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  1. Yeah just put an end to its misery already I don't see why you would keep it around when it clearly only brings problems again and again. Just so people can get baited into spending an hour to click for what i make in a turn? (at this point it's probably handled by scripts anyway)
  2. 5th Syndi post in a row, for the haters.
  3. Meaningless wars - Nothing important to fight over, and in a "multi-polar" world, it's even detrimental, since fighting anyone simply sets you back in the city race with no compensation other than setting another sphere behind as well (since peace terms are also banned here), so you lose even if you win. (not to mention the possibility of a third party fighting you after you win). Internal politics/democracies - Not enough players, or at least active ones, to run a democracy or any meaningful internal competition. The people who want to work in X department will always be working there. Political RP - Well, if you're a nerd, nothing's stopping you from going for it. But obviously don't expect everyone to partake. And forums are sooo 2000's
  4. No clue what "use names" means but i want the 10m so perhaps posting bounty. https://politicsandwar.com/world/bounties/ https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=238910 You're welcome.
  5. No offense but didn't you "quit" the game like 3 times already?
  6. Of course, it's only a multipolar world if GOB is by far the strongest sphere, right? I for one i'm excited to be allied with Rose. Absolutely delighted. Completely exhilarated.
  7. You're a meatshield for GOB
  8. This table is obvious fact manufacturing... Setting aside the fact that you still have more 35+ nations than the 3 spheres you're fighting; They also have higher city counts. The reason there isn't a separate 35-40 tier and a 40+ on the graph is because this is Rose's 35+ (yes they're not all 35 but i can't be bothered to crop and stuff) And this is GOB's Now 44 cities is quite a ways off from 35 so i'm not sure why they'd be included in the same category, unless you have an agenda to push, of course.
  9. So i'm thinking there could be a global system similar to how Radiation works currently, but for pollution! It could also have a local index (on every continent) or it could be a purely global thing. Of course, it would also dissipate over time. I'm thinking it could perhaps increase disease as a negative effect. Not sure what the formula would be, and of course maybe it can do more stuff - perhaps ecological disasters? This would increase realism and encourage nations to be more eco friendly (or perform eco terrorism!). Opinions and suggestions would surely be appreciated.
  10. 0002 March 19th Official transmission from the Order of the White Rose Due to the recent instability of our alliance, the military has now stepped in to assume direct control. Martial law has been established, and the clueless pretender Luis has been deposed, arrested, and is now under torture. Additionally, the greedy traitors and incompetent halfwits at the highest echelons of power from previous administrations have all been... taken care of. Rest assured that everything is now back to normal and know that the military government vows to work tirelessly to bring order, glory, and prosperity to the Kith and the alliance. Alba Rosa in aeternum! The junta: - Generalissimo - Hwan - Elderly figurehead - Sval - Minister of Order - Axios - Minister of Love - Qora - Minister of Labor - bulbasaursucks
  11. It sure looks like you put a lot of effort into these... but they're wayy to complex. Things should be kept simple.
  12. After 1000 days of playing this game, i've deleted my nation because i'm sick of the abuse. I hope the guys who wanted this are happy now and the ones who owe me billions can keep them.
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