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  1. I think everyone hates leakers lmao
  2. Yippee only wrote this over a week ago 🥸🤣🤣🤣
  3. Tl;dr The Cloudy Rose Garden Party One day on a hilltop in the reborn lands of the Brotherhood of the Clouds, King Thomas was taking a walk through the newly built royal gardens. The King, walked with his head down, deep in thought. He thought of all the paths that he could lead the BoC down. How was he to know which was the best? The King sat down on a bench in the shadow of a great oak tree. Letting his eyes roam the garden greenery. As his eyes roamed he came across a rose, and he wondered. “Was this the sign he was looking for?” The King looked up at the sky looking for a sign from the 11 and an answer appeared: A cloud in the shape of a Rose rolled pass. Thomas turn to see that the Lacertus was walking over, with the Sovereign of Rose, Dynamic. Before the Lacertus could speak, King Thomas declared, “The 11 have sent me a sign that we must be allies! Frosty, summon the Prince and the Prime Minister, we have much work to do!” The Lacertus gave a small tip of his top hat and pressed a snow cone into Thomas and Dynamic hand. Then returned to the castle to find the Prince, and the Prime minister. King Thomas sat in the shade with Dynamic, enjoying the snow cones and thinking up what to do with their new friends. From this day forward Rose and BoC enter into an MnDoAP In recognition of our friendship and mutual goals, Rose and Brotherhood of the Clouds agree to sign this Mutual Non Chaining Defence Optional Aggression Pact in recognition that it binds them together to defend each others sovereignty when anyone attempts to kill or destroy Roses or Dragons. No party shall engage in any conduct which may harm the others garden landscape. Article I - Establishing Gardening Routines Both parties will work close with each other to make sure no outsider stands or attempts to destroy each others gardens by setting up who maintains each others where and when. If any trespassers do attempt to attack any civilian within these sacred lands the other party is obliged to come out with pitchforks and spades to defend the other. Article II - Tea Party Scheduling Both parties are required to host many garden parties throughout the year to host afternoons of fun full of information. To when they can impart any information that could breach the garden walls which they see fit to hold the sovereignty. Article III - Containing the Pollination of the Others Flowers Neither party shall engage in any aggressive action against the other, including declaring war on the other, raiding the other's members, espionage. If either party decides to declare on an enemy alliance in defense of the other, this MnDoAP becomes optional if the attacked alliance allies declare upon the attacking alliance. This ensures that none of the signatories gets involved in any tea parties that they should not be in. Article IV - Evil Garden Gnomes If one of the signatories wishes no longer have Garden Parties, the terminating signatory must notify the other signatory 72 hours prior to the termination of this treaty, during which time the treaty will remain active. Signatories: Rose Sovereign - Dynamic Regent - Belisarius Ephor of State - Mhearl Brotherhood of the Clouds King - Thomas Prince - Viselli Lacertus of the 11 - Lord Frostword Prime Minister - Morgan V
  4. https://imgur.com/5rVGWuw[/img] Brotherhood of the Clouds (The Dragons arise) Declaration of Re-existence On this day 4 years ago + 1 day (19th of August 2014), the Brotherhood of the clouds entered existence with Lord Frostsword, FistofDoom and Livius Clades as the 3 original members. I now have the pleasure to be bringing BoC back to life with 2 of the 3 original 3. In honor of the Original Alliance we will be keeping everything to how original BoC was set out to be. We will not boast to be the best of the best, nor will say we play the hardest game out there. However, we can say no matter what happens, we plan to have fun all the way to the end! SO why Not Join us again! Making Brotherhood of the Clouds Great Again…. Anyone is welcome to come join this new chapter, Foreign Diplomats feel free to join our Discord channel!
  5. Yeah we pushed the best we could. Make it live long and prosper. And Sneaky
  6. Hmm I think what Dillon was trying to say is that everybody likes him and he is the greatest.
  7. Please explain more I would love to learn about the other ones.
  8. My first bit of wisdom would be to advise you that your best fight would be to get involved on the crusade to save Orbis from IQ. And declare in harmony with the rest of Orbis to bring them down.
  9. For one you cannot count your alliance "experienced nation building players". Well nothing compared to The Golden Horde and their growth. So come back to me if you reach top 20 in a week from now and at that point I will take notice of your existence.
  10. Don't we know that not sure why it has happened yet. Though good luck. I guess.
  11. National project name: Step-Up Transformer Small description: This would allow all power stations to run with 25% extra capacity. For example if you had a Nuclear power plant with max operation of 2000 infra this would allow it to power an extra 500 infra structure meaning that one nuclear power station can power 2500 infrastructure. Project effect: 25% extra capacity Resource cost: 4000 Steel, 5000 Aluminium, 500 Uranium Cash cost: $60,000,000.00
  12. DEUS VULT! The Crusade will carry on.
  13. Thomas

    ICBD Treaty

    Treaty invalid the Dragon nuclear logo is just a dinosaur. Can confirm dragons are not dinosaurs. Pfft it’s micro’s anyway so that automatically makes everything null and void.
  14. Thanks for this piece of useless information which will just be ignored by many!
  15. I think I made that colourful table about 9 months ago took about 2 hours to make mind you thinking what prices were best funnily enough alliances paid.
  16. Please do add Swiss bank accounts I would love you all to join me in Swiss Bank Corporation the bank for everyone.
  17. Ahh technically not spam this. I just forgot to post the merge announcement a month ago thought it was time I did.
  18. Greetings to all, I come to you to clear some air in regards to the recent coup of Western Union performed by Performed by Hidude. After spending almost 5 weeks within Western Union and ensuring that my members come first in every situation. I have been demoted and removed from the allaince without following the proper protocol (thinking about it, we don't have a protocol, but strike that, not important) or being discussed as to why I was removed in the first place. Our charter clearly states that for a leader to be removed errm... we don't have a charter, strike that... Back Story: Hidude seems bored because pretty much nothing happens in gov, referring that having a discussion topic we had in regards to how gov was run. so He couped the alliance in an insignificant attempt to bring our empire down! He later claimed in addition that Olorin was his inspiration from many weeks before. Regardless, whether to use slack or discord was discussed over a long period and they are never voted upon, because RIP democracy. Removing someone as important as me from power brings up several concerns, I believe all can understand that. I hope that I provided sufficient context to what has recently happened, I hope you share my distaste for such actions because they are not only unprofessional as a head of an alliance but they bring great shame to Western Union which was forced to merge in this terrible time, its allies and enemies.
  19. What how did this even happen?
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