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  1. Tell me this, why do you think us, a selective """few""" are the ones killing the RP. The ones that opted for change from a repeat? Natalia, Mogar, me, Spectre and many others? Lets do this, Organic RP concept, you can declare war on anyone, but lets say someone with Spaceships declares war on an Industrial age nation or just any "technology level" below them, they just use the same technology as does the state with a "lower technology level" to make it fair. Its fair for both sides so you cannot abuse the rules whatsoever to get out of a conflict. Any action you do will have counter action and I belive that something called logic should be implemented into the RP. As said any action will have a counter to it, a retaliation, can be a positive and negative one. You help the UN, the action, the retaliation is positive feedback from many states. Have a giant army, action, and the retaliation is economical issues followed with probable supply issues and massive causalities ammounting if the ammount was used. But we can use the example of genociding, people should have the right to step in, blockade, or directly attack the aggressor for whatever action they did. I am not saying that you should go in depth with your economics and all, you can do it if you want, but a basic premise of logic should at least be present. And while we are at it, I think the parameters should be changed on military numbers. Having a 'peace time' military standard, a defcon and a on war with a human player standard. It would just be a recommendation, with the maximum being on the last standard, with negative effects if the quota was not fulfilled (aka at war), and many other limitations should be set in place, because apparently some rules are not followed back from NatRP. Ex. You cannot have a sizeable military over night - many nations start with very large militaries, inside the allowed sector but apparently without anything bad happening to their state. Ex. You can lose your colonies if you dont mantain them correctly - has that ever even happened? I suggest a council of moderator supervizing that and determining it on their own and no play could have a say in it to the admin which would result in some sort of punishment, maybe a suspension. But Moderators should ask the players themselves for details about the maintainment of the colony. And I dont think that is too much as we can expand 4 provinces per month and the player can link or highlight how he pursues the affairs on the colony I think that my recommendation would fit for everyone. You can use imagination and add flavour to your RPing but you should never have inhumane powers to make you better and or stronger than anyone other. And I have talked about this with Mogar, limitations, a example he used is that if everyone had 1 carrier, they would cherish it with all their soul. What would be something that doesnt suit you know? Being responsible for your actions? Or what?
  2. This is calling it too early a bit don't you think, but we ran on the same retarded concept for a while now, always repeating like trying to not repair a car and hoping it will start each morning. Maybe using some household item on it but it doesn't help much at all. I am talking about NatRP and it dying more than the dreams of German World Domination. What new has happened in the RP? What has changed? I am not sure it will live much longer, players are limited in their actions foreignly, that is the case that cannot be undone, every nation will have issues with an another state and diplomacy is essential but so is direct conflict as not everything can be done with words, some people need to be persuaded with a couple of airstrikes bombings and destruction of their cities and industries to get the point to them. And seemingly logic doesn't matter in this rp, nothing does. Starting from the statistics in the beggining on the applications, anyone can adjust their GDP and Population as much as they desire, and even though they have their large numbers, logic finds no place here as they can peform practically anything. Now I accept that some people have a dif taste than me, dif interests, but the actions should be kept reasonable and there should be reprecussions to them. Now lets continue with the other parts that just leaves logic sobbing in a corner, national affairs of some states, their militaries and everything, they can be kept under the standards of the Rules, but that doesn't mean that they are advised and that they shouldn't have negative effects on you. This is not a political simulator, this is a lot of writing mixed with the need to peform governmental needs, to defend it, to mantain it all of the above. You should be reasponable with what you do, you can make up anything you want, like drop a Lenin Statue and use it as a christmas tree by deocrating it (that's called foreshadowing) but you cannot make a large Lenin-Mechabot and still be able to import necessary material willy nilly. Now if someone says "well that takes the fun out of it", the same could be applied on our behalf when everyone does whatever they want to other people and they cannot talk back or retaliate in general which leaves us on the side of saying that it's no fun. Now there are a lot of issues going from some people in this community, no one is perfect after all, but I think that everyone should be able to use their brain and be able to know what logical is and what not. Do we really want to play the game of talking about what the issues of this rp is and just be ignored and roll out the same shit in a dif package so it can die again or will we be humans that use their brains, make a nice community for RPing, make an interesting and an enjoyable one, I seriously am beggining to think that some people here are actually challanged as why do we keep repeating the same things, we should actually try new things, test them, see if they are good or bad and not stick to the same old broken record. Let me hear your thoughts, what change do you want, what should be added, what removed, the community should speak in the behalf of what we want in the RP and not anyone else, we shouldn't let someone else choose on what we can do in this, as we are the one making the community, we should be the ones to make changes. Seriously, think about it, what do you think kills the RP constantly, what would make it flare up, just let your thoughts and soul speak as it should and not be compacted in a limited box for imagination. I'm writing this because do you really think it will live up much longer? It's already dying slowly, it has happened before, why do we continue this, what do you think will flare up this RP? Internal Posts that do not have much effect on the behalf of foreign affairs which means no responses nor communication and monthly expansion posts just to be bigger, on the map and just pose as a hurdle there as nobody can declare war on you or peform any sanction cause why should we prevent people from acting as God. Is someone going to mention @Mogar acting as God on earth in the RP? No and yes at the same time. He has a formidable military and a large economy but I can get behind it as it is logical, I can understand the schematics and I am sure he'd gladly talk about it if you asked. But yes his military economy and everything is big. But GDPs don't matter and everyone has a free will nor does population, and his military isn't the largest but it is very developed, now the thing is, he doesn't need much to play the game, and the reason he does that, which he mentioned many times, is to make people stop their dickwave, godmod and etc and act like normal people and not claim superiority over others for not doing anything. Still the point of this post is to talk about the future of the RP and we should have that right, to choose on how to peform in our affair, we will eventually come up to a conclusion working best for all of us as a community and we could have fun as this is what should we have here, share our thoughts, interests, ideas, writing them down and I really am getting sick of just repeating and saying the same things practically. Ending this on a note that I didn't want to go nit pick on every person, I have taken out Mogar for a specific reason as he is the one that just tries to make other people realize one or some of the issues of this RP which always kills it, and I didn't want to insult someone directly, putting most of the blame on them even though some could be taken out but i'll try to stay somewhat neutral on this affair Well seeing as I have a bad habit of ending things, saying good night many times but not going and saying I am ending it but I am not, I'll shut up for now and you just do you peoples.
  3. Rimski

