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  1. Well seeing you are your leader, it would be kind of annoying if that person changed all the time wouldn't it 😛 Youll be happy to know that when your nation is a big bigger (20 cities) this is around 2 days of revenue
  2. I don't like this idea. For new people day trading can be one of the few thigns you can do. If you do want to do something like this I would do something like alliance tarifs (up to a certain amount), leaders will be able to encourage internal trading or will be able to let the free market do it's thing.
  3. Sounds like a stopgap solution 😛. There were rumours that something usefull was gonna happen with approval rating, in that case this would not be useable. I do believe this would work fine as long as no mechanics get related to it.
  4. Most of the time it is, sometimes MAP glitches still happen though. I think it's a fair QoL feauture to ask to make it more accesible to war without making it less interesting. A general hint in game design is that mechanics (eg calculating the MAP's someone has left) that arent't interesting should be removed for quality of life.
  5. I think this is important. When you add bonuses to certain rp things, smart people will strategize around them. And alliances will probably force / strongly recommend using certain "rp elements" because they are better.
  6. No mechanics do not incentivise this. From the moment naps dont last for liteerally 6 months (once again no idea who thought this was a good idea), most people will be too affraid to build up high. Make people affraid to build up that high, and the main two ways to do that is cause more mechanical chaos, which could be done by boosting people who traditionally do not follow NAP rules (raiders etc..) or by political people making good decisions.
  7. I don't dissagree but a good alternative has to be found. One doesn't play this game without an alliance (and we dont want to lose our player base right), but the bot spam isn't wanted at all.
  8. I dont think any of these will solve the issue that you are getting at. Point one just seems like a way for normal alliances to be less hurt if a war or coordinated raid breaks out (KT looking at you) and potentially lower MMR because the risk is lower. Land does't need to be capped because as you said tis already very expensive for what you are actually getting. The price functions as a soft cap of sorts. Decreasing unit usage costs might make it so people have smaller warchest, or it might make it that wars last longer because people really like hoarding stuff. Feel hard to predict.
  9. So what exactly is the game suggestion?
  10. The Liberation of Byzantium 2: Electric Boogaloo
  11. Why would this problem not exist by nation to nation trades? Huge trades happen already, its very rarehuge trades get raided (succesfully). They already often use alliance Banks.
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