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  1. I actually revise my statement. I suspect that it is actually impossible to have the nation description boxed off (like it is now) and also have an option (so some people see diffrent stuff) to interact (half collumn) with the page. If my suspicion is correct I am actually asking to go back to the previous change. I think a nation description gives more advantages to the game than it does disadvantages. If we do have an option where we can make it interact with the nation page, and one can at the same time hide it, i do think more options is good. If that however is a lot of
  2. I was just gonna make this same forum post. I want the full nation descriptions darnit.
  3. I think, to be fair, that we should give credit to our friend here: Default war reasons - Game Suggestions - Politics & War Forum (politicsandwar.com) @Hurhy8 Now that that is over with. --- What is big, yellow and kills you when it hits you? A nuke.
  4. I wish to add as evidence that i actually DM'd alex about splitting the page in two and he said it was okay. (would explain nations like champia) And i feel nations like limbo tried to do this but their layout got screwed because of the layout update a few months ago (limbu).
  5. Please stop. This isn't politics, this is you talking about every single little thing people are doing. And quite literally 95% of forum users want you to stop doing this. I do not know why you are doing this, how long you will be doing this, but there is a not insignificant group of people who want you to stop quite badly. Edit: Seemingly Hime-same agrees with me, oh the irony.
  6. Hello, As much as i like my 39K Commendations and 8.5K dennouncements, that I got just three minutes ago, I am gonna go out on a limb and suggest there might be a bug involved. My achievement does not seem to be worth a lot either, seeing a lot of people, if not everone else also has 39K commendations. Nation link: Naji (politicsandwar.com)
  7. You know, i haven't read it. But when reading the title i was soure it was phoenix 😛 Goodluck with your writing though!
  8. I think, and this is just my opinion. Not as much missles and nukes need a buff, we need more (fun) alternatives for people who are completly screwed because of the war. Guerilla is something that people need to look into, seeing wars last far longer than they used to, and guerilla is kind of nesecairy because of that.
  9. This is a simple suggestion on how to display beige. If you go to an alliance member list (or any other list) to find a target it can be a pain to discover how long their beige is without clicking all their nations (and in extension destroying your ram). I have two proposals on how to fix this. The first one is to have a box like the vacation mode box, that says how many turns someone still is in beige. The other one is to have a beige time left in the tooltip. (see screenshot). This isn't a huge change but a nice quality of life change for our friends who do not have the termi
  10. Agreed 😛 He managed to unify the Germans because of the Franco Prussian war.
  11. sigh Can we if someone decides to leave the game awhile, please just, leave them be. --- @Phoenyx With the "+" button you can quote multiple people at the same time, please make one instead of 30 forum posts in a row without anyone else talking inbetween.
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