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  1. You were a top player. It was a pleasure knowing you, Hwan. Take care buddy ❤️
  2. This is a very fruitful and heartwarming news. I thank Elijah for taking such a brave step and our leadership in taking strong initiative in settling this matter efficiently and effectively as soon as possible. Congrats to Leo, Roq and a big thanks to Elijah once again. ? BK STRONK! ?
  3. We should name this war "Fire, Salt and Ash" ?
  4. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/515940819207847940/592595642552156173/unknown.png?width=584&height=428 This itself is ample proof, that if they ever tried to overpower BK sphere...NPO was next. One major bloc like IQ has been dissolved. Now the Anti IQ factions want to feed off its remains and take it out one by one.
  5. Cmon now, Ripper. Sthap being a spoilsport. Let this war continue till 2020. What peace terms?? Takes copy of peace terms and throws it in the dustbin. #RekTKR&TCWtill2020
  6. Happy Birthday to all my precious Knights!!
  7. BURN IT DOWN!! **Head banging** To Annihilation for TKR and TCW. Let them Rest In Pieces...
  8. Umm. I couldn't help but notice a mention of Kastor passed on due to syphillis. Is Kastor dead already or did he pass on the alliance legacy disease to the next in line at TGH or BC?
  9. I agree, PnW needs to have a set of standards and qualification for any player to start their your own alliance. I understand that this is a game and that it may put off newcomers with a particular advantage or so called fun of doing what they like.... But the fact of the matter is PnW has grown in terms of membership and number of population in Orbis. Awareness and Promotion of the game is out there. So let's just make this whole experience a lot better and unique than other games in this category. Just as new updates and features are brought in, so should the gameplay? Why not think it that way. When I say gameplay I don't mean the entire gameplay to be changed or tampered with. Instead, make changes to minute details from time to time in making the gameplay more efficient and less like a dumpster.. Which in this case is growing to be one in terms of massive number of micro-alliances laying waste and dead and so many players who joined losing their enthusiasm to stick around longer and contribute to the fun and general health of PnW. To build your own Alliance, a new set of guidelines must be initiated. Personally, I believe that management of an Alliance is a very dedicated task. There are some who learn something quick and those that take a bit more time. PnW must initiate a clause to create a new Alliance, like having a minimum 180 days gameplay and already in an Alliance. They could also add a requirement that when creating a new alliance, a reference or tie with an alliance during creation of Alliance. Cus obviously, no alliance can live long without a pact or a circle of other friendly alliances. Exception of this clause could be given to Alliances purely being created for the purpose of an Alliance bank or a secondary training alliance .... Anyways. What I'm saying is that whoever it is creating an alliance should know what he is doing and have at least some experience in game before going out and building a system that not only involves themselves but a collection of many other players who will dedicate their time and energy to the growth of their new alliance.
  10. Wew hew!! And that's how the kewkie (TKR) crumbles... ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
  11. AyyLMAO...BK STRONK!! Finally the hour has come to wipe out this fake radiant smirk of the faces of proud TKR. ???
  12. This is great. Can I date a member from NK? I hear they have a lot of stockpile inside those layers ? We need an additional clause. Like a cultural exchange among members ? This will lead to future growth and stronger bondshh! Mkay?
  13. Don't get me wrong like the Brando guy. Im not typing to counter anyone at the forum. As a player of PnW, I view this forum and comment my view. Some people get over exaggerated and question me like I should agree with someone elses views. I believe I have a right to my exercise my own views.
  14. You seem to be confused. If you didn't understand what I said or don't agree, then get in line and downvote. Simple as that.
  15. Guess we will witness some, sleeping with the fishes. ? If there is cheating or betrayal involved.
  16. I'm sure Alex has his reasons to stay put with the existing update. For one, PnW is growing even without investment into ads unlike the past. Secondly, I think Alex feels loosening up Econ mode could just make top 2-3 Alliances simply swell faster and continue to create a stagnant ice peak that continues to chill high up and not flow down. Let's face it, there's hardly any alliance wars happening. The Alliances that do go to war are the lower tier Alliances. What Alex needs to do is bring some vigour and vibrance to the game to promote some long awaited action among the silent ice cold Alliances. Then... Loosen up on the Economy mode, which more active and veteran players in PnW are yearning so much for. War, you seriously can't believe the economy or market prices are konked just cus of some update? The larger nations, who can churn out large production also has part to blame. Plus these rabid prices are ridiculous when there's wars happening or smell of some disputes catching fire. And BTW, smaller much younger nations will always depend on help irrespective of updates interfering. That's what Alliances are for. Unfortunately, gluttony knows no boundaries and top level alliances expect quick results.. Can't blame Alex for that.
  17. Such a fab thang! You should add more Mexican fewd and cocktails..Mkay? The Eye looks artistic...Mkay?
  18. Is this your new strategy of bringing in new marauders and continue the pillaging legacy? ?Arrrrgh
  19. Congratulations! So, where's the reception at??
  20. Seraphim


    Best wishes to Frostbite. Odin is an active playah. The Alliance will grow well.? Prost ?
  21. Seraphim


    OK then. If they want peace. Peace it is. Was a pleasure fighting y'all. ?
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