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    After months of fruitless effort, a great truth was uncovered. The descendants of the great elephants of yore, used by Hannibal to bring Rome to its knees and thought lost to time, had finally been found. Though the leader of this great commonwealth was hesitant, locked in his love for Rome, eventually he saw the light. For the future, much as the past, was purple, giant and oddly endearing. The future was bloody great Purple Elephants Articles: Article I - Non Aggression There are enough people in the world who want to pillage, raze and salt good land. The signatories agree to use their salt for other purposes and other people. If some accidental salting does occur, diplomatic channels will be used to clear up the mess. Article II - Mutual Defense In the event that someone decides to begin poaching the booming population of purple elephants, the signatories agree to release their inner David Attenborough and intervene militarily, politically and, if they desire, economically in the collective defense of the aforementioned elephants. Article III - Optional Aggression Sometimes in life, you just want to ride an elephant across the alps together and export salt directly to the fields of someone else. Consequently, the signatories reserve the right to join each other in offensive operations. Article IV - Intelligence Sharing Dead civilisations hold hidden secrets, so if either of the signatories find prophecies of doom in their respective archeological digs, they agree to share them with the other party. Article V - Non-Chaining Once again, since one of the both parties condemn slavery, the signatories agree that elephants should not be chained without their consent (some like it more than others). If an attack upon a signatory is as a result of third-party obligations, Article II of this treaty should be considered optional. Article VI - Cancellation Much like certain ancient civilisations and their more questionable contracts, some treaties must come to an end. The signatories agree to provide 72 hours notice prior to cancellation, so hatches can be battened, salt supplies divided. During this period, the treaty will still be in effect. Signatories: Carthago: Suffet: El Chach Elder: Asierith Elder: Daveth Elder: Krampus Elder: Antonio The Commonwealth: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Marshal of The Commonwealth: RightHonorable Minister of Machines: Haris Minister of Growth: Skepta Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, LukeTP, Putmir Vladin Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Aesir Deputy Ministers of Defense: Pericles, Reuben, Lee II Deputy Minister of Machines: Malleator Deputy Minister of Growth: Dillon I Advisors: Anti-Social Evil Bastard: Who Me Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60 Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray Chief Viking: Sven Shieldmaker Caudillismo y Dictadura: Don Juan TL:DR Carthago and the Commonwealth sign and MDoAP
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    The Chaotic Whale Accords Preamble: The Commonwealth and Terminus Est come together to forge a new treaty of Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression. Article I: The Commonwealth and Terminus Est, pledge never to engage in hostile acts against the other. Article II: Should either party come under attack, the other shall come to their aid. Article III: Both parties agree to share any information pertaining to the security of the other, should they receive such Intel. Article IV: Both parties reserve the right to join one another in offensive operations at their discretion. Article V: Should either party wish to commit heresy against the Dark Gods and cancel this agreement, they shall provide 72 hours notice before this treaty’s cancellation comes into effect. Signed for The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Marshal of The Commonwealth: RightHonorable Minister of Machines: Haris Minister of Growth: Skepta Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, LukeTP, Putmir Vladin Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Aesir Deputy Ministers of Defense: Pericles, Reuben, Lee II Deputy Minister of Machines: Malleator Deputy Minister of Growth: Dillon I Advisors Anti-Social Evil Bastard: Who Me Drunk Alex Jones: Kalev60 Minion Aficionado: Julian Rederic Gray Chief Viking: Sven Shieldmaker El Presidente: Don Juan Signed for Terminus Est Warmaster: Boyce the Great Primarch: DragonK Dark Apostle: Master Antony
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    I don't know about Blighty but I can assure you, I click every button myself and unless you can prove otherwise I suggest you talk to your lawyer and ask him about slander before you continue down this road. I have been playing baseball from day one of my nation. I have player a total of 856,329 games in 1,453 days for an average of 589 games per day.If you have people actively playing you can easily play that many games in 2-3 hours. It's really not that hard. If you would actually pay attention to your game you would know that.
