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  1. James T. Kirk

    House Arryn first decleration

    Awe ... so cute
  2. James T. Kirk

    Happy Birthday Camelot!

    Happy Birthday Cam, happy to see yall make it this far! and here is to another great year
  3. Gather around my friends and plus ones…. First our children grew up and hell has frozen over. Now something truly no one expected. It is by command of the joint alliances of the Black Knights, New Pacific Order, Guardians of the Galaxy, Goon Squad, United Purple Nations, Yakuza, Order of the white rose, Afrika Korps, Solar Knights, Carthago, Polaris, Camelot, Iron Front, The Hanseatic League, Electric Space The Commonwealth, Brotherhood of the Clouds, Info Wars ; that I present to you the Inquisition Take Two! We, the Inquisition *Take Two*, come together in full manifestation of our friendship and solidarity and hatred and mandatory ties. Committing ourselves to these accords in agreement with full promise of mutual prosperity and strength; with a greater understanding to be shared between us. I Mutual Defense A direct attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories. In the event that one signatory comes under attack through providing military support in the way of memes II Optional Aggression All member alliances shall reserve the right to support each other in an offensive campaign by offering memes. III Support We stand together in the shared security be any means. Information, aid, and diplomatic resources are all encouraged of each of member alliances. Our support for each other shall not be limited to a list. Yet we agree this agreement shall take precedence over all others if we feel like it. IV Sovereignty While unified, we remain slayyves unwilling employees & RoqBots. V Admission A prospective alliance may petition any signatory for membership. If sponsored, admittance will be added without question VI Withdrawal Any signatory that wishes to leave the Inquisition after diplomatic measures have been exhausted will have .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 hours before nullification of the member agreement. Should a member violate the spirit of this accord, a unanimous vote may expel the offender /s/ Signed for the everyone Emperor: God-Emperor Roquentin the First, blessed be his name Keeper of Slayyyves: Leo/Thanos/whatever it is now Keeper of Technology: Frawley Keeper of Slayyve Tracking systems: Frawley FYI this is a meme
  4. James T. Kirk

    PC Principal

    Greeting Orbis PC Principal stopped by earlier today and set things straight After a long conversation we came to the proper decision to change the term slayyve to "Unwilling Employee". The term slayyve may be hurtful for some and so we apologize for that, all law suites should be directed to our Trade Mark Lawyer @Sir Scarfalot. Next we would like to apologize to @Sphinx @Epi @Elijah Mikaelson and all the others the term Slayyve may have hurt. Moving forward we promise to be more PC, and have signed the pledge to be more PC. Any questions regarding this change please contact @Sir Scarfalot *This change may or may not actually happen
  5. James T. Kirk

    Kick the Baby !!!

    (temp logo until Pika finishes) Introducing the newest addition to the Orbis radio show family, the red headed step child.... KICK THE BABY staring Black knight of Ages, Ivk and myself. Bringing you something that resembles news, political commentary and interviews every Wednesday night on Factory Fresh Media. Next Show: Tonight 9pm EST Discord Link: Click Here Guests: Keshav (NPO) and Vlad (GotG) .... (I may have a TGH/TKR side guest, I keep forgetting to ask people) Topics: NPO entrance to the war, FR/TFP dropping out, forced peace terms on some micros leaving the war and more
  6. James T. Kirk

    War Page Improvement

    Make the war indicators for when a nation has ground, air or sea control, show up in all war overviews. Its pretty annoying having to open 5 links to find out who has ground control or who has someone blockaided So basically Would also show https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=877&display=war https://politicsandwar.com/world/conflicts/ https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=33898&display=war
  7. James T. Kirk

    Let the trolling commence.....

    could work better than what they doin now
  8. James T. Kirk

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Enjoy the rebuild FR! Look at the bright side, this will give you basic calculations for any other war you may want to fight.... so 7-8? months got you almost two weeks, so if you stay at peace a year and a half you may last a month!!!!! But for real its really pathetic, TKR and TGH can spin this as not your war but you got directly hit so it was your war as much as its mine, you are not one of the smaller alliances or "micros" that dropped out, you are a "top" 15(?) alliance, and you could not even make it 2 full weeks. With all joking aside it may be time to just disband, I know ill be mass downvoted for this rant but Shifty knew it was time, his guys not fighting and can't handle the pressure, so it may be your time to wake up and make the same decision. I really was not going to post but every time someone says FR I get annoyed by your cowardace and pathetic FA, do you ever wonder why you run through allies like a fish runs through water? Well try looking at this war moving forward to answer that, you act like you deserve allies that are good but frankly you deserve too be allied to micros or no one because thats the level of competence your alliance has. I was actually looking forward to being on the same side as you for once, to get a "look under the hood" per say, so mab I would hate you less, but you did it, you may be the worst top 15 alliance in game.
  9. James T. Kirk

    SNN-No retreat, no surrender

    See ya man, been fun working with you. Good luck with real life and ill see you in a month or two when you realize rl sucks and pnw also sucks so why not just play PnW too. O7
  10. James T. Kirk

    Guys let's chill out

  11. James T. Kirk

    So a few people have been asking

    lol, made me chuckle
  12. James T. Kirk

    So a few people have been asking

    ❤️ awe
  13. James T. Kirk

    So a few people have been asking

    A few people have been asking about our war with Pantheon TKR/TGH so I thought it would be best to give you all a update here. Pantheon TKR and TGH was approached a few days back about peace and they declined to take part in talks surrender to BK. Given the situation, we intend to call this war a victory and move on. We will not declare any new wars in this conflict and will treat new declarations from TKR/TGH as raids. We wish Pantheon TGH and TKR the best moving forward. JK - let the pixels keep burning
  14. James T. Kirk

    Declaration of War

    Ya know that vid was kinda in poor taste, I was not going to reply until I saw that. So good for you I guess? Anyways I find this whole situation great, lets go over the basic issues I see in TKR logic . 1. The whole "Our logs are not relevant but yours totally are" narrative if fricking retarded. How much hypocrisy can we get in one thread? If your going to use our logs that we explained were irrelevant when the game took a different direction (the war you two fought) then how can you sit here with a straight face and say "well ours were before the game changes happened". Pick a narrative and stick with it, we can see right through it. As for your claim to fame that the logs were pre IQ split see #2 2. Since the day IQ broke up you hammered in the fact that you believe that IQ never split up and that IQ was still together. So in one place your stating "IQ never broke up and are a threat" and then here your stating "well the logs were before the IQ brake up". Once again pick a damn narrative and stick with it. When people spew the "IQ never split up" narrative and NPO also get logs about TKR attacking IQ, what was NPO suppose to think. However it is great to see the amount of salt TGH and TKR can produce, tho I am worried it may kill the salt market.
  15. James T. Kirk

    Bloody Horsemen


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