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  1. That's right, having a military and attacking costs more than just being zeroed and inactive like us... take that, IQ...
  2. Hwan

    It's Time to Stop

    Pretty sure i saw this thread before? No point repeating the same stuffs said so many times already, you know what's each other's stance and that they won't change. Maybe if both sides stop acting like they have the absolute high ground, you'd eventually come to an agreement, right?
  3. In a funny twist of events, the move which was supposed to protect the bank drew all the attention in Orbis that the guy is inactive and has dozens of billions on him. Awesome.
  4. If it's got the same name, the bank still gets looted, since it counts the name and not the ID, so tough luck!
  5. So when are you guys actually going to attack them?
  6. But the winning side would just spy the heck out of the losers.
  7. Great idea, would certainly help bringing them to par with the state of the game, considering the boost in income and the scale of the new projects. Perhaps numbers should be tweaked according to ROI.
  8. Yeah, because you only need turds who can't give a frick about themselves~
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