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  1. It'd have to be worth several billion my dude. Either having or having multiple would, neither is the case now. Even if you made it the case, with treasure buying being illegal, conflict for them is still a non thing. People would be ok to take the buffs their sphere or alliance gets naturally because other alliances and spheres won't likely get more, if treasure buying was still in place, pirates would still loot treasures, sell to the highest bidder, and may create an imbalance. If you want a conflict Alex, you do not merely need to make a value worth fighting over, you need to make an imbalance capable of forming with it. Otherwise there's just no reason not to take the buff my mass member AA is statistically more likely to get and be happy with it and accept others may get one too. No, we don't mind that. Most people wouldn't, not worth it too. However we might mind if someone started getting multiples and stacking them. Treasure Island nearly started a war itself, and for good reason.
  2. Clover isn't even part of the NAP pretty sure.
  3. MFW the likes of TCW and Empy trying to play as either intelligent, righteous, or clever after starting things off with "we don't care about the reasoning".
  4. Of those 3-4000 only 1500 are in active alliances and actually play the game in ant substantial way. The others don't do much, and I doubt pay Alex much for it either.
  5. Why? Disband again, it was the only right decision you ever made to begin with.
  6. No because Alex will by a clown like always and go "loooool more active players 100 new nation's a day all is well"
  7. This is an awful lot of text from a top 5 alliance leader to a former micro leader trying to explain that his alliance isn't a pathetic laughing stock for only having micros as allies and then to distract people from that truth by talking about some wacky idea one of said micros had. Methinks his lordship doth protest too much.
  8. Hey, you're the one in denial, not me. I knew my position and knew what it could get me. I claimed to the be the Queen of Micros, from a micro, suspiciously probably the best micro. I dunno, sounds alot more realistic than claiming to be the best alliance from the seat of TCW. I didn't think schizophrenia was contagious, but you seem to have caught some delusions of grandeur from our voice chats mate.
  9. *Looks at TCW* mate you don't have a single treaty that isn't a micro. Probably because everyone else has standards.
  10. It's only common sense by like, 1950 standards. Common sense these days says battleships don't exist, destroyers are basically just smaller cruisers, all cruisers are missile cruisers and only so big to house helicopters, dedicated air superiority fighters are rare in favor of multirole aircraft that can ground attack and dogfight (even then, the F-22 for example is still capable of limited air to ground engagement soooo), dedicated bombers are either tanky ass A-10s that can fly with 1 engine and 30% of both wings shredded off or are too stealthy or fly too high to be hit, heavy tanks don't exist because they were blended with mediums in the 50s and 60s to create Main Battle Tanks and Light tanks do exist and are one of the only non basic things already in the game described accurately for current "common sense" of actual military units in the OP here. Shoulder mounted AA weapons are useless against anything but helicopters, AA guns as well, SAMs are the only ground based AA worth a damn against jets. Anti tank guns also don't really exist as shoulder mounted anti tank implements are often pretty overkill, especially considering a poorly supported tank is easily outflanked, at which point it'd be vulnerable to even a rifleman tossing a grenade ontop of the engine vents, let alone even a simple RPG-7. Furthermore how does any of this work? Do I divide my soldier cap up between the options? How effective are medics, or artillery, or anything else? Do different units cost more than others? Why would anyone build anything besides medium tanks (there's a reason heavy tanks became obsolete and people tossed heavy armor on the fronts of mediums, gave them the heavies engine and gun and called it an MBT, it's flexibility), why are destroyers not treated like mini cruisers, because they pretty much are. Actually, an Arleigh Burke is straight up superior to a Ticonderoga in most cases. That's a destroy outmatching a cruiser in damned near everything. It also costs twice as much as the cruiser. Why would anyone buy battleships? Their ground bombardments have limited range, targetting and payload delivery. They're also massive targets that are EXTREMELY vulnerable to aircraft (carriers are literally why nobody builds battleships anymore) and any job battleships might be good for, a carrier just does better. What other customizations are available? Is there something like a full perk tree too? If im willingy to spend an obscene amount of money can I just turn my military into the United States military and cackle with glee as I roflstomp people with completely unnecessary and overwhelming force? 😛
  11. Actually it makes the pixel huggers safer by requiring a numerical superiority in a tier to actually have a chance. Pixel huggers tend to have more massive alliances in terms of players. Also, hilariously if you read the announcement thread, the people outcrying the hardest are also the most aggressive fighters. People like Seb and Epi are the ones shrugging and not caring. Pixelhuggers are the ones happy because the changes made aggression not worth the risk, your aggressive war fighters are the ones upset.
  12. If you think it's just minor score adjustments maybe you should spend some time in a real Alliance learning how to properly wage a war and then re read those changes for me chief.
  13. If you're just going to post an idiotic nothingburger of a statement, don't bother. A vast majority of them very clearly also didn't want this to the extent Alex has taken it, your "point" if you could even call it that is worthless and applies to no one. The score changes were demanded in a vacuum of themselves not considering the other changes that occurred here because nobody had even brought them up yet. Yet another irrelevant point that doesn't actually address any problems and thinks it can be clever by pretending this is exactly what everyone asked for instead of adding numerous individual things together into a ball of trash. What they're discussing is also irrelevant. It's not here now, it's not even publicly listed or described anywhere to my knowledge, and nobody here has any faith in not being implemented poorly. If your changes only make sense and don't break everything with a couple extra additives months down the line, then wait until those additives are ready, instead of this retarded attention whoring behavior shooting out half baked trash heaps.
  14. And part of the proposed changes that weren't included in this package of hogshit was changing rebuy times or even beige function to offset that in later rounds. But the first strike advantage was crucial to the vitality of the game. It made taking risk and being the aggressor worth doing. But if it conveys no advantage and indeed, hurts you more than then, why the hell bother with it 😛
  15. Actually, to build off of that, it basically deletes the first strike advantage entirely. Zeroing is nigh impossible without downdeclares which have been made far more difficult, the cost to even attack is more than the damage you do no matter what, and because you MUST 3 slot people to have any chance at all, you can't offset numerical inferiority with superior coordination and first strike. What's the reason to go to war now?
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