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  1. I wasn't I went against gov understanding in many situations because of this, which is why I think Gator also thought of couping me, because he thought I was being soft If you wanna blame me for something, you can blame me for not figuring out that people were plotting against me I was naive
  2. We never lied about not being hostile against BoC We didn't want to kill it, but we did want to attack them for historical reasons We pestered you about that for a long time, asking if you were gonna drop them since IQ wanted to hit them anyways for leaving the war About delaying your thoughts on the story, don't worry about it, go ahead and tell I've figured out that nobody has actually figured it out, but everyone has a little piece of it It's like everyone thought out their own crazy grand conspiracy out of the small information they had
  3. You got most things right, besides the Fark part Fark was never a meatshield
  4. Forum Name: Dreki Link to Profile: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/9278-dreki/ First (and last) time posting on this subforum, I hope I got it right!
  5. It got to the point where I WISHED it were you And not someone I had trusted this entire year This is false, TMC never called in NP We attacked BoC's prot, which was lead by Minesome, an ex gov member of ours who leaked our stuff BoC was then found to be organizing an attack on us because of a 3 man alliance, and NP attacked them in our defense You guys are going to war for a 3 man micro, you can flex it all you want but that's the truth glhf
  6. seems like they were supposed to be an attack on me I guess it did it's job but it was more of a Discord thing than SNN I guess this is just his way of making it public? Well, anyways Farewell, I'm quitting because of personal issues with the people in this game (no Goons, for the first time, it's not u)
  7. Broken pieces of random logs I'm confused too Idk what's going on
  8. I'm trying to understand what is there to gain/damage by gathering random screenshots of random chats of different time ranges
  9. Haha! Good luck on your first alliance @Papi Salamander 2.0 I'm sure you'll do fine and it'll be a great learning experience Also, Kitschie is the big sis I never had! I love her too! @Kitschie @Kabu adopt me already ? ?
  10. The fun part is I know the guy irl ?? Too bad he quit
  11. I'm sure the definition of an alliance comes from the real world and not from other nationsims But what do I know?
  12. I can point to an entire coalition
  13. Wdym, they were ur allies in the war
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