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  1. Not that any of you are making much money either, probably less than I do raiding actually, so what's your point?
  2. Empy too. Rose I guess makes sense if you count me as part of them but Soup and Empy don't have prots.
  3. When I said id like if colors were more useful for politics, I didn't mean to do so by making this game even more of a CN clone.
  4. The one about me is bad and you should feel bad. it should be Akuryo's Paradox: Coup and also be couped from an alliance. Never forget, i give as well as take
  5. *Laughs in 14.2 average cities as a micro*
  6. Yeah oddly enough people who are retired from politics didn't want to be involved with this incredibly salty shitshow. Can you really blame them? Aside from that, war deserters don't get opinions nor the right to call out others. Please keep this in mind for the future. Then why have treaties at all? Why not a paperless world where all do they as please for whatever reason they please?
  7. Yeah I don't know who was involved for them so.
  8. Your post insinuates it was agreed to by Mr Booty, who is Low Gov. I wouldn't take policy cues from low gov personally.
  9. You're free to view it as an act of war, @Frawley. I wouldn't agree, of course. But viewing it as slot filling is still false. According to the rules beige holding should be slot filling and not permitted. In that sense, what TFP and t$ did was less illegal than typical war doctrine, and treasure sales of that manner are wholly supported as legal by Alex. Furthermore, you can view it as that, if you want. It's not a correct interpretation based on Alex's greenlighting of treasure sales, and it certainly does not warrant being used in the way it was. If you're view is that it's rule breaking you report it. The only reason I could think of to talk to someone beforehand is if they're a noob who probably doesn't even realize what they're doing is wrong. I'ma gonna go on a limb and say TFP gov has been around long enough to know what slot filling is and that there is no excuse. Reporting people you think are rule breaking, even if they aren't in the opinion of moderation stances, is still just due diligence and not some questionable wrong doing.It only becomes problematic to me when it becomes more than that. Roq should have just reported it quietly, he saw rule breaking by people knew better, no excuses for them. Quichwe would've found out and still reacted as he did, TFP would still get hit, the only thing that changes is fewer pages of bourhann and roq getting increasingly unstable and vitriolic at one another. Sounds like a net positive to me. I'd like to start a new topic of complaint. NPO stop coming back online and building ships and soldiers when I try to raid. It's rude and all I want is 4000 land per city. Smh guys.
  10. Akuryo

    Really NPO

    The context was provided, with logs at that. Which quite clearly proved it's exactly what he did. Sorry, but there's no context or excuse in the world for that. Even Akuryo of questionable character only threatens people with actual IC actions instead of the 4th wall mod police. Everyone in this game honestly needs to view the rules in a less "mememememememe" context, and Alex needs to make the rules more grounded to go with it.
  11. 3-4? No, no, that's old regulations. It's 5-8 now.
  12. @Roquentin Once again, obstructing your war effort is not slot filling. Get over your goddamn self. Units other than planes are a 100% acceptable to fight. Drop the tied to Rose thing, this is what, twice now Rose is at war and TFP chooses the opposite side? You really think that's a strong relationship? Also, 1 nation =/= en entire alliance. Try again with these dumbass comparisons and make them actually equivalent. Even with that, no, doing as you described is not actually against the rules. Whether that would remain the case in the complaints to Alex following is another matter. Still not the same as the situation we're discussing. @Alex I apologise for this shitshow but could you take a moment to clarify what slotfilling is for everyone. Is being uninvolved in a global war and buying a treasure from somebody who is in it, then using naval attacks to beige, slotfilling, because it obstructs their enemies attacks? Furthermore should it be permissible for players to threaten another with reports to moderation for not complying with their wishes. ie: "you'll have to airstrike if you don't want to be slotfilling, which I'll report" <---- a paraphrase of what Roq did actually say to TFP.
  13. What's ridiculous is your changing the subject as if somehow using mods as a weapon of extortion means you should be treated with respect and open minds. It doesn't, it means you should get dinged in the head immediately by said mods. Nobody owes you any respect or diplomacy for acting that way. Sure, you can still attack over it, but please leave the claims of "woe is me we were treated so rudely" at the door. Roq got less than what he deserved for such behavior. Obstructing your war effort still isn't slot filling by the way. Blame Alex's rules for that inconvenience to you. Pantheon could start raiding and beiging everyone left right and center in KERCHTOG and it'd suck to be you but it wouldn't be slotfilling. TFP is here because when someone decided to act like a petulant child on Xbox whose dad is bill gates and will get them banned for not doing what they want, and deciding rather rightly such behavior is not worthy of much fond treatment. Nobody feels bad for you. Behave in a respectable manner instead of invoking gods wrath for people doing things which inconvenience you. That's what's really ridiculous about this argument.
  14. @Roquentin Hurting your war effort is not slot filling. Alex's rules are vague as hell, absolutely, but they're not nearly vague enough for this shit you keep going on about "hurt the other nation's in the war". The rules don't give a shit, he had a different goal and was achieving it by 100% permissible means. Feel free not to like it, or attack them for it as you did. But quit pedaling this asinine bullshit that it was even within the same Galaxy as slotfilling, or that there was the slightest of detectable iotas of ground to try and get them hit by mods over it. Honestly I don't care if Alex has no jurisdiction over discord. Anyone uses mods as a weapon they should be the one getting hit, regardless of the medium used. Edit: Imagine decrying people who toxicly rage against you for not playing their way only to turn around and try to get people warned or even banned for not playing YOUR way. At this point I pessimistically await the day this attitude escalates into people filing mass reports against leaders like yourself hoping to get them banned. That's where this nonsense heads.
  15. Akuryo

    Really NPO

    Reminder that these players aren't actually NPO members, or NPO recruits, they were invited by an NPO member who is learning how to lead an alliance that will be made up of these people. Chillax and let them get their crap straight. It's already up to about 300, it's gonna take some leg work.
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