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  1. Ad Creation brought to you by BK Care ... because BK Cares Goal: To create a radio ad that is anti TKR / Chaos or Rose or TGH n Co (or all of them). Anyone can win the prize regardless of alliance or side Prize: 50 mil and the ad will be made. 2nd and like 3rd place may also get a ad if its good End Date: 7 days Ad submission: https://forms.gle/QfC47cKbLcAHXzvE8 Use this YT to give you an idea of what were looking for: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq-ummi5frg_VG6Ee2ZZ2Nw?view_as=subscriber Good Luck
  2. Yet another "wonderful" post, these players will make their own decisions once their alliance is actually set up, like come the frick on man, the alliance does not even have its own name yet and you want them to participate in discussions with others. It makes zero sense
  3. Im really getting sick of reading your crappy rhetoric, if you would bother to learn more or read some you may understand a bit of what is actually going on Yes there were advised by their leader (NOT NPO) to stay away from the community, however, this has been clarified to be temp measure - This is a new alliance that is starting, and not a small one at that, this is almost 300 new nations that need to get settled in, this is also almost 300 members their leadership has to organize, train and help. This isn't a small task at all and it will help absolutely no one, them or the community to allow people to jump in their server and talk to people, all this will do is confuse people and derail it If you would take just a moment to pull your head out of your ass you may realize that this isn't a giant scheme to piss you off personally and that NPO assisted in bringing 300 new players into the game, assisting them at setting up an alliance and trying to make them active community members. So why don't you lay off for a damn while and let this new alliance get on its feet and establish a structure
  4. Lol this is lolzy, I believe if you read my post I clearly stated Amon did not participate in internal Colo. Am I suppose to go message every single micro alliance to offer help? If they can't take the initiative to take help and participate then their failure is on them. Good that he knows it, but never hurts to say I also have the same opinion of them, this is a forum Afterall and kinda the point.
  5. I mean, yes but part of me hoped they would say "No, we're in it to win it"
  6. I was going to come here and give the canned "congrats on peace" message that I should. However, I'm feeling awake at 5:01 so I'm going to tell you what I really think.... Lasting this long is not honorable because quite frankly you were not doing anything for the last few weeks anyway, in fact, there were times I forgot you were even in the war. On top of that when you "actively" participated, another coalition member had to hit you because you could not get your members under control. Piled on top of that was the fact you did not actively participate in colo talks, the guy you sent to participate got kicked from OFA for potentially wanting to coup you for being a bad leader. Our colo has some amazing people at war and even some amazing fa/ econ guys, we could have easily helped you out. From rss to coordination, however, you choose to not participate at an alliance level, I can only hope you talked to your protectors. Your alliance is a reflection of the leadership and their ability to lead so if essentially your entire alliance gives up during war its time to reflect on if your a capable leader or not (and if not change), or disband. The path you have OFA on right now is gonna be a train wreck and you will be wasting your and most importantly your members' time. Now don't take this as me saying you're bad and have no hope and to disband, because frankly, I think alliances disbanding is not good for the game overall and I hate to see members of the community leave, what I am saying is; fix your alliance and YOURSELF. If you cant do that then disband because of the only thing as bad as alliances disbanding is alliances that kill off potential active community members by their lack of structure and leadership.
  7. That seems like bait to me :P, we all know JKVJBKBFHKLDVHBJOR does not have enough undead nations to mke OFA fully reenter
  8. James T. Kirk


    Not really sure where this stands (nor do i care), however with the average age being like 12 (I kid) figured i would post it for yall to decide https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=164832 besides the name, the true crime is 2600 infra on a 10 city nation
  9. The Forever Pact We the signatories hereby sign this pact and agree to do stuff potentially Love at first sight Morgan Stanley and TKRs Military Competence agree to defend each other in the event of terrorist attacks unless they are to drunk It Takes Two to Tango Morgan Stanley and TKRs Military Competence shall declare an aggressive war if the other does for any reason within 2hrs unless there to lazy to do so at the moment You Can't Hide Things from Me! Morgan Stanley and TKRs Military Competence will share all intel unless they don't Divorce Divorce is only possible by death, in the event one signatory disbands this treaty is null and void Morgan Stanly: Frawley TKRs Military Competence: Gorge *Signed by Gorge as TKRs Military Competence is MIA*
  10. I mean really, lets not come on here and try to put Camelot down without proof of this being Epi ... I strongly recall unfavorable leaks about other people a short while ago and I'm not referring to the BK / tCW ones
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