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  1. This was a fun project, but due to changing political circumstances, I am no longer accepting new clients.
  2. This is an interesting idea. On top of the lost improvement slot, make them decently expensive to build and maintain (like a drydock, subway, or nuke plant). Opens up the playstyle of being heavily fortified, but at the cost of producing less cash and resources.
  3. This is a fraud! Vice won! I saw the vote counts as they happened live! A bunch of votes came in for Lucianus right before they called the alliance! This election was stolen from Vice!
  4. Thanks for the clarification! The NAP is silly, then.
  5. 9/17/2021 Report: I have currently serviced 3 clients, nuking 3 targets in the process. $70,542,235.60 in infra has been destroyed. 526,367 people have been turned into shadows and ghosts. Improvements vaporized includes a farm, a subway, 2 supermarkets, a factory, and an oil well.
  6. I imagine the NAP was something Hollywood wanted, right? Normally I would say a 3 month NAP was silly but, assuming it was Hollywood that demanded it, then that would be reasonable and it makes sense coming from them.
  7. "Minispheres are dead" is the new "The game is dead."
  8. I'm going to play devil's advocate some because it's fun. I think this is a weak CB. You wanna punish past IQ gov? Fine. I still don't want to see any NPO decision maker return, so I can understand the sentiment. However, all the decision makers in Camelot left the alliance just weeks ago. Epi is the only one really left. Arthur went elsewhere, George went elsewhere (although to his credit, he did try to undermine Coalition B). Epi is still left and he's done a wonderful job giving everyone on this !@#$ called Orbis a reason to swing at him, but the time to punish Camelot for being an IQ collaborator was before all they key people jumped ship. You had 18 months to exact vengeance. Speaking of: Huh? Was there some glitch that prevented members of your bloc from declaring war in-game? I mean, just off the top of my head: -Camelot's Rosian allies were distracted when we hit WTF and friends during one of our Crusades. -Half of Mystery was distracted during Guns and Roses. -Camelot was getting pounded six ways to Sunday back in July against a bunch of random alliances. But even these examples kinda don't matter. A year and a half is a long time even by P&W standards. If you want to make something happen, and you can't get it done in that timeframe, that's a failure on your part. And this is really the post that inspired me to make one in this thread. Flavee's post is basically him saying that what Nexus is doing, is that they're punishing IQ. That the OP of this thread - which is pointed towards Epi but benevolent towards the members of Camelot - is false or misleading in some way. He's saying that you guys should go after all former IQ members and not just those in Camelot to be consistent. Your response to him is to say "well, all I see in Camelot are IQ members, and also they're all either evil or stupid." Okay! Look, I'm not against whacking former IQ members for the past allegiances, but it's kinda weird to say this right after saying you guys have "no ill" towards them in the text of your declaration of war. --- I don't support Camelot and I'm not against Nexus, but upon further inflection, this war is a bit silly (or, at least, the politicking around it is). You want to punish Camelot, but the old guard are either gone or stripped of gov. You name drop Epi and blame him for this war, but then say that's 'simplistic and disingenuous' to say that's all this is about. You say you have no ill towards the members of Camelot, but then say that they're either 'complicit' to some agenda or that Epi is successfully misleading them. Correct me where I'm wrong. I consider myself neutral. I'm just pointing out where me, a dumb third-party, are seeing some issues with the narrative here.
  9. There's really no reason to do this. I've been playing for years, and let me tell you, you will constantly be making changes to your nation. Your nation will also be changed a lot as it gets attacked and stuff. Your 'newbie mistakes' don't really mean anything. Learn from them, and apply the knowledge in the future. It is completely impossible to make any changes to your nation that can't be undone or fixed.
  10. People's 'reputation' also isn't visible, but that has been the case for quite some time now. I would also like to see that fixed. There is also a chance that it isn't a glitch, but is intentional. Some kind of change in the forum's setting from the mods/Alex. In which case, I suggest that things be reverted to how they were. Pips were nice to look at, and it was intensely convenient for profiles to have their nation link accessible from their forum posts.
  11. I imagine this isn't easily enforced.
  12. I would hit Wampus for free, but someone/something would have to fund my city growth from C32 to about wherever he is, and that would be, what, tens of billions of dollars?
  13. --- NOTE: No longer accepting new clients as of 9/22/2021. This project has been shuttered. --- Want to hurt someone, but don't want to risk getting your own shit rocked or creating problems for your alliance? No problem! Just hire me! Damages and Numbers: A nuke will destroy roughly 1,750 infra in a a single go. In a 2,500 infra city, that's over $25,000,000 (25M) in damages alone. Nuclear fallout will also drop the population of a city for weeks. Causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra damage. Destroyed mines, farm, and factories cause damage for as long as they're unrepaired. If there's sufficient standing military, destroyed military improvement will kill those units as well (most alliances run 100% aircraft!) Finally, if a nuke takes out a nuclear power plant, that whole city is a loss until it's replaced. A single nuke on a 2,500 infra city can do $30,000,000 in total damage to a player. Even for big nations, that's a whole day of income lost. Now, imagine nuking a player with 3,000, 3,500, or even 4,000 infra. In peacetime, these aren't uncommon numbers. Benefits to Clients: For players, I can nuke someone who's pissed you off. Alternatively, maybe you just think someone is a noob and needs to be taught a lesson. Whatever you're motivation, you can take satisfaction in watching someone's P&W day get ruined when that all-to-familiar nuclear overlay goes over their nation's flag. For alliances, you can use me to covertly damage the big boys of some rival you have. Or, you can hire me to damage YOUR alliance so your people will have less to lose in war. Or, maybe there's some idiot that keeps building infra when you've told them to stop and they need some tough love. Whatever the case, I'm at your service. Clients will be able to pick what my war dec is when I declare on a target. I will hit whoever you want. I have no morals except that I will keep my clients confidential. Prices: I do not have a set price structure at the moment. DM me on Discord and I will give you a quote. Even if you don't hire me, the consultation is confidential.
