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  1. The toxicity is going too far
  2. I'm pretty only upvoting because you made a wargames reference You misspelled "Joshua" Strange game. The only winning move is not to play
  3. You get more free speech in discord
  4. Greater Belka would be pleased to help Erusea in the war against Osea Belka did nothing wrong
  5. If you read up, Marx actually hated his so called "followers" for twisting his ideas
  6. I'm pretty sure Akuryo is leader of North Point so I'm pretty sure he could have you rolled dude By the way, speaking of ace combat stuff (North Point is ace combat) Belka Did Nothing Wrong
  7. Wait...you want to get rolled by Akuryo...
  8. Well I see lots of stuff about micros Wait about two months and see how many of the "top 50" get kicked out of the top 50. It's the natural cycle of life.;)
  9. I say no, yet I'll upvote the article since you only got one. Maybe a mechanic where if a good portion of the alliance have such low infra that the entire alliance could do some peace protection, but it can only last two weeks and you can't do it again for a month. Also, add a war mechanic on the treaty web so members know whose at war with who easier. Also make a way to enforce NAP with a set time to them.
  10. What about commie pepe? Commie pepe is not racist, it's authoritarian socialist
  11. Hate isn't racist if you hate everyone equally ; )
  12. Your definition of libertarianism is incorrect
  13. Think about it. People will get paid so little and effectively become slaves due to them having to work for greedy buisnessmen. Eventually they actually will rebel which would either lead to a democracy or a Socialist dictatorship. Desperate people are easy to manipulate, as history has shown
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