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  1. After 1000 days of playing this game, i've deleted my nation because i'm sick of the abuse. I hope the guys who wanted this are happy now and the ones who owe me billions can keep them.
  2. NPOwO dewenda est! Wonder why there's no NPO gov posting here... ohhh right~!
  3. Ahahaha finally, some justice! Where's the smug now, NPO?
  4. Yeah, it looks like you do get a free slot, but the other slots are still dependent on infra, so you'd need 15k infra for 4 slots.
  5. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=34765 Ruler Name: Kosmokenny Nature of Violation: Inappropiate in-game communication His reason is inflammatory and OOC. You can google incel if you don't know what it means.
  6. You can't collect bounties when blockaded.
  7. Impossible, clickers are an integral source of income in any nationsim!
  8. No votes are lying, everyone's bored by now, but what can you do when the "leaders" fail to secure peace? We just have to play along...
  9. Finally a good proposal. Tons of people have baseball as their main income, which is obviously wrong and definitely not what was intended.
  10. Super dumb idea, Yakuza got looted for hundreds of millions of cash and resources in a few days, your average is just that low because it adds the smallest micros and their empty banks. Even the 0.1% loot NPO and BK banks give is larger than that. Bank loot does really stack up, i've talked with gov a couple times over how much loot our bank is losing, if you multiply it by hundreds of beiges, you'll find it's not a trivial amount at all. But what can you know, you don't play the game and just look at some very skewed statistics to decide what to do when you're too lazy to moderate. And really, a 0-score nation who can't even play the game holding Fark's bank doesn't bother anyone.
  11. That's right, having a military and attacking costs more than just being zeroed and inactive like us... take that, IQ...
  12. Hwan

    It's Time to Stop

    Pretty sure i saw this thread before? No point repeating the same stuffs said so many times already, you know what's each other's stance and that they won't change. Maybe if both sides stop acting like they have the absolute high ground, you'd eventually come to an agreement, right?
  13. Hwan

    Slot Filling

    In a funny twist of events, the move which was supposed to protect the bank drew all the attention in Orbis that the guy is inactive and has dozens of billions on him. Awesome.
  14. If it's got the same name, the bank still gets looted, since it counts the name and not the ID, so tough luck!
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