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  1. Ffs it's not Leopold it's Leopard.
  2. Kilgore

    New California Republic DoE

    Long live the NCR and President Kimball! Fuk the legion!
  3. Kilgore

    Safari gone wrong

    @Ameyuri Coup.
  4. My cat was more active in pnw than Chidz in last year and that says a lot. Kynlo was indeed a weak leader.
  5. Kilgore

    Deus Vulting for a Year

    Perfect opportunity to coup Theo.
  6. Kilgore

    The First Crusade

    This is just beautiful Theo.
  7. Kilgore

    Worst Category Voting

    He's worth two firsts based on what?
  8. Kilgore

    Be the Change You Want to See in the World

    Cool anthem.
  9. Kilgore

    The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!

    This is the end...
  10. Kilgore


    Welcome HAL 9000.
  11. Kilgore

    Let's chat about Attractive actors/actresses

    Me too buddy.
  12. Kilgore

    Let's chat about Attractive actors/actresses

    Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Emma Stone, Amy Adams.

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