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  1. frick that felt good
  2. Can confirm, the rose abreviation (rose emoji) is also broken.
  3. Can we roll micros so they stop doing this? ffs
  4. Imagine if this happend in like a serious top 5 alliance. Would be commedy gold.
  5. @Prefontaine I know this might sound stupid, but a project that raises project slots. It would be an expensive way of getting them, but it is what it is.
  6. BelgiumFury

    Multi Time

    The evidence is previous rulings. The evidence is that this had been known by everyone, including Alex.
  7. BelgiumFury

    Multi Time

    Dude. Do some effort. The fact that this forum post existed, and you commented on it then, makes it more than clear that you knew this was happening, and Alex thinks its not in violation of game rules. And there are many before that, tis been in a radio show, everyone knows this.
  8. I think this is important to keep in mind. We do not want to encourage nationspam. Though I think making it score based has its merits too, in that case both econ (cities & Infra), long term big projects (Projects) and well militarized nations (Militairy score) will have more "votes". In my humble opinion this would make it more realistic, a country with 500 Nukes (even in real life) has a lot of pressing power. This might also encourage (depending how well the organ functions and how much influence it has) nations to have more militairy during peace times, a kind of money sink, something that might maybe slightly change the Meta.
  9. Would this body have any(enforced) effects or would it be purely cosmetic?
  10. Thanks Alex, keep up the (sometimes controversial) work.
  11. Am I the only one who seems to miss a top 5 alliance in that list? (Ronny adresses this a bit further in the thread) This is the best proposal I have seen in a long time though, I didn't think about that cruelty untill now.
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