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  1. Akuryo

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    You both suck because i'm at 1.5bn net.
  2. Akuryo

    Alliance war simulator

    Ayyyyyyylmaos have been activated and are ready to be launched.
  3. Akuryo

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Hell if i remember, it might've been Typhoon i think? Maybe Shadow something or Dawn even. I'm certain it was one of those, but i do remember being there with you, and getting a colonist as reparations from war once. I don't think it was a bad system, but since peoples goal here is to make wars faster, and what they described reminded me of it, it seemed relevant to note it was much slower. Also alot more interesting, of course, but much much much slower. It was a good time while it lasted, if only the game had blossomed, it may have pulled me into NPO here too. You guys have these 2 lonely 19 cities anyway.
  4. Akuryo

    Lower Resistance Damage

    There was a game around for a while that did this, called NationsGame. It was pretty cool, but the admin kinda disappeared, the game never grew much and it's very dead now. In this game there were various units. Infantry, no bonuses, 3 atk 3 def. National Guard, 1atk, 2 def with 40% bonus to def when in your garrison. Mortar infantry, 3 and 3 like normal, but a 30% bonus attack against infantry, and other units. Some had bonuses vs planes or tanks or bunkers. However, in this game, infact @Maelstrom Vortex will know, as i was once in the NPO there under him, you needed 5 victories to win a war, and a battle, especially for larger nations, could take hours. Not 2, or even 4. Some of these were so huge i think they might have gone on for days even, real life days, though i can't quite remember, as in this game your allies could send defensive divisions to you, and you could coordinate multiple armies to attack, and since divisions were size 25 for a long time, you could get hundreds of units fighting a single battle. While it was really cool, it was veeeeeeery slow. Much slower than PW now, MUCH slower.
  5. Akuryo

    Shorten Wars

    You guys are literally like the PW political version of SJWs. And the actual SJWs here are bad enough already. Stop acting like whiny idiots who are always the victim and people will stop calling you whiny idiots. It's literally that easy.
  6. Akuryo

    Shorten Wars

    Is everyone in your alliance this daft? Both threads address the same problem with different suggestions, it's really not that hard to see.
  7. Akuryo

    Shorten Wars

    There's already a thread discussing this.
  8. Akuryo

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Uh... are you SERIOUSLY !@#$ing about that? Look at my wars you mouthy fool. What, you think a 13 city updeclare isn't just as bad for a 19 city as it is for one of your 14 or 16s? Well, it is. If you don't notice, even despite my targets being at low military, i lost one war, because i had to hold the guy without ships, because the other two blasted them to kingdom come. You're complaining about 8-10 city updecs, i just recently was fighting updecs of 12, 13, 10, 12, and 13, at the same time of course. Yet, here i am, doing it anyway. Following orders to harpoon the whales, even if i am fighting 10+ city updeclares. Oh, and the best part? THE BEST PART. I don't have like 150 other people right around my city range backing me up either. Actually between TEst/CoS, i'm pretty sure there's less than 10 of us below 20 cities. See, this ^ is what Sketchy was talking about when he said you're just letting your upper tier allies take all the damage. Woe is NPO if they have to updeclare 8-10 cities, but who gives a damn if Rose, Syndicate, CoS and TEst updeclare 8, 10, 13, 15, hell i might be in a 17 city updeclare in the future. My only complaint is that i'm very low on money to buy things, yours is that anybody would insinuate you do the same. God for-frickin-bid NPO has to build up and do the same as us huh? Thankfully for you we're much less selfish about our pixels while not being trash, so we'll just forcibly kick their heads down low enough for you to swat at them without ever having to build a tank. We know you couldn't Roq's disapproving glare for building such heresy anyway. A nation you shouldn't be fighting anyway. GoB targets are supposed to be speared down by your generous, non-selfish upper tier allies. You actually took that slot away from somebody supposed to be fighting them, who'd *only* be in a 14 city updeclare. He was rather upset about it too. Because you see we've been told to just drag them into 2000s range where you folk are cause yah dont like building tanks and ships too much, Ripper infact turned over all the GoB we slapped down there for that reason. I don't mind doing it for you, i'd just prefer nobody, particularly Shadow here, complains that anybody would suggest they do the same to speed it up. Not their fault they're tellin the truth.
  9. Akuryo

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Some people just have no class.
  10. Akuryo

    The Underground DoE

    Yeah, no, this is not what a vassal is. Like at all. It's a protectorate agreement that tries to seem special by being a bit different, but honestly its attempt at being different isn't that impressive.
  11. Akuryo

    War Stats - Knightfall

    You can search for player names. If you search Akuryo, it brings up Desura. If you search Mayor, it brings up Calondia.
  12. Akuryo

    Too good to pass

    Clearly he does not yet think you worthy.
  13. I wanna be a princess too!
  14. Akuryo

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Recently in the war, the sphere once known as Radiantsphere, lead by the Knights Radiant, has changed. They have reformed into the new, Nerdsphere, lead by the Nerds Radiant. In response to this, the coalition has also reformed, into the Chad Coalition, lead by Terminus Chad. Now, i understand this change is sudden, and many of you may be confused as to what the new sides really are. I, Akuryo, have made this handy diagram to inform you.

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