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  1. Rimski

    Project Vertigo

    [Classified] The Imperiale Sicherheitskräfte, short ISK, is a secret police formed inside Prussia to prevent unrest or possible overthrow of the regime. The head of the ISK secret police is known as Mihail Tornas. After a few days of it's existence and the reconstruction of a secret police inside Germany there were 12 murders by the ISK, 5 political opponents, 4 protester and 3 high ranking members of the gangs inside. All causalities are presumed to be natural, suicides or accidents with more signs leaning towards to the three than direct murder except the gang members which were made to look like gang and mafia involvment, one being found with cement shoes close to the beach, one death by a drive-by and the last one having many bruises made by baseball bats , 8 9mm bullets and 12 stab wounds, only one peformed before the death. the rest were done while the person was dead.
  2. Rimski

    69 Days Later

  3. This is the best video to explain what happens on the Forums

  4. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    I think that all parties can agree on some things! Queen is a great band and Freddie Mercury has a godly voice.
  5. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    Ez question, I'd ban you
  6. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    Missiles>Nukes But what matters is how many soldiers were killed. So much money wasted on airstriking them.
  7. Rimski


    Next step - credit card numbers "come on guys it's just for pnw"
  8. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    the point is.. not to get attention, maybe you just used reverse psychology or double or triple I don't even know at this point but you can never leave, porky, church stays inside of you I was talking about TKR, TCW, and TRF against KT and TGH
  9. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    We guys dealt some great damage to the largest alliances in this game while being outnumbered in members, resources, the ammount of war deserters and nations deleteing
  10. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    what matters is the WARS WON stat ;_;_;_;_;_;_;_;__;_;_; the 40k tanks lost while 3k destroyed, no biggie! I got loots! Like a whole of 200 food!
  11. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    Hmmm, Let's see on whom you will put on the "aggressor" card next Well I am sad that my "wars lost" are a biggo number T - T sad sad sad but thanks for dem sweet sweet air strikes which got me to 100k tanks destroyed on my nation
  12. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    Well, at least we got the cultural victory?
  13. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    don't stop me now cause I am having the stats of a lifetime
  14. Rimski

    69 Days Later

    I will always remember.... always... But thx for the stats TKR!
  15. "What is the point of doing whatever you do when nobody is gonna use it and try to improvise to get the old way? It is a deep topic. The future should be on an inhabitable planet but your business attempts do not fool us. If you really desire to prevent pollution and keep an inhabitable planet, kick it into the human mind to rid all of what modernism has brought as all technology, even mobile phones and computers react negatively on the world, now if you desire to have a fully green planet, drop the time bomb so we can go back to day 0 where we couldn't even imagine how a door looked like let alone all of the mechanisms we have today. The issues we have today, is because of technology. You just want to do something nature is fighting against. Humans desetroy nature, but it fights back. But Nature surely will be saved with more modernism and tweets about it and all of what you offer as a corporation. Try taking rid of all vehicles, phones, radios, personal computers and televisions, it would benefit so much to the world but it would slow it down and make it go backwards. Humans are dependent on nature, the technology is useless, the medicine and cosmetics won't do anything if you don't have any air, but installing new ways of obtaining energy is just fantastic, let's just wait for a natural catastrophe and it leads to chaos in your nation as it hit that new modern object. I'd advise to try and link with nature, humans will always have a natural bond with it as we came from there and all we made came from nature, but also use that modernism to refine nature. Make farms as an example, found parks, expand the greenlands instead of urbanizing."

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