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  1. "I hope she’s wilder than your wildest dreams
    She’s everything you’re ever gonna need
    And then I hope she cheats"

    1. Flavee


      Ok but

      Zoidberg Time 18092020114728.jpg

    2. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      That kinda always happens to poor old Shifty


    3. Flavee


      Shifty, You are not alone.

  2. Atlas Technologies is an emerging technology conglomerate and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas, USA. The vision of Atlas Technologies is to not only provide but to create advanced technology for the betterment of the world. Portfolio of acquired and merged assets includes InGen Technologies, B.A.E. Systems, and Weyland Yutani Corporation. Atlas Technologies has publicly traded on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq:ATLT) since the 5th of March, 2020. Atlas Technologies Department of Public Relations Announcement: Partnership Development Public Relations: Tali Corporate Contact: Max For over 180 days, Atlas Technologies has been a subsidiary of Camelot- while the company had free reign of operations to the extent given and no need for monetary investment since creation - Camelot’s Archduke of Diplomacy, Aero, helped guide Atlas Technologies to meet the goals set by company leadership and assisted in laying the foundation of what the company is today. Atlas Technologies is stepping out of the subsidiary status under Camelot. During a set bi-weekly progress report to Camelot, Azazel, Archduke of Diplomacy, approached company leadership with an offering to upgrade the current partnership. Atlas Technologies agreed to the upgrade in mutual partnership at 06:49 Central Time on the 4th of September, 2020. Camelot has been a guiding force behind Atlas Technologies. This partnership recognizes not only the strong relationship between both Camelot and Atlas Technologies but it also links trust and integrity to that relationship. Atas Technologies looks forward to walking shoulder to shoulder with Camelot on its path to a better, technologically advanced future. Publicly Signed Agreement Camelot - Atlas Technologies Preface Camelot and Atlas Technologies agree to upgrade protection and sign a Mutual Defense Optional Aggression (MDoAP) treaty. Item I - Jurisdiction in Operations Agreement signatories agree to respect each other’s right to conduct its own affairs and business without external interference. Item II - Data Securities Agreement signatories agree to share and protect data, with the understanding that close cooperation is a necessity for the security of both parties. Item III - Mutual Defense of Hostile Takeovers Agreement signatories agree to come to each other’s aid when threatened or attacked by external operatives. Item IV - Optional Aggressive Operations Agreement signatories agree that should one party make the decision to pursue an aggressive hostile takeover, the other party has the right to join or remain neutral in aggression. Item V - Termination of Partnership Agreement signatories agree to a 72-Hour written notice should the need arise to nullify the partnership. Agreement Signatories Signed for Atlas Technologies: Chairman: Mad Max Director of Strategic Investments: Jordan Director of Public Relations: Tali Director of Safety Protocols: El Loco Director of Internal Communications: Han Solo Special Signatories: Parched, Chara, Tiberius and all of our members. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be where and who we are today. Signed for Camelot: King: Arthur Morgana: Empimetheus Merlin: Uriah Lancelot: Viselli Archduke - Internal Affairs: Random Archduke - Milcom: Sweden Archduke: Economics: Alphalion Archduke - Diplomacy: Azazel & Aero
  3. The Premier of the Soviet Union has accepted the offer, and stated the plan for retribution of wealth will commence with the New Economic Plan The plan will be giving citizens the right to open small businesses like restaurants, luxery goods and relaxed restrictions on price controls. The plan will also be give each citizen a monthly payment, based on size of the family until the economy stabilizes. Citizens living at the border are still advised to be cautious for future attacks, but the rebellious factions have been keeping a low profile
  4. Can't you hear me?
    I'm not comin' home
    Do you understand?
    I've changed my plans

