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  1. Princess Coronation It is with our utmost pride and exultation to uphold the esteemed George as the newly crowned princess of the Ming Empire, long may he reign; long may he keep the peace. Through the grey dreary shambles of war rises George, a princess of flowing hair and beauty, gracing the Ming Empire with the kindness of peace the Black Knights are esteemed for. It is in times of extreme duress that the most notable figures rise, and lo, rises George, a figure of exalted qualities and grace. The warrior princess bringing peace between two empires, rising from the devastation of war stronger than before with bold leadership and assertive rationale after fighting bravely against the weary Trajan. Truly, George is a leader of men, standing tall and proud above the rabble of the world. It is with deep honor that the Ming Empire is able to fully recognize his brilliance as such; to be able to coronate George, first of his name, brave warrior of the Black Knights, as princess of the Ming Empire!
  2. Have you ever wondered who the best Chinese theme alliance is? Do you ask yourself this question before going to sleep each night? Did you take your girl out, got on your knees, just to ask her the big question, "Babe what is the best Chinese theme alliance?" Luckily for you, I have pondered on this. The answer is Zodiac. Here's why. The most obvious reason is that they have FLAGS for their zodiacs. We don't have anything as cool as FLAGS for our zodiacs. We only have icons, which isn't as cool as a flag! Taken from our alliance page for the Year of the Pig Flags (Zodiac) > Icons (Ming) As you can see from this equation, Zodiac is the best Chinese theme alliance. Case closed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clarke is the most righteous person in all of humanity. He does no harm, does no wrong, and does not make mistakes. He is the perfection in this world, the everlasting flame that lights all of our paths. Now and always.
  3. @Abbas Mehdi @Nizam Adrienne @Thalmor @Sketchy @CitrusK @MCMaster-095 Thanks for putting up with us and being our mentors these past 3 months! @Daveth Totally did not expect the alps crossing
  4. The elephant people came, they saw, and they conquered Ming and House Arryn agree to the following: 1: Ming Empire and House Arryn admits defeat to the forces of Coalition B (Memesphere), and pledges not to reenter the war on Coalitions A's side (KERCHTOG) or aid them by any means including treasure purchases, ghosting, holding bank funds, private resource trades or allowing any coalition A nation (KERCHTOG) to join Ming Empire or House Arryn for the duration of the conflict. 2: Ming Empire and House Arryn sign a 90 day NAP with the Memesphere, commencing once the entirety of KERCHTOG has achieved peace with the Memesphere. Violation of any terms in this peace treaty will result in the NAP being void. 3: Ming Empire and House Arryn agrees to repay outstanding debts totaling $265m to UPN. 4: Ming Empire declares George (Nation ID: 69922) as their true princess. Ming Empire will further host George's well written and respectful coronation as their Princess in the Orbis Central (or Alliance Affairs) sub-forum in a new thread. These sub-forums can be found on the PnW forums within 72 hours from the posting of this surrender. 5: Ming Empire and House Arryn will recognize "The Winged Spear" as their official religion for 6 months and post it on their page for that period of time 6: Ming empire must state Zodiac was best Chinese themed alliance ever created. This statement can be made in an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums within 48 hours from the posting of this surrender 7: Ming Empire and House Arryn must state that it is their sincerely and dearly held belief, now and forever, that Clarke did nothing wrong. This statement can be made in an announcement on the Foreign Affairs subforum of the P&W forums. 8: House Arryn must proclaim The King in the North as the one true ruler of the Kingdom of House Stark, independent of the Iron Throne. Signed, Ming Empire Trajan and AddictedBoy House Arryn Trajan (representing with their permission) GoG Star Lord: Seeker Ravager: Cino Camelot Epic King: Arthur Ferret: Epi ODN OsRavan AK Khai Jäger, yo Kreigsherr Yakuza Leader: Zhen tCW Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon The Hanseatic League Count of Erfurt: Putmir Vladin Count of Schleswig-Holstein: Chris IV Count of Wismar: Charles Seeker Carthago Suffet: El Chach NPO Emperor: Roquentin United Socialist Nations Premier: DarVolt Commandant-General: Oceanic Diplomat-General: Matrix Acadia Directors: TheNG and George Clooney InfoWars macky g(Peggy) Razgriz24 (Rusty Shackleford) NMA(Boomhauer) Solar Knights KiWi: I am signing this so I won't be fined Polaris Emperor: AlmightyGrub Regent: QueenPhoenix Black Knights Emperor: Aragorn Viceroy: Taco & Tiber Archduke: Curufinwe, George, GreyOps, Starlight, Amaryllis UPN Prime Minister: Matt2004 IronFront König: Tom (UncleTom) Fürst Prinz: Max (MadMax) ~~~ I created this meme awhile ago, and it's still my favorite so enjoy it 🙃
  5. Tho we barely talk, take care man. I hope you do decide to return to the game and create an alliance that works. Learn from your experiences, both good and bad, and strive to be better.
  6. Sorry for your loss. I lost someone close to me recently as well, and it's good to see the good of the PW community when going through those situations. Even tho we don't talk, you do have my thoughts, prayers, and sympathy.
  7. This is fine 😂 Love it minesome!
  8. Who leaked our chat? 😂
  9. (Pic Credited to @Ripper and his comics)
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