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  1. Separate City & Project timers maybe? That's always infuriated me.
  2. Oh how I've missed SK announcements, fantastic as always. Congratulations!
  3. While on the topic of forgiveness....Lordaeron 3.0 (4.0? I lost count)? Or maybe AO 2.0, the fall of those dastardly knights of the templar is written in our most ancient scriptures. We foresaw the end of the Pacificans, we anticipated the end of the Dutch, we have no idea what I'm talking about. Bed time Roll Polaris 2020
  4. https://www.grammarly.com/ Please use it.
  5. Theres 'won't join', and theres 'unable' to join. Shame we're too good & upstanding to log dump.
  6. This was done to combat the mass messaging of explicit images being messaged to numerous nation leaders. *AFAIK
  7. Alliances are very one-dimensional. Alliance Challenges could change that. Random challenges that are assigned to each alliance with a goal to achieve by a specific date/time, e.g: Your alliance challenge is to declare X amount of wars today....something along those lines, with achievements/resource boost (think treasures) as rewards. With challenges changed daily/weekly/monthly depending on the scale of given challenge. tl;dr: alliance challenges + treasures as rewards = fun
  8. Again ._. https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3867825
  9. As this is the same person I will put this here to avoid posting a duplicate report, same content. Message link: https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3851672
  10. I'll be sure to donate double from now on then.
  11. This is an official communication from the Something Positive Group. Our friends in North Point were left scratching their heads after an attack by BK & Friends. It seems their pursuit of an immature player had not been taken well by the powers that be. BK & Friends, we’ll show you what real friends look like. We’re not going to sit idly by and watch our allies beaten to a pulp. Instead we're going to explain why North Point was in the wrong.. It's in our blood to act with Honour and uphold the integrity of the Something Positive Group. North Point coducted aggressive attacks on a member of BoC, an action which the Something Positive Group frowns upon. It is required by Runeterra Law for North Point to get the approval of all member nations of the Something Positive Group in order to conduct aggressive attacks against a nation. Demacia herby declares Neutrality in the ongoing North Point vs. the World conflict.
  12. SoundsAwful.....Next you'll be charging for entry to the OWF. Thanks Alex, it's nice to see where your priorities lie. (Hope you haven't forgotten about your Quarterly Report)
  13. Leo

    A plea to all

    Again I will ask (For the umpteenth time). Where is the proof of the money leaving BK's bank to Georges Offshore, then George returning it to BK's bank? The only 'proof' we have received was screenshots of Alex talking to Seeker? of all people. For those sight impaired: Again I will ask (For the umpteenth time). Where is the proof of the money leaving BK's bank to George's Offshore, then George returning it to BK's bank? The only 'proof' we have received was a screenshot of Alex talking to Seeker? of all people. And let it be known to those that care about community, Demacia was given a very simple set of outcomes to stop BK hitting a 20 member micro: 1. George has to delete or 2. All Demacia member leave the alliance George didn't delete, so BK hit a 20 member micro that is currently protected by their allies. Check mate? Not yet.....Check
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