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    I'd just like to yell out fam
    Every morning I scream yeet
    just so I can eat some meat
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  1. Rimski

    Where's Felkey?

    I'd be more comftorable in that situation tbh, but thats just how no one can ruin my appetite, you could take a shit close to my table I'd be like k, the only time I would stop eating is if something went on my food. I prefer much just smoking and I am not really picky about what to smoke. If we go with cigarettes then its Marlboro Red, Lucky Strike or Marble but when it comes to Cigars my commie roots just say "Smoke a Cuban"
  2. Rimski

    Where's Felkey?

    Idk man, last time I just ate a crossiant I had a large urge to surrender and put up at least 3 white flags on my home. Wine? Thats basically what I just said but on steroids
  3. Rimski

    Where's Felkey?

    @Theodosius hit the bongos! @Radoje get the grill! These guys dont know the balkan nectar called Rakija Well depends which colour, I prefer watching darker paint dry as the lighter ones burn out your eyes, with dark its more mild and suitng and you can watch any point of the wall without getting distracted by like lets say Lemon Yellow or School Bus Yellow
  4. Rimski

    Downvote me

    And how do you like me abusing your wif... fuq sorry just a bad habit, I'd never touch your wifi
  5. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    I the great Scientist Rim von Ski proclaim the new element, Element Thanos. It's toxic, radiated, very reactive and practically useless, except it can react a lot to make loads of salt
  6. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    Ur low iq for tryin to prove me wrong, now go away, you have no RIGHT to post in HERE
  7. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    Element, when will you defend your childish point of your 0s and 1s online being constantly changed instead of just saying "nono u cant post here booli"?
  8. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    >tfw you are a commie and bosnian, for some time Low Gov IA in KT and mostly liked in the Alliances HMM B O I, literally all of KT gov is not christian at all. Horsecock the East German, Vince the Weeb, Emu Lord Keegoz, Theo the Serb-o, Gaydon
  9. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    When will you repair yourself, broken record? Or are you just on repeat?
  10. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    Says who? The person who thought he'd be banned if he had many downvotes? LULUL
  11. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    It's true and we know it
  12. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    The first one is correct to be said only if you are talking into a mirror, not really sure why you told me to grow up when you are the one being salty about the downvotes 2nd I read the rules, you continue this whatever this is 3rd Someone once told me the world is gonna rule me
  13. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    Is that what you consider bullying? If you are laughing last why are you continuing to cement your point when you are so sure we are going to be banned? Why are you bothered so much about the reputation? Like does it really change much on this forum?
  14. Rimski

    Abuse of Downvoting

    Downvoted you fool. Pls don't make a thread about me abusing the downvote function pls no daddy
  15. A broadcast for all peoples of the Internationale has been taken from the formerly known Buckingham Palace in Corbyngrad [London] with Comrade Corbyn speaking about his future reforms for the improvement of the people living under poverty, the homeless and the regular working class citizen embarking upon a total equality in the Internationale. The first point on the agenda was to eliminate the codenamed 'troublemakers.' A large ammount of construction vehicles have been spotted traveling through remote areas in Scotland. A large industrialization is awaiting Scotland, but what some Scotts noticed and publicly say is that few of the construction vehicles passing through actually end up at the construction of the factory, they presume there is a bigger project behind all of this. While the central comittee's response is that they are pushing for opening more work openings for the people of the Internationale, mainly focused on the Northern residents of Scotland. With the obvious affair that the Scotland is better set for animal farms, a large ammount of funds has gone through into the expansion of the agricultural sector of the Internationale, The Funds are primarly focused on Ireland, then Scotland and lastly Wales. Except the building construction in Scotland, a non public railway has begun construction from Corbyngrad to Kompool [Liverpool] and then aiming for Northern Scottish teritorries, as well as Road networks guarded by Police officers not allowing any citizen to enter the premise of it. It is obvious that the government is hiding something, with many check points spotted on the roads and railway. Regarding the topic of security, any police officer is in the ownership of a handgun at least, and there is no unarmed patrol officers in the Internationale anymore. An additional change to the educational system is that when a student reaches the age of 14, they are required to have a Marxism subject in their school till they reach the age of 18 Poster found inside a classroom specified for the Marxism class

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