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  1. this explains how I feel every time you talk bad about me
  2. Hey look an apology and Firwof defending IQ again lolz I don't need to say much but I got a reminder for ya Jazzy To those who think Jazzy boi is a changed person even after his claims were proven false Both him as well as Goons doubled down on these claims and not only in game harassment but they harassed my actual life as well If ya want to see how I was still dealing with that Harassment from 2019 to 2021 you can visit 2 other games and not only that but find it in their public channels by searching Nokia Rokia Those games are Affairs and Order And Nations at Risk Nations at Risk was 5 days ago or less past few days are merged been busy Affairs and Order I left early 2021 but Goons are now mods so is Akuryo so they going to a good place and Rozilia left because he didn't want to put up with Harassment so im not the only person who left
  3. I can agree to this everyone should take a break once in a while you'd be surprised just how many people here either should take a break or has become thoroughly depressed because this game I've decided to remove my ability to login to my nation so that's the end of that Mental health of this games players should be focused on more as a community this game is a unforgiving never forgetting toxic hell hole but a few people here weigh close to my heart I even live with 3 other pnw players all in different alliances its what it is I personally don't know ya mate but have a good one and I'd prefer people not yell at anyone kek
  4. anyways this is Nokia Rokia Handing HedgeFund Leadership over to The new HedgeMon Slighted Our alliance YT is here with our couple of videos and we have a few more coming out still https://youtube.com/channel/UC3VxYRvJ_gk5MmWnd05OjpA I've left all pnw servers in case people can't find me after this https://discord.gg/UWCYjd62NV This is the new HedgeFund Discord and somethings are underway that should make HedgeFund a bit more solid in the coming future best of wishes to everyone This post is to be my last alliance post and for the annoying people yes this is alliance related screenshots are of a private conversation I started playing when I was 14 years old and im almost 22 bout time I guess
  5. In no world is doxxing ok personally that's my view During the End of GW not only was I doxxed and accused of various illegal actions by Coalition B And left to rot by the people I considered friends in Coalition B I also got the short stick and was constantly rolled post war and given a stigma and no one wanted to remotely talk to me over half the game told me I should either off myself or quit the game and that was constantly unpleasant We all have our opinions thats that But in no way shape or form targeting someone OOC should be allowed I dont care how much you've suffered or they did I had myself doxxed and at the time had the ability to dox back not only that but play by the same rules they chose to and I had enough decent humanity in me to say I refuse to become them When TCM was burned over and over lost every person I trusted and I felt alone I planned a way to replace myself and give my members a better future with me gone this wasn't an easy choice and to this day brings me pain But its better than being NPO or Goons Its better than forcing others to delete or doxxing another person You have zero idea what the actions of NPO or Goons actually did to my personal life and it was so bad I thought maybe I should off myself and spent a week holding a service gun in my room debating. if at the time it wasn't for a few good friends in TCM I would have no doubt took that option .
  6. Personally I Think your a kind person from the interactions we had I don't have a lot of issues with NPO sides the fact they invited Goons to this game and what went down between Goons and me and an already hellish part of my life that drama to this day is still something that has a heavy effect in my mood as well as actions and decisions I take because it was to put it lightly a living hell id wish to no person ever and the fact that several people such as Akuryo stabbed me in the back after having been allies and me bending over backwards trying to be a good friend has made me never again willing to trust akuryo or a massive amount of players who i thought were at the time close friends in Coalition B both in game and irl so from me ive had limited bad interactions with you and i wish you a good time in pnw but you may find others aren't willing to say welcome back just like many would wish id drop dead have fun Anna hopefully you don't get the same past 2 years i got after the end of 2019 because no part of it was fun and it has a been nothing but a pain and the fact i have a few very good friends here is why i haven't deleted however I dont believe id ever trust 90% of the general player base or any former player base especially when accusations that were founded on nothing still to this day get brought up and people tried to harass my Unit in the army over pnw drama forcing me to live thru the claims not just in game but in my personal life as i was dealing with the recent news of never being able to walk normal again due to an accidental i had as a soldier
  7. Winning is a stronk term mate hold my beer
  8. I didnt read the full things my head hurts and im tired I took the 15bil debt from Deraj that TW lost i plan to pay that off regardless of how stupid that sounds and Ill be attempting to make some payments to people who invested in Summit Banking years ago while repaying Souparmon 600mil Old Debts from 2 years ago this has been annoying but oddly is possible if anyone else needs repayment i can add proven debts to my list and overtime repay say the 25bil missing for people at my own expense so hang on top your seats this is gonna take a few years and dont expect me to care about how bad you want a money return because I choose who is on the list and which level of importance they hold and so far it goes The Wei, Murtaza, The Shadow, Souparmon, whoever ever else i choose to put here
  9. Thanks ill take that I did a decent job i felt like it was lacking i scuffed the ending and need to add flavor to it but i just started learning video editing as of hopefully 8 hours from now.
  10. https://depositphotos.com/12483629/[email protected]#$-on-a-white.html https://depositphotos.com/12483629/[email protected]#$-on-a-white.html
  11. Roostafo the best [email protected]#$ in the world loves the Forums to friend we selling baby cocks for 7$ a egg all bred from our glorious Roostafo and who doesnt want an amazing cocks offsprings they sure are gonna be amazing
  12. TLDR(HedgeFund see Black Skies as a War Investor in unauthorized waters please speak to our FA manager Karen she would love to see your Manager soon in her office)
  13. have fun and take care
  14. Milfcum is preparing its counters| and us in ergonomics squad are preparing rebuilds that is all HEDGEFUND AWAAAY
  15. @Alexcan I request this goes back to Alliance Affairs afterall its a DoE for an alliance and we have more people coming soon
  16. Ive spent the last few days sick so controlling my voice was a bit of a stress as im losing it right now also I had to originally fix the background music as it was to loud did a few takes this was the best but hardly made deadline so eh Hopefully when im not sick and figure the right ratios out i can make a good recording thats more clear
  17. we are a constant danger why would anyone suggest that thatd be a lot of fun but im working on my streaming career and this is sorta me trying to enjoy pnw a small bit more
  18. Sorry for late reply but the Browser I can check the app
  19. Wow im glad to see we got another crowd favorite folks have a wonderful day
  20. Alliance for Viewing enjoyment
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