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  1. To my knowledge those results weren't even released, so I'm not sure where you're basing that from.
  2. As demonstrated by several people not me, sphinx, or even EM, you're really not in position to whine or demonstrate the hypocrisy of others. Btw as it never crossed my mind before, what time exactly did you loan to nokia?
  3. Wasn't it also confirmed George didn't actually commit any crimes? Like how about instead of everyone screaming around claiming murder, somebody actually speaks to lawyer instead and handles it out of the game. A lawyer not involved with PW, of course. Jesus Christ you can't complain about how OOC shits becoming and then constantly drag the dead body back into IC shit. Handle OOC problems OOCly, leave it the hell out of in-game crap.
  4. If you'd charged interest you'd have even less grounds to ascribe the debt to me, as I was not a cosigner of the debt, and once it's taken the party loaned to is free to do as they wish with it, including gift it away or set it on fire. As it is you already fail to understand how loans actually work. If I wanted a rebuild loan I'd have taken the ridiculous 4 and 5% offers that were the best I could find 😛
  5. I didn't realize you could have Goodwill towards people you intentionally and knowingly helped rob only to pass on your own excuses for why when it was brought up. 🤔 I eagerly await @George long explanation of how he had Goodwill toward pantheon and BK that they heartlessly abused to drive him to such lengths! Honestly @Epi you just wanna escape the consequences of your own actions while trying to impose a double standard of enforcing it upon others. Hope OD doesn't boot your ass, you're fitting in already. Like imagine thinking so highly of yourself that your offenses of the recent past against people should not be weighted or even considered against you when you ask favors or make demands. More importantly, what makes you think people you fricked over would even trust any Goodwill from you, let alone show any when you make threats to your demands well before any of the e-peen measuring you whine and whine and whine about, as if it's some uncommon and outrageous thing. 😛 It's funnier, cause ya actually could've shown Goodwill with that bank, by setting it aside in holding by yourself, and oh, say, telling the people you robbed you can't return it now (because war) but you can once peace happens. That's ACTUAL goodwill epi, the kind that'd have my own members shitting on me if that had happened and I refused to return such a solid favor. Last edit for real this time, why don't you learn what goodwill is before ranting about it and making every possible excuse you can for yourself.
  6. If we actually owed them 5 billion that is. Instead epi loaned it to an unreliable individual (Nokia) who then falsely passed it off as a gift from his own funds. Infact at the same time he did that, he did actually receive 5bn of his own funds from an offshore, so you can't even say which dollar is from where. This also ignoring last I checked, Nokia is a member of/protected by Camelot. I didn't take any loans, and ya can't prove the 5b I was given wasn't the 5 from nokias own money, they won't be getting paid shit. Learn to invest properly. Edit: this ignoring Camelot being used by it's 2IC (epi) to traffic NPs stolen bank of 5.3bn in last calculated values 😛
  7. Just for that the reps are now 5 trillion. You better watch yourself, mister.
  8. Real talk: what sort of hopeless nerd enjoys this game anyway? Nerds.
  9. My handler says it's actually 500b now, just here to update you Mr Jazz.
  10. Reminder your leaders are asking, is it 50 or 70b in reps now? For, remember, at BEST getting caught red handed plotting to hit people. At BEST, and getting slapped for that. Also reminder the highest reps ever in game were 1b. Are you sure it's not like WW2? Cause your leaders and allies all seem to disagree. See they believe this is exactly like that, where they've treated the enemy so bad they've guaranteed the world will come after them full force for round two, and they probably won't win that. That's, like, kinda why they're rolling with the...50? 70? Is it 90 yet? Billion in reps. This is well, WELL beyond a WW2 situation my friend, you're straight up past Versailles at this point.
  11. You reported one nation who is raiding in a very similar manner to the rest, and you're reporting them because... Their opponent chose not to fight back and they didn't build planes they had no use for just to paint a target on their back for people with vastly superior airpower, thus wasting resources they're trying to conserve...? No, you're right, that sounds completely logical and not even remotely influenced by angry political dogma. Other people acting sensible are actually cheating and being ridiculous when it doesn't benefit you, duh.
  12. Just make it so when wars expire they end in beige except instead of the normal 2.1 days they get 1 day or like 1.3 or whatever the frick if you want it to not quite be 4 but close enough to get most of the air back and fight. Boom, problem solved.
  13. This guy got the memo that Jesus thing was a meme right? Someone tell me they personally handed this guy the bloody memo.
  14. Why would he? He has no need of planes. He is a raider. The enemy had only soldiers, which he wouldn't airstrike even if he was fighting back because it's a waste. This might be news to you but people are not, infact, required to fight exactly the way you are instructed for it to be a proper and just war. Crazy, I know, dark forces truly at play for such a world to exist. I would once again to like remind you, that you are claiming classic, old school raider tactics used on a massive by both sides in this war is now slot filling, on the simple basis of you don't like who the raider is and you dislike their choice of target. Your political feelings are not evidence of anything except your thin skin, kindly leave it at the door before wasting moderations time insisting we are criminal for an act near everyone in the game is guilty of. If only Alex had a less minimalistic view of mods as a weapon, you're clearly resorting to it, and it's quite a pathetic image.
  15. Why would I ask a player in another alliance to follow orders I command? You are so hysterical it's not even funny. He is not mine to command and his choice to resist or not resist is not mine to govern. I say again, many of the people we raid haven't given you or yours resistance in months. Shall I begin a back catalog of all these instances and deliver upon Alex a scathing pile of what you apparently consider slot filling? If he agrees I'm sure that end positively delightfully for you and your alliance, and your allies too! Or maybe, just maybe, we can stop being ridiculous and holding these double standards, pretending that they must resist us but not you, simply because we are not you. Simply put if Alex finds in favor of you, he will have to retroactively begin punishing you. The scale of your abuses to this effect is systemic and massive across multiple alliances for months on end. It would simply be too large to ignore, no matter how far past. Edit: you'll also note some targets do resist, and infact resist so strongly they become the raiders. Exactly that happened today to the very member you're reporting. Thats that players personal choice and there is nothing wrong with choosing not to resist, or to resist, if they so see fit. Be sensible for once and cut the raving nonsense.
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