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  1. I do remember you calling me stupid because you disagreed with the principles of our alliance I also remember your leader having to pull your leash so you wouldn't bite 🤤 Oh, so much self control in one person!
  2. As a descendant of a jewish man who lived during WW2 and had to leave everything behind to escape the unjustified evils done to his family, I find it offensive how you're always claiming this and that is anti-Semitic or nazi. You're degrading an actual part of our History by using those terms so lightly. This History isn't yours to take!!!
  3. You'd have to read the other posts where the other discussions took place Basically, they discussed all the words in the leak and their meaning, all the words said by each leader / high gov and after that full analysis, they keep discussing it because it comes down to opinion Welcome to Squabbles&War
  4. Just choose the right choices and you'll be in top 50 in no time Keep giving us all that needed vitamin C
  5. I'll miss the nukes Rebekah 💔 but we got what we wanted, so there won't be another round I hope you don't mind if I get some nuke launched stats too, right? Gotta keep up with my friends in CoA on that, so prepare your 500 infra!!!
  6. Nah, we just keep the thread alive because, if it dies, Orbis will go back to being frozen in a 6 months World War That's boring so we gotta keep some drama going, don't u think?
  7. I can't think of one alliance that made the other fall apart with nukes And don't worry, Noctis, you won't be firing those nukes for a good time
  8. Nah fam You guys can't recover or win at all 🤣
  9. We are at a point where forum posts are so meaningless that discussing conspiracy theories with Noctis is becoming something comparable to "interesting" instead of killing a thread I feel ashamed
  10. Lol The two of you are on a whole other universe My attempts on inter universe communications have failed and I snekly accept it
  11. And that's not even mentioning the uneeded spam on Alliance Affairs plus faking signatures
  12. @Noctis Anarch Caelum That's not how it works To loot, a nation needs to win a war and have the luck that the other alliance didn't already send the bank to an offshore, which is the typical move And we say it's ruined because she just made her alliance go through a rollercoaster of emotions and instability because of her FA choices Don't you feel bad for the members?
  13. @REAP3R Let's be honest, she did that by herself All we did is see an opportunity to have some good fun 😆
  14. Come on Rebekah... I thought you were gonna Declare Victory on us and fake our signature or something!!! Disappointed.
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