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  1. Wey-Yu(LSE) Umbrella Corporation(NYSE) Acquisition Today, after weeks of negotiations, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is proud to announce the acquisition of the Umbrella Corporation and welcomes the Pharmaceutical Company into the Weyland-Yutani Family. To avoid any laws that would destroy this agreement, the Umbrella Corporation will be managed and operated by the Umbrella Corporation Board of Directors, and staying semi-independent. Receiving funds from Weyland-Yutani and direction from our board of Directors, the Umbrella brand will be kept alive. Umbrella will be taking over all projects concerning pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare and many other industries that Umbrella has mastered within. Weyland-Yutani will be contracting Umbrella to take over security for Weyland-Yutani and all her subsidiary companies. Umbrella Corporation Home office will be relocated to Quebec City, and a regional office will be created in London next to the Weyland-Yutani Home Office building. All Umbrella facilities will remain under ownership of the Umbrella Corporation name for legal obligations. (This RP has nothing to do with the in-game alliance known as Umbrella Corporation, as this RP is not connected to the In-game PnW world)
  2. Restoring historic ties is paramount to the Security of the Kingdom, and with Canada going down a path of destabilization, the Kingdom will be taking a stronger lead, accordance to The Commonwealth of Nations New Agenda, signed by all members. The United Kingdom moves into controlling sectors of Canada to administrate a new Administrative Zone of Canada. Leading this effort will be a foreigner, Cornelia Li Britannia as the Military Governor. *Classified* Regional Offices London(Main Office) Quebec City(Regional Office) San Francisco(Regional Office. Closed Indefinetly due to security concerns) Tokyo(Regional Office. Closed due to loss of license to operate within Rokkenjima) Report: Expansion Classified document: Y-Code Red Clearance needed With the loss of the Regional office in San Francisco, a new Regional office for North America was necessary to carry out operations within the continent and the loss of a major nation with favorable outcomes, Canada has become the next candidate to open business within, primarily the research and development of Synthetic Androids. To ensure security, we used our influence to force the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland into taking control of a section of Canada to protect our assets to limit expenses of hiring a large outfit to guard our interests in the area. All with knowledge(The Board of Directors) must cover this information to the best of their ability to hide this from the Queen and the Government otherwise risk our company. License to operate within the Holy Britannian Empire has also been stalled. Board of Directors plan to pressure the Parliament to increase negotiations to allow British enterprises to enter the Britannian Empire's economy.
  3. Military Expansion 400 Fighter Jets: 20b 49 bombers: 7.35b 2 submarines: 20b Soldiers 8833 soldiers: 2,649,900,000b Her Majesty's Armed Forces Royal Army: 48,833soldiers 100 Tanks 25 Artillery 25 Anti Air Royal Air Force 500 Fighter Jets 100 bombers 10 transports Royal Navy 3 carriers 4 Cruisers 6 Frigates 2 Submarines With an ever increasing dangerous world, Her Majesty has decided to drastically increase Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, with small equipment handed to the Army and Navy, hopefully boosting National Defense. Equipment is susepcted to arrive soon, with future plans to increase its size.
  4. Tali


    Poor Max, having to deal with a Jordan
  5. As she exits the plane, she puts on her tan jacket and sunglasses, once shes been escorted into the limo, she crosses her leg and looks at the Danish governor and says "Nice to meet you, Names Ada Wong," and extends her hand for a handshake.
  6. "Today, we are announcing the inclusion of the Spanish territory into the Gibraltar House Rule bill, creating a Special Administrative Zone. The following will go into effect immediately: Gibraltar Representatives will educate the citizens who are now within this Administrative Zones. The House Rule bill ensures autonomy within the special administrative zone. The Gibraltar Charter will be enforced within the newly acquired lands, with every right granted to the Spanish citizens being integrated New elections for the United Kingdom of Parliament will be held, with the Spanish born citizens electing their own representatives to the UK parliament. With that, a border wall will be constructed to separate UK-MagCorp borders. All communications between the United Kingdom and her Overseas Territories and MagCorp will be blocked from within these territories, and sale to and from will be outlawed until relations cool. We also want to ensure the Spanish people that the United Kingdom has no intentions to expand more into Spain, and the need to expand the lands surrounding Gibraltar was solely defensive in nature to ensure a rogue corporation does not interfere with Gibraltar's right to trade and safety."
  7. With the rise of tension, the United Kingdom looks to create friends in this world, and has decided to open relations with our closest neighbor, the Kingdom of Sweden. Gothenburg, Sweden Ada Wong will be sent as the British Representative, holding powers to create any agreement on behalf of Her Majesty. Ada Wong, previous independent spy, has joined the United Kingdom to work with MI6, however sometimes work in other departments on her Majesty wishes. At this time, she will be sent to Sweden to talk with the Government of Sweden until a more permanent ambassador can be assigned to Sweden.
  8. With potential threat against British rule over Gibraltar from foreign entities, the citizens of Gibraltar asked the British Monarchy for more aid and Queen Victoria Anderson has decided to secure a foothold around our overseas territory in Gibraltar. To cover the administration cost, four provinces in our French holdings will be dropped from our Kingdom until further notice. With that, Naval defenses will surround the coastline of the four provinces surrounding Gibraltar to contain the threat of a naval invasion, and increased military presence in the area. Radar will be constructed throughout the coastline and communications will be closely watched to keep. Travel will be restricted to only allies of the United Kingdom to Gibraltar and citizens of the United Kingdom.
  9. im moving four provinces from France to Spain
  10. Tali


    Ooc: I already claimed Gibraltar
  11. Treaty of Haiti Systems Alliance admits defeat to the forces of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Kingdom of Sweden and the Holy Britannian Forces The Systems Alliance will pay 200million to the United Kingdom The Systems Alliance shall recognize the UK's sovereignty. Systems Alliance will not intefere with Britannian's claim over Cuba and relinquishes its half of the Panama Canal Britannian Forces will leave Systems Alliance lands, and in return, New York City will be reunited with Britannia The Holy Britannian Empire has the legal right to annex any Systems Alliance lands Systems Alliance will either disband their military or allow them to join Britannians forces as Auxiliary. Signatories: Holy Britannian Empire: Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: Queen Victoria Anderson Systems Alliance: Secretary of House and Healthcare(remaining gov member) Henry Delson PAX Britannica In light of recent events, it became clear the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Holy Britannian Empire have many in common, and with common need, they come together to form Pax Britannica, a Military Alliance to protect both empires. Signatories of this agreement shall come to either defense in case of of an attack on either party. An attack on one will be treated as an attack on all. Signatories promise to not harm either party politically, economically or militarily. Holy Britannian Empire and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland will co-administrate the Panama Canal as long as the United Kingdom provides Naval support and defense of the Panama Canal. Signatories: Holy Britannian Empire: Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: Queen Victoria Anderson The United Kingdom-Swedish Agreement For the support of the Swedish forces help in France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland shall send a payment of $50million to the Kingdom of Sweden and recognize their role in the defense of UK's lands.
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