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[Peace] The Ellie Peace Accords

Zei-Sakura Alsainn

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Guest Elijah Mikaelson
1 minute ago, CitrusK said:

You know, as an alliance member and player of this game. Congrats for peace. I hope you and North Point have a good rebuild process. I hope you get your loans paid off. etc etc.

Now, as someone who dislikes Akuryo... thank God you're no longer my ally. I mean, I had to deal with you and your sorry ass for so damned long that I lost fifteen IQ points. That's ten percent of my IQ gone. Thanks to you. Now, let's talk about your personality. The only thing worse than your shitty alliance. I mean, who in Gods name calls their alliance "NP." I feel like IQ is like "Yeah, we just rolled Akuryo, it was NP bro." Like, your name is the difficulty to beat you "no problem." Now, 2 billion in debt to The Commonwealth? How do you become two billion dollars into debt to The Commonwealth. That's about as smart as.... well, shoot you got me. How dare I expect more from you....


@James T. Kirk is that how you go after an ally after they peace? I'm trying to learn the art of shit-talking allies that left the war... I'm not making that much progress in my learning. Teach me the way please. I've only had three alliances to learn with, and it's really hard to learn. :(

Thanks Gorge in advance.


Congrats for peace or whatever.


Sounds to me you need more people in IQ

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