "Well uh.... are you a commie? We are heavily against them" "Ye" "Hmm. You seem cool. You are on board imo. But I do not make the decisions now" "Then who does?" "That guy" finished the Towelhead pointing at the end of the table with a person with short hair, an adidas outfit dancing to hard bass next to a Skeleton. "Great, he is slavic. My culture" and he ventured to the new headmaster and asked for a membership in the Templars. The Headmaster granted him and then the sailor was put on a tree with squirrels for some time. Later he'd be put in an oversized suit of armour and sent into battle. His first expirience of battle as a Crusader were dark. He has been ordered to launch an attack against an Order of assasins and to manually lead the army but he ended up in a dark forest, alo... A cavalryman on a horse went over him and he woke up seeing flags of KT everywhere and the flags of AO were burning with an amass of bodies of some cloaked guys going down the river. He was pushed by an amass of knights going to a hall to hear speechofthetowelheadv3.mp4 but after the first lines of words with unneeded ths at the end of them, the youngster fell asleep again as he was bored to death by Thalmor. After some peace time came back the rampaging onion heads alongside a commune lead by a guinea pig-like creature but to the protection of the Templars came the Wrath of the Steppes. He fought through a lot of lines of bad warriors till a boring white peace was agreed upon. Not so long after that, a new piece of armour was put on otherwise known as a new city. Then he went to sleep.He had a nice dream about unico... ding dong came the world police and masters of bad blitzes and not fighting long wars. Perfect opportunity to fix his war stats. And here now he walks through an empire filled with destroyed machines everywhere. The Young Leader known as Rimski walked out of the city to sit over a cliff close to the capital. Rimski's addiction of speaking in third person continued, nonthenless, he grabbed some things out of his bag. He put on sunglasses even though it was sunset, following them was a leather jacket, a cigar in his mouth. Rimski used his lighter on it, few smokes and he said "When the sun falls I will be 666, next on comes 1337. Cannot wait to tell all my friends and the kids I will never have about my travels." He pulled out a phone as the camera was going away. "Man the wifi here is great. Ooh an another war declared" and everything closed down in a black circle. I was just going to write some post about being 666 days old in-game that probs no one will read but this brought me to an idea when I was mid-writing. Making funny posts that are Templar and Orbis related with 'Friends' factors in it and of other shows. I have not thought of making it friends-like when writing it and I'd do it on a different set-up if you want it. With spacing, an actual plot to the story and yada yada.
  8. Rimski

    Lambdagrad News Channel - Episode XVI

    /Kaiserin's Palace, Berlin, Brandenburg/ It has been a few hours before Victoria could venture home. She has been trying to killing time for a long time by now. She had nothing else to do except watch TV when she came by the Meta Board News on which she'd prolonge her stay in the office of her palace. First she'd look through student files to find a few students which would be worth sending there with funds from the nation. 50 Students of Machine Engineering, 24 of Medicine, 12 of Veterinacy, and 5 of Econimics to Meta Board. As well as a note to call for a small student exchange programme between the Prussian nation and Meta Board The Kaiserin has come into contact with the Military Command at her colony in China, as well has called in the main military command at home. She'd talk it through with the colony to see what the military situation is there like and to prepare a delivery of arms in the view of Bombers and Fighters to the region. The Main Meta Board officials will be informed about the placement of new Aircraft there as well as Anti-Air defences and ships that protect convoys from being raided.
  9. Rimski

    Battle of the Western Delta

    You are should be aware that the crusader organization of KT is a Liberation Organ for all monoteistic religions and their sole purpose is the protection of religion. We have said that a representative from both Reubenia and Salazaristan can come to the table of KT.
  10. Rimski

    Battle of the Western Delta

    "That is why I have said to invite a representative to the negotiating table here as they are a major player in these issues. KT is just an organization that protects religion, and as previously noted has Muslims and Jews inside it like the Crusade had as well. There will be no bias, and we have said that representatives from both Lumia and Salazaristan are welcomed to the table of KT. All Defensive Operations in the holy sites are Neutral and the Armies would be there just to protect against a foreign invader or against any terrorist attack inside the sites. They are there to keep it safe. About the muslim party, we opted for that as there is only a radical Muslim Party in Salazaristan and no party that actually listens to the muslim population. We can agree to the last factor, now specify the terms you can agree and those which you cannot so we can reform them"
  11. Tbh if I feared TKR, TRF and TCW I'd be carrying bug spray.