    An Overday Genocide

    [Classified] Even though the ideal of the leaders and people of the Internationale is based around no divide between classes nor ethnicities, races and all of the above. The Premier has ordered to develop a pathogen to cause damage to a specific group of peoples. The plan is to manipulate pathogens DNA or RNA, depending on the case, to target Japanese people, to make it attracted to their culture, whether it be their diet or anything else that the scientists in a secluded laboratory could make up. The current testing is based around on the usage of aerobic bacteria, parasitic worms and soon to be viruses. The bacteria causes damage in the respiratory system causing difficulty to breathe and it causes slight damage to the nervous system. The worm causes damage to the digestive system with the main point of damage being dealt to the small intestine. It prevents defecation and it makes the food return to the gaster with a hydroxidic ph value and it causes havoc and immense pain in it and it is followed by a loss of appetite. The testing was conducted on prisioners in the labour camps in remote locations in Scotland. The test figures were diverse people raging from many european races to the asian ones including gypsies, romans, slavs, japanese, chinese and more. The tests were successful and the testing is continuing on manipulation to cause fibrillation and/or just a hemorrhagic shock. The name of the pathogen and the programme is called "the Anti-Anime virus". The CEO of MoG[Corp] was informed of this act but the rest of the world would be held unaware of this operation.
  4. Frank Sinatra or Frim Skintara is back in action baby

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      Don't you have a youtube channel, like right here?

