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  1. Prison Tower Capital City, Phoenix Empire 0400, 7/8/2020 "... Uncle, what are you doing here? You'll be considered a traitor to the Empire," Zuko says, standing near the wall to avoid the cell door from hitting him when his Uncle unleashed a strong blast of fire to unhinge the door. His uncle looks at him and replies "I am getting you out of here, she will kill you if she feels you will ever challenge her rule. Now lets go." Zuko only nods and follows his Uncle. As quick as the attack on the prison started, it had ended with the traitors escaping. The Royal Phoenix Empire's Palace Capital City, Phoenix Empire "My brother and my uncle has disgraced the Royal family and brought shame to us all. You may have mixed feelings about attacking a member of the royal family, however if you hesitate, i won't hesitate to take you down," Azula states, sitting at her throne in front of all her highest ranking Generals. She stands up to take a look at the map, at the sights they have been spotted. Zuko, Iroh and a handful of Firebenders loyal to General Iroh captured a Phoenix Navy ship in the middle of the night and took off, crossing the Black Sea and through the strait of istanbul with little resistance. sightings of her brother and uncle have come through and show they are heading towards the Elemental Union, and with that, the Phoenix Empire prepares the start of a manhunt to bring these fugitives back to face the consequences. Thousands of troops, pilots and ships prepare for the seas. Ordered to intentionally avoid territorial waters.
  2. Thought I could fly
    So I stepped off the Golden, mm
    Nobody cried
    Nobody even noticed

  3. I'll never be good enough
    You make me wanna die
    And everything you love will burn up in the light

    1. Corpsman


      Nice sentiment Tali.

