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  1. ye we should I hit up Mogar on re-doing this, got more knowledge on everything myself so would be coolio but seems there ain't much sadly interest for many people anymore :<< also China guy, sorry, went inactive for a long while, had a busy life still have it so, but I could find time for a RP now so if anyone up we can make this thing gr8, i .... i ... i swear it guys this time it will be diffo we wont we wont be God Modding, we said that the previous time but this time we mean it, for any typos in my posts, blame the chocolate and other food between my keyboard
  2. Nah its fine the cool kids now run this show, even though I was inactive for more than a month I am still in - got p busy so I couldnt do anything but I plan to return, so the rules are pretty chelax and not neccessarily what is written, basically anyone is welcome and you aint God is the common notion
  3. "We do not represent anyone, officially, we are members of the people's navy of the British Internationale, this was the first encounter between our two states, we can report back to our home on if you want an official meeting between the two states, as we do not hold any power of decisions of our state as we are just sailors and not any representatives, except in a bad light as any crimes by us would be attributed to the state, do you have any questions for us humans, tovarisch?"
  4. I will, I just want to add more opportunities, as you said you put smaller and larger npc nations but I didnt see many smaller ones, so ye just gonna change it up a bit
  5. The sailors would follow the unspecified creature and after their arrival and settlement in a safer area away from the water they re-introduced themselves and explained again on how they got there afterwards followed questions on the origin, reason and other of the Dragons in this realm, with one specific question, why Antartica.
  6. as I am gonna do the map either way, I was thinking to add some actually smaller states, dependent on others, and have a 2-3 regional powers
  7. The group all dressed in various patterns of black and dark red now disembarked and hands off of their weapons greeted the foreign creature, an out of the world creature, the person of highest rank spoke "We are members of TPS October, a ship part of a carrier group which was heading towards the Falklands and then to Australia to perform an inspection of former commonwealth nations on their security and we encountered an outpost of your men as we went more south, it was a spontaneous meeting. Our ship is a part of the military of the British Internationale, could we speak somewhere in behind walls and with a roof over? A military tent is more than acceptable. We could set up a communication line between the central committee of the Internationale at Corbyngrad and with this outpost and later your capital."
  8. Currently, in its stages of preparation, Operation Bracero's foundations are based on foreign interventions in Red revolts, with heavier equipment and boots on the ground, but also games behind the lines and in peace, to sabotage, highjack or any other shenanigans. In the current stage of Operation Bracero reconnaissance and research is conducted on Red revolts in Asia and in the Americas, where monitors are sent to directly inspect the situation and report to an undefined location on the map, from which the second stage of Bracero will continue, based on a proper response on the conflict. Currently insurgents are sneaked into Red states or Red groups inside of Chinese and Middle Eastern lands, where there they are assigned their next task, ensure the safe arrival of military advisors to the RS/RG, and after that fulfill their list of assassinations of enemy figures. It's not late, I just don't have enough coffee for this bs atm so I'll expand this
  9. I actually had some issues w the forums loading on chrome, while everything else worked fine and dandy - also the "advanced issues" thing is probably Grammarly which hooks up hiddenly as I select and c/p The vessel released a small boat with five officials on them, including two higher officials of the TPS (The People's Ship) October traveling to the desired location, while TPS October and the Flagship TPS Solidarity arrived close enough to be visible by the eye. The mentioned guns are held in their holsters, depending on the person if is right or left-handed but most of the passengers were righthanded. They come close to the shore and await the arrival of the Lizard-men to know how the meeting will continue.
  10. added ham and now with more text about dragons
  11. The communication would continue by morse code for now as they cannot fulfill their demands fully
  12. @Ryan1, uhh ma dud, I'll put you on tonight but give me a map
  13. At late hours, a ship currently in the function of a scouting-patrol vessel for the current time has encountered strange showings. Because of the limited gear, they have for long-range vision - as partways, the budget was cut to focus on other domestic effort and production of better equipment for the navy. As now they would move slowly to gain a better insight into the unknown structure. They reported to the flagship TPS October, which responded in requesting special operatives and the SAS in case of escalation. The response of the flagship to Corbyngrad was a result because of reports of enthusiasts who reported sights and attempted attacks, which cannot be confirmed nor denied, by large lizard creatures. It seems that it might be an outpost, and so the smaller ship has attempted to step into contact with it, most importantly a signification of presence by a flare and using a large lamp to send a code in morse code to the outpost
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