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      I wish , and so do you as much : <

  5. Rimski

    Armed Intervention

    The Internationale will follow the actions of the Corporation and the Allied States and conduct a containment and blockade of all trade coming from or to Rokkenjima because of the acts against humanity and the many suffers they caused all over the Asian sphere and so they had to be stopped and prevent of such actions repeating. All vessels going towards Rok or from will be detained or sent back or be annihilated if they avoided their sentence. The English channel is undergoing inspections of all vessels which are not Mog[Corp] or of the Allied States while the rest of the nations vessels will undergo inspections and the ships will undergo the procedure already mentioned. The same is happening in the Northern and Asian waters with Naval forces in the Asian theatre being increased. "It is a relief that finally more nations are coming to combat against a state out of touch with reality and which brings nightmares to many unprotected nations of the world with no reason except sick personal interest. It is finally time to get rid of a threat to the free man and I invite all other nations to join in this blockade, even though to this day I wonder how that state manages to mantain that large of a military and still be able to peform such expensive actions, but even though that is not the matter, the matter is that our cause is to break the Rok people and their leaders. This was Premier Comrade Corbyn of the Internationale"
  6. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    I am not salty, I just want everyone to have an equal opportunity, share or any term you'd prefer. An interestinf addition, first he made a person that constantly rage quit at any counter agression, complained and had problems with the community a mod. But either way, you have to act like a mod if you are one and your approach should be neutral, it is to peform the duties assigned and not use it as a bragging right or sweep up as a dictator and do as he or she pleases. And doesnt matter if you are the mod of this, Alex still has the final say as the admin. No, pretty sure everyone had a free will and posted on midnight or after in their timezone. And if you were to enforce one, you should have done the neutral deed of choosing Greenwich Mean Time or UTC in your dictionary from the beggining, not use EST which works in your favour.
  7. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Such a dictatorial move. Has there been any talks about this in the community to agree upon as it is clearly an attempt to be able to get your claims up out first, and apparently that expansion of territories has a significant meaning to you as a person, an egotistical one, like the abnormal military numbers. But that is not the matter and I wouldn't want to insult a part of the community even though I am sure you wouldn't do as such, and even though off topic I return to the matter at hand. The rule was clear before, if its midnight in your (the individual) timezone, you could expand and it wasn't all evolving one players. Why dont we use Natalias timezone as a marker, Mogars or mine? I just think that because of the large now competition expanding to Asia because of your own actions it will limit your expansion. And also I'like @Alex to have a talk about this with all of us, an unnecessary drastic change of a rule on which no one complained about and now it works in your favour or benefit.
  8. Te offensive nationalistic driven terror campaign in mainland Asia done by Rok has sparked a large flame for the defense of the homeland, the rights of the regular worker and civilian which would be highly in danger when they are not under the hand of a powerful state. As there was a large communist presence in China the people there have firstly asked the Internationale for the helping protective hand of fellow Communist brothers to which the Premier agreed upon. The first landings in China have been made on the tip of the Peninsula in the Shangdong province where the Comessariat of Chinese Affairs has been established. The state has started construction to which improve the daily standard of living for the ordinary person there, with new open jobs soon to be made, more commercial and residental improvements with the quality of products being increased. The influence of the Internationale is spreading across the whole province slowly and the plan is to focus the population and economy of the Shangdong province at the tip with migration happening because of the previously mentioned improvements to the life of a regular person. The plans set up for the chinese affair is split. It is either to be done by concetration or direct long term expansion by the state. On the topic of more "Revolutionary liberation" comes the States expansion into far eastern Russia, with the same changes coming to the new provinces as there were to the first liberated russian states. Although, there were reports now of odd activity with unusual sounds being heard on border cities between Rok and the BI. They went from howling from many wild animals to mass gun fire with no one being able to decipher it except suspect that the Internationale is pursuing a terror campaign against Rok to bring up some fear into their populace.
  9. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    December claims painted in bright red.
  10. Rimski