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    Quoting this for when certain accusations are inevitably made again by your gov.
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    Well, in my opinion, this seems to be more of a political issue than anything. Some alliances rely on baseball to be competitive, and some don't, and I think this data shows how impactful baseball can be on gameplay. 3 alliances (NPO, GPWC, GOONS) have generated ~$24 billion in-game currency.
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    We're knee deep in stockholm syndrome, tbh
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    Stop this pointless and baseless persecution of a good and dedicated man: Who Me. You have no evidence for your accusations, and I hate the persistence being demonstrated here as it is simply ridiculous. I understand the suspicion, and I would likewise be equally suspicious when presented with the face value of the situation, but there is no substantial evidence! As for baseball itself, I will reiterate, a single baseball stadium itself shouldn't be able to host a thousand games a day and fund an entire nation's development. It's a stupid mechanic added by a certain dolt of a developer, and that same developer should receive any and all blame when it comes to the feature's existence and use, not the people smart enough to use it for their own benefit.
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    The GPA comes again, get ready for it, with TEst Pre should be rolling over in his grave, as well as Partisan
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    Who Me the dog vs Alex the sheep Unjustly accused of using computer support to press a button 856,329 times over 4 years to simulate inaccurate virtual baseball games to generate an unknown number of fictitious money to support the growth of an imaginary nation called Dont Know, part of of a group of other individuals called the 7th Armored Division Desert Rats to progress in a virtual game that does not include any prize or set goal I really want to see this Next court case: Worshipers of the green god of hippos against the armored troops of the golden snake
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    Alex, Who Me is retired, he has plenty of time to spam baseball whilst he looks after his property/IRL commitments. In Who Me's case he's averaged around 585 games a day, something which is entirely achievable, if you spam enough and have time. In the almost 4 years I've known him he's never used, condoned or spoken about botting with the exception of speaking out against them. You're making claims about the character of people without even understanding the context behind them. Ignoring the fact that your making false accusations. You realise the irony of you saying $17 billion is unbalancing the game when you've won more than $25b on Keno in one go, something which takes next to no time compared to spending hours each day grinding for cash in baseball. If GOONS/GPWC have their cash removed then your last few cities should be removed along with 5k land each since that was obviously broken and unbalancing using your logic you outlined above. I have my problems with NPO/GOONS, but those guys don't have the massive number of whales EMC does, Baseball is a part of their economic program to supplement their growth. Even though it'll help us undeniably by having baseball removed, I DO NOT support such an action when it disproportionally affects one part of the community for the benefit of another.
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    Well, it is a game after all. A nation shouldn't be able to build thousands of tanks, hundreds of planes and ships and recruit tens of thousands of soldiers every day for months on end either. If they can do all that, why can't they play a large amount of baseball games per day?
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    This is an excellent suggestion. Quoted for extra visibility. It isn't a job though, it's a game. There's no risk in baseball. A nation's income and thus its development and potential advancement beyond others is at constant risk of being devastated by war. Raiders themselves are at risk of retribution from alliances, traders at risk of misjudging market trends, and bankers at risk of defaulters. There should be risk involved, not entitlement because you have more spare time than others. The game doesn't even ordinarily require much time out of one's day unless you've elected to involve yourself in your alliance's affairs or private initiatives, so really it's a casual game. Lastly, I simply don't believe there aren't actually already many baseball players using scripts or browser extensions given how easy it is to set these up and automate repetitive tasks. Button clicking is tedious work and this game has had its fair share of cheaters, so excuse me if I'm unconvinced that the ethically challenged wouldn't be less than forthcoming if they found a golden goose that laid millions of dollars daily.
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    Thank you Karl. Not at all and no you don't. Since the advent of the tipping system it is actually profitable to play away games. So more people are willing to play just away games for tips. Therefor people can play more games per day then before because there are people willing to play away games. It's a very simple logic that you and others can not seem to grasp.
