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    This is Shifty bringing in some new news, because it can't be news if it's old. Then it's history. Why would you spy on a secret ally's ally? How can an ally TCW, support Medellin Cartel which has beef with Fark who is NPO's ally? Why Roq dislike MC so much? Will Fark become a battleground? What really was MC's and Fark's bloc that they planned to form really about? More inconclusive action next time, on SNN.
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    Although I do appreciate the memes, can we please get back to the issue at hand? When will this global war end? It's clearly hurting the people of Politics and War. I had a friend who'd only log on once a week and he went into vacation mode!
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    Friends, see, it's easy to bring peace to Orbis! Forthwith, peace negotiations can start by offering unconditional surrender every fifth Thursday of the month in period of 15:30 to 16:00 hours to the IQ clerks, unless the aforementioned hard working clerks are away, busy with official business in cafeteria and so forth!
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    I suggest to have war during peace, war ends for most of the players but selected teams from both sides can continue to fight and the others can bet on the winners
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    So my suggetion is the we either get a new check box that's "Show Only Vacation Mode Nations". or this: Reason for this is: Thats over half of the game nations that aren't shown and when they are you can't tell which is in vm and which nation isn't.
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    The logical explanation is they did it for fun and some of your bloc partner's the justification and were happy for a new paradigm of warfare with zero animosity/trolling and pure fun with people they see themselves cooperating with.
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    Oh snap, shifty cast his Ric Romero card
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    I mean we aren't in this to "protect" BK lol. There's a lot of nuance with such a term. We're in this because as Roq pointed out, there were suspicions, information flew and our best decision was to enter given what we knew. The nature of the war itself proved something I had pointed earlier, that the BKsphere on paper seemed big, but wasn't a single monolithic coalition like KERTCHOGG, which further forced our hand. A lopsided war, made us running numbers and seeing how this is our best chance and not to wait for the next war, when we'd be sitting ducks. That context is far different from being in it to protect BK. That wasn't our main motivator. I see. Pretty damning but requested to not share it. Got it. I can understand that, but if that's the case, than don't really expect us to play nice or generate good will. These "gotcha" nonsense is hilarious. I see. Welp! Looking forward to big reveal
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    Dude we're still waiting for your proof of TKR planning to hit NPO either before or after this global war. We've been waiting for it for 3 months.
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    Can you show proof because what t$ has told me sounds completely different than what you are saying. I think it’s funny how we are completely disregarding the fact that NPO didn’t join as soon as they found out Rose joined the war, but waited until BK sphere was losing lol. 😂😛 Also DtC wasn’t our military guy that was Valk. DtC mentioned that he didn’t have time to play for a while so would have to go into VM. And lastly @Prefonteen how’s TJest doing 😂
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    Please actually go somewhere and do something. I'm really sick of the failed attempts to revive TEst. It should've stayed dead after PP except for when Pre came back for Knightfall. The other attempts were just massive wastes of time and it tarnishes the legacy. That said, good luck. I don't usually comment on new alliances but I have a soft spot for my former home. I just hope you guys know what you're doing and will have this attempt go somewhere.
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    Greetings scientists all across Orbis! A few hours ago, I read a really interesting scientific paper titled "On the Volatility of Alliances Membership and Stellar Dynamics" written by the University of Afrika Korps IQ. After reading this paper, I realised that problems like members retention or fluctuations in the number of members of an alliance don't follow a complex multi-variable formula as someone would expect (one similar to thermodynamics or the dynamics of closed stellar clusters downgrading to open ones), but instead follow a linear formula. After this great discovery, I decided to use the same approach provided in the paper, but instead of "members retention", I adopted and adapted those complex mathematics to "alliances retention", as this approach can be used for higher levels of abstaction. The results are shown below, in Table 1. Table 1: Status of IQ and IQ-periphery alliances during Global War 14 as of the 7th of September 2019. From this table, it becomes evident that, since the war has lasted for 3 months and IQ/IQ-periphery has lost half of the participating alliances from their side, in another 3 months the whole of IQ/IQ periphery will have surrendered. So, for Chaos Bloc and KETOG, the good news is that IQ/IQ-periphery will surrender in 3 months. The bad news is that, according to the University of Afrika Korps, CoS and Soup will disband by then and will merge in TKR. Still worth it!
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    "Yeah, s-sure I did abandon my alliance and went into VM, b-b-but at least I destroyed some of your pixels before I d-did!" Jeez, man. With a comeback like that, you don't need anybody to have an argument.
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    The amazing thing is that NG is the most credible alliance leader in this case
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    Clarke was DEIC gov that apparently tried to hide his alliance bank in his "sister"'s brand new account. Currently in Rose right now.
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    So, you really see a "logical" explanation and go with option b. Thanks for clarifying.
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    I mean EMC-lite works well Always good to have the old club back together
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    When the going gets tough, Test goes away, nice to see the legacy continue with their entire membership made out of people that just war deserted.
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    Told you it should have been Salty Seamen
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    Also disregarding that Roq admitted in earlier forum posts that BK was also aware of this 'deal' as were the rest of N$O, but no one else on orbis was. Sorry but there is no way to slice that where it doesn't look like exactly what it is, a secret MDP in the rather likely event, did to its size, that two groups go after BK together. The idea of intervening to keep the scales balanced in the name of NPOs vision of how minispheres is not stupid, but the way you implement it is mind-numbingly retarded. Anything that tosses context into a fire and sees the world in black and white will always act unjustly against what it claims to act for. Next time NPO, please consider context into your plans. The devil is in the details, best start reading them and stop suspecting conspiracies.
