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  1. Yes i am, i'm usually disappointed when wars don't escalate, even if they're suicidal. If Senry were around still he'd tell you how i almost set off MAGE into war with T$ training AA. Fam even conspiracies are typically much more simple than your idiotic theories.
  2. It's not really that complicated though. The point is Occam's Razor being applied to Inst's incessant idiocy. And no, i'm not from any of those alliances, i can't confirm 100% what their intent was, but i can confirm that you're a nonsensical conspiracy theorist and that the simple answer is very likely the correct one.
  3. Why do you try to speculate so much as if you sound smart? You sound like a retard and that's probably because you are one. Here's what happened, cause it ain't complicated. TGH and KT don't actually give a shit about poaching. They just don't, it's not a problem in their eyes. They didn't tell Empryea to push the CB, Emp told them they were going to, and that was that. They weren't going to stop them from doing it, if anything they'd back them up if it went wrong, and they probably would have. It's not some complicated goddamn thought exercise like you try to make everything into.
  4. Akuryo

    Shifty News Network LLC-Highway to Hell

    Somebody better hit somebody.
  5. No they didn't, and yes you are. Your protectors aren't doing anything to prevent that, so rip u.
  6. Akuryo

    Resource-for-resource trades

    Or you could just read the OP, and have enough basic memory to keep some idea of average prices in your head, as opposed to saying something nonsensical and stupid.
  7. >build better cities You understand i was in Knightfall and slammed into Guardian in round 1 right? Then i got bored and decided to pirate so i kept it low. But hey, lets not have that stop some random 4 city from acting tough amirite.
  8. Akuryo

    Recognition of Hostilities

    So is Vanguard gonna counter for their protectorate, or is Polaris alone going to counter just two arrgh guys and let their prot die?
  9. Good solution, leave a shit alliance for an even shittier alliance. Some meta plays there fam.
  10. Akuryo

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    The one time I miss one smh
  11. Akuryo

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    They're really not contradictory, at all. Please stop bullshitting, it's not complicated logic in any sense at all. Those two goals are not in any way, shape or form, mutually exclusive. It sounds that way, if you ignore the given option to SELL DOWN instead of be slapped around for numerous rounds, which must be what you're doing. Because of that given option, however, these are NOT mutually exclusive goals. They can do both. You work together to identify actual war dodgers. They get pummeled. You identify people with valid reasons (I know there's somebody in TKR, i forget who, that is currently hospitalized and in VM right now, as an example), these people sell their infra down. Now can you explain to me, please, what about is so goddamn difficult to understand. They literally built-in to the term a way for you to punish your war dodgers and spare the innocent, while staying true to the terms. So unless you can explain to me how selling 700 infra in every city is obscenely punitive and ridiculous, and i sincerely doubt anybody on this earth could, your solution has existed the entire time and you have either lacked the depth of thought to see it or have intentionally ignored it. Scarf was right, why has this gone on for... 13, almost 14 pages now? It's not complicated is it? It doesn't feel complicated. It feels like its being intentionally made more difficult than it is.
  12. Akuryo

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    EMC didn't exist at the time, stop talking out your ass. The only person here who thinks you're smart is you, mate.
  13. Akuryo

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    BK was never part of EMC. Please stop talking like you're smart when you get this basic shit wrong. BK and TKR parted ways well before EMC was even a term. Infact, EMC became a term during the days of IQ, if i'm not mistaken, meaning BK was literally on the opposing sphere from EMC at all times, and still is. Isn't the only real difference that one is known about and the other isn't.
  14. Akuryo

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    The thread likely exists with the intent to apply public pressure to TKRsphere, if I had to guess.
  15. Akuryo

    Bittersweet End

    CN 2.0 confirmed?

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