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  1. Akuryo

    Water to quench my thirst

    By this logic, why is food a resource? What does it add to the game? As far as ANYONE can tell, its meaningless content. Anyone can make it. My nation is an Ireland sized diamond off the coast of Brittany ENTIRELY in the Atlantic Ocean and produces food. Running out of food is moderately annoying but not particularly crippling or concerning. So what's the point? You thought food was a necessary must have thing for... logics sake? I went 16 days without food once Alex. I'd have been dead in 3 without water, so that don't hold up too well either. Water as a resource could also, ontop of dealing incredibly severe penalties for running out, be required to run nuclear plants. Yanno, like it's require to do in the real world. Infact you could add water as being necessary for almost every improvement in the game. There's not a mine, military installation, or commercial structure in the entire globe that does not in some way require water to function. You'd have no commerce, power, mines, manufacturing, recruitment or military. Your units would act like you had no gas or munitions because they like everyone else is busy trying not to die of dehydration. Running out of water therefore would knock out pretty much everything you have except... what? Windmills? Say goodbye to commerce, say goodbye to population, why, running out could even start eating into your age bonus. Fun Fact: Shortages of super-critical resources like water cause people to frick off elsewhere and they usually don't come back anytime soon. So, now that i've gone on that tirade, back to food. What does food add to the game again? Because i just made this hypothetical water resource relatively on par with water in the real world in terms of it's presence and usage being super-critical and absolutely necessary. Running out of food is moderately annoying, running out of this water would put your nation into a coma. Somebody ring the bell i think we have a clear winner here.
  2. Akuryo

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    My advice remains, seeing as how their protector (both of them actually) should also take that same advice.
  3. Akuryo

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    Frick off with your multiple protectors shit and just disband already.
  4. Akuryo

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Are you talking about SALT? Yes how dare Rose not fight TKRsphere AND IQ simultaneously.
  5. Akuryo

    Careful, it's Soup!

    What's with Yakuza and picking up trash off the street anyway.
  6. Akuryo

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    This is hilarious coming from Camelot.
  7. Akuryo

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    No it wasn't. Only a retard fights fairly. Why you may have some less than stellar intellects among you (<3 u rebel) the leadership and alliance as a whole is not retarded. As many other people have stated in this thread, it's only a fair fight if old nuke Bloc actually fights instead of going into siege mode. WTF of course went straight to siege mode and the parts of Fark that did counter waited so long to do so that by the time they did there were Soup with all their wars under control and plane buys to swat them off. I noticed they got a couple of you pretty hard before being got themselves. What makes a fight fair is not merely down to numbers you keep quoting. As said on Great Job last night, had you done this to someone else, who had more than just numbers, they would've fricked your shit. I'll personally be more impressed next time when you pick a target not full of nuke turrets where people feel unrealistic in hoping they'll resist properly. Do this to TGH and you won't need a 2v1 for it to be a "fair fight with odds slightly against us".
  8. Akuryo

    An Announcement from the New Polar Order

    Also can i be the first on the secret treaties conspiracy train? I wanna be the first. I like trains you see, they're great.
  9. Akuryo

    An Announcement from the New Polar Order

    Don't ask me to use effort when i should've been asleep 30 minutes again. How dare you. But yes i already did that it clicked when i checked the AA page and then read it again because im only barely kept conscious by Baja Blast right now. XD
  10. Akuryo

    An Announcement from the New Polar Order

    Did we just get a post for a treaty thats existed for... Fricking ever basically? Nope i'm just tired and reading too quickly, carry on
  11. Akuryo

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Mate, NOBODY can maintain a level of fighting capable of any notable depletion of stockpiles like that. It just ain't gonna happen, the participants would die from blood loss as their members disappear.
  12. Akuryo

    Water to quench my thirst

    Minesome my boy when did you start being a sensible and contributing member of the community? This is great suggestion btw.
  13. Akuryo

    ITC Improvement

    I'm in favor of this Trump Tower suggestion.
  14. Akuryo

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Don't coup your alliance and give me the bank.
  15. Akuryo

    Careful, it's Soup!

    If you coordinate i'll be so astonished that i'll convert to whatever god you claim is responsible for the miracle.

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