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  1. Yes. Belka did nothing wrong
  2. That is as wise as President Skroob's luggage combination
  3. One simply can match goons by saying "Burn Osea to the ground"
  4. Goons=lame x infinity so lame nobody can hope to be lamer
  5. Make nukes cost less points. I want to win with nukes Add MIRVs
  6. When the revolution happens, where will you hide ; )
  7. Well I would suggest calling your nearest nuclear silo operator for pricing details and proper setup. They have very good customer service.
  8. But nukes look like Christmas lights:(
  9. It's pronounced "Merry Christmas" in America or "Happy Christmas" if you are British Alternatively, one could also say "Happy Hanukkah" if they so choose
  10. Jajajaja Is it laughing in Spanish or agreeing in German.; )
  11. GoG just made a treaty with the most hated alliance in the game...
  12. This is unacceptable. I wanted to have an excuse to eat popcorn.
  13. Down with Goons! Planet Spaceball will rise again! Belka did nothing wrong!
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