  5. Ooc: The beginning is. It will change rather soon. Rim and i wanted to do a war, due to distance i need to create a reason to invade. Only difference is instead of looking fornthe avatar, it will be looking for Zuko. This last post will be the only one that is heavily taken from the show
  6. Zuko's POV Looking at the campground in front of him, his uncle was eating a bowl of rice. Some of my men standing guard. We didn't exactly enter the Elemental Union the legal way, however they didn't fire on us when we entered their maritime borders. The Navy also stopped, which is strange. Azula has never cared about boundaries before. Not sure why the trailing ships stopped as soon as we crossed the imaginary line that separates Elemental Union's waters and International water. However now she knows where to find me. Surely she wouldn't burn an entire country down to find me, but she made me a prisoner, a threat to her power over the throne, so maybe she would try to... Azula's POV As lightning shot through her fingertips, her teachers respond, but Azula only heard the statement of "Almost perfect, one hair out of place." That sole statement angered Azula. She pushes the loose strain of hair out of the way and yells, "Almost isn't good enough!" She repeats the steps, and fires another shot of lightning into the sky. In the background, her uncle awoke from the sound. A few hours later I stand, where my brother and uncle are sitting. Plans to trick them into coming home in place. "Brother, I want you home. The council is willing to forgive your crimes and give you the rightful place on the throne. There is treacherous talks going on, about a coup on the Imperial family and returning our lands to the Soviet Union. We need to reunite before we fall back into the shadows, ruled by others," I said, lying through my teeth. My brother mutters something under his breath, looking rather shocked. If only he knew the truth. I sigh, look at him with gentle eyes, "I didn't have to come here you know, I am not a messenger. You should be happy, you'll be getting your throne back. Meet me at the docks tomorrow, and then we will set sail back to home." A day later I see my brother and uncle walking towards the dock. Plan is working as planned, however my uncle is smarter than i thought. You could tell he was suspicious, his stance telling me that he knows something is going on. I'll have to keep an eye on him, but I have to keep my appearance as a caring sister, so once my brother got near the ramp, I smile and say "Brother, I am glad you came! Welcome aboard, captain, set course for home." My voice never betraying my intention. My smile assuring Zuko to step on the boat. He starts to move to the ramp when the captain spoke up, "Excellent! Men take the pri-" and the look of shock of realizing his mistake. I was shocked at his betrayal, and he will be severely punished for this. I glared at him when he looked at me, and he knew then he wouldn't survive his punishment. "You lied to me," my brother yelled at me, stomping up the ramp while his uncle started to fight the Imperial Fire Guard, pushing them off the docks and into the ocean. "Like I haven't done that before," was all i said, hands behind my back I walk away and my two guards step in front to block Zuko's advance towards however, Zuko was able to fend them off and threw them overboard. Zuko charges at Azula with fire daggers however, Azula easily dodges every attack, not using her bending. "You know, the council blames Uncle for the weakness of our Order and considers you an embarrassment, why else would we want you home except to lock you up so you cant embarrass us anymore!" Zuko conjures up two fire daggers again. He leaps into the air and sends a powerful fire blast at Azula using his foot. She jumps and lands safely on the deck several feet away. Zuko charges at her as she rises to her feet. After dodging several more attacks, she manages to scrape his forehead with her fingernails, leaving three scratch marks on his temple. Zuko falls back a few feet from the impact and yells as he charges at her again. The two continue to duel, eventually making their way up a stairway that leads to the central control area of the ship. Azula manages grab hold of Zuko's arm. A few seconds pause as the two stand silently, Zuko widening his eyes in alarm. She fires a blue fire ball at him, knocking him on his feet. His vision starts to blur as he notices Azula start the motion to generate lightning, as he laid there, thinking this was his last moment, his uncle grabs her hand and directs the lightning at the cliffs and pushes Azula into the water, and Iroh and Zuko ran off, back into the Elemental Union. "Brother, you can't hide forever and you should've known I would invade to capture you and our uncle," Azula said once she got out of the water and orders her men to start moving. A mix of Naval and Air will start the invasion, and Azula stated she wont stop until she has captured the traitors. Once they entered the Elemental Union's waters, They start to to fight against the Elemental Union's defenses, and the fleet of Airships were launched, some were able to dodge the spikes of earth from hitting the fans that kept the engine of the airships running while others fell to their doom...
  7. All the good girls go to hell
    'Cause even God herself has enemies
    And once the water starts to rise
    And heaven's out of sight
    She'll want the devil on her team

  8. Prison Tower Capital City, Phoenix Empire 0400, 7/8/2020 "... Uncle, what are you doing here? You'll be considered a traitor to the Empire," Zuko says, standing near the wall to avoid the cell door from hitting him when his Uncle unleashed a strong blast of fire to unhinge the door. His uncle looks at him and replies "I am getting you out of here, she will kill you if she feels you will ever challenge her rule. Now lets go." Zuko only nods and follows his Uncle. As quick as the attack on the prison started, it had ended with the traitors escaping. The Royal Phoenix Empire's Palace Capital City, Phoenix Empire "My brother and my uncle has disgraced the Royal family and brought shame to us all. You may have mixed feelings about attacking a member of the royal family, however if you hesitate, i won't hesitate to take you down," Azula states, sitting at her throne in front of all her highest ranking Generals. She stands up to take a look at the map, at the sights they have been spotted. Zuko, Iroh and a handful of Firebenders loyal to General Iroh captured a Phoenix Navy ship in the middle of the night and took off, crossing the Black Sea and through the strait of istanbul with little resistance. sightings of her brother and uncle have come through and show they are heading towards the Elemental Union, and with that, the Phoenix Empire prepares the start of a manhunt to bring these fugitives back to face the consequences. Thousands of troops, pilots and ships prepare for the seas. Ordered to intentionally avoid territorial waters.
  9. Thought I could fly
    So I stepped off the Golden, mm
    Nobody cried
    Nobody even noticed

  10. I'll never be good enough
    You make me wanna die
    And everything you love will burn up in the light

    1. Corpsman


      Nice sentiment Tali.

