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  1. Qin San Shi


    *Notices your alliance drama* OwO what's this?
  2. Qin San Shi

    Alliance relevance rank!

  3. Qin San Shi

    Interested in declaring an alliance war? I can help.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will work on implementing this. Any other suggestions that other people might have?
  4. Qin San Shi

    On the Prowl for Multis

    smh I reported this to Shifty first and no credit The rabbit hole goes really, really deep for this one. So deep in fact that I had to create a spreadsheet just to make some sense out of the whole thing. I present 41 total nations that are accused of using multis or profiting from funneling money or resources through multis, many of which are operating on spam names, are allianceless, and have infra slots resembling a resource farm. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gOgR62OATv3bUlwzZUgMKK63rN8R6UqPaE-nb-xV254/edit#gid=0 "Suspicious trades" includes the selling or buying of food at 100000-20000000 ppu and the selling or buying of resources at little to no cost. I'd be happy to clarify further if the admins demand it. Otherwise, happy banning!
  5. Qin San Shi

    Interested in declaring an alliance war? I can help.

    If an alliance is going to war then I really hope I don't have to take offensive standing military into account, haha. But as quoted I'd be able to specify for that as necessary. Note it also says the price can be paid right around war. I 100% acknowledge that there's simply some things humans are better at then programs, so this clause also suggests that if something doesn't turn out quite right (or totally wrong) in the process, then we just renegotiate the price so that whoever commissioned me pays a reduced amount, or nothing at all. I am probably leaving a lot of room for people to scam me by including that haha. But as long as it still causes a war, I don't mind as much 😅
  6. Qin San Shi

    Interested in declaring an alliance war? I can help.

    You people are picky haha. But the more convincing this thing looks the better, I suppose My code is getting uglier and uglier by the day. But links have been added
  7. Qin San Shi

    Interested in declaring an alliance war? I can help.

    Last sentence, you can find a link to a spreadsheet with some random micros as examples (names of alliances are listed at the bottom) If you're a bit confused as to why certain target nations have less than 3 attackers, that's because their slots are already filled by raiders. Similarly attacking nations are limited by the number of wars they've already declared.
  8. In the spirit of fun and bloodshed, I have written a program that automatically creates a target list given a list of offensive and defensive alliances. I am willing to let anyone use it...for a price. Message me in-game or on Discord with the total number of offensive and defensive nations involved and additional specifications that you may need. Alliance names can be disclosed after confirmation of services, and the price can be paid right around war declaration time in order to ensure confidentiality. I'd be more than happy to engage in a back-and-forth discussion if necessary! I look forward to making things a little more exciting, and good luck warring! Sample target list between several random micros: https://goo.gl/gFa3KM

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