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  1. Resplendent Inc hereby recognizes hostilities with the The Commonwealth, but since they're owned by TKR, them too. Despite respectfully asking for a nuclear bounty, we have for too long been disrespected by only receiving a mere attrition bounty. This horrible disregard for human respect cannot go unpunished. Only once Felkey steps down, pays us 50,000,000, or Smith asks nicely, will we agree to peace.
  2. Prezyan

    Respldnet 3nd

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Resplendent pledges to continue to be a strong camp of understanding and concentration!
  3. Prezyan

    Peace offerings for Truce

    Have it be tied into lost stuffs. for exmaple, you've done lost 50 soldiers in your most brutal of wars. Soldiers cost two dollop, and an upkeep of $1.88, 1/500 food per. So lets do ourselves solid mathematic while also adding some extra stuffs to make benefits. ((50*2)*1.88)2 = $376 boom there ya got a system for the monies. If you have 0 soldiers lost, you couldn't ask for monee, thereby fixin that there problem of the war stuff. Also I assume it wouldn't take much to change the blockade system to allow the transfer of money and resources from a nation to the blockading nation via a dedicated war currency transfer system. Also for resources you could request on like a 1:2 ratio of lost to requested c. Boom. This would go for all things, same with infra loss and money stolen etc. The more brutal the war, the more you can ask out of your enemies. World war one style :>
  4. Prezyan

    Pick 4 Husbands

    @Alex This thread is sexist and racist. This needs to be taken down!
  5. Prezyan

    City Scoring Change Idea

    This seems like it'd only make fighting at the upper tiers more difficult to achieve due to how the war mechanics work.
  6. Prezyan

    Pick 4 Husbands

    When will the Mods shut this thread down? Ripper is allowing for racism and sexism to flourish in PnW.
  7. Prezyan

    Pick 4 Husbands

    Main Husband: RozAdditional 3 Husbands: Shifty Justin LordshipYour (in-game or real) Gender (optional): MaleReasons (optional): Because these pieces of meat make my meat hardest <3
  8. For one, Sharia is Islamic Law, but apart from that, I must ask. Do you take the same offense when Christians are mocked?
  9. Prezyan

    SK Cancellation with Valkyrie.

    /shrug seems fine to me
  10. I'm glad to know that you agree that having a thread following the islamic doctrine of sharia is a mockery. I complete agree! I too believe Sharia is a mockery!
  11. Prezyan

    SK Cancellation with Valkyrie.

    CS has a senate, TCW is a Representative democracy with one elected leader, to which I presume UPN follows a similar structure. I think Rose is a democracy. Sure they might have varying term limits/lengths, but they're still democracies no?
  12. Prezyan

    The Real Problem

    hUR duR wHY doNt yUo dO iT urSELF - Generic Response People are just too afraid of losing their pixels, and then therefore making it more difficult to win the next war. Little do these people know though, is it seems that both sides are willing to sit back and wait regardless.

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