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    tl;dr of this thread for people who don't want to read
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    Winning the war on terror, one downvote at a time.
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    Element should become a mod. Would fit in with the useless culture.
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    Location: Lola, Kansas Operation: Secure Immediate Area; eliminate terrorists Commanding Officer: Major Beck Branch: Allied States Army Orders: Secure Lola and surrounding towns and eliminate the Terrorist group operating in the area CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "Major Beck, your orders are to secure Lola and surrounding towns and eliminate a known terrorist and her group causing destabilization in the area. Intelligence have secured she is the person who caused the great fall of the United States and allowed a hostile regime take over the Eastern Coast, may be working for the Holy Britiannian Empire to cause disruption in our borders. The Secretary of Defense ordered for her capture, and her men killed on sight. We also have reasonable belief that she has a hidden nuclear bomb at her disposal, so you are authorized to use any means necessary to collect this nuclear device with the help of the Allied States Air Force and Marines, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Failure to stop this will result in your immediate discharge from the Military and you will be tried for treason." Allied States Army' s 10th Mountain Division have moved into the area and started to secure the highways, roads and railroad tracks under the guise of securing and reestablishing Law and Order to the area. Martial law has been enacted with a curfew in effect at 8pm to 7am. Any citizen caught outside without proper approval shall be detained for 24 hours and then released, second offenders will be investigated and charged for breaking the curfew and sentenced to prison up to 5 years maximum. Any citizen who refuses to comply with Allied States Soldiers will be detained if possible, and shot if necessary to establish control over an area. The local area's airspace shall be locked down, with only authorized aerial vehicles allowed entry, any unauthorized entry into the airspace will be shot down by the Allied States Air Force that are patrolling the skies. Allied States Marines shall be used for precise attacks ordered by Major Beck of the Allied States Army, the commanding officer in the area. Recon shall take place immediately, with planes with the ability to scan and detect radioactive materials flown to assist in discovering the nuclear device the terrorist currently possess. If any foreign agents are found, they are to be captured and tried by Military Court, and any illegal activities in the area will be considered a Capital offense until Law and Order has been established and Martial Law can be lifted.
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    Resplendent Inc hereby recognizes hostilities with the The Commonwealth, but since they're owned by TKR, them too. Despite respectfully asking for a nuclear bounty, we have for too long been disrespected by only receiving a mere attrition bounty. This horrible disregard for human respect cannot go unpunished. Only once Felkey steps down, pays us 50,000,000, or Smith asks nicely, will we agree to peace.
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    Afrika Korps(AK) and Respublica Romana(RnR) treaty: -"The clanging of swords upon shields could be heard in the distance through the desert . Oberst Velium, leading his Panzer division, came out from his flag panzer and looked through his binoculars to see what it might be. What he saw, was an army of shining legionaries in glorious combat against a horde of savages. The Panzers fired a volley of explosive shells into the horde before mowing them down under their tracks. The legionaries charge behind the Panzer line to finish the disoriented barbarians. He ordered our panzers to fight against the barbarians, and in that moment of unity, two different armies fight as one. The barbarians fled before the might of these two forces. As the dust settled, Oberst Velium came forth and asked to speak to the leader of these Roman Legionaries. Consul Dreadnought, the leader of the Roman forces happened to be in the fray. He rode up on his horse, meeting the Velium's Flag Panzer as the two forces circled around. Velium came out from his tank and stood upon it's front, extending his hand in friendship. "I am Oberst Velium of the Afrika Korps. Let us join forces once again when the time comes." "I, Consul of the Romans by the name of Dreadnought, accept your offer." Dreadnought said after he came closer and shook hands.". And so they agreed on these treaty: -Article 1: Sovereignty: This treaty will not interfere or infringe on the sovereignty of the alliances signing it. The inner workings of both of these are not going to be changed in any way by this. -Article 2: Non-aggression: Both of the alliances included in this treaty must not get involved in hostilities against each other in any way. -Article 3: Optional Defense: Both of the alliances included have the option to defend one another when the situation seems fit. -Article 4: Optional Offense: These alliances can join up and fight together in wars if they want to. -Article 5: Sharing of information: Intel that seems useful can be shared between both of these alliances. -Article 6:Cancellation: 72 hours of notice must be given when either side chooses to cancel this treaty.
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    Shifty has proclaimed himself settler, founder, and dibs master of Antarctica.
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    So like I can just click on food and it shoots right to all the offers on food being sold. I'd just make it the buy resource link and then all I gotta do is select sell if I want to do that instead. Saves me a click and makes it less clunky overall.
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    Watch Element85 go from 0 to Les Paul Supreme in half the time.
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    Arent you just an adorable little bundle of hatred?
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    When I grow up, I want to be just like Element85 also song related, it's over boiiis
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    Okay, do you understand the significance of "7 proxies"? That's a particularly obscure meme from 4chan where a troll dared the moderation team to ban him as he was "behind 7 proxies" and therefore, he believed, beyond consequences. ...It turns out hacking is a lot more complicated than that and he was banned anyway, but the point is "behind 7 proxies" went viral and now is a meme that resulted in the number "7" being autoreplaced with "over 9000" on several chanboards. Tl;dr: You shouldn't take that seriously any more than you should take the gorilla warfare copypasta. (Besides, it's discord and not even under any P&W moderators' jurisdiction; it happened in TGH's public chat so complain to Buorhann if you think that'll help lol) Also, just FYI, you should really stop making legal threats; you're not officially representing a law enforcement agency and thus threatening federal/legal action on their behalf is something that can actually be held against you. In court. Right now the case would be thrown out due to irrelevance and lack of damage that can be reasonably claimed, but for reals, cool it.
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    What appreciation? The only thing I appreciate is the amount of downvotes you have. (Good job, community <3)
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    Let’s not forget the constant references of you calling people kids, etc.
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    If you couldn't make the show, fear not! I have come to save the day. Full show recording here featuring a lovely slideshow of all things great in your life:
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    Then you're violating the rules in posting here. Bye.
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    Eastasia recognizes hostilities with Brumpy Gold Oastards and is pleased to announce that both parties have agreed to a white peace, given BgO pulled a Spanish Armada 2: Electric Boogaloo and VMed all their members: The score went up because they forgot to tell you they actually had a -30 city average instead of a 30 city average
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    1. Fake 2. Out of context. 3. Correlation does not equal causation.... or does it. Please, everyone, be seated for my presentation: Nicolas Cage's Career is Fueled by Satanic Pool Related Sacrifices:
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    Oh no when will TRF respond and defend their ally
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    As a totally real and definitely not backstabbing ally of 3 Obelisk 3, we invoke the defense clause of our MDP and declare war on TKR They didn't even know what hit em
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    you should bring BK, KT, and WoD into this.
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    gg no re for Helios good job flexing on us with your fake a**

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