    The Grand Theatre

    The Premier would venture to the meeting location for peace talks. Accompanying him would be a group of loyal guards of his and members of the leadership of the Internationale. While the diplomatic talks were on going, the military were to be on high alert with all possible commandants being active in the war theatre. Before the departure, the CEO of MoG[Corp] was notified of this and his presence is to be requested as a major player in the affair as well and the thoughts of the Corporation are of importance as well those of the British.
  11. With growing relations between Britannia and Scandinavia, now involving military deals, with the indirectly gathered by the Coast Guard and later fully acquired by the Spy Network of the Internationale , the Central Committee has decided upon to prepare a defensive of the homeland. With all civilians requiring to defend the homeland, the populace of Scotland will be transformed into a large fortress of defensive measurments, and with the 'National Army' consiting of ordinary civilians will only need to serve if it came to an invasion of the home islands of the Internationale. A large military exercise would be conducted in Scottish land of already active military personel, whom account up to 50 thousand ground units. In addition for preperations, military airfields are under construction with necessary defences including Radar and SAMs defending pivotal targets. The People's Navy has been noticed to peform large movements to the Northern Sea and waters north of Scotland conducting exercises themselves. Including those preperations, a stockpiles of supplies are coming in to remote and secret underground locations, while roads are finishing their expansion. Many journalists have suspected that this large mobilization involved an expansion of the missile arsenal. It was to be made clear to the Foreign Nations that any attack on the Internationale will cost them, even though if it were to be defeated, the result would be a very pyrrhic. The Committee of Internal Affairs is undergoing a campaign to show the world on how nations are peforming aimed threats to the sovereignty of the Internationale for no reason, portraying them as enemies to the workers class, as enemies to the freedom of the ordinary citizen and more. A large uproar has been brought to the public. The ground force military drill has not been fully kept as a secret, with many leaks going through which were under the approval of the Leadership to bring fear into the souls of the naive oppressors, while the construction of the Airfields and other important preperation chess moves would be kept as a secret and away from the publics senses. The cogs of the Internationale have been started up and work efficiently as they are oiled up and ready to go, with now a negative public opinion of the Britannians and Scandinavians andmassive military preperations would not be the end of it. With a logical assumption that the convoys whom brought military equiptment to Scandinavia came through the northern waters as the English channel could never be crossed and kept as a secret, a terror campaign has been already undergoing preperations on a few selected nations and with final talks with MoG[Corp] about it, the first phase is about ready to started. It in involved in scaring off merchant shipping through the Northern Waters with 'natural water explosions' made by whatever the sailors thought it was, wether it be a sea monster for the naive or anything else which was made up by the large but also sometimes primitive human imagination. The goal of the operation is to not bring upon casualties, but to just damage the ship or trigger once the ships were close enough to bring fear into them. The Allied Corporation would be informed of this act in person by a British official, while the Secret Service is primarly focused on that campaign and it's response at Scandinavia or Britannia. Some spies inside the Shettland and Faroe islands will inform Corbyngrad with what the publics resposne is to what the sailors have witnessed, and depending on that, the terror campaign will be either continued or just reduced to not waste wealth on it. The visit by Internationale officials will be cancaled in Britannia and the American trip will only be through Canada and to the Allied American States because of this behind-back operation. With Harold Alexander making his trip to the Britannias hostile neighbour, the official whom would inform the CEO of the Terror Campaign tells him "War is coming, blood will be spilt, and we are ready to bathe in it. Now , I am needed back on the home isles,so, Farewell Ally"
  12. You know what's the best part of making fun of people with Alzheimers? They will never reme...

    You know what's the best part...

    fun of...


    You know...


