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  1. There's no such thing as too large to raid, you're just too much of a pixel hugger to do it. 😛 The city timer at around 15 or so becomes irrelevant. It'll take you longer than 10 days to save up, or your alliance buys it in which case it doesn't matter. If alliances want to fast build somebody to 20 cities go ahead. This has been discussed before. Any head of econ who isn't shit will tell you just because they could does not mean at all that they would. Player retention even among built up nation's is still a visible issue, and this ignores people who are active but might leave or won't fight or will cause other problems. The game is 6 years old, the average city count is 10. This has nothing to even do with the timer. People like vein, relatively young at 37 cities, has nothing to do with the timer. He's bigger than Aza who still can't see a bigger picture. There is no observable evidence to show that even outright removal of the timer would cause a significant change in anything except the death rate of micros, who are the only people foolish enough to try super boosting like that. In any established alliance, across the entire game, it might be a noteworthy change for a few dozen people in allainces rich enough and brave enough to do it for long time, highly reliable and capable members. The simple fact is the timer affects no one but noobs trying to balance getting their cheap cities and also all the projects they need to have. I am not bothered in the slightest if some alliance is brave enough to boost someone to c25, that's a hell of a risk, and either it works or it doesn't, and either way I don't care. The timer doesn't slow down growth for anyone but noobs and people several times more successful than you. This has been the case since I started playing nearly 3 years ago. It's nothing new, it hasn't changed. Just remove it entirely for all it's worth which, as anyone plainly observing capable of doing math, observation over time, or basic risk assessment can inform you, is nothing.
  2. :Akuyay: the one that exists already is :akuyayaya: we need :akuanger: and :akusmug: and also an :akuyass: with red eyes and an :akusad: and an :akuboop: and :akupat: also :akurawr: and :akudab: just to name a few frontrunners.
  3. When do I get a portfolio of emotes of me ;-;
  4. Irrelevant, you narrow minded buffoon. You fail to account for that only being possible when his nation is literally incapable of doing anything. Being c14 updeccing on 22 doesn't matter if they have literally nothing. And if the guy kept trying to fight back his score would be high enough to be in range of people his size with max military. I'm city 25, if I get zeroed and lose infra down to 800, I'm still in range of c20-22s with max military. Sure, I'm also in range of like c15s (with max military again mind you) but that doesn't particularly matter because I'll always be slotted by max military 20 something's. The point is that it's impossible to resist. The problem people had with downdeclaring was IQ having max plane c20s get in range of c12s. It wasn't double buys from the upper tier who had no other manner to resist. Even then, because c20s could be in range to hit 12s, it meant that if those.upper tier did anything they'd still get hit by their size. Just not with max military is all. You have literally zero ground to stand on mate. Everyone else has realized all this already, you're the last one late to the party.
  5. @Changeupthat problem has been addressed in the feedback by making all wars end in beige for the loser whether they're the aggressor or defender and whether it expires or concludes on someone hitting 0 res.
  6. Why haven't you just removed the like, two, three unpopular bits of what's on the test server and released it? It's way simpler, is already coded, is reflective of the most popular community suggestions on the topic for years back, and it fixes the problem you're describing as setting out to solve. It's not perfect, we get that, but all anyone was looking for was to stop permanent hold downs like last war, or to avoid the work of moderating slot filling or getting someone to do so. What is already tested achieves that, the feedback on it is already there with the requested tweaks, and barring the wider play testing it'd get on the live server, is ready to go. While it's better than the nothing we have now, I'm with Benfro on other immediately obvious problems that make it worse than what's already available.
  7. You can also ask Alex, I know he's done it in the past for a couple different friends of mine.
  8. I'm sure Boyce's 114m.in lost infra agrees. It'd be more interesting if Alex's bullshit RNG didn't give me straight UFs against similar forces but then toss out ITs to people not me in the same situation. I guess he knows the feeling of mediocrity and felt.he had to stand in solidarity somehow.
  9. Under is literally the person everyone has a problem with. I'd actually prefer Dr rush, and for that matter ripper there because I generally trust their judgement. I don't trust a guy the entire community wants rid of, for reasons you're very aware of and refuse to act on. Which is saying something as I already don't trust the judgement of most of the people on the little committee anyway, though for far less concerning reasons. And I suspect, that sentient isn't foreign, and that most people are just hoping optimistically, but I'm a pessimistic jackass. 😛 The guy above me as an example! You optimists are weird.
  10. Interesting since the participants of your little group tell me otherwise and that he is infact present along with the others.
  11. And I'm telling you you have no experience to know that and that pres only experience is in elite alliances with membership who didn't NEED to be managed to begin with. Your opinion doesn't count for shit if it's backed by hot air, get that through ya head mate.
  12. Honestly I'd prefer nothing at this point. Particularly given the discord mods are I guess participants too and why under is allowed to be involved in anything in any capacity is beyond me.
  13. >Implying your Chicken McChump ass was ever wise to begin with Let's slow down there chief and back this discussion up onto reality and try again, ye?
  14. Ya can't teach people who don't actually want to learn. You, do not actually want to learn, because you believe you already know, regardless of if even the people literally the best at your job disagree. And no, no I do not mean me. 😛 And, no one accusing you of supporting this because it benefits TI? The claim, infact, is that it wounds TI the most grievously, as it is currently capable of summoning 0/20 required personnel just to function at a high level with the now gone old mechanics. Not that you care of course, because you'd have to admit that it's the case at all to ever change it.
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