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  1. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    Sooooo Now you want the guys who used 0% tax BS and thought it was great and best econ system, and the people who thought "Yeah thats ok, not stupid at all and totally no responsible for your alliance having lower tiering than startup micros" to.... use 100% taxes? Again i see a significant fault in the logic here. Especially considering such taxes would be better used on the smaller, but dedicated and active members of RR who merged so that they can stop being 5 cities for 90 days. The isle is only... 8 people now? Rumor circling that Max is infact seriously considering that he should merge? Why invest in that? Unless they're comin to you there's no reason.
  2. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    His Allie's to rebuild him...? Yes his Allie's that are an overinflated micro combined with a moderate size mid tier alliance that just got slapped around by IQ, then arrgh, then Oblivion and had it's Bank stolen. They sound absolutely flush with cash.
  3. Akuryo

    A Bold New Frontier

    You see Ivan, by not taxing and granting members, they stay small micro noobs struggling to grow by themselves because they don't know how! Thus creating tier cohesion.
  4. Akuryo

    Project timer off

    Honestly, and this may be a radical suggestion... Why not just leave it? How long have people been saying to just screw the project timers (even city timers now)? Job already done, seems easy enough.
  5. Akuryo

    I had a chat with a guy....

    Okay so first you want to coup and rob Pantheon, that's step one.
  6. Akuryo

    I had a chat with a guy....

    That's it? Sheesh i make almost 50, look how tiny i am. Get good BK, smh.
  7. Akuryo

    I had a chat with a guy....

    TCW rebuilds it bank by having 5/5. Clearly Radiantsphere has money hacks they're hiding and Alex needs to ban them.
  8. Akuryo

    Make it an option to use resources

    Which is possible if everyone is around the same city count and the airstrikes would've been close fights to begin with. Since this is not often present in reality on the live server, Fortify is pretty useless and just a way to mildly annoy your attacker.
  9. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    TBH if you're (Not just Max but anyone) not gonna say your mind just do everyone a favor and shut the hell up before you start talkin. If i wanted to listen to driveling lies i'd turn on CNN.
  10. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    This isn't CN. You'd do good to remember that. CN had a very storied history of OOC drama behind everything. This community will exorcise your ass right out the door if you try and pull that crap here.
  11. Akuryo

    Judgement Day: Oblivion (WMT)

    This isn't what we were promised. Booooo! i wanted to see somebody actually throw shade at me! I'm with your parents on this one, what a disappointment! <3
  12. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    >34 days old >Talking his own shit to experienced and veteran members on how the politics and drama work Lucky you you're in GoG which means you're ass-kicking is coming anyway, let's hope 'Anti-IQ' don't mess up this time. If being an ass is a valid CB, then you're all a bunch of weak-ass &#33;@#&#036;, seeing as how i'm still here.
  13. Akuryo


    He's doing rank 30-60 so you won't be in it.
  14. Akuryo

    Where we droppin bois?

    I don't think he intends to, or to fight at all really. He said himself he won't bother building units. I wouldn't be surprised if the others felt the same.
  15. Akuryo

    Noobs guide to a good blitz

    Someone remind me where BK saw potential in this guy? Make him merge and put him through noob boot camp first pls.

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