  12. Rimski

    Battle of the Western Delta

    "I repeat that you have landed in Egypt and razed it, and when linking the Australian-British relations, they have done much to make those stay with year long rule with putting men there that are not of the lands descent, the white people of Australia are not native to those lands and the Australians were only considered a colony and teritorry, not an ethnicity, nor a people for a long time and there is more to say. Now the Moral High Horse, it is applied to you not myself as I have said to abandon the talks about Egypt, then you continued with your lingual attacks after we raised questions and answered to yours on how it was. The Islamic Brotherhood has a right on that land and the people of their religion dominates the region, they need to have a major vote in the affairs of nation ruling them. Leaving Israel to be there is a huge blow to the majority peoples there, religion-wise as they have not gotten much freedom, the action of one party result in the suffering of the people. I am willing to establish a new party in the natiom with Muslims from the Crusader Organ which will represent the actual muslim people of the nation. I don't say IB is a perfect flower but Drago isn't one either. The IBs action have not just happened out of nowhere either, a long opression has resulted in radical groups like that to form and there are radical groups in each nation, why have you not done anything about them, the radicals of your nation? Your values mean nothing when you are willing to raze majorly populated area with a partys presence there that show no threat to your nation. Then the not needed militarization and distabilization of the region, with the militarization focused on us, without any reason. We have defended IB because their wish to free the Muslim People, we have established a Crusader Organisation to protect Religious points of all monoteistic religions of the world and making it Neutral Ground, we have not participated in the Internal Affairs of the Middle Eastern nation, we may have Blockaded Suez and had formed KT but only as a reaction of Salazaristani actions against Mecca and the World. You have espionaged our actions of Liberation and protection as your actions in the Internal Affairs of Salazaristan have only been aimed against IB and pro Drago with no positive ones of the first mentioned party and no negative ones against the second. We have not described as Dragos regime to be horrible, but we do not trust someone to lead the helm of a nation previously ruled by Dictators, Russia came out of a Soviet State with a fake and easily manipulative 'democracy'. Now going back to the Major Topics at hand. First your militarization. Our army present there is of no threat and only a defensive force are present there with no major militarization since the Prussia landings in Egypt. The Reuben-Salazaristani militarization of the region is majorly out of hand and is the destibilizator of the region with a large amass of units and equiptment. Second, the new topic at hand, or updated. KTs operations in Salazaristan. Our terms are: All Holy Sites inside Salazaristani teritorry are considered a neutral zone Those Neutral Zones are to be protected by KTs troops inside the city or with no KT troops being present there and they would be back at München while the Neutral Zones would be protected by Drago's Military but if Drago's army commited any action preventing the practise of religion then the rest of the Signatories were to turn offensive action against Drago (diplomatically, if all else fails them conflict) but if the action of Dragos millitance on Jews, Christians or Muslim were in shots being fired at the civilians (except if it were for self defence) then the rest of the Signatories turn very agressivly on Drago's regime with stages of Blockades and Sanctions at first if all else fails, war comes. Salazaristan will have rights on taxation and other ways or gaining revenue from the populace there with 12% (minimum) of the revenue going in mantainment of the sites and improvement. Salazaristani police are prevented from having heavier weapons excluding the Special Forces KT would operate with the mantainment money and other affairs inside the holy sites while a Reubenian and Salazaristani representative would be at the table of KT. Reubenias Sattelites were to stop espionaging Prussian actions A Political Party made up of KT muslims and major non-terrorist muslim figures inside Salazaristan to speak for the muslim population of the nation. If all is accepted the Prussian nation guarantees the independence of Salazaristan while that were to be revoked with actions against the Holy Sites and the Prussian nation will declare war on the IB Organizatiom
  13. Rimski

    Battle of the Western Delta

    "In which part of the conversation is the 'we offered peace last time' put in? Being Western doesn't mean being gods, Nations are powerful all over the globe and everything is west on the planet. Evidence - You have not put anything negative about The Regime you protect and no positive about the regime you oppose. If you are so filled with liberty then the people should know the full truth as half a truth still has the same ammount of lie in that scenario."
  14. tfw you realize Bishkek is the bame of Kyrygstans Capital. Now it's KT HQ


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