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  1. Akuryo

    War Stats: Global War 14

    No, that was TKR.
  2. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    Of course i know that. However, people will do that anyway. Perhaps rarely, but even still, knowing this if you have serious conditions or stuff wrong with your head you're concerned about, you had best duck and cover. That's a tad callous, and certainly not fair, but !@#$ aren't known for making the world fair. It's good for NPO to stand by that, though i don't suspect it will ever be needed. If anyone is considered the apex of evil OOC it's probably shifty, and he's known about my condition for months. If he's tried to take a shot, i don't think it ever left the barrel. It's also for that reason that i still think it was a joke, bad taste included. At least, if and until the behavior repeats, the joke shield is not invincible. Repeated strikes will break through.
  3. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    Yes it is. I had this conversation in Dio with DM's so i'll condense this to you: Not putting on the tin, say in crossed out words or whatever that it's an old clip is not the greatest decision ever. I was bewildered at first because his voice didn't even sound right to me, let alone how he spoke. Secondly, i am told he was in quite a bad spot. However, so? If people are mentally unstable and willingly, knowingly put themselves in the line of fire it is no one's duty to hold a shield for them. I don't expect any around will hold one for me if they think all the shots i'm jumping into might make repressed psychosis, un-suppressed. And that's fine, because i'm fully aware of my bad state, and i know the risk. So was he, and so does he, Roq is not a moron. He's not innocent and neither am i, if we're not ready to get shot, we shouldn't be the ones shooting. But i see he's still pulling the trigger. So am i. Feel free to return fire.
  4. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    Jokes are... harassment now? When the hell did y'all go through gender studies courses? Are all of yah even college age? Not to mention the cost. How the hell did you do that? Is it possible to learn this power?
  5. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    God forbid D is smarter than you and goes for Ground Control, enabling him to body all 3 of you at once. Not sure why ya ignored GC.
  6. Akuryo

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Damn that is alot of salt.
  7. Akuryo

    Let me cycle through cities

    Those buttons already exist. The arrows on either side of improvements and import/export serve that function.
  8. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    Honestly Mad Max is just an older version of inst. A complete irrelevant non-character sitting in some wastebin spouting his stupid ass shit on the forums. Fun fact: It's possible to believe more wars = good, while also believing that alliances conducting themselves in certain ways is despicable or awful, regardless of it causing war, @Mad Max. I know you're too intoxicated by your own delusion of you being important and asking the tough questions, but all you did was pull an inst and say nonsense.
  9. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    I also find it funny at the desperation of @Sphinx To deal a blow back after he screwed himself.
  10. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    The explanation is worthless. I'm in the coalition channel. If you can get leaks from that to prove that we were coming after you, i'll give you my bank when we get it back soon. You can't, because i was there, and i know everyone noped that shit. Don't pretend Chaos alone was gonna take on N$O either. Even if they were, your logs are still so outta date that the political landscape is completely different. It's like you waited to publish your geology book AFTER the terraforming completed, and now wonder why it has 1* reviews.
  11. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    The logs were about a month old at most. These ones are months old, and are older than the IQ split AND the TKR/TCW split. IQ LITERALLY was the biggest threat at the time and even you know that's true, because it was part of YOUR reason for breaking it up. It had served it's purpose and you didn't want a hegemony, and it was time for change after years of the same ties. This is honestly pathetic, especially for @Dio Brando to stoop to such levels. Logs from the middle of the treaty web changing are, unsurprisingly, not particularly relevant to AFTER the web changes. Whoda thunk it? Well, this is definitely one reason Syndi noped the frick out. Everyone shitting on them was wrong, they do have self decency, they saw this dumpster fire and went "Noooooope, no thanks!"
  12. Akuryo

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Seems i may owe an apology to $yndicate. The entering at all is still questionable, but you kept your word on that when you did.
  13. Akuryo

    Declaration of War

    NPO Blitz stats: 32k planes destroyed 24k lost 4:3 ratio Bruh my micro executed a better blitz than this, wtf.
  14. Akuryo

    We are here for the Whales

    And with that, the official creation of the sphere NPO was afraid of, which did not exist beyond the loose and temporary confines of a coalition at war, has been all but guaranteed. Well, that multi sphere thing didn't last long did it?

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