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  1. TL;DR for those who can't watch the video:
  2. Couldn't Fight Cause Everyone Were Laughing At Camelot War
  3. Someone should cut them up into a gif image and add it as Camelot's ad in game.
  4. Funny how you cut those images short. But I can't blame you, the moment when a 21 man micro who's not even top 50 deals out more damage than your top 10 alliance is bit embarrasing. So I stand by my statement, SoS's main contribution in this war is by trying to screw colour bonus. The rest is pennies. Voodoo is doing even better. And they only have 9 members.
  5. Well to be honest this was a smart move. This way SoS at least can do more damage than they do on battle field.
  6. "Oh wow". Rose has another paperless treaty.
  7. The acronym is CAT? I wonder how GATO feels about that? Good luck!
  8. Shows back bone. Well done. Just why bold on the announcement
  9. Six Kingdoms live on. Just ask @Squeegee
  10. Woah. PnW version Godwin’s law already. “I don’t like what you’re saying. You’re so NPO”
  11. No. Because instead of crying about it I spent my time working to uplift alliance activity, spirits and mood.
  12. I know I am not winning any popularity contest here with this argument, but seriously any community which collapses because they can not build infra or few new cities and plot a new FA course for 8 months should have a deep discussion in front of the mirror. And I’m not blowing smoke out of my butt here. I was in it for 9 months straight myself since Surf was just before that.
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