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  1. Hi y'all! I'm not sure how many people here will remember me because it's been so long since I last played (December 2019 I believe), but I used to go by Patrick Higgins--I used to run a few micro alliances and constantly get steamrolled by bigger ones due to my then-immature idiocy regarding diplomacy (lol). Since then however I've transitioned so now I go by Patty (she/her). To those I've interacted with before and remember me, hello! It's nice to see you again. For those just encountering me for the first time, I certainly hope to make your acquaintance. I'm really looking forward to catching up on life with some old faces and making new friends. If y'all wanna reach out to me on Discord, here's my ID: Patty#2001 It's been so long so I'm unfamiliar with the new landscape, so I'm looking for an alliance to join if anyone's offering. I can't guarantee I'll be the most active since I also have college and a relationship to manage now, but I'll do my best to participate and contribute. I'm definitely gonna be more laid-back and worker bee-centric this time around. And for those curious, I still talk to my good friend whom y'all know as Zeebrus. He's still alive and well, just since moved on from this game. He's still active on Discord for those who wanna reach out to him through there. Anyway, I hope to see y'all around. In the meantime, I'll be working on starting up a new country. Cya! Patty đź’š
  2. Indivisible except in nuclear cases.
  3. Never trust atoms. They make up everything.
  4. Everyone just feed Alex money to buy his credits so we can white peace and rebuild instantly. It’ll be like it never happened.
  5. “Nothing a little inspect element can’t fix” ~Future victim of being banned
  6. Come on kids, you're all beautiful. What's there to lose from white peace aside from losing your oh-so valuable street cred in an online browser game?
  7. *Insert inevitable reply of someone making a Fallout reference by saying "War...war never changes"* Crap I just did it.
  8. I’m about to ruin this whole man’s career *ahem* no u
  9. When defecation hits the oscillator, weird stuff is bound to happen. That being said, lemme slide into those DMs with you bby ?
  10. I will take this to court and I will win custody of the children, Harold.
  11. Humans are friggin weird, man.
  12. Blocked and reported. You hurt my feelings which I deeply resent and you’ve said unchristian words that my maternal guardian does not approve of.
  13. Damn Bob it’s been over a year and you’re still an ass. Come on Bob. We’ve been over this before. Don’t make me call mom.
  14. Interesting how you added the text to the image using the Instagram stories image editor.
  15. United Mexican States Current Situation of the Nation Following the social and economic collapse of the Masrani Global Corporation (MGC), the Mexican border has seen an influx of immigrants flooding in from the north, particularly in the most populated areas bordering Texas and California. As such, President Anaya ordered more border security in order to better control the immigration levels. Mexico does indeed welcome immigrants, but statistics such as unemployment and crime cannot rise especially in such a young nation. Despite MGC’s clear aggression towards the formation of the UMS, especially after militarization of the Panama Canal, the Mexican Government plans to come together and work on a plan for what to do with the now unclaimed northern territories. Mexican nationalists in congress demand that Mexico expand to her original borders and beyond as revenge for what the Americans did when they disgraced the former Mexican Empire. Meanwhile, more moderate and left wing Mexican politicians believe that a reformation to the United States from the already existing nation of Britannia through diplomacy is a better solution, as Mexico cannot not overextend her borders to the point at which she cannot sustain herself. As congress falls into a frenzy, President Anaya has sided with the United Nations’ decision of reforming the United States out of the now desolate lands. However, even though President Anaya clearly favors one side of congress, he is known as The Great Compromiser of Mexico, so whether or not he will outright reject the Mexican nationalists’ policies is unknown. Northern Mexico citizens are also divided on the issue, as some support moving out of their dilapidated shacks and into fancy mansions of California, while those who oppose fear and invasion from a possibly imperialist Britannia.
  16. We took it without asking or doing anything and drew the border in our favor—British style
  17. You haven’t seen the true wrath of KT until they declare war on your micro after being your protectors
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