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  1. That's kind of strange considering I'm pretty sure most players play a large or even majority amount on mobile. I almost never access it from my PC, personally.
  2. They can't, he's suggesting they should be able to.
  3. Better pay me that 200m or no feet pics :^)
  4. We didn't call in an oAP, we both had problems and we both solved them. And we did so with alot less whiny ass micro fanfare than you guys can manage every other time you take a breath.
  5. So they activated the OPTIONAL aggression part of your MDoAP for a completely one sided dogpile. Not only were they pathetic enough to do this, but you were pathetic enough to accept?
  6. Bold of you to assume I'm relevant enough to talk about anything. 😛
  7. The thing is I have no interest on being on thalmors show or of speaking to you in anything but the occasional quip about how much of a clown you are when I'm bored. Come back in 10,000 years when you've developed human sentience and we'll talk kek
  8. 10,000,000,000% this post right here
  9. If you don't give me the money I may, or may not, sell you or any grouping or collection of friends and family members to a somali warlord. For legal purposes I must stress again, may or may not.
  10. "illegal war declaration" lmfao how much of a clueless noob are you exactly.
  11. Considering rose built a frickton of $700m spy sats and this costs not even half that with the prerequisites which most people have, I think maybe you should base your "thoughts" on something more approaching actual empirical evidence. It would not be difficult for any sphere to do this if they so desired. And the inherent problem with "balancing" the numbers of something like this is that it will either be too low for anyone to ever care or too much and create a perpetual win condition.
  12. Here's how you know your idea is absolutely terrible. I, Akuryo, agree 100%, with a deulos post. You literally have scientists right now trying to figure out where their math went wrong thinking it was impossible.
  13. ♥️ Kev and pika be safe and well
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