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  1. Atlas Technologies Public Relations OfficesAnnouncement: External UpdatePublic Relations: TaliCorporate Contact: JordanTo: Stakeholders; Shareholders; World Community Today conflict has erupted globally and the Atlas Technologies team have been working on analyzing the situation and kept in contact with business partners throughout the globe and it has come to the decision that indecisive action cannot be chosen, so the Atlas Technologies Chairman Jordan has authorized a pre-emptive strike against the Order of the White Rose before the inevitable happened. We at Atlas Technologies stand s
  2. "I hope she’s wilder than your wildest dreams
    She’s everything you’re ever gonna need
    And then I hope she cheats"

    1. Flavee
    2. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      That kinda always happens to poor old Shifty


    3. Flavee


      Shifty, You are not alone.

  3. Atlas Technologies is an emerging technology conglomerate and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas, USA. The vision of Atlas Technologies is to not only provide but to create advanced technology for the betterment of the world. Portfolio of acquired and merged assets includes InGen Technologies, B.A.E. Systems, and Weyland Yutani Corporation. Atlas Technologies has publicly traded on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq:ATLT) since the 5th of March, 2020. Atlas Technologies Department of Public Relations Announcement: Partnership Devel
  4. The Premier of the Soviet Union has accepted the offer, and stated the plan for retribution of wealth will commence with the New Economic Plan The plan will be giving citizens the right to open small businesses like restaurants, luxery goods and relaxed restrictions on price controls. The plan will also be give each citizen a monthly payment, based on size of the family until the economy stabilizes. Citizens living at the border are still advised to be cautious for future attacks, but the rebellious factions have been keeping a low profile
  5. Can't you hear me?
    I'm not comin' home
    Do you understand?
    I've changed my plans

  6. Ooc: The beginning is. It will change rather soon. Rim and i wanted to do a war, due to distance i need to create a reason to invade. Only difference is instead of looking fornthe avatar, it will be looking for Zuko. This last post will be the only one that is heavily taken from the show
  7. Zuko's POV Looking at the campground in front of him, his uncle was eating a bowl of rice. Some of my men standing guard. We didn't exactly enter the Elemental Union the legal way, however they didn't fire on us when we entered their maritime borders. The Navy also stopped, which is strange. Azula has never cared about boundaries before. Not sure why the trailing ships stopped as soon as we crossed the imaginary line that separates Elemental Union's waters and International water. However now she knows where to find me. Surely she wouldn't burn an entire country down to find me, but she m
  8. All the good girls go to hell
    'Cause even God herself has enemies
    And once the water starts to rise
    And heaven's out of sight
    She'll want the devil on her team

  9. Prison Tower Capital City, Phoenix Empire 0400, 7/8/2020 "... Uncle, what are you doing here? You'll be considered a traitor to the Empire," Zuko says, standing near the wall to avoid the cell door from hitting him when his Uncle unleashed a strong blast of fire to unhinge the door. His uncle looks at him and replies "I am getting you out of here, she will kill you if she feels you will ever challenge her rule. Now lets go." Zuko only nods and follows his Uncle. As quick as the attack on the prison started, it had ended with the traitors escaping. The Royal Phoe
  10. Thought I could fly
    So I stepped off the Golden, mm
    Nobody cried
    Nobody even noticed

  11. I'll never be good enough
    You make me wanna die
    And everything you love will burn up in the light

    1. Aqua-Corpsman


      Nice sentiment Tali.

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