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    Mate are you seriously that dumb? The fact you can even suggest with a straight face that someone should "verify if they are retired or not", to prove that the number of games of baseball they've played is legit, is just so mindbogglingly stupid, it makes me seriously doubt your capacity for reasonable discussion. When I started baseball to give it a try I got over 1,200 games done in the first day by spamming as much as I could (This was before the nerf), An average of 590 games per day isn't hard at all to achieve if you have plenty of time each day. You've clearly had zero experience with the mechanic so I don't think you should be talking at all since your input on the subject is basically a waste of space.
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    Peace negotiations update
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    Oh buddy, you should probably check with your superiors that this was ok to post...they might already be screaming and crying into a pillow over reading it hahahahah
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    Thanks for a respectful reply, I've hoped to avoid the toxicity that plagues Orbis. I don't pretend to understand the motivations behind the grudges that motivate the toxic posts I keep encountering, but I'm hoping that things will abate eventually (that includes toxicity from both sides). Regarding baseball - it's clear that baseball has diverged from whatever original purpose was devised for it. That doesn't mean it doesn't provide value to the game's community. Although the original intent of baseball doesn't reflect its current usage, I'd argue that its value exceeds its original purpose. Removing the cash that effects the main game will obviously destroy that value. Nobody plays baseball because its fun to click - upgrading players is a nightmare (the upgrade options jump around each time) and spamming games for cash is not entertaining. The value added by baseball - a backup option for nations that are strapped for cash, community development, and increased activity - significantly impacts this game positively. As an aside, Alex mentioned that he was amused by the tipping system. I think that's a neat feature about baseball that underlies its value in this game.
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    I mean this thread is so blantly biased against you guys, its honestly a joke Alex even took it seriously. I don't even like Baseball IRL or in game, but its something which is enjoyable for large segments of the game and has limited impact on the grand scheme of things, so it should remain.
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    So, was their disbandment part of the peace terms then? You can tell me, I wouldn't think any less of you. Since my opinion of IQ is already at rock bottom.
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    Today The Immortals welcome their new official allies in The Syndicate and The Knights Radiant. Discussion have been in the works for awhile, all with the original intention of being activated post-war. However, we have been drawn into the conflict, and because of this, cannot and will not just walk away from our new friends and let them continue to be bogged down in war. We stand with our friends and will remain in the conflict until a fair peace is negotiated for the war. As leader of The Immortals, I don’t have a personal issue with any of the OD alliances or leaders who we are at war with – that is not why we remain at war. A war that lasts this long is not good for the game, nor is peace terms that are too harmful for those they are brought upon. Many good people have and will continue to quit due to the conflict. The game needs balance for it to be enjoyable, so I implore both sides to come to a fair peace and we can all continue enjoying this game for many months and years to come. Until that happens, we will be there in the battlefield. So with that, I ask all nations out there to consider helping bring about a peace and ending to the war. If your alliance has peaced and you still personally believe in the cause, build up your military then come temporarily join The Immortals or other allies in the fight, and help us balance the power. I thank our allies that have stuck with us and continue in the fight, it means a lot. You are not alone! Lord Tyrion The First of The Immortals
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    There is no TEst without Prefontaine. #sorrynotsorry
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    I think baseball fills the "catch up" mechanic that every multiplayer game requires or it will die. New players need to be able to catch up to the players that have been around for 5 years, or there's really no reason for new players to play this game over another. That said, this mechanic is available to everyone, not just new players, and it's always been here. Most baseballers don't cap out, it's usually around 5 mil. If we could drop the max games to 200 games, and cap it at 5 mil, it would make it alot more accessible for everyone. Or have one game per turn, and have the winning split between both players evenly.
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    I for one welcome our new ellie friends, even if they are romanophiles.
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    Correction It doesn't matter what he builds, Scarf will launch missiles at him
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    I see that you are an idiot. Feel free to give sheepy your personal info to be posted in the open for anyone to see. I have lived long enough to not be that stupid.
