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  1. I think it would be interesting to have a technology system as others have mentioned previously, however; to add on I'd like to suggest some form of technology tier system. After a certain point based on technology + cities or something of the sort, advancements to technology provide debuffs in areas such as manufacturing. This is to represent how in many modern nations, the industrial power has slowly decayed since the 1960s. Perhaps eventually additional technologies/projects can be attempted to over come these issues such as automated manufacturing. Ideally though even that would have debuffs, for example if government approval actually mattered, that could be a consequence. I personally think that would add a lot of depth and possiblity for further additions later on.
  2. lol no surprise there and can't really say it wasn't deserved
  3. Definitely a good idea to help newer players grow their nations. Conversely I hope there will be more resource/cash sinks for the older nations.
  4. All I'm seeing is people basically whining that they weren't active in the market and selling for the lowest price. If Sheepy wanted to do a little experiment, who cares. He needs information for when he tries to make alterations to the game. Y'all are saying it mostly benefitted three alliances, well that isn't Sheepy's problem that they had bulk and they knew to sell low.
  5. It has recently come to our attention that Felkey is no longer the leader of The Commonwealth, and in fact hasn't been for some time. As such, Resplendent declares unending victory over The Commonwealth and their long lost friends, The Knights Radiant. We at Resplendent would therefore like to take this opportunity to announce the rebirth of our humble and friendly alliance! Resplendent Four will surely lead Orbis to a more prismatic future. Triumvirate Prezyan Aragorn Alexandir Lynskov/Chappie Facilitator Cracov We are protected by the Brotherhood of the Clouds Links! Discord Alliance Page Charter If you are interested in learning more about Resplendent, click here
  6. Yeah those are some big buys. Not too sus though but still interesting.
  7. Just replace Approval with War Support, hoi4 style. 100% you get good bonuses, 50% you get nothing, and 0%, well you probably shouldn't be fighting any wars. But tying approval into production is imo a bad.
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