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  1. See I wasn't sure if we were keeping that on the downlow lmao
  2. Yeah you nailed it, guy. That's where our money came from. Gosh golly :(.
  3. not really. it literally takes nothing
  4. P good. Easily, and I mean -easily-, crushing your alliance keeps us entertained.
  5. imagine still crying this hard about a bunch of weebs who felt like being farmers in a dumb nation sim
  6. I'm sure you have evidence for this slander, right? Surely TCW would only ever be 100% truthful at all times!
  7. Fair enough, then! I'm just so used to always getting screwed in games when something is 50% so when that DOESN'T happen it's super weird for me haha
  8. I'll be real, I've wondered the same thing. Ever since I got the dome i've had like, 10+ missiles launched against me and I think only one actually hit.
  9. because otherwise the game dies, immediately. How hard is that to figure out? Another day, another dork thinking he could run goons better.
  10. What were you doing (or trying to do): Changing my team colourWhat happened (describe thoroughly please): Maybe this isn't a "bug" perse, more like oversight. But while I understand the whole not wanting people to be able to constantly change their colour willynilly, it seems very silly that after one has been beiged they can't change their colour again? At the very least once it resets to grey it should free up the cooldown (and if it does do this, my bad, ignore me), anything else seems kind of silly.
  11. Cool, thanks. Also you forgot to lock it tho haha
  12. User: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/10116-victor-hugo-lopez/ Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=173785 One assumes a ban in game should mean a ban in the forum, right? If I'm mistaken though, ignore me!!
  13. That says we make money end of sentence. It doesn't mention baseball except for the piggies.
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