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    Hello again! It's your friendly neighborhood Italian Moose again. A couple of days ago, we formally declared war against Jolt66 and TDU in order to take back TDU and restore Jack Rackham to power. We are happy to announce that tonight, Jolt relinquished control of TDU to Jack's friend, Simmons, and surrendered to Legions of Venice. After TDU was in Simmon's hands, Legions of Venice accepted the surrender and plans to peace all wars. Legions of Venice has also signed a protectorate treaty with Simmons. Here is a victory poem: Violets are blue Blood is red We took back TDU Just like we said
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    Sounds like AK wants a 1v1 after this war is over. (Who are you to talk “big leagues”? Lol)
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    You needed people to provide you leaks/intel.
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    Shifty never piggybacked off of anyone Shifty is the only player who can say he is self-made Prove me wrong >protip: You can't Pre is a glorious leader for not caring what Shifty does. That is my support of him.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6033 is an alliance, they have a bank. You received an enormous amount of funds from the Alliance Bank, then went into Vacation Mode. Per the Game Rules: It seems to be that by being in Vacation Mode, you were protecting the alliance bank contents from being raided. You spent a lot of (mostly the money) and sent some of the funds to a different bank, so I calculated what was effectively being protected from raiding via Vacation Mode, deleted 20%, and returned the other 80% per the Game Rules. It seems like a pretty open-and-shut violation and subsequent punishment to me.
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    Coming from the expert on joke legacies. TEst was different before I took over. I wish this new incarnation luck, and hope they build something better than I, and those before me did.
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    That's the point of using references. You can skip the baseline work and move forward from there. For science! Anyway, you may have more detail and numbers, but we both have the same amount of "logic".
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    I think this applies to everyone, not just us. I think everyone has a right to fear what they could become if they do stick together, but it's also good to have new blood in the game. I'm relatively new, but we certainly need more faces around. So everyone should go and invite more people to the game.
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    TCW: Hey BK, leave spy operations to an alliance with a restored military reputation, we know you have to do it on cities with more infra than that!
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    If we are war dodgers, then Fark is poacher from their own prots Beware prots! They will steal your leaders!
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    Not so sure, if someone tries hard enough to create enough dislike between them and others; depending on who & what options they have; could end up as the living dead with no future potential. MinesomeMC's alliance is an example, his fixation on making sure Fark takes notice of him and we dislike him back is interesting. (Despite him normally being someone who I wouldn't even think relevant) The more I look into this situation; the more I realize how toxic that tie was & GOAT wasn't just a bad seed in an otherwise good alliance. If Otto is their head of FA and enough of a snowflake they're bend out of shape over us cancelling a treaty they didn't want & mentioning anything they did wrong. Although its them who can't handle hearing the truth & an echo chamber is where they'd probably like it best. Where their own ideas get bounced back at them; without hearing anything to challenge what they already believe.
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    my issue is not that the treaty was cut, I couldn’t give a [email protected]& about being tied to Fark, to be completely honest, it’s how it was cut... You guys can go and sign an m level with another 9k score micro now... We were told that “it would be better if everything went through Kitschie”
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    First off, as the head of FA for Farkistan, Id like to point out that any post from anyone by or about Fark that is not me or that has not been expressly approved by me is invalid. This means any time I havent pre approved of Buorhann talking shit about Fark, it is invalid and Alex deletes it, because both Buorhann and Alex are my puppets. Those that remain on the forum are those that I have approved. Secondly, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Yes, you. You know what you did. Thirdly, none of this happened on Esper. Except for GOONS. That happened on Esper. Fourthly and finally, San Fortunado has a very small penis.
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    Since that treaty was based on Soupar’s personal friendships, him deciding to cut it off when he felt giving you guys a chance was backfiring on him was valid. You guys blew it & your fault. Is it valid to attack an alliance for dropping a treaty? Certainly is valid to counter attack at least & that’s where we are now.
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    Declaring wars is so 2018, cool guys now hit their protectorates
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    Says the guy that abandoned the alliance he was leading, stole the bank and is in vacation mode... Your credibility is super high! So... Yeah that reads like war dodging to me. Why defend yourself? You are just acting like ever other former and current member of Test.
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    By your logic Kitschie is a war dodger.... and there are many more in Fark....
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    If posting shit was reason to hit someone, idk how nobody has raided noctus yet lmao . . . oh wait 😝 Anyways, if this thread has become Noctis realm for flexing big words, then it's already dead
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    Do you even read what you're saying? The mods should not in any circumstance be deployed for any sort of advantage, they should only be used if you feel that someone is breaking the game rules; in that case you should just always do what's right and report them, instead of trying to exploit the situation for your own gain. If you knowingly gain because someone else is breaking the rules, that's just as bad as breaking the rules yourself. If everyone reports everything just so they can gain an advantage out of it, that just creates a terrible and unhealthy environment for the game. I don't see how this would result in more effective enforcement of the rules, please do enlighten me.
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    NPO was in on it now is it? That's a fancy new narrative. I really how you keep shifting stories Buor. There weren't very many things we were in touch with BK for, and rolling you wasn't one of those iirc.
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    You guys have committed to a "destroy ex-IQ" narrative; something that might have made sense in 2016, but not now. Others, in contrast, are in a position where they can be more concerned about game health. You've just made it clear your coalition is toxx for now.
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