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  1. Settra

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Curu your puppet is broken get a new one.
  2. Settra

    TGH-T$ protectorate

    Apparently not, sucks to suck.
  3. Settra

    I Know Why There's Peace

    So when are you going to war?
  4. Settra

    SNN: The Pantheon Report

    Classic Pantheon
  5. Settra

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    @Dubayoo you are just disagreeing with no point, since the point is the player didn't break any rules. If the player broke any rules then you would have a point.
  6. Settra

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Good to know I will always know where the trash resides.
  7. Settra

    Tell me what you really think

    Pantheon never has and never will succeed at anything.
  8. Settra

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    I see Felkey is leading Pantheon, good luck Felkey.
  9. Settra

    Where we droppin bois?

    You missed these two https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=59381 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=33644
  10. Settra


    As long as you aren't on red you will not be hit by KT.
  11. Settra


    You didn't do the trashiness of KT justice, I demand more smut.
  12. I am sorry that TKR has also in the past asked players off of a certain color.
  13. Settra

    The couping of Sirius

    Why so sirius. @Radoje
  14. Settra

    Good Game Grumpy

  15. Settra

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Obviously, since they still tried to push for OOC terms. On a side note, get em sketchy.

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