  14. I don't know why you're calling yourself a dumbass and screaming about osmosis. Changeup's response was remarkably restrained compared to your original snide remark. Dial it back a few notches before you give more content to the TKR Cringe Compilation.
  15. --- SRD has asked to come on and to make his third appearance on Thalmor Radio. I don't know what he wants to talk about, so that'll be exciting! Uriah also wants to come on to talk about what has happened with Camelot lately. This is the first time we've had 2 scheduled guests in one night since last year! I am happy to have them both with us tomorrow night at 9 PM EST. Thalmor Radio is P&W's longest-running radio show! Broadcasting every week since December 2019, it is hosted by myself and co-hosted by Zigbig and Shifty. We talk about what's on our minds, game news, and real life news. Thalmor Radio airs every Friday at 9 PM EST. We cannot confirm nor deny our affiliation with federal law enforcement. We have not been served any court orders. Official Thalmor Radio invite: https://discord.gg/Kma5nEQFTj YouTube Archive: Thalmor Radio - YouTube
  16. The song is After Party by Don Toliver; part of his first and only album Heaven Or Hell.
  17. The 'politics' of Politics and War doesn't have anything to do with political ideology. It has to do with how alliances operate. Or, even how individual nations may interactive with each other. Real life ideology does play in with nation themes and alliance themes, but that's about the extent of their involvement. By the large, IC and OOC separation has to do with how personal things gets. I can say "I'm going to wreck your shit, UnitedCommander!" and everyone will know I'm talking about their nation and that's IC. This is an example of an OOC attack. Kosmo is calling Babei and KT as a whole KKK members. Very classy! Other examples of OOC attacks would be to call someone a pedophile or to threaten someone with harm. Or, to dox someone. These are pretty extreme and are uncommon, and I think the community does a good job at policing things. I don't agree with this. I see political discussions all the time on Discord, like on RON or the official P&W server. I discuss politics on my show and a lot of my audience disagrees with me on my views, but I still respond to their questions and try to hash it out. I won't change anybody's minds, but if I can give people new information to work with, that's the next best thing. I do think some people are unwilling to have political debates. A lot of times it devolves into something pretty rough. It's a reason why I try to avoid such discussions a lot of the time. I take it that you want to have more debates, which is great! I wouldn't mind engaging with you more but, you blocked me on Discord! Lol Also some people are stupidly toxic and if IC/OOC lines got blurred, I think that could be rough. Houses are so special because they have walls. I think separating a lot of game activity into 'IC' and other things as 'OOC' is healthy. Hopes this gives you or any others some new information to work with.
  18. Ultimately, I think the formation of Hollywood and the subsequent sudden war on Rose is what brought this war on. This is essentially Knightfall 2. You even had t$ high gov dunking on you guys in public over it the night that war started. Now that you're dealing with the consequences, you wanna complain? My own feelings towards Hollywood were rectified by E404 and CotL leaving, but a lot of people still felt as if Hollywood was a threat to everyone- same as it was with T$-TKR sphere. You guys split up because you don't want to be the bad guy, but then you merge with Hedge to form a bloc that makes t$ and/or Rose feel like they need the help? I do think a Syndisphere vs Hollywood war would've been dope. I think ideally Rose should've stayed out. But ultimately positioning yourself for security also positions yourself to be threatening. It's a big reason why people have swung at Grumpy lately, but it applies to Hollywood as a whole too. I don't know a fix for this except for GG to split off and try something new. Probably won't happen. In fact, it makes sense for you Hollywood guys to entrench yourselves now. But, I'm pretty sure we won't see a formal tie between Syndisphere and Rose, and I think a lot of feelings will reset post-war so maybe we can all try again later. I think minispheres is still a thing and I think politics is the healthiest it's ever been. Y'all have the short stick in this war, but it doesn't have to be that way next war. Fight it out for this war and let's see what happens between now and the next global. I hope this is coherent and makes sense. I'm tired. Gn.
  19. Oh, this is excellent. I love this. Thank you for making this.
  20. This "counters" have been trickling in for the past 40 minutes. 3 alliances here, and can't even do a proper counter blitz!
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been confirmed. The chocolate is melted.
  22. In other games, the GOONs community would make requirements of people to be left alone in-game (like during a war or something). Some of these requirements were harmless, like 'write a 800 word essay on why soda is great' or 'draw a comic about x, y, and z.' Most infamously, however, a 12 year old (or something like that) was asked to eat dog food on a video and upload it (which he did). This sparked a lot of outrage here for obvious reasons and so 'mercyboarding' is thought of pretty poorly because of it.
  23. ~~~~~~~~~~ Trying to raid this guy. Noticed that when I went to attack, we both have 4 MAPs. He's on Fortress so it should be 5.
  24. You don't have to respond to the whole thing. Just pick 2 or 3 of the biggest errors and reply to them. It should be easy if there's a lot wrong.
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