  4. Soviet Troops enter northern Russian lands, with the main goal of eventually meeting with Union troops. Weeks of bombardment left the standing White Army in the area in disarray, and demoralized. With the loss of Crimea and lands to the Phoenix Empire, the Supreme Soviet has decided to hold the line and prevent further Phoenix expansion into current Soviet lands, however were ordered to not go on the offensive, as the Phoenix Empire hasnt made any moves to further push into the Soviet Union. With that, Command has decided to focus all attacks on the White Army, utilizing Artillery and Missile bombardments on White Army strongholds.
  5. Prison Tower Capital City, Phoenix Empire "Mai and Ty Lee, I have a proposition for you," Azula states, sitting in front of her ex-friends. Her cold eyes and presence terrifying Ty Lee. "Consider it as a way for you to redeem yourself after you betrayed me. I have a mission, and need a small elite team, just like the old times when we worked together, or you can rot here. Your choice," Azula says, placing her left hand firmly on her hip, with the other hand lifted to look at her hand. Mai and Ty Lee look at eachother, and bow to Azula. They decided to support the Phoenix Queen, instead of fighting and wishing to leave this dreadful prison. The three reunited, they set off for the Conquest of Istanbul Seven days later Istanbul, Turkey. Middle of the night The girls, under the cover of the night, entered the city of Istanbul. Turkish citizens mostly at home, and the Turkish police lazily patrolling the streets. Mai guarding the back, with Ty Lee off to recon their target. Turkey's Central Communications and Defense Integration Headquarters. Take out the hub, and Instabul's naval defenses and air defenses will go offline, allowing for mass invasion. Azula steps up, rain falling, lightning casting through the sky. Azula and Mai get to the designated area, and await for Ty Lee to return. "I'm bored, when will Ty Lee return," Mai sighed, bored from sitting in the rain. Azula doesn't respond, only looks away to notice Ty Lee running towards her. "Azula, the structure is lightly guarded. However, the entrance has security systems in place. We can't open the door without a code," Ty Lee says in her familiar upbeat tone. "Well then, I guess we need to get a guard to open the door, lets go ladies," Azula states, looking for a target for a second before seeing a Armed Guard patrolling the outside garden, and then Azula makes her move. The guard never saw her come before it was too late, and dragged to a shed. "Mai, keep an eye out and warn us if anyone shows up, and take them out," Azula states as she turns to her prisoner. With a flick of her wrists, a blue flame shoots from her fingertips, causing the room to fill with a bright warm blue flame. "... Now, you'll give us entrance to this building or you will face the consequences, and dont think of betraying me," Azula says, turning around and firing lightning into the sky to demonstrate her ability, and allow her prisoner to know what she will do if he tried to run or warn others. With that, they gained entrance into the building. The building designed as a maze, the prisoner guided her to the control room, while Mai and Ty Lee took down any guards they crossed path with, and then, all systems were offline and The Battle For Istanbul started. Planes dropping Firebenders, naval transports releasing tanks, troop transports and firebenders into the area. Overwhelming the Turkish defenses. 12 hours later, the Turkish President surrenders, and the agreement to hand Istanbul to the Phoenix Empire was created.
  6. July expansion pink for the Phoenix Empire red for th soviet union
  7. Government of the Phoenix Empire Imperial Monarchy Phoenix Queen Azula Age: 16 Azula is a natural firebender, and considered as a great manipulator, tactician and brilliant strategist. A perfectionist at heart, every skill she takes on, she will master any skill that would benefit her in some form of way. With that, her major flaw is trust. With her inability to calm her anxiety of incapable of being loved as she is, she controls her friends, family and servants by fear. Her father raised her to value loyalty, fear and power and with her mother's disappearance, she relied heavily on her father for guidance, and to keep her place as the favored child, she served her father until the day he died and that was the only relationship that manipulated her successfully. Her specialty was strategy, setting up the stage for her plans she did not need to complete. Always ready to act when the time came, she climbed the ranks of the Order very quickly during her father's reign. Her cold manner made her truly feared throughout the order and highly respected. Her very presence demands respect, and her people obey. Council of 5 The Council of 5 shall consist the ministers of the Ministry of War, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Homeland Security
  8. "I'm sorry it has to end this way, brother," Azula stated, her sanity seeping away as the family feud hits it climax THIRTY MINUTES EARLIER "It is time to reveal ourselves, instead of hiding in the shadows brother, father is dead, and I am the rightful heir to the Order, dad wanted me, not you" Azula exclaims, as her brother stands there, challenging her. For as long as the Order stands, as a secretive organization of beings with a natural ability to control fire, and the few talented who can create lighting. Cast away, secretly changing Russia's directions from the shadow. However now, with the state of the world, and the losing Russian grip over the land the Order calls its own holy land, Princess Azula sees its chance to finally step out of the shadows, which she believes staying in the shadows as being weak. However, her older brother wishes to stay hidden. More worried about the safety of the population over glory, true independence and pursuit of true power Her brother, Zuko, breathes fire out of his nose, yellow flames fume the air around him, as most Firebender. "You can't be serious, Azula! As the eldest, I have the biggest claims, and your wishes will destroy us! We don't have allies, we only have ourselves, and if we show ourselves to the world, a wild hunt will pursue, where they will kill us all. Im putting an end to this idea now. In thirty minutes, I will be crowned as the next Firelord of the Sacred Order of the Dragon, and you will have to live with that fact. Guards, escort my sister from the chambers." The guards, stand there, as they fear both siblings. Azula was born lucky, while Zuko was lucky to be born. Azula was a natural and a prodigy, perfecting her bending and fighting stance ever since she was young, while Zuko learned the way of the sword, and kept going until he finally grasped