  13. Rimski

    In Flanders Field

    With 100 years after the signing of the armistice in World War 1, considered the ending of the first war, the British Government organized a larger rememberance day for the fallen fighting for the safety of the British people even though it was fighting under the crown at that time. All Broadcast services transmitted the large marching in many large British and French cities including both Arkangrad [Paris] and Corbyngrad. Each person whom watched it in person or on television wore poppies in their best attire. The whole Soviet has been seen in major cities memorating the loss, including Comrade Corbyn. Current British Officers would parade alongside regular civilians, old members of the british armed forces and more, going through streets filled with silence and british military music with the opening song all over the Internationale being the march of the british grenadiers. Many civilians whom lost their relatives more than 100 years ago on the fields of France, Belgium, Galipolli, Middle East, Africa and more are following in the parade with military officials. . Red poppy petals were released by ordinary civilians in dark coloured clothing all over the state, red balloons with light would be released at night-fall and it is estimated that the wind would blow them towards the east. The Grand Comissar of Interoir is currently in Canada, on a visit from Quebec to Vancouver, currently in Winnipeg memorating the loss of Canadians in the great war as well, with some soldiers dressed in a world war 1 uniform of the Canadian Royal Army standing while their head was tiled and aiming for the floor firstly mimicking the British Royal Guard whom did not move much, but to emphasize the depressive times which were at the time of the death and after with the many veterans turning quiet and ruined after the wars end, which they would never forget. To slightly pay for the service of the Canadians in their efforts in defending the crown when it was in effect, a statue of George Lawrence Price will be built in the town centre of his home town as well as in Belgium, close to where the last commonwealth soldier has fallen. To respect the Scottish losses in the great war, the state has allowed them to celebrate it in their own traditional clothing without interfirence except the partial funding of the parade and march. Members of the 2nd Highlander Brigade would parade in kilts while playing the bagpipes through the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow, while they opted to wave the Union Jack as well through the streets they would march through. The same thing would follow them, with many civilians following in them in the parade adding on to the orchstra. Members of the Navy and Marine are in Cardiff whom came to memorate their predecessors in the Navy whom lost their lives in many naval battles raging from Jutland and to the many sinkings of merchant ships by the German U-boats. India Hicks has attented to Wales, as the granddaughter of Louis Mountbatten, one of the biggest Admirals of the British state, while Prince Charles would bypass Plymouth and Southhampton on a County-class guided missle destroyer saluting the people and soldiers from deck accompanied by the naval crew. The Royal family, obviously speaking with the invitation of India and Prince Charles, has returned to the British Isles to memorate this event, with Queen Elizabeth shaking hands with Corbyn whom gladly offered her and her family to stay at the Isles and guaranteed her safety, with currently no known answer given. Joust Arkan, Grand Comissar of the Armed Forces and Prince Harry would meet at Paris where the Union Jack would be flown at full height all over the city, where there would be a show of Aircraft acrobatics, as well as a few high ranking commanders, followed by Arkan would present a ring of Red Poppies at a memorial for fallen French and British soldiers during the battle of Marne, Somme and Verdun with a newly built statue of Philippe Petain. The British officials visit would continue with a visit to Belgium memorating the military losses at the battles of Liege and more as well as the many civilian causalities caused by massacares of the German Army. There is no member of the high ranking state governance as Harold Alexander, the Foreign Affairs Secretary is undergoing a visit to the two large American states of Britannia and the Allied American States, accompanied by a few military officials dressed up in traditional clothing, expecting a Rememberance Parade from the two nations, and to start talks with the two nations after the 11th of November is finished. The meeting is expected to happen on the 12th of November in Britannia and on the 20th in the Allied States. But even though, if there wasn't a parade, a message was sent beforeand to both states by Harold himself with the question of making memorials for the fallen and to open a few museums in major cities for both nations, with most of the funds coming from the Internationale. In the Capital of MoG[Corp], the embassy would stay quiet, with the same routine expected to happen like in the British Isles, with a barrage of Balloons being left at night-fall to traverse and fill the skies of the night and lighting it up, with the symbolization of the soldiers souls whom fell fighting the Rebels in Africa, those whom fought the Germans in their colonies and those whom went from Egypt to the Middle East. Following that, on the 11th of November, all clubs and construction funded by the Internationale inside the Corporation would come to a halt, with not even a small point of light to immerse from them. Following the aftermath of the