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  1. Nice troll/10 OP. Why everyone bit the bait to start screeching about logs everyone's already seen including you, I don't know. I just facepalmed, personally.
  2. The person who posted is literally from a Farksphere alliance, who is not nor has ever been involved in the war. At least try to be informed of you're going to open your mouth to say bullshit. This ignoring that whatever OOC in there was apparently not actually anything capable of doxxing someone, meaning it does not give away their location, identity, company, etc. The overreactive crap about this stopped being amusing like 5 pages of different threads ago.
  3. You clearly don't know GOONS, lol. Destroying games is something they're proud of, and has been for a loooong time.
  4. Not even a days income over here, and I'm a micro.
  5. "No third party offers mediation" I know for a fact Prefontaine has. Hell, I would if anybody asked. Nobody would ever ask Fark or their sphere too but I'm sure they would as well. And really, it's probably the best decision, if you actually want peace to happen. They're more likely to roll with your process if the face on the other side of the table is somebody they actually trust.
  6. Yeah that's not what's said there either. This is the illusion of choice I was talking about. You're dealing with a law that just slammed a company, in America, that's part of a government who loooves corporations, because they weren't doing the Literally impossible. It needs to be clearly stated, in a way similar to what I suggested, or you're wearing nothing for armor. Peer pressure and coercion either don't even list alternative options or intentionally make them appear like the wrong choice. There is not a listed alternative option AT ALL in that screencap that results in the same benefit theyd gain from going through with it. The choice needs to be blatant, not subtly implied, not when you can unknowingly be dealing with children. Or as I said, don't, play the stupid game, and risk winning an even dumber prize. I don't see the point in such completely unnecessary risk over a dumb browser game, but I suppose I'm just uncultured then.
  7. TFW GOONS doesn't understand what the COPPA or CIPA acts are. Or any other such acts protecting children. Btw if you think you're in the safe zone, I'd like to remind you YouTube just got annihilated by a 170m COPPA violation fine. Why? Because it wasn't doing the literally impossible good enough. Seriously, have a read, what they went after YouTube for not doing is something it literally does not have the ability to do. Oh and btw, this is over under 13yros being where they weren't supposed to be, so the law doesn't give a damn about the sites rules saying they should not be there. Turns out mercyboarding children and coercing them to do anything for your entertainment in exchange for any sort of promised benefit, especially the video things, is yeah, not a legality I'd suggest you argue for. Now, I'm not a lawyer, except for an E-lawyer where in actually quite decent at bending various rule for stupid games. In retrospect, I should've gone to law school. But my suggestion going forward would be to very plainly label that the mercyboard is optional. If you ended up in a courtroom right now your defense would get you slapped with $50k+ fine per incident. Because yeah, YOU know it's optional, but looking at the GOONS mercyboard channel, nobody else, especially the younger ones being brought in there, do not. Edit: this ignores that Alex, and his company, could also be held liable over it. And this also doesn't account for laws in any other country, where they might be even more brutally iron fisted about it. As I've seen GOONS say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, it's time for more than just fascists to catch-up to current year. TL;DR - remove the illusion of choice and replace it with an actual one. State right upfront on the tin, none of this mandatory, it's just for fun, and there's another, perfectly good way you can achieve this same benefit, from us, without any of this. Toss in some extra wording imploring ways to protect their identity if they participate, and a judge might actually side with it. Anywho, that marks the end of my ride on the jump on GOONS train. I'd prefer frankly, that you got rid of them entirely, I think. However, I also think no matter how reasonable it may be to demand that, it likely wouldn't happen. So I hope this suggested compromise leaves everyone dissatisfied and not one upset parent away from a federal court. Even if it would give Alex the big news headline he's been waiting for, "no publicity is bad publicity" as they say.
  8. You're not that either. You're none of those. You're just a filthy weeb.
  9. I'm gonna downvote keshav more than you to prove my love is greater! You're just a harpy playing with his feelings! >:c
  10. Mate when kids are involved you can't pretend it's the same as doing it to a 22 year old who actually has full mental capacity to comprehend what they're doing and actually make an informed decision. Peer pressure doesn't force anybody to do anything, it just gives a choice wherein one is heavily weighted to be considered 'wrong'. Don't give a damn if it's to adults, but there's no defense for kids, there's never a defense for that sort of behavior towards kids. I'm in GOONS server, it's usually 1. Write some sort of comic about whatever they say 2. An essay of 800 word on whatever topic they choose 3. The weird food thing
  11. This just in! Being at war for 4 months (longer than anybody ever has been in PW), getting your ass kicked, and going literally bankrupt all means you're a pixel huggers! I wonder am I also a pixelhugger, or do I get a pass because I was bankrupt the second I jumped in? 😛
  12. Approved? These haven't even been presented once. This is the first time ColA has seen them. Coalition B won't actually give them all the terms, originally it was to stop leaking of them all, which has evidently not worked as their entire Coalition server got yeeted.
  13. Akuryo

    A plea to all

    I don't really care if he is or not, you're the one whining about how he is. Let me get my cup to collect your further tears.
  14. I mean there is something fundamentally broken with it and has been for years, something expressed repeatedly in these parts of the forums. For one, the oximoron that the best way to win wars is not to win them. That's definitely NOT how the system was intended to function, as Alex has said himself.
  15. Help perceived game quality... By making it literally impossible for the people you're holding down to do anything ever? Fun fact: fighter pilots are extremely skilled and finite resources which everyone in both sides would've expended looooong ago. You'd be having my old JROTC high school students flying your F-16s and probably crashing on take-off or blacking out in turns. Not everyone can do that job, unlike an infantryman, which I comparison has almost no requirements except "don't be physically or mentally disabled".
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