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Deus Vulting for a Year


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Has been an absolute pleasure working with y’all over the past year, Happy Birthday!


PS: Thx for not rolling us during Trail of Tiers.... <3 Thalmor


Obligatory DEUS VULT!  

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Chief Financial Officer of The Syndicate

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Where is @Geralt von Rivia in this picture?

I mean the guy is literally a founder/the original 2nd in command.

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Woop woop! I'm proud to stand by KT as they hit their year mark, and glad they find AIM worthy enough to be an ally. 

Deus Vult! 

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Roll Squeegee pact with Redarmy and Ameyuri

Blues Brothers pact with Redarmy

Leader of the Elyion Resistance. If it's backed by NPO, you know it's evil

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Wow congratulations!

Best of luck in the months to come!

"There's nothing you can know that isn't known,
Nothing you can see that isn't shown,
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be,
All you need is love,
Love is all you need."
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1 hour ago, Buorhann said:

For real though, what are KTs accomplishments?  Legit question, not trying to dig.

I didn't realize it's been a year, damn.

It hasn't felt like a year, hahaha.

To me, KT has a decent number of accomplishments. We're in the top 10, and have been for a while. We built a fairly large, active, organized community from scratch. We fought 2 smaller wars against Oblivion and AO and won them decisively. We experienced a major change in leadership and suffered no damage internally from it.

Given the current state of politics, there's really only so many things to do without getting rolled pointlessly or practically giving your FA away to another alliance. KT, despite this, has things to be proud of.

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