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    It was very very stupid to add such a broken mechanic in the first place.
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    Just like I just got done playing Destiny 2 for 5 hours, yes, it is quite easy to sit down and play baseball for 2-3 hours a day if there are other people playing at the same time. Until sheepy put the 1000 game limit on full payout for home games I would play both home and away games at the same time. Play a home game then clear the away queue, then play another home game. You can play a lot of games in a very short time doing so. As Sphinx said earlier, I am retired, have been for 4 and a half years so I have all the time I want or need to play as many games as I feel like playing.
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    The issue with baseball is this: The punishment for baseball is baseball. It's a pure cow-clicker mechanic that's painful to execute. However, botters in baseball bypass it and completely break the punishment.
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    Like I explained, with Who Me he has plenty of time to achieve those numbers, and to address Blighty. (I don't know anything about the 3rd guy) Quoting Filmore: GPWC/GOONS will pass those 2 very soon anyway, they have plenty of players who only just started compared to players who have had years to do it. Hell when I first started playing Dota 2, I got addicted to it. In the first year I played around 1,500 hours, or a bit under 4.5 hours a day. In addition to playing other games and doing my University work.
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    Sphinx is the reasonable one here? Everyone close up shop, games over.
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    This pretty much sums up the credibility of your posts. When presented with counterarguments which floor whatever crap you try to push, you revert to a chippy one liner, only to pop up in another thread and do the same dance. Bruce, your side has been a shitshow of both IC and OOC toxicity in every sense of the word, and the game is worse of for it period. Good luck with the war.
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    To contribute to this discussion in a transparent way, here is the current data on money generated from baseball. Of interest is the net amounts - total earned less total invested. I've collected the data by nation and by alliance. Notably, here's a graph showing the income generated from baseball per alliance. Attached is an excel sheet with this graph as well as the raw data. Here are a few summary statistics: baseball_data.csv
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    1) It literally changes a button size. We'll happily stop using it if @Alextells us it's against the rules, but seriously all it does is change the button. That's it. 2) We're embargoing Noctis because he doesn't pay tips. If "embargoing nations who try to mess you out of money" is against the rules now, I guess I missed that update?? "goons admitted to making 1billion a day in a thread that doesn't exist" is definitely the finest form of proof ever offered on this site.
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    @Alex I disagree with any further changes based on political vendettas. There is a lot of players who enjoy baseball and as you have proven that the majority, via surveys etc, are okay with it how it is.
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    What about giving me some money you won at keno? That's my money
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    How much caffeine and sugar did this require?
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    This is hilarious for a lot of reasons. Intended or not: I chuckled!
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    >Pretty sure I saw one person already literally saying "I'll quit donating if feature I hate isn't removed" >A button size apparently is some crazy hacking problem >Whales salty they can't utterly repress the proles and their sycophants agree. It's a fun little side game that newer players, excluding GPWC because ridiculous numbers, and existing players enjoy on the side. The feature really isn't even the issue here. Apologies if some of us like a little cool off fun on the side of waiting on turns to roll through. I don't really care if the game is nerfed further to be honest, but it's hardly even an issue despite people are making a massive salty deal over. If baseball was so broken, I'd be a big bad blue whale already. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I totally could get behind making it into hockey though instead.
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    Here it is the treaty that now ties TCW bloc to Coalition A. The end of slot fill gate.
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    not sure why you feel the need to be disrespectful to people engaging in actual thoughtful discussion with you
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    Your numbers are way off. If you look at the numbers alex posted. It shows baseball is adding about 100-150mil aday. That's literally a drop in a bucket and is basically nothing.
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    The resolve and commitment of my alliance mates reminding me why I joined the Syndicate to begin with. Extend that out and I'm just pretty damn well impressed by our allies and friends throughout the war as well. And to think we didn't even have to threaten them to keep them committed to the fight too!
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