remembrance day, the head of state, Comrade Corbyn, will make direct visits to Commonwealth nations and stop by the capital of MoG[Corp] for a direct meeting with the head of state himself hopefully at 20 o clock at the 11th of November where he would continue his visits to New Delhi, Islamabad, Mumbai, Yangon, Ottowa, Montreal, Vancouver, Syndey, Melbourne, Darwin, Port Morseby, Wellington and more. As well as an hopeful visit of the Japanese State is expected with one diplomat being prepared to traverse to Tokyo and one other representative to Osaka, Seoul and Chang Chun to hopefully add on to a remembrance parade of the Japanese and to open up hopeful talks between the two states. Jeremy Corbyn, would hold an emotional speech for this cause, sheding a small tear at which he had to had to take a short break mid-speech. It was filled with passion and how he respects what the soldiers have done, the losses the british people had to take, and the people of the colonies, noting the Canadian victories in France, the Indian and Pakistani losses in Mesopotamia, the ANZACs at Gallipoli and more. All of the government and military officials would make these speeches, and they were all made at the same time, some ending shorter than others, with the shorter speeches the official just standing there in silence to be given the signal for all speeches to officialy end with the Ode of remembrance by Laurence Binyon followed by the Red Grenadier Choir, while some others quoted poems and other writings from the many writer soldiers. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn; At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will remember them."
  14. The State has invested in the construction of entertainment buildings in the capital and major cities of Mog[Corp]. The entertainment being night clubs, sport clubs, two concert halls and more small objects like those for the 'younger generation'. On the first concert hall has been the diplomat to the nation himself singing for a few minutes with a large crowd coming there to see the first "opening" of the hall, while a large concert by many old british bands as well as expected Mog[Corp] musicians coming along. The footage of the diplomat has gone through many social media with no state desire to censor it. lets ignore the makeagif.com watermark, alrite lads? alrite The Internationale currently awaits acknowledgment by the MoG[Corp] officials for the Red Police Operative to operate on the corporation ground during the course of the concert, and for the opening of British television and radio channels to the MoG[Corp] public for daily entertainment with british shows, documentaries and news.
  15. Comissariat of Foreign Affairs of the Internationale Embassies are open to be build inside the state, with only MoG[Corp] having one inside Corbyngrad aka London, all major foreign investments with no need to reply on by the nation are posted here (but you can reply here or not, like it really doesn't matter) Foreign Affairs Secretary - Harold Alexander The Holy Britannian Empire The Internationale finds the Britons as a threat to the state, even though it is an ocean away, the Empire's main coast is focused on the Atlantic and with the friendly relations with Scandinavia the Comissariat belives it to be a future plan aimed against the Internationale. There is no current embassy and without land disputes. Scandinavian Kingdom The safety of the state is questionable because of the close presence of the Scandinavians and with the Comissariat and the whole Internationale having an agressive stance towards the Scandinavian nation and it's representatives as well as people. A few islands in the North of Scotland are inside the interest of the state with that posing as a hurdle in any talks between the two nations. An another issue has been previously noted, with a growing friendly relationship with the Britannian Empire the state sees the Scandinavians as a participant in a plot aimed against the Internationale's Interests and against the whole state all together. It currently has no embassy. The State of Rokkenjima The State sees Rokkenjima as a threat to the ambitions of the Internationale and their claims on Soviet eastern lands, as a threat on and to the Asian chessboard with very large ambitions and with an obvious bias towards the communist ideal the state is turned against the ambitions of the Japanese nation. It currently has no embassy. Allied States of America Even though there were no major or any sort of talks between the two nations, the Comissariat and the people of the state view the Free American Force (bc it sounds cooler m8) , as called in the Internationale, in a positive manner, with their sovereignty acknowledged by the Internationale, as well as their interests in the North American continent and with surrounding areas. Embassies have been exchanged MoG[Corp] The two nations have embassies exchanged and had major economic and military affair talks between the two. The bond between the two is viewed to be more strengthened as time goes with similar views as their enemies, and different territorial interests. Both states hold a large power which stretches on a large portion of the globe. With no current disputes and a large doubt on any territorial disputes happening in the future, the relationship between the two states is going to go in a more in depth political relationship. Diplomat: Dwight James Kooling The North German Confederation No Embassies exchanged. No Information to be given. The Mages Collective No embassies, no information besides wizards, magic like Harry Potter on steroids man.

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