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  1. Cali Cartel Better 👀
  2. well wouldn't sky be your limit then i kid, congrats ❤️
  3. Taco

    Do me a favor?

    I've a crush on @Curufinwe and I'm proud to say it! most notable leader is me, leader of eregion
  4. @Biel your father hasn't forgotten you. I'll be donating today and I wish you a swift recovery ❤️
  5. /* "they're just using this as an excuse to hit us" -royalist */ forgive me if im mistaken, but if you were to drop all the logs with gorge, its very clear you told arthur to counter attacks made on his protectorate, and then told gorge you planned to counter those counters 🤔 seems like your the who tried to use this to hit camelot 11/10 hypocrisy
  6. if only i cared enough to find some posts
  7. I'm sorry what? You may be scuffed in the brain yo, can't remember what you based your alliance on. maybe go see a doctor. Your entire government's flags are battle stars
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