  11. Soviet Troops enter northern Russian lands, with the main goal of eventually meeting with Union troops. Weeks of bombardment left the standing White Army in the area in disarray, and demoralized. With the loss of Crimea and lands to the Phoenix Empire, the Supreme Soviet has decided to hold the line and prevent further Phoenix expansion into current Soviet lands, however were ordered to not go on the offensive, as the Phoenix Empire hasnt made any moves to further push into the Soviet Union. With that, Command has decided to focus all attacks on the White Army, utilizing Artillery and Missile bombardments on White Army strongholds.
  12. Prison Tower Capital City, Phoenix Empire "Mai and Ty Lee, I have a proposition for you," Azula states, sitting in front of her ex-friends. Her cold eyes and presence terrifying Ty Lee. "Consider it as a way for you to redeem yourself after you betrayed me. I have a mission, and need a small elite team, just like the old times when we worked together, or you can rot here. Your choice," Azula says, placing her left hand firmly on her hip, with the other hand lifted to look at her hand. Mai and Ty Lee look at eachother, and bow to Azula. They decided to support the Phoenix Queen, instead of fighting and wishing to leave this dreadful prison. The three reunited, they set off for the Conquest of Istanbul Seven days later Istanbul, Turkey. Middle of the night The girls, under the cover of the night, entered the city of Istanbul. Turkish citizens mostly at home, and the Turkish police lazily patrolling the streets. Mai guarding the back, with Ty Lee off to recon their target. Turkey's Central Communications and Defense Integration Headquarters. Take out the hub, and Instabul's naval defenses and air defenses will go offline, allowing for mass invasion. Azula steps up, rain falling, lightning casting through the sky. Azula and Mai get to the designated area, and await for Ty Lee to return. "I'm bored, when will Ty Lee return," Mai sighed, bored from sitting in the rain. Azula doesn't respond, only looks away to notice Ty Lee running towards her. "Azula, the structure is lightly guarded. However, the entrance has security systems in place. We can't open the door without a code," Ty Lee says in her familiar upbeat tone. "Well then, I guess we need to get a guard to open the door, lets go ladies," Azula states, looking for a target for a second before seeing a Armed Guard patrolling the outside garden, and then Azula makes her move. The guard never saw her come before it was too late, and dragged to a shed. "Mai, keep an eye out and warn us if anyone shows up, and take them out," Azula states as she turns to her prisoner. With a flick of her wrists, a blue flame shoots from her fingertips, causing the room to fill with a bright warm blue flame. "... Now, you'll give us entrance to this building or you will face the consequences, and dont think of betraying me," Azula says, turning around and firing lightning into the sky to demonstrate her ability, and allow her prisoner to know what she will do if he tried to run or warn others. With that, they gained entrance into the building. The building designed as a maze, the prisoner guided her to the control room, while Mai and Ty Lee took down any guards they crossed path with, and then, all systems were offline and The Battle For Istanbul started. Planes dropping Firebenders, naval transports releasing tanks, troop transports and firebenders into the area. Overwhelming the Turkish defenses. 12 hours later, the Turkish President surrenders, and the agreement to hand Istanbul to the Phoenix Empire was created.
  13. July expansion pink for the Phoenix Empire red for th soviet union
  14. Government of the Phoenix Empire Imperial Monarchy Phoenix Queen Azula Age: 16 Azula is a natural firebender, and considered as a great manipulator, tactician and brilliant strategist. A perfectionist at heart, every skill she takes on, she will master any skill that would benefit her in some form of way. With that, her major flaw is trust. With her inability to calm her anxiety of incapable of being loved as she is, she controls her friends, family and servants by fear. Her father raised her to value loyalty, fear and power and with her mother's disappearance, she relied heavily on her father for guidance, and to keep her place as the favored child, she served her father until the day he died and that was the only relationship that manipulated her successfully. Her specialty was strategy, setting up the stage for her plans she did not need to complete. Always ready to act when the time came, she climbed the ranks of the Order very quickly during her father's reign. Her cold manner made her truly feared throughout the order and highly respected. Her very presence demands respect, and her people obey. Council of 5 The Council of 5 shall consist the ministers of the Ministry of War, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Homeland Security
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