a solid stance in firebending. Azula glares at the guards and lights the room with a bright blue flame, that shortly turns yellow once the heat decimated and leaves the room. She fumes over her brother's decision, pushing her servants and her Elite Guards away, ordering them to leave. Signs of a mental breakdown can be seen throughout her face. Insane eyes, hair strung out, flowing in the wind as she makes her way to her oversized bedroom. Her desire to have her way, and her need for control and perfection taking it's toll on her wellbeing. As she sits there, she grows agitated by the minute, and she can no longer contain herself. She decides to challenge her brother to an Agni Kai. As she tries to make her hair, it doesn't succeed, and her finger gets caught by the ribben. She glares at her hair before yelling "Ok hair, its time to meet your doom." Swish. Falling hair. "What a shame, you had such beautiful hair" a ghost tells her. She looks in the mirror, and her missing mother is standing behind her. She looks surprised, as her mother has been missing for years. "What are you doing here?" She asks. The ghost says "I didnt want to miss my daughters most important day" with the same face of peace and love. "Don't pretend to be proud of me. I know what you really think of me. You think I am a monster" Azula states, looking down as she mutters the word monster. "I think you are mistaken. You used fear to control people, like your friends Mai and Ty Lee," her mothers calming voice says. Azula turns around, no longer looking in the mirror and says blatantly "What choice did i have? Trust is for fools, only fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me." Her mother moves her hands to her chest and states, "No I love you Azula, I do." Azula, emotional and distraught from her mother's words, chin trembling. She looks down and you can see the tears flowing down her cheek, her hand grasping the hairbrush. She turns and throws the hairbrush at the mirror, shattering the hallucination, and her mother swiftly disappears. Current Time "You want to be firelord? Fine lets settle it. Just you and me brother. The showdown that was always meant to be, Agni Kai!" she exclaimed, with a wicked smile on her face. Her brother responds in an instant, "Your on", which causes her to grin once again. Then they march 10 feet away from eachother, looking at different directions, both kneeling. She is the first to get up and grabs her ritual coat and throws it on the ground and says, "Im sorry it has to end this way, brother," with a grin on her face." Her brother looks sadden and only replies with "No your not." And with that, the battle begins, and as always, shes the first to attack. She twirls and sticks her hand out, shooting a bright blue flame, taking over half the street. Her brother jumps and blasts a powerful yellow flame and they clash, creating a wall of blue and yellow flames, pushing for dominance. Soon, the flames grow weak, and before Zuko has a chance to go on the offensive, once the fires extinguishes itself Azula jumps, causing blue flames underneath her feet and shoots her fire in his general direction, catching roofs of housing on fire. They both throw a punch of fire, blue and yellow scratching, keeping the flames from burning the other. Once the fire is gone, Azula looks behind her for a split second to see the Temple on fire, and then runs towards her brother, jumps and creates a wave of fire heading towards her brother, and in the last second, her brother breaks her fire, separating it, causing the blue flame to burn out. Out of breath, she kneels and glares at her brother and her brother who stayed in form, shoots a powerful blast of flame in her direction. She only had a couple of seconds to jump out of the way, or be burnt by his burning flame. Once she lands on her feet, she blasts off, using her flame to propel her towards her brother and circles her brother, throwing balls of hot blue flames towards her brother. Doing whatever she could to knock him out, but he flips to the ground and sends a flame that knocks her to her feet, losing balance from the hit. As she hits the ground, she gasps in pain before getting back up with a growl. She looks at her brother, with rage written all over her face. "No lightning today? Afraid I'll redirect it," her brother asks mockingly. "I'll show you lightning!" she exclaims and starts the movements to create lightning, one of the rarest form of attack a Fire Bender can do. Her brother, confident, takes the stance to prepare to move the flow of electricity through his body to redirect it back at his sister, but fails to notice the girl that ran up behind him. Azula's eyes dart and shoots a wave of lightning. and only a second later, did she notice her brother had jumped to protect the girl and was hit by the lightning. Lightning shoots from his body into the sky, and thunder roaring the air around them, but he took a devastating blow, the blow that ended the Agni Kai. The Sage observing the fight, comes out from safety and crowns Azula as winner of the Agni Kai, and claims she will be the next leader of the Order. Now, her plans can come to fruit. Three weeks later In two weeks, the order was mobilized, and swiftly took over direct control away from the Soviets. Azula, enjoying her victory and regained her composer, stands at her balcony to watch the parade the Elite Guard marching down the street, and the new flag being risen from the ashes. Today she pronounces the existence of the Phoenix Empire! Area marked in Pink is what the Phoenix Empire claims and has direct control of.
  9. We need love
    But all we want is danger
    We team up
    Then switch sides like a record changer
    The rumors
    Are terrible and cruel
    But, honey most of them are true

  10. I look around and Sin City's cold and empty 
    No one's around to judge me 
    I can't see clearly when you're gone

  11. With the call for changes of the overal plans for the civil war, the Soviet Armed Forces will utilize Rocket Artillery in every campaign of the civil war, and Soviet Generals and Commanders are to start following these changes suggested by the Union. Soviet Logistics has already started preperation and large movements of Soviet troops and equipment are being moved into place to start this new plan.
  12. The Soviet Armed Forces will take weapons from their reserves and provide the International Brigades with these weaponry as a sign of friendship and cooperation. Preparation for shipment has started.
  13. I agree - should of been done in a rather private setting but its good to see someone taking ownership of their mistakes and plans to do better in the future
  14. Tali

    Adri Out!

    Congrats on Retirement Adrienne!
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