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  1. Kilgore

    Slot filling

    I was saving up MAPs to attack later and Batavia was offered to peace out so I could get the treasure.
  2. Kilgore

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

  3. Mfw I saw Leo replacing Wilhelm.
  4. Kilgore

    Movin N Groovin

    It's about goddamn time.
  5. Kilgore

    69 Days Later

  6. Kilgore

    PnW Football Fantasy

    Liar, I wasn't the one who complained, that was Olafr. And I'm literally only European who will play this year so don't worry about me pal. Red also forgot to mention that we'll play for pnw money, winner takes it all obviously.
  7. Kilgore

    Ameyuri Appreciation Thread

    Shout-out to Ame.
  8. Kilgore

    Let's Clown Arown' :)

    I still don't like Jroc.
  9. Ffs it's not Leopold it's Leopard.
  10. Kilgore

    New California Republic DoE

    Long live the NCR and President Kimball! Fuk the legion!
  11. Kilgore

    Safari gone wrong

    @Ameyuri Coup.
  12. Kilgore

    A last re-brand ... Lordaeron is Lordagone,

    My cat was more active in pnw than Chidz in last year and that says a lot. Kynlo was indeed a weak leader.
  13. Kilgore

    Deus Vulting for a Year

    Perfect opportunity to coup Theo.

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