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  1. I've seen this episode. It's a classic Has anyone said Belka did nothing wrong lately ; )
  2. What about our Gründer Overlords from Belka?
  3. But surprise attacks are the best attacks. This just means everyone should buildup
  4. Prepare the Holy thermonuclear bomb! Step 1: Get holy water Step 2: Separate holy oxygen from holy hydrogen Step 3: Use the holy hydrogen to make a holy hydrogen bomb
  5. You mean Belka did nothing wrong ; )
  6. Tymeier


    One could argue that a UN here would work better than in real life, since it is a game But in real life, it doesn't work at all (seriously it has almost zero power)
  7. So now is where you say "Deus Vult"
  8. Get a discord bot such as Pollmaster
  9. To me it sounds like he is saying "Facist Trash" which is not homophobic
  10. Who cares one less toxic community that can't take a joke
  11. That is as wise as President Skroob's luggage combination
  12. One simply can match goons by saying "Burn Osea to the ground"
  13. Goons=lame x infinity so lame nobody can hope to be lamer
  14. Disturbing is this move.
  15. Make nukes cost less points. I want to win with nukes Add MIRVs
  16. When the revolution happens, where will you hide ; )
  17. Well I would suggest calling your nearest nuclear silo operator for pricing details and proper setup. They have very good customer service.
  18. But nukes look like Christmas lights:(
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