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  1. This thread is being locked for now as it has derailed and because this is a No Discussion Forum Alex will be able to respond if he has anything to add.
  2. This isn't a venue to air out threats to report a fellow player to law enforcement, especially when the issue is dubious, at best. The thread has been locked.
  3. Thanks for reporting this to us. For future reference, move your mouse cursor over the upper right-hand corner of the given post and you'll see "Report Post." Click on that and fill out the form and submit. Since the thread did indeed derail as a result of Natalia's post, we will verbally warn them given that this is their first infraction since 2016. But I should note that the moderation team feels that your interpretation of "flaming" is overly broad, as evidenced in your accusation of flaming in this thread. Disagreement is not flaming, debating is not derailment. Please keep this in mind when submitting a report. While we appreciate sincere reports, the moderation team will not be weaponized for interpersonal disputes. For everyone else: unless you are a party to the report (or provided critical information), you are not to post in a thread in this subforum. Consider this as a general verbal warning.
  4. The prior warning has been removed. You should have full access on the forums now.
  5. So, being a member of an alliance bloc and acknowledging its one year anniversary in the original thread is an offense?

    I call bullshit.

    Suck a fat one, you jackass.

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    2. Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Inanimate Carbon Rod

      Doktor Avalanche,

      If you want to dispute the warn point, you are free to PM Alex and ask for your warn point to be removed if Alex determines the warn was not warranted.

      But in the end, you posted in a thread that was beyond the 10 day limit for the Alliance Affairs subforum. Your post violated this rule: as such the moderation team gave you a warn point. The claim you were not gravedigging was dismissed because what you "feel" about your post is irrelevant to the act of gravedigging: you posted on a thread that was over 10 days inactive. This is as clear-cut as a moderator's action can be.

      Lashing out at the moderation team for your unwillingness to read the Guidelines is not a good look on your part. Learn from your mistake and take future warnings with a modicum of dignity. Not whatever "this" is. This does not help your case in one bit.

    3. Doktor Avalanche

      Doktor Avalanche

      I wear the warning point I received for calling you out AKA "lashing out at the moderation" in pride.

      I rarely post anyways so they go away quickly. Seriously consider what is gravedigging and what is not as what I posted was actually relevant which you said in your report to me to not be. If you use the ten day rule you should have said that instead.

      Anyways, have a wonderful New Years...

    4. Doktor Avalanche

      Doktor Avalanche

      Also, if the ten day rule is the actual reason then do your job and start locking ten day old untouched threads so shit like this does not occur anymore.

      Or is that "modicum" of action just not in your job profile?


  6. Given that Alex deemed the last thread to be against forum rules, threads on the exact same theme are not to be allowed. The thread has been locked.
  7. As this thread is a call-out thread to the moderators, it has been locked and warns will be given to the OP and others in violation of this rule. If you have concerns about the moderation team, please PM Alex about it. Following the rules isn't hard guys.
  8. Could you elaborate on that question? Can you give a hypothetical scenario that would better contextualize your question? I will just say that there is nothing in the Terms and Conditions of the game that would necessary forbid such a practice. The Game Rules themselves only mention RL financial transactions when it comes to prohibiting the sale/trading of accounts. That being said, the Terms and Conditions do give Alex leeway to terminate access to the site "without cause or notice," which would extend to the use of RL money/services if Alex feels it goes against the spirit of the game.
  9. No. If you are unsure, please refer to the Alliance Announcement rules. That subforum is reserved for alliance announcements only (hence the name ), while this thread is more fitting for the Orbis Central subforum. Just an FYI for future reference
  10. This is no place for name calling and warns will be doled out if need be. Keep it civil.
  11. Not an official announcement, and impersonating another alliance is against the subforum's rule: Therefore, thread has been locked.
  12. Nah, you're good. Game Suggestions is immune from the Grave Dig prohibition: Keep on truckin'
  13. Not Breaking the Rules = No Warning

  14. If you don't break the rules, you wouldn't have gotten the warning :|

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