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  1. Stat tracker says 8.2bn my man, you off by a whole double 😛 Come on cash in on that syndisphere infra!
  2. Didn't you desert a war and literally create a rag tag team of misfits because you can't manage anything alliance sized? Why are you talking again?
  3. Akuryo

    Remove Keno

    We only lose when we stop betting! Victory to all!
  4. The way to address this is passive AA. Ground forces have AA weapons, planes attack, they shoot at them, some of the planes die. Ships especially have AA weapons, and like to group together. Planes attack, they shoot at them, some of the planes die, and CIWS yeets some of the missiles. Which actually explains why planes kill ships kinda slowly, come to think of it. Probably unintentional, but hey. How many die should depend on how many ships or ground units there are and how many planes someone has remaining to defend. It shouldn't be a massive number but over the course of a day, especially fighting several wars, it should take a nice bite into somebodys rebuy. One could further revisit the idea of an AA project based off land, though the project would tbh have to be pretty cheap, otherwise it just makes it easier for whales. This ignoring that @Elijah Mikaelson would be practically unkillable with that thing except by other whales.
  5. Okay, so uh, anti aircraft work against air attacks, planes being destroyed by ground attacks would just be normal realistic warfare. Your enemy having air supremacy is exactly when AA guns are most useful, making this suggestion not.only laughably stupid an obvious in it's bias (as you usually are) but also useless. The point of AA guns is being able to shoot down planes, without planes. Again, makes the entire suggestion pointless and is an obvious of bias for an alliance that uses only planes. God forbid ya gotta change strategies if the war system is more balanced lol. Not that the way this is suggested is exactly a proper solution to anything.
  6. I know reading isn't your strong suit, but making an offshore was specifically mentioned in that. I also don't see how it's particularly odd to want a very specific person to have the ability to do that and not others. Again, thinking not your strong suit with the ridiculous rants you go on, or ever having been leader of an actual alliance as far as I know, but that's pretty normal.
  7. it probably does we just aren't allowed to see it. It is however, a net money sink, unless blessed by RNG.
  8. On behalf of everyone, NPO man bad is hereby forgiven.
  9. Yui it's time we make an alliance that is purple themed and requires usage of this theme on PW. 😛
  10. No, if you're at war with one I'm afraid it's all 6. No way around it buddy.
  11. No, he's right, 110%. Nobody cares about you, or what 'skill' you think you possess. People would be more concerned if i was roguing after them than you, if only because i'm a far superior jackass.
  12. Hey now just because their unprotected alliance has almost no military left doesnt matter! Their clown of a leader who sent a couple hundred mil worth of steel into a giant fire managed to *beige* people in doing so! Nobody can recover from *beige*!
  13. Irrelevant, because you're broke and can't sustain but we can go forever. You lose again.
  14. I mean she losses because she's lost all her planes, dropped all her 2550 infra, 30k+ tanks and over 300 ships. All while being broke and unable to afford it, while to us it's a very mild annoyance. Congrats, ya lost 😛
  15. It's cute you think being beiged means you lose 😛
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